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ARC264- Finding Good In Others

2008-03-17-Finding Good In Others
Arcadia #264


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Finding Good In Others
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Finding Good In Others
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


PRAYER:  Donna: Dear Father in heaven, thank you for this group here gathered. Please open our minds and our hearts to receive those gifts of wisdom, truth, beauty and goodness that you have for us. Thank you again. We love you. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:   TR, George. Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and I welcome those who have not been here for a while.


JAREL:  As I look at your world and see all your various struggles, all your various ideas and conflicting ways, I admire how you can sustain through it all. I understand that it is not very easy to continue in this world when there is so much chaos and turmoil. But nonetheless you have that faith inside you that allows you to carry through no matter what circumstances you may find yourself in.

But putting this admiration aside, I would like to bring forth a little criticism. I would like to instill in you to find what is good in others. Find what is good in other religions and other faiths. Do not at any point feel that you are superior in spirit and mind, for that is a flaw, that is an error. Understand your limitations and understand your fellows.
Understand the possibility of corruption and error. You are no different than those that are around you. You are also capable of landing in error. So it is always important to build a bridge to those that do not follow the same ideas that you do. It is important to find what is good in others; what is good in what they think and what they believe. It is very important to understand what they believe in as well.

Do not just glaze over other people’s ideas and dismiss them because they do not match your own ideas. Do not belittle those that believe in a certain way simply because they do not fit in the mold of your train work. There is variety in life and we must cherish it. We must cherish all the different types of mind that exist out there. And remember that in every human being there is a Thought Adjuster that works in its own way to help that person along. And they themselves have ideas that need to be heard, that need to be raised and examined. And if they are good, they need to be adopted.

This is the method which Michael of Nebadon implemented while he was on this planet. He listened to others, to their ideas and when he thought they were on to something, he highlighted those ideas that he thought best represented that person’s belief or religion. And so must you highlight those ideas that best represent each and every religion of this world. Take a moment to ponder over all the religions that you have dismissed simply because you characterize them in their simplest form and fail to examine them honestly and find those gems and truths that exist within.

It is no wonder why people feel so disconnected in this world. It is no wonder why everyone mistrusts one another and why there is rabid fear in the world. There have been great walls that have been built around every religion and they have isolated themselves to the point where they have become suicidal. Do not let this happen to this movement. Do not let your pride corrupt that which is good and that which should be shared with others. It is only when you allow yourselves to share ideas with one another that you break down these walls and these barriers that have once existed.

So find what is good. Find what is good in others, for there is good in everyone. There is good in everything, you just are not looking hard enough. Do not let your prejudgment dismiss the potential that exists in other things that are outside of you. It is too easy to prejudge. It is harder to truly and honestly examine. What road will you travel? What choices will you make? Are you in this world to have life easily handed to you, or are you here to work for the truths that exist?

Many of you have been fortunate to have found this book in such simplistic ways and yet you may have been searching for a long time. But when you found the book, all these answers flushed out in front of you. Perhaps you may have imagined that all the answers (about life) would easily come to you, just as they came to you in this book. But that is not so for that is not the way the universe works. The book was only the beginning. The hard work now begins.
It is hard to look at others and understand them. It is hard to go past those barriers that you have perceived and honestly attempt to find what is good in others. You cannot judge a person by first appearances.

There are two sides to this coin also, for you cannot believe that everyone is good either, just because you believe it. Yes there are good things in other people, but you must honestly look at people, you must honestly perceive them. To have this idea that everyone is good and things will get better because that is so is to deceive yourself.

It is work that you need to do. It is hard work that needs to be done to improve this world. And it will be work to build these bridges into people’s souls. It is not an easy thing to do, but you can do it and it is possible. It is very possible to reach into a person’s soul and connect with them. It is not a foreign thing, it is not a fantastical thing that can never occur because it has occurred and it has happened and it will happen. So you must have this faith to believe that you can make this possible. It is not a task that is impossible; it is a task that is possible.

So that is my criticism and I do not often criticize for I know that you all struggle and you all honestly attempt to live out your lives. But it is not always easy to make the right choices and it is not always easy to see clearly, to know, for you do not have all the answers. And you do not have all the information available. And there is so much to learn and so much time for you to learn this.

You are just beginning, but I criticize so that you can put your best foot forward, so that you can start a fresh new attitude. And I know that most of you will achieve this glorious path and that you will triumph once you reach the final culmination of your spiritual existence. I have no doubt on that. I am simply nudging you at this moment, simply prompting you to act. And I do it all with love and understanding for I truly believe in you and I know that you will all, eventually, do the right thing. Are there any questions here tonight?


