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BUT76- Ego

Butler PA #76


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Ego
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Ego
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, children. I am Tomas, your teacher. I am glad to be with you. I am glad you have opened your heart, your time, your mind, your soul, and your spirit to the voice of God, however He may present Himself. It is an honor for me to be in service to Him in this capacity and to be of service to you, dear ones.


TOMAS:  My children I have seen you grappling with growth and adjustments to your lives and the lives of others. The activities of the day are in part a result of the massive collective consciousness of the intelligent world who acknowledges the turn of a millennia as something which alters the course of time. Thus you are experiencing the effects of truly tumultuous times.

My reference to your text would indicate the phrase about teetering on the brink,(195:9.2) quivering on the spiritual edge, and indeed your planet quivers. Even those of you who are at peace in your soul as to your place in the Father’s universe are impacted, although it is to you that we look, in part, for stability and sanity in the face of such excitement and in the face also of such hope.

I would like to broach a topic this evening that is very much open to interpretation, for it has been discussed time and again by many prophets, professionals, many minds indeed. But I would like to discuss ego, none-the-less. I would like to discuss will. Your will. I and we have discussed this before, but evidently it bears a reminder in that as you are grown in the spirit, as you are fostered and nurtured, as you are cultivated and as you begin to bear fruit, you need to establish in your ability to function, the concept of the will, the ego-will, the personality that you wield.

Even though it may be Father’s personality, it is also your personality and there comes a time when you can truly say “I and my Father are one” and trust in your own will sufficient to realize that you are allowed to make that choice. Whatever choice that you make, given your sincere intentions, will be utilized by the Father to promote what value He will from the experience you bring into being by and through your free will decision, your ego-choice.

THOROAH: Is that how we pay tribute? Is that how we worship? By making that choice?

TOMAS: : It is how you contribute to the Supreme. It is a contribution to God, with God’s cooperation or support, but it is not essential worship.

THOROAH: The choice to follow?

TOMAS: : That is a consecration of your will.


TOMAS: : In the broad sense, yes it is worship; it is living love; it is living faith. It is confidence of divine overcare. But it is not quite worship in the sense that worship requires such focus. It is difficult for us to distinguish ourselves as a Godhead knowing we are yet to attain ultimate perfection. We thus are imperfect and incredibly indelibly dependent upon divine power in our manifesting what power may be gotten through will decisions. For you can make lots of will decisions that lead nowhere or that work against the grain, but even so, it will be used to create perfection.

As you worship, the difference is made less and less. If you allow your decisions to be made in this place of perfection, your will choices then are better sanctioned by that degree of perfection which you hold up to being worthy of worship. It is therefore wise to socialize your ambitions, for in this way you are a part of the mainstream; you are actively engaged in sharing your inner life; you are contributing to the Supreme, which is a service you do in your service to others.

THOROAH: What is the overall impact or importance of creating or co-creating the Supreme? I understand how it works and how it develops and I understand feeling good about being a co-creator, working with the Father to create this new thing. I’m just wondering if there’s a spiritual thing about that rather than just intellectual that I could get my hands on.

TOMAS: : No, you cannot get your hands on it. It is “immaterial”. You must sooner or later do something. The act is ours, the consequences God’s. You cannot just lay back and suck upon the teat of creation indefinitely; it is inimical to the spirit within. The nature of the Father is outgoing and expansive and expressive, and He lets everyone do everything. There are very few specific things that the Father keeps for Himself to do, but all the rest of the work of the universe is designated and delegated.

To some, the job is such that they need to be created perfect in order to do the perfect job, so that when other matters are being attended to, the universe is operating on an even keel. But the Evolving Supreme is not a mechanical balance of the nature of the evolving worlds of time and space. There is no way that you can see the Evolving Supreme on a map or a chart or a graph. The only way you can discern the Supreme is through the Spirit and that discernment is obviously magnified when you are confronted by other active operatives of the Spirit, thus you recognize each other as kindred spirit You acknowledge the forces behind your motivations and your will decisions. Are there any questions this evening?


THOROAH: I was just thinking, Tomas, that what you just described there is the kindred spirit. The implication is the overriding spirit amongst us is the trust we would have in and for each other as kindred spirits so that we could actually just relax and just BE together.

TOMAS: : This is the goal we aspire to attain, my son. But we are up against a difficult challenge for as you well know you need to learn how to trust and you have read my lessons, you have read the text, you have experienced the truth. This is perhaps one of the reasons why you as religionists are often impelled to do something, because you reach a point of such triumphant yearning for the Spirit, that it be revealed, that the Father’s face be seen upon the land, that you are motivated to act, to give to God, to reveal the Father, and His children to Him. This will enhance the Spirit. The Spirit will respond to this yearning. You have co-created. Yes, just by being, but by being in such a sense as to be aware. Yes.

THOROAH: To be aware of how it happens. I mean, it doesn’t happen by accident. It’s something we do will. And I guess I meant by relaxing to a certain degree of just being, as we are on guard all the time, it seems like, no matter where we are on this planet. Somehow the physicality renders us vulnerable, in our minds somehow, so we have to deal with that, but just the idea of finding some level of relaxation with others of kindred spirit, that is just a taste of that trust yet even that taste is good.

TOMAS: : Yes, it is. It’s very nurturing. And when you have these great and precious moments of cherishing your relationships with your siblings, you yearn that this expand to include others that they also might know such joy, and this very yearning is a prayer.

