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ARC290- World Improving

2010-03-22-World Improving
Arcadia #290


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Improving World
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Improving World
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Thank you Father for this evening, thank you for our group here gathered. Thank you for the gift of the Thought Adjuster that you have given each one of us, the Spirit of Truth, and all of the spiritual help that is available to us in our human lives. Thank you for your love and your wisdom. Thank you for the teacher JarEl. Please help us to hear what you would have us hear that can teach us. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  [TR, George]: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl. It is good to be back again.

Lucille: We’ve missed you.

JAREL:  [TR, George]: As have I.


JAREL:  [TR, George]:  In the past I have told you and reminded you that your world is improving. We saw the signs and perhaps back then it was hard for you to imagine how things would change. Perhaps it was hard for you to see down the road for this new possibility. And we cannot blame you for not being able to see this for it is a hard thing to do when your perspective is so low in experience. When you become more fluent with life experiences, when you have lived a couple of hundred years, you can start to predict certain events just by seeing patterns.

And the pattern that we see on display is one of improvement and progress. We are witnessing a people who are no longer content with a life of struggle. We are seeing a people who are full of hope and dreams and who are positive about the future. We are truly glad that we can support all of you in your endeavors to continue to improve this planet. We only wish that we could do more, but we are limited in our scope. We are definitely privy to more information about what is going on – on your planet. And, from the perspective that we have, we can say, with a good measure of confidence, that your planet will continue to improve to a point where there will be peace.

And all of the problems that do exist at this moment will begin to diminish and fade away to the history of the world. Many of the problems that do exist now will one day just be records on a book, a way of life that is no longer. The children of the future will marvel as to how humans were able to live in such situations. And I am not just talking about this country.

I speak of every corner of the world, for humans will integrate, cultures will thrive with one another and harmony will reign throughout the world.

However, you must be willing to take that step towards that future, you must be unafraid of what is to come. You must be willing to take that leap of faith that so characterizes the hero in all of you. And, as Agondonters, you must be used to this leap of faith – of believing without seeing. But I ask you to believe in a brighter future even though it is not here yet, imagine that it is and walk towards it. For it is you who will usher in this new world, it is you who will bring forward this new reality, but it takes believers such as you to begin the hard work and the long trek towards this new world. But none of you are weak, none of you are incapable of this.

None of you are unqualified, nothing is beyond your understanding or comprehension. You can reach these goals, you can create this reality, you can bring hope to this world for it is within your power to do so. There is more power in you than you can ever imagine. You are the hands of God and through you He works his miracles. If you were to only allow Him to bring forward this reality, you can do wonders with Him.
Many of you often ask how you can do God’s work. And, what I say to you, is that you start by believing.

Believing is all that it takes to begin the work. If you do not believe in something than the work you do is for naught, the work that you do will mean nothing. So start by believing in God, in a better world, and for yourself, a better life – a life where you no longer need to worry about your finances or your health or other problems that may arise, a life where you are more connected with God and with your spirituality; a life where all your friends and family become inspired by your grace and your management of your spiritual intellect.

But you must first believe all of this before it happens. The willpower that is within you is what makes this happen. Many lose their will because they do not believe. Many become depressed because life is not going the way they would like for it to go. But believing is not always getting what you want; believing is following something even though you don’t get what you want or what you pray for; believing regardless, with no conditions.

Life is an eventuality, everything eventually happens to you. There are good things that are waiting to happen to you and you must be ready to receive them. Many times you are not ready for you are stuck in whatever level you are at. And for these things to be revealed to you would be a waste for you would not appreciate them. But these good things are there in reserve for you and eventually they will come to you.

But you must ask yourself what is more important, that you receive everything material on this world or you prepare yourself for the inevitabilities that will come your way? It is true that this life does require you to think in a material way, for you live a material life. But that is not all you are – you are spirit as well. And as spirit you must address all your spiritual concerns. And many times when you do follow a spiritual path, all the rewards follow, for you do not have to worry so much about your material world.

But these eventualities will occur in your life and everything you’ve dreamed of -for dreams are, in reality, full of hope and love and acceptance. That is really what it all boils down to. So everything you’ve ever dreamed of will come true and all this is reserved for you for God loves you so and He has wrapped the entire universe for you. It is a gift that you will open and so you must ready yourself for this grand event for one day it will come.
Are there any questions here tonight?


John: JarEl I want to thank you for giving us your presence this evening. I just want to let you know how thankful I am and, I’m sure I speak for the rest of us, we all are, that you are here and able to do this for us. It is so helpful and we so much look forward to it every month, this meeting, a very special and precious meeting.
And I think, to elaborate on your teaching tonight, how important it is to believe. And we have to give ourselves a little credit here for the steps we take and the efforts we make to believe and the power of love backing all that up. I guess this is just a comment, so thank you.

JAREL:  [TR, George]: You are welcome. And I do hope that you all take to heart this very core idea of believing, for it does matter and it is a worthwhile value to obtain. Are there any more questions?


JAREL:  [TR, George]: Very well, I appreciate those that come to this meeting and I do look forward to it every month. Then, until next time, goodnight.

All: Thank you and goodnight JarEl.

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