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ARC294- Worthiness, Dogma, Evangelism

2010-08-23-Worthiness, Dogma, Evangelism
Arcadia #294


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Encouraging More TR’s
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Transmitting
 3.2.2 Worthiness
 3.2.3 Communication
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Unknown
 3.3.2 Dogma
 3.3.3 Evangelism
o 3.4 Note

Topic: Encouraging More TR’s
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Larry: Dear Father thank you for bringing this group together. We love you very much. Thank you for all of our blessings. Help us to be good stewards of these blessings. We pray for peace in this world, the healing of its people and the healing of this earth. And be with our loved ones, especially our loved ones, help them to heal, help them to grow in the understanding of their sonship and daughtership with you, that they are your children and our spiritual brothers and sisters and we love them and we wish the best for them. In Michael’s name, Amen

JAREL: TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl, (Welcome). It is good to be back again. For me it was just a small period of time relative to my existence, but you were missed nonetheless.


JAREL:  Now during this time I was doing some thinking that many of you have neglected – the idea of you being Receivers as well. Now I have not abandoned this idea. I have simply postponed it for the mere fact that I understand that some of you might not be ready to take on such a task for whatever reasons you may believe are inhibiting you from doing such a thing. But I believe that you are all very much capable of this relatively simple procedure. The reason I say relatively simple is because the simplicity of this procedure is largely dependent on your faith activation. In other words, you must believe that you are capable of doing this. You must look inside yourself and trust in the person that you are to be worthy of receiving information from the universe.


And trust me when I say that you are worthy. There is not one part about any of you that disqualifies you from this sort of communication. It is all in your head when you believe that you cannot do this. And it is dependent on the faith that you have in yourself. So I have not abandoned this idea – it is still very much in my mind and in my heart. For I do believe in all of you and I believe that you will be able to communicate with me and with others like me in the near future. This is just a reminder to continue to practice in this arena so that one day you may be ready to receive such information.

There is no exclusivity to this sort of information. There are no chosen people who have been set aside to be the only Transmitters and Receivers. It is for those who are willing to take up this challenge that this opportunity is open. It is for those who believe in themselves to communicate with the outside world in a profound way that allows them to open that door of communication to the Grand Universe. It is those people who make this decision and choice who become Transmitters/Receivers. And so I go back to this idea that it is in your head when you say you cannot do it, for it is a choice in the end.

Just as you chose to love one another, there is really nothing that stops you from loving one another. Most of the time it is in your head and your bias and your ideas that you may have of another person that prohibits you from loving them. But when you wash away all those prejudices and biases, what you are left with is a brother or sister who requires love just as much as you do and who deserves love just as much as you do.

The form of communication that we do, for us, has been long conquered. It is like learning how to speak for the first time, but once you’ve learned, it becomes second nature. And for many of you who have not done this sort of communication, it is difficult because it is foreign and strange to you. But believe me it is part of you and you all have been doing it since you received your Thought Adjuster. In one way or another you have received communications throughout your life. You have simply been unaware of this. The tricky part is to distinguish what you were communicated and what has originated in your own mind and that takes a little practice. But it is no different than distinguishing from memory sounds in your mind to actual sounds outside of you. It is simply just more subtle.

But you have plenty of time to learn this communication. You will have plenty of practice. We all look forward to bringing more information to this planet. As more and more of you get activated, more information will flow into this world. Eventually, as the world progresses, and as it evolves and as the world gets into Light and Life, this will become the norm – a communication from the cosmos that is funneled directly into each and every one of your minds. And the sad part is that most of you believe that you are not worthy to receive this and that can very much stop the process. Are there any questions here tonight?


Stella: Well I have a question. Somebody said recently that they thought that the Teaching Mission was a tool by Lucifer to control the people. Have you heard this or what do you think of that idea?

JAREL: : TR, George: The Teaching Mission was not commissioned by Lucifer, nor has it been condoned by Lucifer. These are simply the work of people who are against any sort of communication with God or with God’s representatives and would like to confuse those who are unsure of what is right or what is truth. In the end it is the individual’s heart and mind that determines whether something is true or not. And with your experiences of the Teaching Mission, have you ever had these feelings that this was something from Lucifer?

