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ARC287- Soul Construction, Animals

2009-08-24-Soul Construction, Animals
Arcadia #287


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Construction of Our Soul
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: The Construction of Our Soul
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing all of us truth seekers together here, your children, we love you. We pray for peace in this world and the healing of our planet. Help us to do your will. Thank you for all of the blessings that you’ve bestowed on each one of us. Help us to be good stewards of those blessings. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL: : Good evening, it is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again and I welcome those who have not been here for a while and those who are here for the first time.


JAREL: : Today I would like to talk a little bit about the construction of your soul and how you come about in creating this unique, special part of you. I can see how you find it difficult to imagine what this part of you is, how it exists and what, exactly, it does? When somebody tells you that you have a soul, what exactly does that mean? Ultimately, you will be given the opportunity to fully understand this construction of your soul once you’ve passed on. But at this moment in your lives you must believe that you have a soul without any proof and you must find within yourself the existence of your own soul.

Now in constructing this soul you look back into your life and you gage upon your own life by which you have grown. And understanding this growth you begin to understand the growth of your soul as well. For it is only through retrospection that you begin to understand how you grow. And it is also by the choices that you have made in your life that have allowed you to grow. The ability to make choices does decide which way to go in your life and it is part of your soul growth. Now, depending on whether you make a good choice or a bad choice, your soul either grows or remains stagnant.

No one can steal your soul and no one can diminish your soul. You are its sole governor; you create it, you manage it, you nurture it and you feed it. Life gives you plenty of opportunities to augment your soul. Some of those opportunities you allow to pass you by. And some have taken advantage of these marvelous opportunities to do the right thing and then, without you knowing, your soul grows that much bigger.

There is a reason why you are not aware of your soul. Just as there is a reason why the very presence of God is not before you. All these things you must work towards in understanding. The existence of God is one of those things that you will work for – for almost an eternity. But if you remain faithful in the belief and faith that these things do exist, you will come out better for it. Your soul allows you to survive this world. Your soul is a qualifier for eternal life. In being conscious of the existence of your soul, you become aware also of the necessity to add to and augment your soul. So one must not neglect one’s own soul. Are there any questions here tonight?


Ernie: I have a question. When we are in communion or contact with our Adjuster or Teachers, there are many, many kinds of thoughts that run through our minds and sometimes we can hone them down to being the actual voice of the Adjuster. And then when we leave that stillness, and we start to write them down, how do we determine if that’s valid or if it’s just our imagination or our own thoughts?

JAREL: : Thank you for that question. In determining the validity of many messages that have arrived to you, you must use your intuition or the Spirit of Truth to gauge the truthfulness behind such messages. In most instances a true message is permeated with goodness and righteousness. It has the values that are universal. Many times minds interfere with messages and things can get negative. But in those instances it is the fear of the individual that creeps up through the mind and interferes in the communication process.

You must clear your thoughts of all fears and insecurities and allow these messages to come through undeterred. And when you have analyzed the messages and you have agreed with yourself that the message did not come from you but from somewhere else, and that it is good, then you can be fairly certain that it is either your Adjuster or a Teacher that has communicated with you. Much of this depends on faith for it is easy to doubt. It is easy to knock down one’s own ideas. The very existence of God is in question when you have doubts. Do not let your fears interfere and continue to meditate and to write down these thoughts.

Ernie: Thank you so much.

Jerry: JarEl, you made the comment that there are reasons why we are not aware of our soul and it’s the first time that this thought has come to mind and I would like you to clarify or verify? It occurs to me that we, as humans, are so vain and so competitive and so proud and egoistic, so to speak, that if we were aware of the growth of our soul, it would get into a comparative analysis of the growth of one soul versus another? It just occurred to me when you made that comment – that it would be counterproductive for us to be aware of our relative soul growth in contrast to everyone else?

JAREL: : And you would be correct in making that analysis. Many of you are unprepared for such a revelation. It is a gift from the Father, this soul that you and He create, and for you to open this present at this moment would be destructive and very counterproductive. It would also run the danger of you destroying your own soul in such competitive adventures. But that is not the sole reason to keep it hid from you. And it is not entirely hidden, for we announce it to you that your soul exists. We tell you that it is there. But it is up to you to believe whether it exists or not. But, yes, it is a gift that must be opened on some future date.

Lucille: What is the definition of a soul?

JAREL: : My definition of the soul is a comparative growth acquired through experience in relation to the wholeness of God. Your soul is a part of God. You are filling in your soul just as water will fill in a bathtub. You have barely begun to fill this tub and it is barely empty. It will take you many, many years for this theoretical tub to be filled simply because God is so great, so magnificent, that to be like Him will take an eternity.