Mike: Yes, I’d like to know my soul name and my guide’s name, if possible?

JAREL:  TR, George. I do not make it a custom to reveal these things to people. And I will tell you why. There are many surprises that you will discover as you travel in life and they all have their place and time for you to discover them. And for me to tell you this now may have effects that were not meant for you to have. You may not fully come to appreciate this knowledge at this particular moment. I do prefer to reserve this surprise for you at a later date, simply because you are not meant to have this knowledge now.

It is not that you will never know this, you will. Just as many of you will not truly know what awaits you once you reach the Morontia realm. Or, how you will not truly know yet what awaits you when you are standing face to face with God. These are all moments that are reserved for you at later dates and should only be experienced at that time. It is not that I do not want to tell you this. It is simply that I think you will best appreciate it when it finally comes to you.

And I understand that many teachers have revealed this knowledge to others and that is their prerogative. But they have different sensibilities, they have different ways of experiencing things. Many of the teachers are sometimes impatient to reveal this knowledge to their students. But I know the value of patience and I know the value of experiencing the right thing at the right moment. And I will not rob you of this. You may ask me again but I will tell you the same thing. I apologize that I will not grant you this request, but at least you know my reasons.

Mike: A lot of things have been written lately about the laws of attraction. What do you think about that?

JAREL: TR, George. I think they are on to something. There is much energy that you can project out there and you can attract a similar energy. It is your intention that ultimately manages this energy. If you do intend to have something, you will get it, for you will attract it. So there is this power behind it and there are laws, as you call them, they are simply facts, my friend. They are facts that you can attract those things that you truly wish to have if you put the energy out there in such a way where it comes to you. It goes back to “Ask and you shall receive.” This law of attraction is simply a way of asking and receiving.

The universe is not cruel where it is not going to grant you your requests. But it is also very wise where it may not grant you what you request simply because you are not ready to receive it. Or, it is not the best thing for you to receive. And it may give you alternatives. It may give you something you did not request, but in the end it turns out to be the best thing for you. In order to receive something, you must be prepared to receive it to begin with. Those that receive many gifts and are not prepared do not appreciate the full value behind those gifts. And those gifts are soon taken away from them. But those who receive these gifts and can appreciate their full value, receive more gifts. Learn to appreciate and you will receive everything.

Mike: I have a personal question. I am at a crossroads in my life where I have to change what I do for a living for physical reasons. This is very scary and is causing me a lot of anxiety. How’s that looking for me…as far as getting another job?

JAREL: TR, George. Your life may seem like it is coming to a standstill when the things that you are used to doing you can no longer do. But all is not lost, my friend. Your life is simply transitioning to a new way of doing things. Do not give up and do not see this as failure either. You will find a way to better your life, to better your situation. You have it in you to do this. Yes, you will not be doing the same thing that you were doing before, but many times the worst things that happen to us are the best. And it is true that you do not see it that way when you are experiencing the worst, because it is not the best thing at the moment. But give it time and give it breath and you will see that your life will turn out better because of this tragedy. Just don’t give up.

Joe: I have a question. Actually, I have two. The first one, I was wondering…About a month ago I had made a request to have a meeting with you. And that request was acknowledged. But to date I have not been honored with your presence. I am not the type to assume as to why this would be. Recently when I have made requests to have the presence of another entity, if you will, that request has been acknowledged. So I am wondering, in our case, why that request has not happened or taken place yet?

JAREL: TR, George. I hope that you come to realize how I work, how I think. It is not of me to give in to the impatience of others. And I am not saying that you are impatient. But I am saying that there may have been others that do not value that patience and have given in simply because they believe that in doing so they will win your favor. And I did say that you will be contacted, but did not say that it would be me. Nor did I promise that I would be the one to personally contact you. Be patient my friend. You are not forgotten and you have not been ignored. Besides, you have been observed.

Joe: It isn’t an issue of impatience. When we last spoke you mentioned it would be a couple of days, if I remember correctly. So it is not so much an issue of impatience. It is more or less an issue of trust. I am fully aware, based on some of the things you have mentioned in the past, that your translator, George, is in contact with someone. I am quite confident of that. But I have always come from the school of thought that no person of God, none, should ever be afraid to make himself known. And I am not saying that you are afraid to make yourself known. But, anytime I have made a request, it was acknowledged and it was acknowledged fairly quickly.

But if I am to listen to you, or if anyone, for that matter, is to listen to you and take what you say seriously, then (by the way I am not testing you or challenging you). I thank you for a lot of the things you have to say are very positive and important. But, I think, ultimately when it comes down to it, if there is any ounce of sincerity in a person’s heart, then, it goes without saying, that if they truly want to know, it shouldn’t be beyond that person or entity providing that bond or that trust.

