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BBK050802- All Will Be Joy and Satisfaction

2005-08-02.  All Will Be Joy and Satisfaction

Black Brook #050802

Topic: All Will Be Joy and Satisfaction
Group: Black Brook TeaM
Teacher: Raphael, Raziel, I AM
TR: Edna Cassiano, Silvana Gonçalves, Marcelo Crósio

Lesson 1
Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil
The seas, the mountains, the rocks, everything is in development and transformation. Everything in nature is getting ready for the new times, when all will be joy and satisfaction with each new lesson learned, with new emotions experienced. This is the planet of emotions, experience, sentimental discoveries, that allow one to get control in an affective relation with his own self. We must experience non-violence; for that we must cease judging and learn the real meaning of the word mercy. You will come to understand several of Jesus Christ’s sentences. Among them is: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they do”.

With training and experience you will have compassion for the ignorance of you brother who needs more time to understand and be promoted to a better world, a better land, where the more qualified ones will have learned the lesson of respect for the right of their neighbor, going only until the limit of the rights of the one by their side.

People like you and I, both incarnate and non-incarnate here present today, who cultivate respect and love for their neighbors, who try to divest themselves of prejudice; people committed to the objective of changing themselves in favor of harmony, these people will be the souls in the basic level of tomorrow’s good life in the new world.

Finally, we will have the opportunity of living together and receiving the help of greater beings, who will give classes and significant examples that will define the new moments, in the new time soon to be started.
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 7 December 2005.

Lesson 2
BlackBrookGroupBrazil080205MessageXXXVII-Raziel_OrderingAPartOfTheWhole Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 2 August 2005
Order. The ordination of a precious part of the whole is necessary. To enable all beings to understand the importance and greatness of the Correcting Time and of the Magisterial Mission, order must be implanted through chaos. Chaos is the beginning and the mean through which one will transmit to men the understanding and the agility necessary for the precipitation of a new world on the world of matter.

Do not fear any changes; follow them and try not to get involved emotionally. Do your part, act as the valiant warriors you are. Do not neglect the protection of your physical, emotional and psychological bodies. Adopt action as your motto. Pay attention to the small signs being sent to each one of you, in the purpose of quickening the optimization of your progress as T/R’s. Do not shy away from the challenges of your beings of light. Allow the stimulating action of your Thought Adjusters.

The Spirit of Truth manifests itself more and more firmly with the flow of your time. Light will illuminate the deepest recesses of the soul of your material beings and of your Orb. Urantia clamors for a time of peace. Communication channels are in a process of re-qualification, so some of you may feel discomfort and sleep disturbances, or feel pains without a material cause. Seek shelter in Michael’s promise and have faith.
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 7 December 2005

Lesson 3
BlackBrookGroupBrazil080205MessageXXXVIII-IAm_TheOneWhoAwaitsYou Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 2 August 2005 Teacher: I AM
I AM:  Love and Peace to your hearts. I Am the One who awaits you. I Am the One who accomplishes. I Am the One who believes in His children, the children of my heart. I Am the reinstatement of the Spirit of Truth. I Am the adjustment. I love you and have faith in My Father’s plan. Believe in your hearts and march with me to the accomplished promise.

You have not been forgotten; you are loved and glorious in your daily battles on a world that feels orphaned, but fears to recognize it is and will always be part of a whole of light. Though silently, it has been observed, protected, supported, guided and immensely loved. Be in communion with the universe, so that the universe will act through and inside you. I Am the One who loves you.
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 7 December 2005.

Lesson 4
BlackBrookGroupBrazil080205MsgXXXIXRaziel_ThisMissionAndTheAwakeningOfMankind Riberao Preto,São Paulo, Brazil Session of 2 August 2005 Message XXXIX – This Mission and the Awakening of Mankind Teachers: Raziel and the Sacred Chain of Wisdom T/R: Marcelo Crósio

RAZIEL: The divine work of the Father manifests itself with and through the Son. The will of the Supreme Source and His associates is transmitted by the Creator Son’s work in the universes of time-space. Divine will, permission, love and energy are always present in all atoms and on all situations you experience as beings.

This universe is still being made. The work manifested in time-space is in progress in this universe. For this reason everything moves, everything is in transformation, nothing is static, nothing is complete. The energetic lines structuring this creation are of pure love and follow the Laws of Paradise. Your planet is no exception. Everything is in transformation because everything is evolving. The physical and energetic planet evolves, nature evolves, the elements evolve and all beings evolve, visibly or invisibly.

Do not be scared by the sudden and surprising changes that are taking place; the process was just accelerated, but it always existed.
You are learning and undergoing physical, emotional, mental and energetic modifications, every single day; so have your objectives focused on light and growth. Dispel deep-rooted values and prejudices, for they will fall down from the inside out. You are undergoing internal modifications and observing the reflection from outside as a mirror of your interior.

Smile and be happy: this is the plan, this is as arranged, this is the Father’s desire.
Understand that legions and legions came here; you have no idea of their numbers. This has been happening for millennia; we had to adopt different forms and wear different clothes to act near you. Open up for the other beings who will be with you soon; they have much to offer and are all comprised in the work that you call Magisterial Mission. They have come to teach you.

The Mission aims at and proposes teaching, enlightenment. The textbook, as you call it, is enormous. The doses and the readings are homeopathic, to use your words. We are progressively disseminating guidelines, explanations and arrangements that are pertinent, though they sometimes may not seem so. Pay attention to the parts of this huge puzzle that composes in the whole a most beautiful and multiple landscape that permeates infinite dimensions. This immense package of teachings is and will be ministered in small doses around the whole world. In this way will be recovered the old wisdom that is still valid. You are the filters, vehicles and trustees of this action.

The Magisterial Mission proposes that you know yourselves in all dimensions, individual and collectively, because you are cells of the same body and, do not forget, you are part of a huge planetary system. The Mission comes to awaken, correct, clear, explain and guide. But we cannot take from you the privilege and the right to exercise faith. We are thus still invisible, still without direct interference or great manifestations.

This is not our purpose. We do not intend to impress; we desire to awaken consciousness, to stimulate the silent exercise of faith and love. For this reason we act as we do and we would like you to understand how ready we are to work. Thus operates the Mission, working with souls for the awakening of mankind to itself, through humility, love and faith, as the presence I AM has taught you.

Stay in peace and in the cosmic truth that envelops you.
Raziel and the Sacred Chain of Wisdom, Healing and Humility, that you call Old Black Men. All in the work for and with the Supreme Light of Love.
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 7 December 2005.

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