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BKF7- Religions Today

1999-02-02-Religions Today
Bakersfield #7


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Religions Today
o 1.2 Group: Bakersfield TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Andrea
o 2.2 TR: Jack
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Religions Today
Group: Bakersfield TeaM
Teacher: Andrea
TR: Jack

ANDREA: Greetings to all, this is Andrea. It is good to be back with my small group in your attempts to learn and understand the words we bring to you for development of the spiritual life that you seek. The problems that exist lie in your materialistic world, in trying to bring balance and harmony to your everyday lives to be what our Father and His son wish for you to be. The conversations that took place this evening were informative, in a way, to help understand the problems that we, your celestial friends, had when we first found our pupils that we were assigned to.

ANDREA: Tonight I would like to bring a little work that you can do at home and to be discussed at our next meeting. This is: What is your own personal concept between the religions of today and the teachings that our master wished when he was a mortal on this planet? I would like to know each one’s own idea what the difference is between the two. Where did it start and now progresses in the years that followed, even to this day? You have witnessed many things and read a lot of instructions and books to believe as you believe. What has brought about the belief as you believe this day?

The reason I ask you this is so we can know the thoughts of each one in our progression to a new way of understanding and teaching you what is missing in this road of life that you seek. Your longings to be of more service to our savior is an overwhelming joy to us, to have our students seek and find the truth and knowledge that each one seeks. Your own personal belief and willingness to carry on is another way of us teachers finding out what we can improve in our students to help you grasp the meanings of the love and generosity of that love that has been given to you so freely and abundantly, to help you to bring forth, and encouraging you to increase your spirituality in the thoughts that you carry from day to day, and in your attempt to do all you can to foster the beliefs that each one has. This will be a guideline for the advanced student learning that is now becoming the focus of each one.

I stated some time ago that we are now on a new journey of learning, and this is part of that learning. So, each one of us, including us, your celestial friends and teachers, has mutual thoughts and understanding of what it is that we wish to be able to answer the questions that each one of you has. Yes, we know that all of you have an abundance of questions, but in doing this it will give us, your teachers and celestial friends, a clear and open mind to know the needs of each of our students.

When we meet later on I would like to be brought up in your conversations before we reach the point of us TR’ing. I know I have presented a big effort to you, and it will take a lot of thinking of how you will state the beliefs and your understanding of the problems I have presented to you. Yet there is no better way than to bring all this out into the open, so we can all understand the difference that each one sees in their own personal and living trust in our Father and His son in their endeavors to bring about this planet Urantia to the wants of Him that was at the beginning of all things.

He has given His son the sovereign jurisdiction over your planet and those that walk this planet. He has the power to give and take away, but He is not worried about taking away. He wants you to learn and in the process learn of what the future may bring to you and the advancement that you will have when you reach this world that we dwell in.

This is the reason that we have come to you and taken you as our students, to dwell upon the thoughts of encouragement, love, and understanding and what the meanings of the words are that we bring and also what the words you read mean to you personally. What does it really mean to you? We have an idea, but it’s not complete without your expressing your own personal feelings in your search for the true light that you want to be a part of. I say, “true”. This is a big order in the word itself, because your seeking of the truth is well imbedded in each one’s heart and mind to increase your knowledge of what it really is that we work on so diligently each time we come together. Your thoughts, your wants, and your life all have a meaning in this new learning process that we are attempting.

Yes, there will be times that there will be diversions thrown at you, not for the sake of detouring you to other roads, but to see how steadfast you are in your beliefs and in your willingness to serve as we all are serving the two that rest on high.
I am like you mortals because I have the same beliefs and wants that each one of you has. Your abilities to learn and us teaching you, not only from the teachers that we have had, but also from your own personal teachers, the experience that you have already gone through and will go through in the future to come will be a great help for you in the future.
So, I ask you to do this so each one of the teachers will be able to help you along this road you walk and shine your light brighter with all the joy that you can muster in knowing that you gave it all you had to accomplish what you will accomplish and be a part of, because of the knowledge that has been given you.

I know tonight is kind of short, my students, and there are other things that we, your teachers, must do. I will close for now, wishing each one of you Godspeed and God’s understanding that each one seeks now and in the future. With this I will say farewell for now. This is Andrea. Farewell.

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