Stella: Never

JAREL: : TR, George: Then you have answered this for yourself. And it is up to each individual to do the same – to look into their hearts and to determine whether this Teaching Mission is for good or for evil.
Now I have made it my duty to always focus on the positive and the good altogether on your planet. Even when terrible things happen on this planet, I look for what is good and try to illustrate that to all of you. Now from whatever you may decide, whether or not what I say is true, you can agree that I have not brought any evil into mind when I’m speaking to you, nor have I condoned evil. And you are all very much capable of determining what is evil and what is not.


JAREL:  Now for this person to perpetuate the charge that the Teaching Mission is from Lucifer, he or she is either perpetuating some sort of evil by creating false rumor, or is so afraid of this Teaching Mission that they classify it as something evil for it is foreign and strange to them. And then everything that is unknown automatically becomes evil in the minds of people and then it is very easy for them to classify something from the Devil or Lucifer when they do not know from whereof they speak. And so it is up to those who have become familiar with the Teaching Mission to advocate for its validity and its goodness. And for those that are new to the Teaching Mission, look into your hearts and determine for yourself whether or not a statement such as that is true or false.

Stella: I have no doubt about it because my experience with the Teaching Mission has been wonderful. But then you hear these rumors and they just sound so horrible to me. The Teaching Mission, in a way, has bypassed the normality of the religions which are taught in churches, it becomes an individual thing. So, being of Lucifer, no I don’t believe that. But I am glad you explained it.

JAREL: : TR, George: Are there any other questions?

Stella: Well, has the Lucifer Rebellion been adjudicated?

JAREL: : TR, George: Yes, it has. (It has?) Yes.

Stella: Well, I’m glad to hear that too because I know that it was adjudicated in the 80’s or 90’s and this is another confirmation that it was adjudicated. Because people point to The Urantia Book like there should be no other revelations except what is in the book. That is one reason why they are skeptical about the Teaching Mission, because The Urantia Book doesn’t say that such a mission is available or possible.


JAREL: : TR, George: These are the sorts of dangers that one runs into when crystallizing any sort of religious text or idea. And one becomes blind to new revelations that can and will occur throughout the history of mankind. The Urantia Book is a great revelation for all of mankind and it is the basis by which we promote this Teaching Mission. But those that are a part of this Teaching Mission are aware that what we are providing can many times be new revelation that is not included in The Urantia Book or otherwise it is an update of events that are transpiring throughout the universe. At one point or another there will be another book that will update everything that has transpired. But that day is long, long from here. And in the meantime, you have to rely on your own individual sense of what is true to determine what the new revelation is telling.

Norman : Yes, I am just curious if you can give any light on our missionary board in South America . They are planning in the next year or year and a half to go from Chile all the way to the Mexican border with the revelation and, hopefully, go to China after that. Is this being too aggressive or what?


JAREL: : TR, George: Each individual who takes it upon themselves to take this revelation to other parts of the world where perhaps they are unfamiliar with these ideas, always runs a risk. And with each different country the risk varies depending on who the people are and how complacent they are with their own ideas. Some places are hungry for new information; they thirst for new ideas, new revelation. And we hope and we wish and we pray that your friends find these hungry souls so that they are able to quench their thirst and fill their souls with all the knowledge that you have acquired. And they will be watched over and guided for this sort of work is always fruitful to all of mankind. So do not worry my friend, they will be fine.

Norman : Thank you.

JAREL: : TR, George: You are welcome. Any more questions?

Norman : Maybe another question I could ask is – on this award – I don’t feel worthy to be the first person to get this ‘David Zebedee Award’.

JAREL: : TR, George: It is not for you to determine this Norman . It is for others who have observed you and your life and have made that judgment to grace you with this award. You are much too humble and if it was up to you, you perhaps would not have given yourself this award. But others have made this determination, your peers. They find you very much worthy of this acknowledgment and I congratulate you. And I hope that others can measure up to all the things that you have done for the people on this planet. And with that, I leave you. Goodnight.

All: Goodnight and thank you JarEl.

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