That is my definition and I know there are others. You must find your own definition of your soul, for your soul is wholly personal – it is something between you and God. And you are the one who creates this. You are the one who manages it. You are wholly responsible for its growth and for its maintenance. Take care of your soul and take care of yourselves for you are highly valuable to the entire universe.

Jerry: JarEl, could you add to that please, because, when we fuse at some point in time, in the future, when we fuse with our Thought Adjuster, that does not necessarily constitute the wholeness of our soul, correct?

JAREL: : Correct. You continue to add to your soul beyond fusion. It is a growth that is immeasurable in your terms. You can in no way fully visualize what a complete soul looks like for you are children. You’ve barely begun to grow your souls.

John: JarEl, as we attain the Morontia worlds, are we still considered to be having a soul then or is our soul actually evolved into a Morontia being at that point?

JAREL: : a Morontia being. The Morontia life is a transition life, which is not a permanent life. You pass through it just as you pass through here, through your material life. You must not install yourselves in such worlds for you are destined to be beyond these worlds. However, your soul is a permanent citizen of the entire universe. So you must look at yourselves as universal citizens. And your soul is a qualifier for such status.

Jerry: JarEl, it occurs to me that our souls, individually, are the counterpart to the Supreme on a universal basis. Is that a good analogy in that the Supreme is the sum total of all created experiences, if I’m not mistaken? And we are, our soul, becomes the sum total of our living experience?

JAREL: : When you have completed your soul, although it is very difficult to actually see your soul being completed, it will continue, even after the Supreme. Your soul is part of the Supreme, your soul adds to the Supreme, but your soul endures beyond the Supreme. The Supreme is only a stage by which this universe will be fulfilled. Your soul is more than that. But it is difficult to see exactly where it will go for we have not arrived at that fullness in time. But we do speculate that your soul is your passport to carry you forward beyond the completion of the Supreme in connection with being Finaliters.

Jerry: You made one other comment that struck me and that is that when we make bad choices they don’t detract from soul growth, they merely are not additive to soul growth. So, can we interpret from that then that whatever growth we’ve attained we retain irrespective of mistakes and errors and bad choices and bad judgment that might otherwise detract or cause the soul growth to diminish?

JAREL: : That remains true only in terms of…if, the individual does not continue with such negative choices. If the individual is adamant in creating such wrong choices in his or her life, the soul does diminish. If that individual is incessant in creating such wrong choices, knowing that he is doing wrong, there is a danger of that soul disappearing altogether. But the majority of the peoples of Urantia make one or two wrong choices in their lives and this, in no way, diminishes them, for everyone errs. Are there any other questions?

Stella: I don’t know if I was told this already this past week? – that the soul can crack?. And I don’t know what that means? But is it possible to destroy the soul in parts or break it or put it together again?

JAREL: : The soul never fractures per say, but as I said, it can diminish. And perhaps that term was used to signify that a person can destroy their own soul. And, to that I do agree. Someone can diminish their soul so much that they have created a crack, per say, or a gap, between him or her and God. And this abyss will continue to endure until that person dies, unless they make a conscious choice to change their lives and begin making the right choices for their soul growth.

Rey: JarEl, my name is Rey and I want to thank you for being with us tonight. I identify as a God-seeking mortal and I trust that, because my goal is to be a God-knowing mortal and I am inclined to believe that I am on the way. I am working to make contact with my Adjuster. I would ask how would we know that (not so much that we’re making progress), but that we’re on the right path – that we’re doing what needs to be done?

JAREL: : I think you are intelligent enough to look at your own life and see where you were a couple of years ago. (Much laughter ensued from Rey) That is a good measure of where you are at and how you grow and if you are on the wrong path. You are your best and your worst judge. But it is always comforting to see your life and how it was and how you were immature, perhaps, and compare it to how it is now and how you’ve grown. So consider that when assessing the path you are on. Does that help?

Rey: Indeed, thank you.

Jerry: If I am not mistaken JarEl, you said earlier that it is through reflection that we measure our soul growth. That is the technique by which we are able to measure however much growth has occurred – reflecting in the quiet or our stillness who we are or where we are and where we have been?

JAREL: : Yes, I did say that and it was very astute of you to capture it. Every one of you has the ability to measure his or her own life. No one can really tell you that you’ve grown for they truly do not know your soul. Only you can measure your own life in such a way that you recognize your soul. It is very difficult for others to see your soul. So do not rely on others to point your soul out for you.

Rely on yourself and God for He is within you and He is always helping you grow. It is good to have others as mirrors to yourself and you can use this technique for soul growth as well. Sometimes when others mirror you – you tend to see the worst in yourself. But there are times when you, yourself, attract so many good people into your life that the mirror changes and you only see the good and that is where you want to be, where you see the best in yourself compared to others. Any other questions?

