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BET160427- Let nothing worry you

2016-04-27. Let nothing worry you

Mexico City, Mexico, April 27, 2016.
Teacher: Thought Adjuster.
Subject: “Let nothing worry you.”

Message received by Bettina.

Thought Adjuster: “When you walk beside Me holding My hand, nothing bothers you. When a father takes his young son to cross the street, the child is not even aware of what goes on in the street; he simply takes his father’s hand, he trusts him and he relaxes.

“Take My hand, walk with Me. Trust in My care. I will not let anything happen to you that will be harmful to you.

“It is important for you to close your eyes every day and allow Me to talk to you. You are so busy with so many things in life, that you don’t realize how easy it would be for you to walk these paths holding My hand.

“I’m here, always waiting for you. But more and more people need to return to Me. This is why it is urgent that they see in you the testimony of a life in connection with the Light and with surrender.

“The world is self-destructing. It is necessary to return to Love, to Light and to Peace. I urge there to be more messengers. You are one of them because you are listening to Me. You will be like a small candle passing the flame one by one to another small candle, forming a larger candle, illuminating the world with the Light — the Light that comes from Me and that will transform the universe with its brightness.

“Trust Me. I will guide you.”

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