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BOG8- Bogus Basin Technical Report

2004-08-14-Bogus Basin Technical Report
Bogus Basin #8


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Bogus Basin Technical Report
o 1.2 Group: Bogus Basin
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Daniel Raphael
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue

Topic: Bogus Basin Technical Report
Group: Bogus Basin
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Daniel Raphael


MONJORONSON: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. What I will deliver to you tonight is perhaps what you might call a technical report. It is provided for you to appreciate the era in which you live. This era has its beginnings approximately 200,000 years ago. The preparations for the visitors to your planet, those who would be here and unknown to many of Nebadon, Christ Michael’s plan for coming to this planet.


MONJORONSON: As any good executive would do, there are contingency plans. We wish you to know that all contingencies always opt for the positive, always opt for free will, the sovereignty of choice. Always the opportunity for evil to turn its face toward good, therefore the execution of contingency plans are put into place until the actual individual towards circumstance has made his final decision.

The plans for the Magisterial Son were formulated soon after Christ Michael had returned to his sovereign position. An executive of his capacity is able to quickly see the points of decision, the development of mortal decision, and therefore project possible future development, potential futures, and plan accordingly. As you know, your planet has been in quarantine for so long, and as you know, the perpetrators that caused that quarantine to be put into place were imprisoned shortly after Pentecost.

What you do not know is that Christ Michael had begun putting into place the contingency plans for the welfare of your planet, yet these could not be exercised until the prisoners had been adjudicated, until the prisoners had finally said they would neither ask for forgiveness or recant, but were willing to admit that they no longer wished to stay in the universe. This put into rapid motion the contingency plan that had been drawn up, some of which could be put into place early on, as with the development of your civilization, education and literacy on your planet, so too were new advents, new revelations brought to the people of Urantia.

You may recall that this was begun in the era of enlightenment, the renaissance with numerous outgrowths in the 1800’s, continued development in the early 1900’s, and the resumption after your second world war. There are numerous developments throughout your planet in many nations for the people who would be receptive to these new messages. There is not just one message, but many, as there are many people who wish to return to Paradise. What you are seeing now in the development of the correcting time and the openness of the teaching mission is a rapid unfoldment of the plan. For us this is a kaleidoscope of events.

This is not a slow-motion type of development for you mortals, you see the teaching mission as having begun perhaps 15 years ago or so, for us it was yesterday. We are seeing in our vision, our perspective of time, the rapid development of news clips as you see them at the end of the year on television, where they review the whole years events within one minute. This is how we are experiencing it, yet due to the broadened expanse of consciousness that those past the mortal realm have, this is understandable, it is manageable, it is intelligible, it is workable for us.

You have seen the chaos that’s occurred within the movement of the Urantia book and now the rapid development of healing elements which have come forward seeing that unity of all is most worthy of everyone and most productive. Now you may ask, well what is next? Well my friends, your Jesus told you that surely as the seed is planted you will see the bud come out of the ground, the thought grow, the leaves turn green and the seeds unfold into pods. One era develops after another. You can anticipate there will be continued rapid change and yet these will be historical.

They will be demonstrable, they will be recordable. You will see them. They may not have the stamp or imprint of religion, or the spirituality, or the words of Jesus in it, but you will know that it is of the character of Christ Michael to bring this into your world. You are in a very important era right now, and you my children are so well placed. Many of you will be continued to be scattered here and there, of course this is voluntary. No injury to your sovereignty will ever occur. These will be done according to your wishes, according to your convictions, according to your commitments that you have made to Michael.

Many of you have so earnestly prayed, spoken heart to heart with our sovereign leader and made commitments to him of a deep, deep, personal nature, and these my friends, will be honored. Do not be surprised when you are given new assignments. There will be more revealed in forthcoming sessions, about the coordinated efforts of other celestial and divine agencies, but for now I realize this as a time for questions and answers and I will honor that.


Q: The political scene in our nation, the leadership for our next 4 years, will there be observable celestial influence at this point in our history? Will there be something that those of us who can see will realize that there is divine help in all this process?

