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BBK051205- Dawn of a New Morning

2005-12-05.  Dawn of a New Morning

Black Brook #051205

Topic: Dawn of a New Morning
Group: Black Brook TeaM
Teachers: Mary, Raziel
TR: Silvana Goncalves, Fatima Spano

Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil 2 December 2005 Message XLIX – The Dawn of a New Morning

Lesson 1
MARY: Sources of life, light and love, believe that you are experiencing the dawn of a new and so long-awaited morning.

The coming days bring airs of renewal, hope and accomplishment. Use these days for seeding life. Make of your lives gardens of splendid flowers that bloom in love and blessings for the children of this beloved and beautiful planet.
Be what you are in light and allow your souls to express through your senses. Exercise your ability to love, but do it first and foremost toward yourselves.
Be children in a garden of light. Make of your laughter the sounds that will guide Michael.
Blessed you are,

Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil 2 December 2005 Message L – The Son Counts on You
Lesson 2
RAZIEL: I am the Light and I am the Way. Light will shine, so that darkness opens the way for the Son. That light can only enter your orb through a portal. This portal is in the temple of human beings and is their heart. Clean, open and air your hearts.

Let the presence of the Son flood and guide your lives. Become real luminaries for the passage of the Love-Light. Create in your lives the new world, so that the example to be remembered is presented to human beings.
Be workers. Act. Do not omit yourselves in the Mission of children of the Son. He believes and counts on you. We trust, support, believe and have faith in you. Do your part. Raziel

Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil Session of 8 December 2005 Message LI – Pray For The Whole Planet T/R: Fátima Spanó

Lesson 3
My dear brothers and sisters,
You must be more united. You must know that when friendship is sincere and love is truthful, all of your doubts can be explained by a companion of journey on this planet. You will only manage to walk in groups. Do not spoil the time for being together. Always spare time for each other. Be available: this is the most important.
Love prevails in everything. Feel love pulsing in your Mission group. Observe your companions and brothers and remember: each one has his pace of development, each one is on a scale of evolution more or less advanced than you.

Do not become proud because of that. All of you are important. The work ahead will need each one of you. Even if someone has a better degree of understanding of a certain aspect, it does not matter. What must be very clear for the whole group is that we are a team: we work together and every one is extremely important for the service rendered to our Greater Father.

We want to feel union, force, love in you; and know: this shared desire of yours, your will to render service to our Father, is for us a motive of great joy and exultation. All help is necessary, no matter how big or small it is. What I come to ask you in this moment is: pray for the whole planet. Do not forget any element composing this marvelous planet you inhabit. Pray for humanity, pray for nature, pray for all the elements composing Mother Earth. Revere the land, the water, the air, the fire and the ether. Love and bless all the angelical and all the elemental kingdoms that so much help the evolution of this planet.

Do not forget that the elemental take care of Mother Nature and that they also need to feel loved and respected. The angelical kingdom is always near each one of you. They also need to render services to evolve. Pay attention to your guardian angel, to the beings of light always around you. Bless them and pray for them. Do not forget, either, the mineral, vegetal and animal kingdoms. They all possess life and they are all in the evolutional scale. Prayers are always a great help to soothe, heal and care for your planet.

Neither should you forget the matter you use daily to compose and give comfort to your lives. For example, your working table, the papers you use, the food you ingest, in sum everything that man manufactures from Mother Earth to make his life more comfortable, must also be blessed, loved and revered. A candy wrapping that you throw away, this piece of paper or plastic completed its state of evolution on that moment and, upon being thrown away by man, must also be blessed, for it is also in evolution and must be revered. Revering is loving entirely, is detaching oneself, is being pure love.

Understand: this planet is unique. Everything that composes this place is a single presence, a single family. So harmony must be the first thing sought by the being who wants to be Human. Believe me, you can do it! The hope for a better living place is in the hands of those who are already awakened to life. Do not miss this opportunity; it is really unique. Hold fast to this as your goal for this life, and love will be perfect.
Translated from Portuguese by Frederico Galvão in Brasília, 23 January 2006.

Riberao Preto, São Paulo, Brazil 8 December 2005 Message LII – Your Help Is Important T/R: Fátima Spanó

Lesson 4
Dear brethren, I am your Teacher of Peace.
I am here to tell you once more how important is your help. In everything you do, love must always prevail in your attitudes. Open your hearts and look at life with love. Feel the presence of goodness and light in your lives.

Every day you are being energized with the pure Love and Light of the Father. This Light is endless and multiplies manifold upon each loving thought you nurture. This Light amplifies itself in your hearts (your cardiac centers) and develops your energetic centers, bringing you a greater discernment, mainly on what originates in your lives.

Remember: you are greatly loved by us. You are beloved. We are glad for having people donating a little of their time to work for the good of mankind and of the whole of planet Earth. Open your eyes, see how beautiful life is. Observe your planet, how handsome and sweet it is. Observe the flowers, the plants; see their natural beauty and smell their perfumes. Observe the little animals, how they all depend on the love and attention of human beings. Take care of yourselves and of all those surrounding you.

Do not forget: everyone needs everybody. No one will meet the Father alone. We are all a single family, so the journey must be seen as a whole. Donate yourselves, my friends, do not be afraid of serving. All that you give and do for the planet will revert to yourselves.

Know that courage will always be necessary. Know that faith must be truthful and inherent. Notice that hope will propel you to life and bring to your faces a smile of joy, affection and tenderness, a smile of peace.

We believe in you. Accept our love and let yourselves be taken by our Light. This will make your journeys lighter. Our love will give you strength to always proceed on the way of goodness. Rejoice, brethren, the time has come! All are welcome. May love always prevail!
With love, The Teacher of Peace

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