And yet I… even Jesus was not afraid to (he didn’t perform parlor tricks) to people who were sincere of heart. He did make some form of acknowledgment. He did, in some way or another, give people a reason to believe. Not just by what he said, but by how he acted. And I haven’t picked anything up on you. And I am not saying that I don’t trust you, but, I am just trying to figure out where you are coming from and why it is taking so long?

JAREL:  TR, George. Where I come from, my friend, there is no need to devise a reason to believe. You simply believe and you simply feel it inside you. When I said you were observed, the decision was made to not contact you because it meant that it might contaminate the decisions that you are dealing with right now. This is something you must decide on your own.

Joe: Serena had contact with me a week ago and I felt a love that you can’t express.

JAREL: TR, George. And was that enough to convince you, my friend? Was that enough to fully…?

Joe: It was enough to convince me that…

JAREL:  TR, George. For the moment..

Joe: It was enough to convince me that there was something to her, at least. There was something about her. There was something that felt good, but…

JAREL: TR, George. I am not looking to have you believe in me. I am not looking to have you believe in all the teachers in the Teaching Mission. My mission here is to have you believe in God. And to the true Source and Center that exists in all of us. That has always been my mission from the very beginning. I do not seek any acknowledgment towards me.

Joe: Again, as I said, with all due respect, I am not in any way trying to challenge you or test you. I am just saying that it bears to reason, in my mind at least, that it is not unreasonable to desire to, well, simply, to be reasonable about situations and circumstances and, personally, I don’t speak for Father God, but I would think that in some ways, yes, faith is important, but I also think that there comes a point where sometimes there are things that do need to be revealed.

I would have never believed as truly as I do today that the Urantia Book was a source of revelation, had I not been contacted initially. That was special to me. And it would be special to me to also have some kind of communication with you directly. Because at least, in my mind, that would help me, I think, in coming to some understanding of where you stand and whether or not we can trust each other. That’s important to me.

And, with respect to your telling me about decisions I am making right now, be that as it may, it should not be told to me that a request should not be granted if, in any way, you had suspected that some of these choices I am making right now are taking place. So, and again, I am not trying to criticize you. I respect what you are doing. I think you come into this with very good intentions and I appreciate a lot of the wisdom that you have shared. I am just saying that it is important to me to know and, in the past, whenever I have requested it, whenever I have truly been sincere of heart, there was not a time, as of late, when I was not contacted or where I did not pick up on something.

And, so far I have not picked up on you, my friend. So, like I’ve said, no person of God has any reason to fear making their presence known. And I know, I know I am guided well. I know that and I know that if that’s true, what George is in contact with, if it truly is of God, I think it would be reasonable enough to expect that in some regard or some form that I could pick up on that just as easily as I have other entities that have shared similar intentions that you have expressed.

JAREL: TR, George. It is not out of fear that we do not contact you. It is not out of fear that we hold back. We are not afraid of what might happen if we do contact you. I am contacting you right now, am I not? What we do see is that you are in a crossroads in your life. These are choices that you must make on your own, without our influence, without our direct guidance. We do not intend to be a crutch to you where you depend on us for every decision that you make in your life.

Joe: Nonsense. That’s not true. I’ve always…

JAREL: TR, George. Let me finish. (I will) We intend that you look inside yourself and you find your own strength, your own wisdom, your own choices. That you find that spark within you and that connection that has always been there and depend on that. And something that is inside you that is your core, that is your goodness. We intend that you believe in yourself before you believe in others. We intend that you find this truth that exists within you before you find the truth in others.

Joe: I have always said JarEl, and you have said this as well, that what you say and what anyone says is irrelevant. And I have always believed that, albeit, it has been difficult and I think it has been difficult for a lot of people. It is very easy, I think, to lean on someone when it is hard to find answers. But, in no way, did I ever see any contact between you or anybody else, as a crutch, never, ever.

And I’ve been contacted many times, many times. And in no way did I even suspect, for one moment, that the love I felt a few days ago, in any way was set to mislead me. I can’t see that. Rationally, I can’t. I’ve always known what’s right and wrong…always. And I don’t need anybody to tell me that. I don’t need…it doesn’t matter who I am, it doesn’t matter where I stand, I don’t care if I had to throw everything away, I don’t. But, and I’ve already made up my mind. So, I don’t see why it even matters.

JAREL: TR, George. It matters because you are on this journey, my friend. You are on this path to finding yourself, to believing in yourself. You are on this path that you must now travel alone. (inaudible)…because it is your life that you are living. It is not our lives. We are not living your life as a surrogate.