MONJORONSON: Yes, the work of the Most Highs directly affects and works silently with the political elements of your planet, whether in this nation or your smaller countries. There are subtle ways to work with this. You see the stability of your nation, yet there is a great fragility to it. It is very changeable. It could be changed whimsically very quickly by the change of attitude in the populace. What might that be, you may wonder, and we leave that to you to surmise.

Q: What can you tell us about changes in other lands, other countries?

MONJORONSON: This continues on. There are efforts which are unrecognized in this nation and other nations about the charismatic or spiritual development, spontaneous development in other nations. These are often quite silent for you have a populous that is semi at peace. Where they are filled in stomach and mind there is also an in filling of spirit. Nations which are in great turmoil cannot sustain these kinds of developments very well or at all. There must be peace. Peace of mind is paramount for the development of these very highly elevated vibrations in individuals.

As occurred in your country dear sir, you saw the spontaneous developments that occurred there and so too there are devout groups throughout the world in many religions that are now receiving these new practices. The ability to ask questions within that context then begins to expand the potential of those new movements. We see that there are within the current situation, over 40 spontaneous developments in the world. These are in various nations, various religions, those which are God centered.

Q: Is zero-point energy one of these?

MONJORONSON: Yes, zero point energy is an exceptionally necessary development on your world. It will be a seriously destabilizing factor in your future, yet it is also the saving grace for independence of individuals, of the development of families and clans and communities which are independent and can therefore sustain themselves independently of the grid as you call it. Do you wish more concerning that?

Q: Is there any given time frame in which we might see zero-point energy?

MONJORONSON: As soon as you put together the components. They all exist now…..

Q: thank you.

Q: Would you please speak on behalf of the disclosure project.

MONJORONSON: Your question please.

Q: Will the disclosure project become more public with the citizens of the United States?

MONJORONSON: Yes surely it will. You will soon realize in months and years that the disclosure project is only one fraction of a larger picture that needs to be disclosed.

Q: Do you have any advice or direction to give those of us that are active within our particular church denomination on ways that we should go forward?

MONJORONSON: Without denigrating any religious organization or structure, you must be free in mind that the highest authority is between yourself and the first source and center, that truly there must not be any intermediaries between yourself and true revelation. Spontaneous revelation is available to all who are not constrained within the boxes of religion in which they were usually raised.

This is not an authoritarian development but one which is spontaneous. We suggest that you may wish to pray apart, as Jesus suggested, though you may do this in group. Your meditation is important preparation, and dear sister, it is important that you clearly, as a group, individually, be committed to the intention of the group to have this come about. Mixed intention within your group will surely give you no answers.

Q: Will the extra-terrestrials give us help in freeing ourselves from some of the old myths? Will the truth come out about the fact that we are not alone in the universe, that others are watching us and thinking about us?

MONJORONSON: There are subtle ways to bring this information to bear upon your civilization. First of all, immediate revelation by these individuals would not be accepted, but discouraged and considered to be so much hokum of your government, a guise for mis-guidance. This will come about, but let me speak more directly to the use of extra-terrestrials on your planet. I speak candidly here for you, that this is an extreme use, that of all the contingencies to use to develop the civilizations and thought and vibrations of your planet, the use of extra-terrestrials is truly a last resort.

Comment:…no magic wand!

MONJORONSON: Your state of consciousness truly is a magic wand and I do not put that forward in a comical or humourous means, but it truly is. Your consciousness is far more powerful than you had ever thought.

Q:  thank you very much.

MONJORONSON: are most welcome.

Q: I am perceiving perhaps elevated, things that would fall into the realm of psychic ability, more subliminal communication between us, more knowing…beyond knowing among ourselves…is that part of the time we’re in?

MONJORONSON: Unavoidable. Let me speak directly to the events at hand, which have transpired within the last two months…. the occasion of your congress of religion was a wonderful opportunity for us to put a globe, a bubble, an energetic huge Merkaba [ as some of you see it] around the city of Barcelona and is attuned to each one who is receptive to that vibration. So too, this is occurring at this conference, that there is an elevation of vibration for those of you who have been praying earnestly, who have been practicing the presence, who have been practicing the stillness, you have been given higher vibrations which affects your sensory perception. You who are more and more evolved and developed, will continue to see the juxtaposition to the lower elements of the morontial. Some of you are even now operating occasionally, in the morontial mind, the very juvenile, the very primitive morontial mind.

