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ARC277- Content of a Wonderful Soul

2008-12-08-The Content of a Wonderful Soul
Arcadia #277


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Content of a Wonderful Soul
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: The Content of a Wonderful Soul
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Dear Father thank you for this evening and this group here gathered. Thank you for the teacher JarEl and all of the other teachers that you have sent. Please help us to be attentive to the messages from the teachers and to open our minds and hearts to you Dear Lord even further so that we may also hear our own Adjusters speak to our minds and hearts. And thank you for all of our blessings. In Jesus Christ Michael’s name Amen.

JAREL: TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl.

Group:  Welcome.

JAREL:  It is good to be back again.


JAREL:  You are all such wonderful souls. You search out the best in each and everyone. You are all beginning here, learning, and it is amazing that the experiences you have gathered have equipped all of you to work with one another in harmony, peace and love. And that is really our goal in the universe for we all have various experiences and we all come from different backgrounds, different origins, but through our experiences we learn how to love one another and how to deal with our differences and how to move beyond the petty squabbling that once marred our violent past.

There is no need for fighting or war. We are all very capable of agreeing on certain things and we certainly can disagree without having to go beyond a civil argument. But you will learn much more as you continue onward in the universe. You will learn how people disagree and you will learn how certain arguments are handled. You will be amazed at the civility of the citizens of the universe – how they move past vast differences, differences that you had no idea that people could have, but yet they exist. People can move beyond these differences. The universe is a testament to that.

Yes, perhaps your world is still going through much turmoil, many differences that some cannot get past and it is evident from all the violence and all the harshness that exists on your world. But that will one day be gone. The time of Light and Life will one day arrive on your planet. You are all the seedlings to this age; you are all the beginning to this wonderful time.

But in order for you to get there, in order for you to begin this, you have to be patient and understanding and know and allow that you are the beginning. You will not be the end, you will not be the conclusion to this, you are simply the beginning. But do not expect this age to arrive in a year or two or in ten years or fifty years, not a hundred years will pass. You are the beginning of all of this, of this age that will transform this entire planet.

A new age will dawn where people and governments will no longer fight over petty arguments. They may disagree, but they will not turn to violence. Soon more and more of these vicious people that exist on your world, who turn toward violence, will be quarantined and isolated. Their worlds will shrink as the rest of the world will go on and continue to evolve and progress. These people, those that harbor violence and hate, will see their world limited by all the people of the world. They will no longer be able to exercise their raw power for all their resources will be taken away.

Your world is in time for healing. This healing represents many things, but one of those things is this elimination of violence, this elimination of bad thoughts and backward ways of thinking. As your world heals many things will also go away, such as poverty and illness. But those are for some other age, some other age of which you, my friends, are responsible for bringing. Your thoughts and your actions here today are what bring this new age, this age of Light and Life. There is no need for you to see this age, it is enough for you to believe that it will come. There is no need for you to have proof that this age is happening, it is enough for you to simply have the faith that what you do here and now does affect this grand future. Have trust, have faith for this age will come. It is just as sure as the second coming of Jesus, just as He promised that He will come. The age of Light and Life is a surety.

Your individual lives have a greater destiny than what the current world is going through. You may be beyond your time, you may expect too much of what this world has to offer. This world is still incubating; it is still being born. Many of you have been born, many of you are ready to graduate and to move on beyond this world. The preparation that you have here has not only allowed you to survive here on this planet, but it also has prepared you and allowed you to continue forward to the mansion worlds and beyond. So think not of just preparing yourself for a good life here on this planet, for that is not enough my friends.

There is a greater preparation for you, a greater adventure past this veil. You must think of that when you think of your spiritual preparation. And of course you have absolutely no idea of what is to come. But nonetheless, your spiritual preparation will equip you sufficiently to overcome any and all obstacles that you will and may encounter when you arrive on the shores of Morontia. So do not ask of what you will see, but ask more of what you should do to prepare yourself for when you get there.

I suggest to you advanced studies, much of what you are doing now, but also putting into practice Morontia mota, something that you will definitely and eventually come into contact with. Having mastered the Morontia mota, you can move past all those stages of the mansion worlds. But it is important that you understand and comprehend what you learn in Morontia mota. It is not something that you just memorize or theorize. It is something that you experience and grow upon. It is something that you make part of your life, something that represents you in its fullest capacity.

Learning Morontia mota and practicing it here on this planet will make you a representative of what is to come for all of this world. You will be the epitome of what is good and what people should be like. And I understand it is very difficult to apply those things that are beyond your planet to this world. But nonetheless you should try to make everything that you learn, not only in The Urantia Book, but elsewhere as well; any goodness or truth you must try to apply to your life so that it becomes a representation of who you are, of how you’ve grown, of how you matured.

When Michael came to this planet he became a perfect representative of the highest ideals of human living. It is not necessary that you follow the exact path that he did. However, find a way to represent your life in its highest ideals and trust me, you will be remembered for how good you were. Are there any questions here tonight?


JAREL:  Very well. I do want to leave you with this thought for I may not see you until next year. In every person that you meet there is a potential to learn and to grow. Treat every moment of your life as an opportunity to learn something. Do not take anything for granted. Find the reasons to find your life. And with that I leave you.

All: Thank you JarEl.

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