Joe: I don’t want a babysitter. I just want validity.

JAREL: TR, George. And you will find it. But you must be patient.

Joe: And I have. I am just following up on what you had mentioned to me.

JAREL:  TR, George. Then be patient.

Joe: You told me you would visit within a few days. And again…

JAREL:  TR, George. I said you will be contacted. And you are being contacted. You just do not see it. You expect the contact to come in your familiar tones and that is not the way that you are being contacted. You must find new tones and new frequencies that exist. You must quiet your mind to these subtler tones that exist in the universe. You must change the frequency of your knowledge. You must find those higher more elevated frequencies that exist. You need to do this for yourself in order to receive these new messages. And that is the path that you are traveling. And if you expected this contact in the familiar tones, then you are greatly mistaken because they will not come to you in that fashion.

Joe: Why would anything try to contact me in a manner which I could not comprehend?

JAREL:  TR, George. The path is for you to reach up and find it. This has always been about you reaching up and us reaching down. We don’t want you to stay on the same plane, the same spiritual plane. We want you to move up and forward. And that is why we give you this challenge. If we wanted you to stay stagnant, God would be revealed to the entire world at this moment, his presence would be known to everyone and there would be no need for people to believe because they would see.

Joe: That’s not what I am asking. That’s not what I am requesting.

JAREL: TR, George. I am not saying that is what you are requesting. I am simply giving forth an analogy. What you are requesting is contact with me or with one of my colleagues.

Joe: JarEl, all I am saying is that I have come across a lot of extraordinary people in my time, who have had extraordinary talents, who can do extraordinary things, and who have spoken of love, who have spoken of truth, who have spoken of many good things. And yet, on deeper analysis, when you really look deep inside these people’s souls, you don’t see what they say, it is not what they say, it is not what they purport themselves to be. I think there is even a quote in the Bible, and, again, I am not testing you. But it says even an angel of darkness can appear as an angel of light. And I have seen a lot of people like this. And I am not saying you are a bad person.

But I am saying that never, ever, when I have requested any form of presence, with a sincere heart, and wanting to know that I can have some kind of trust. That is so important to me, so important to me. I have been hurt a lot in this life and I have a lot of issues with trust and I’m sure you know that. So it does not seem unreasonable, it does not seem impatient to me. And this has nothing to do with my faith in God. That has never been an issue. Certainly I do not know everything there is to know about God. I acknowledge that, I am not perfect. I am taking the journey just like everybody else. But my faith isn’t a question here.

So again, I am going to humbly make my request again that there be contact with you and me. I am not seeking contact from someone else. I need validity from you. That is important to me. It needs to be from you. I have gotten my perks from others. I can’t even tell you the love that I felt a few nights ago. I can’t, there are no words. I want some proof. Again, it is not a challenge and it is not…I don’t see it in any way as a threat or imposing. I know why I am here and I’ve already made my decision about everything, so, that’s not a question. So I would appreciate it if you would acknowledge your presence at some point in time. It would mean a lot to me and it would have to be from you.

JAREL: TR, George. There are many conditions that you set forth. There are many conditions of proof that you require. I will attempt a contact, but if you cannot reach me, do not see this as failure. Challenge yourself to find this new frequency that exists. It will be beneficial to you.

Joe: I understand what you are saying, but, still, the logic that you are…

JAREL:  TR, George. I am not talking about logic here. Belief isn’t about logic.

Joe: No, no this isn’t about that. It’s about…most certainly if there was some type of frequency that I am needed to tap into I would willingly do that.

JAREL: TR, George. Then do it.

Joe: No one has given me the tools to do it.

JAREL:  You have the tools within you.

Joe: Its not even about that. It just seems odd that…why is it that any other entity that I have been in contact with has always come and made themselves known in their own right without expecting anything from me. They’ve always, in all sincerity, made themselves known. And I knew I never had anything to fear from them. I know I am guided well. I know that nothing that would get in contact with me would mean me any harm. So, again, it doesn’t seem that I should. I don’t want to debate this because I am sure other people have a lot of other questions.

All I am saying is that I would appreciate another attempt and if there is some type of frequency that you require me to get in touch with, I need to know how to access that. Certainly I am aware of the Adjuster, I am aware of utilizing that. But I also make a habit of not trying to force things either. So, I am not trying to test you, I am not trying to challenge you, I am not trying to put you down. I am just saying that no person of the Father has any reason to fear presenting themselves.


JAREL: TR, George. Well you have said a great many things, my friend. And I have given my answer. With that, I leave you.

All: Goodnight

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