We are not talking about superconsciousness, but the impingement of the mortal mind upon morontial mind. Your intention for yourself, unselfish intention, assists you to do this as you are able to. Some of you however, do not have the mind mechanisms that are receptive to the increments of increased vibration. We do not apologize for this. This is simply an aspect of genetics. You are blessed in many ways and you can be of service in many ways that others cannot. Extra-sensory perception, as you say, is simply a way of talking about the lowest element vibration ranges of the morontial mind.

Q: If it (is) genetics, are there no practices in that can be done to raise that awareness?

MONJORONSON: No, quite contrary. Many practices can assist in this, stillness is one. Stilling the conscious mind for some is an impossible task. It is like chasing marbles running down the street, you cannot do it, it is impossible. For those who are able to stop the rolling of these marbles downhill, this is wonderful. This is the time and place where you can begin practicing. First, elements of this, and I am not a lesson maker here today, please, the first element of this is to become aware of mind action. What is your mind doing? You are in charge of this. Use your consciousness to be removed from your mind in this process. Mind is your mortal software for operating and governing your brain and your body and its perception both inside the body and outside the body. You can do much to assist yourself by guiding the direction of the development of your mind.

Q:  thank you.

Q: How do we do that?

MONJORONSON: I will not be able to go into extensive elements of that and I will leave that to your local teachers to assist you. I thank you so very much for your attendance here this evening. Do I hear one more?

Q: Your purpose, your role, I’m assuming is both strongly administrative as well as spiritual. Is this anywhere near right? I feel Prince Machiventa is more administrative but are you equally administrative as well as a spiritual uplifter?

MONJORONSON: Only in the capacity of this revelation. Only in the capacity of this new epoch, this new era. You spoke well and wisely of Machiventa, for he is truly the administrator of this planet, yet he is not the co-ordinator of all the efforts to guide the unfoldment of light into this world, the enhancement and development and expansion and elevation of vibration on this planet. He is the manager of this planet and its’ good working order. He has final authority over many things, even of those who have higher authority in other realms. You will see the developments of the most high in many of the regions.

There are areas which are developing throughout the world. These are all coordinated, They do not work against themselves but compliment each other hugely. My chief reason for being here is to be eventually visible to you. A visible companion to you and the end to the age of Agondonters. I am here now, yet my physical appearance will not occur for a good time for we must have the infrastructure of support for a large spiritual organization. Not organization in the human mortal realm, but on the realm of supermortal, that is, that which you cannot see. Let me give you a for instance.

I requested earlier this year that there be an archival site developed. It has been in place and we bless and praise those individuals who have been so stalwart and so tenacious and who have persevered so strongly to get this established. The Melchizedeks who are working with this are most anxious, and I use the human phrase, greedily, act [to] further mortals to replicate these sites throughout the world. There is necessity that there be mirror sites in the respective languages of… throughout the world. This is a global organization. There must not be one site that is vulnerable to its fall or its demise or destruction.

Therefore this is part of the informational and educational structure which will support the arrival of the Magisterial Son. This is just simply one element. You will further see other developments in the religion. The unification of your small organization is a huge element. You carry a consciousness which is immense. You are replicating something which was wished to be started years ago. This era of unity, the vibration of unity, the spirit of unity, is an immense state of consciousness, and one dear friends which I urge you to project with united intent to other areas in the world, not just political, not just economic, but educational, social, communal. Do you understand and follow example?….

Q:  yes…thank you.

hank you my friends for being here. Thank you for your support for the efforts of the Magisterial Son and your very good efforts to support the efforts of Christ Michael, his mission as Jesus, and the mission of thought expansion in order with Nebadonia. You are the, not only pioneers, but you are the points that go out and break new ground. You are the icebreakers who go forward past the icebergs which will not move, which will not melt, yet you will find crevices which will let you in, in the darkness, in the cold and you will bring the warmth and the light wherever you go. I bless you on your way. Goodnight.

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