Ernie: You said a comment that the love of the Father nourishes our soul.

JAREL: : That is very true.

Michelle: I have a question JarEl. My name is Michelle and I am a newcomer here and this is my first meeting with a non-mortal being and this type of man (TR) and I have a question about an animal’s soul if carried in its line and its relation to the seven adjutant spirits and why their soul is not qualified? Could you tell me exactly why that is – to continue on in the same manner as an ascendant mortal career is not possible?

JAREL: : Well, as you know, they are missing those final two adjutant mind spirits that allow it to qualify, to even begin to formulate a soul. This spirit of worship is a very powerful adjutant that enables many in this world to start forming their soul. None of you are born with a soul, it is something you create through meditation, through prayer, through good deeds. Animals find it very difficult to do this for they are missing these two adjutants, hence they never begin to have the idea of God, much less worship.

In many instances, an animal’s God is its master. For they follow their master around. And that alone does not qualify an animal to begin to formulate a soul. It is only when the animal has passed that threshold of animal existence into a more mortal existence where they are self-aware and they make their own decisions that they qualify to begin to have a soul. Animals have not been added these two adjutants so, therefore, they are incapable of formulating a soul, as you well know.

Stella: Well why weren’t they given these two additional adjutant spirits?

JAREL: : They have not evolved to that point.

Stella: Well, will they eventually?

JAREL: : It is unlikely that any other animal on this planet will evolve to the status of human.

Jerry: JarEl that kind of raises the question if, on other inhabited spheres in the universe, there is what we would call animal life that has evolved or progressed to the extent that all of the adjutant spirits are resident? We are kind of given a glimpse that in the Morontia world and beyond there are animal-like beings that are or will kind of replace or be substitutes for the animals that we are so fond of here in mortality.

I know it troubles people who are so fond of their animals that they will not have that kind of relationship or experience with them henceforth. I think I’ve touched on two or three different ideas here but I guess the fundamental question is – does it occur elsewhere in the universe that animals evolve to where all the adjutant spirits are resident? Presumably life on this planet, in its original form, had Andon and Fonta for example. They apparently became the first humans as a result of evolving and developing to the point of acquiring these or being responsive to these adjutants.

JAREL: : It occurs everywhere in the universe. Of course, life evolves from animal life, just as your life, your human life evolved from animal life. But there is never a case where two different, distinct animal groups evolve at the same time and attain all seven adjutant mind spirits. It is usually only one group that evolves to this point. And whatever animal life they may be, it does not matter. All that matters is that they have the ability to attain that soul growth and survive mortal death.

Now, I understand that many of you are attached to your pets and that you wish they would also survive. But that is simply not the case. Their energies get recycled into the universe and, when you have acquired sufficient aptitude in organizing the energies of the universe, (for you will be able to do this) you can in turn replicate your loved pets that you’ve left behind, although they will not be the exact pets, they will be similar to who you knew.

John: Do they survive or will they survive into the Supreme, would you say?

JAREL: : Yes, they do.

Norman: Will the Spornagia have souls?

JAREL: : No, they do not. If they had souls they would have the ability to also continue forward as Finaliters. But they must remain where they are. Many of them experience reincarnation when they live long extended lives. But they never move beyond their Spornagia status.

Norman: So they are short the same two adjutants?

JAREL: : Yes. Any last questions?

Michelle: I have another question. Do all souls have to go through what is called the dark night of the soul to reach their divine potential?

JAREL: : What is your interpretation of the dark night of the soul?

Michelle: I guess, extreme suffering, prolonged extreme suffering.

JAREL: There are instances in your Morontia life in which you will feel this stress upon your soul. And all this is done to make you stronger. It is only through challenges that you temper your soul for future challenges. Life does not get easier, in fact, it gets harder, but you become used to these challenges and there will be a time when you invite these challenges to have the opportunity to grow your own soul.
So, depending on how you look at things, I wouldn’t necessarily call it a ‘dark night of the soul’. For every opportunity, no matter how bad in your life, is an opportunity to grow and to expand your soul. Even those that suffer have that opportunity to grow as well. You can live in a 3rd world country and be the best person that you can be. And despite all your challenges and all the people around you that are negative, you can surpass that and grow your soul.


JAREL:  Many experience what some call hell (although hell does not exist). But the strain of what they have done on this earth is so tremendous that it feels like hell to them. It is only when you are in your darkest despair that you can fully and truly appreciate the brightest stars. So, in that case, I would invite a dark night of the soul just to be given that opportunity to see the beauty and the grandeur of this universe. And with that I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight JarEl and thank you.

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