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BBK050529- Interplanetary Forces

2005-05-29.  Interplanetary Forces

Black Brook #050529

Topic: Interplanetary Forces, Magisterial Mission
Group: Black Brook TeaM
Teacher: Harah, Raziel
TR: Marcelo Crosio, Silvana de Almeida

Lesson 1

Teacher: unidentified : Greetings from the Interplanetary Forces in charge of the Magisterial Mission!
This Mission called Magisterial or Teaching Mission has been so much awaited for so long by beings on both sides of Earth’s veil. It comes to bring teachings that will result in deep transformation in humanity and in the human being. It is not an easy task, such a proposal of liberty to transform a series of thought-structures deeply rooted in the mental plan of Earth, which you call the collective unconscious. This Mission or plan aims at awakening the irradiation centers previously established in several points of the planet, to irradiate the energies and rays and teachings necessary to start deep transformations in the mental plan, operating for the entrance and exit of the innumerable beings involved in this task.

We are serving the major plan of the hierarchies of light and love who so much care about you. The veils separating us will be progressively opened and the illusion of separation will be dissipated little by little. We have as a principle the concern of bringing the teachings of coexistence and respect to the hearts of people; it is only through his heart and his sensitivity that the human being will be able to come into contact with himself. This work of acknowledging and understanding is essential for the healing and cleaning of the beings inhabiting this orb.

The work of harmonization tries to structure people and help them toward finding their axis, their balance, making them freer from dogmas, crystallized ideas, codes and fixed thoughts. People need to be freer in their minds to be able to grow.

The power of institutions brings a deceiving impression of support and of proper behavior. The correct [correction] is individual. Love and respect guide the collective. The knowledge and truth of Earth’s peoples, as well as the history of this planet, will be disseminated little by little, for humanity to start understanding the cosmic context it is a part of, and thus begin to adjust to the new System realities. This adjustment, this knowledge will bring transformations from the inside out and liberation will come as a consequence.

The only way is the heart, the internal and personal awakening. Nothing is imposed or forced, we work with the chain of love, devotion, patience, and we are deeply involved with this planet.
The beings who are here in the flesh and in spirit are already irradiating the energy rays of change. The wind blows, but it is necessary to respect the time and conditions in which many of you still are. There is no better or worse, only levels of awareness and levels of acceptance.

The Magisterial Son sends his greetings to this group. He has been long aware of the group’s preparations to disseminate the contents of his Mission. He deeply thanks, with devotion and humility, those who made themselves available for his service.

Communications will continue, according to the possibilities. This official meeting will be repeated and the irradiation of thoughts will proceed. Fear nothing, you are and will be always assisted. This is the beginning of something that has been in construction for a long time. It is with love and thanks that I end this small and humble communication. The universe is thankful to all. Until later
(“A being in the service of the Sacred Mission of Transformation here established”)

Lesson 2
Teacher: Harah T/R: Silvana de Almeida
HARAH: The great communion of peoples is come. All shall drink and eat in the same infinite time-space of love and light. What is now, if not that we hoped for as fellow children? Why allow shaken faith to fill the place of gratifying eternal joy and of the fulfilled promise? All those who presented themselves in the past are lovingly awaited now. You are the receiving and grouping committee of this mission; wipe off your mind the smallness of human thoughts and let yourselves be flooded by your real selves, wisely accompanied and guided.

Do not forget that this moment involves not only earthly humans, but also beings sometimes invited, sometimes drafted, sometimes necessary, from several inhabited worlds. All of Orvonton is in a feast of light and expectation for this moment of apex and crowning. Get ready, those drafted will be presenting themselves, and your bondage must be replaced by your illuminated hearts, energized by your Adjusters, for what presents itself will not always be what is expected; but bear in mind that this is the great reunion of Local Universes. Many will come and you will be those receiving them.

Some need to be reminded of this, they will change their habits. Some objects [objections] will come back to you, as well as colors, shapes and textures, all this so that the dormant may present themselves, and fear not. Keep attentive and lovingly receptive. In the light and for the light of the great Mission.

Lesson 3
RAZIEL:  T/R: Silvana de Almeida The Differential is in true belief and not in pseudo-belief.
They are not chosen, those who are both chosen and volunteers (they are co-creators). For decades now, the moment is unique. This moment has no precedents or antecedents. There is no need for clairvoyants, wizards or miracle-workers. What presents itself is simple and symbiotic. What is expected is dedication and the abdication of the wrong belief of the past, which will not come back. Enliven your hearts, this is the hour; it is not to come, it is present.

Prepare for twelve (?).
RAZIEL:  A school will be established, a school of non-fear, of non-waiting, of acting, believing, loving.
The moment now present has been already presented to you (in the previous messages of today). The great union is necessary and you are the mediators. There are no space beings. Only beings who are the children of the Son who is a Father. His mission is grandiose and you, as you have been, are members if it. Fear is disbelief, a blockage. Clean your hearts, make room for Him. He is already among you. I am Raziel

Lesson 4
Teacher: unidentified T/R: Marcelo Crosio
This moment asks for the awakening of channels and for their harmonization. Several channels are being awakened around the planet and attuned to our emanation, so that they can begin the transmissions of the content of this Mission.

The practice of silence and meditation is essential from now on. Contact with yourself is fundamental; channels must be attuned to our energies and the mind balance must be respected. I do not ask you to abdicate your life on Earth, but reserve a part of your being to be in contact with us. Reserve a day and an hour to attune and balance your energies, receiving our emanations. These are the first instructions to the channels and those who participate in this task. Greetings to all!

Ribeirao Preto Group, Brazil

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