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ARC297- Desire for Change

2011-01-24-Desire for Change
Arcadia #297


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: The Desire for Change
o 1.2 Group: Arcadia TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: JarEl
o 2.2 TR: George B.
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
o 3.5 Note

Topic: The Desire for Change
Group: Arcadia TeaM
Teacher: JarEl
TR: George B.


Prayer: Donna: Thank you for this evening Father. Thank you for this time when our group can gather to hear from Celestial beings, to hear from our Teacher JarEl. We appreciate the lessons from Celestial beings in this Teaching Mission. Help us to use the good words to improve ourselves and the world around us as much as possible. In Michael’s name, Amen.

JAREL:  TR, George: Good evening. It is I, your teacher JarEl,

Group:  Welcome.

JAREL:  It is good to be back again. It was a relatively long time for you since we have last spoken. However, for me, it was not so long.


JAREL: Tonight I want to discuss with you the want for change, the want for peace and the desire for wisdom. As most of you are already aware, at least those who have taken on the challenge to change themselves, when you ask for change in your life you receive challenges that prompt that change. You receive obstacles that you must overcome which lead to a stronger and more resilient character. Without these challenges and obstacles you would hardly change and, therefore, your prayers would not be answered. But it is the universe that creates the opportunity for you to learn from whatever challenge or situation that might present itself to you.

So when you ask or when you pray for peace on this world, be prepared for excruciating challenges that will follow, not only in your life but in the lives of others. This may seem tragic, but good overcomes and is multiplied a thousand fold as the hearts of people resonate with the God inside of them. God carries every tragedy into a miracle. And the need for change in this world is so strong that when these challenges do come, the hearts of people respond. So try to understand our point of view as we observe all of you that these challenges are a necessity for you to change, not only as an individual but as a people. Although they are regrettable, much good is derived from the actions of those of good heart and strong minds.

As the human race evolves, more and more is the idea of peacefulness lodging itself in the minds of intelligent people and as time goes on this idea will grow and mature in creative minds and people will find ways to reach across and embrace one another. And these are the signs of change. These are the signs of true evolution. You must mark these milestones in your lives as positive notes on how things change eventually. You will look back at this time and realize that this was an eventful time in all your lives. It is true that humanity has a long way to go but we do not measure change in huge leaps and bounds, we measure it by these small steps that you take, these small but incremental steps towards a better world.

You cannot change a culture through radical revolution. It must be gradual and slow for that is how it becomes everlasting, that is how people make it into a tradition. So embrace this slow changing culture for it will get better, it will mature. And perhaps it may take a lifetime for you to realize that there was real change. Things do not stay the same, they do change.

And from our point of view where we have measured all your years together, we have seen real progress. You are our promise. In your hearts you carry with you truth that cannot be hidden. And as you spread this love and this understanding of the love of the Father, as you unite with each other in loving brotherhood, you strengthen the spirit that exists with all humanity. You insure the survival of all that is good and you redeem all that is bad. It is easy to be cynical of this world. It is easy to think that humans are just out for themselves. But it is people like you that prove all of that wrong. It is people with heart that redeem all of humanity’s failures. And we constantly look towards you to bring this world into a better place, into a better world. And we are not disappointed. Are there any questions here tonight?


Lucille: What do we have to do to have a better world to live in?

JAREL: : TR, George: The fact that you asked that question symbolizes your willingness to make this world into a better place Lucille. And I have the authority to say that you have made this world into a better place. It is very evident that you have made an impact on many lives. You have inspired numerous people and you have created an expanding bubble of positive energy that will continue to effect many people for generations to come. It seems as though you asked yourself that question long ago and you strived to answer it year by year. There were things that you did that you thought would help and, yes, of course, all that is subjective. But I can say with true objectivity that you did help and that you did make an everlasting difference on this planet and there is much appreciation for your contribution.


JAREL:  So I imagine that all those who are reading this perhaps will ask themselves that same question that your sister Lucille just asked. And in your lives you will strive to answer this question – what can you do to make the world better? And the answer will be in your hearts. With that, I leave you, goodnight.

All: Thank you

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