THOROAH: You touched on a couple of things early on and it fits in with what seems to be going on all over the world right now. As you said, the world teeters on the edge, and I see that reflected not so much intuitionally, for me, as in what I read from these different groups out there that have a different perspective of what’s going on around the planet. It has been virtually that, that the planet has kind of been teetering on an edge, but the doomsday thing has gone away, it seems, and the whole aspect that people are looking for is positive.

I’m sure that that has something to do with turning around our collective mental consciousness in a very positive fashion. I’m just fascinated by the different looks these different groups have of what’s going on; it’s more than just fascinating to me. I’m looking at this whole coordinated universe effort and I see it in the various ways it’s represented to us through these different groups that are participating in the world.

And I can see some wonderful things going on in the universe, whether I’m seeing things or not (I may be making them up in my mind), but I see a lot of things. And I know there’s nothing out there that’s any better than what I’ve got. I’m not looking with envy, I’m just looking with appreciation for what seems to be a massive coordinated effort. Much more than we might think is going on. Is that a good sense of what’s going on?

TOMAS: : That is a good perspective, certainly. It is an element of reality that you are beginning to see the effects of the acknowledgment of a connection with the outer universe that could be presented in so many terminologies, yet, that embellish the basic same realities of it being a friendly universe with a government of some sort with peace as an effort and ideal and with the fraternity of earthlings who work one way or another through their established or unestablished means toward the greater reality whatever that may be.

The fact that the creedal differences are missing is what makes it so interesting. If you didn’t have the creedal differences separating your churches, you could find them very interesting and fraternal also. But it is a mere example of the upstepping of your world since the inception of these recent epochal changes.

THOROAH: I had a sense on why or what maybe the lesson would be of some of this activity and the way I look at it, and I don’t know if this is rather normal, whatever that is, but I seem to look past that immediate physical universe connection or escape route, whatever it is, and that immediate more material arena, and I go on to the morontial or spiritual side of things and I think maybe because I’ve been conditioned to think that anything that happens between here and Heaven is some kind of science fiction because they’ve made such a mockery of the possibility of peaceful, loving, cooperative, intelligent life in the universe, that people are afraid to think about it, almost. In real terms. The media, I guess, is what creates that.

TOMAS: : There may be an echo from some previous noise. If it has reality, it will be emblazoned. If not, it will diminish. And I see you see the emblazoning of reality overpowering the redundancy of former anxieties.

THOROAH: That’s good! I like that.

TOMAS: : Good.

THOROAH: I mean, you have to feel that to understand what you just said. Yeah.

TOMAS: : Did not the Master say that today’s troubles were sufficient for today? You don’t need to add yesterday’s or tomorrow’s to today’s troubles. Perhaps it’s no trouble at all!

THOROAH: I just think that there’s a lot of positive, more than trouble.

TOMAS: : There is a lot of growth yes. These are very exciting times.

THOROAH: You are trying to empower us.

TOMAS: : Yes, Thoroah, I am trying to uphold your decision making abilities, process, confidence. It is deficient in you as a race of people, to be confident in each other, because of the betrayals and the distrust. Fear, fright. It therefore is essential that while you are given self-respect by the Spirit as an acknowledged son of God, it is also well and good to keep in mind your central reality, your focus of purpose, your attempt at reality, whatever way you want to phrase it, so that you can be strengthened in your resolve, in your faith, for you have seen and we have seen what comes of you who are alone and without appropriate counsel, guidance, supervision, et cetera.

The isolation is ended and so it is important for you all to consciously remember that you do not want to experience further isolation for it serves no useful purpose at this point whatsoever. You must learn to be trusting brothers and sisters. You must. You cannot afford to be alone any longer. Your work is too important for you to become lost in the minuscule minutia of materialism.

THOROAH: That’s beautiful too, Tomas. The “minuscule minutia of materialism.” Pretty insignificant stuff, huh? Yes. Tomas, I just felt a sense there that there might be a revival of the readership – maybe that’s a little slow fire that’s starting to burn.

TOMAS: : The glowing embers are steadily being blown upon and fanned by the spirit we know and love so well because of its need to grow and become engulfed in flames as a bonfire revelation of significance. It is a matter of will decision. It is another reason why the invaluable prayer about will: “Thy will be done.” “It is my will that Thy will be done.” So show me what to do and we’ll do it. “Even so, not my will, but Thine be done.” In case I have a beam in my own eye, in my desire to be perfect. But it is in the striving. It is the striving that counts. A question?

THOROAH: Yes, Tomas, and I really appreciate this focus on the will and the ego because all of us must have to deal with this. I think maybe a lot of us feel like it’s a personal, private thing, but all of us have to deal with this all the time, this trying to learn to trust ourselves! Trying to learn to trust. We’re always suspicious and paranoid that somebody’s tricking us.

TOMAS: : Even God.

THOROAH: Yeah. It’s insidious how that has got into our brains.

TOMAS: : Yes, suspicion is part of that master intellectual fraud.

THOROAH: Well maybe on a lighter note (or maybe not!) – the excitement, the impending nature of things … and even if you take the millennium change and Y2K and Armageddon and all those other things away from the times, and look at the positive activities, I see there are a lot of people on the planet that are alerted and in the active mode and the folks sitting here with the fifth epochal revelation in our hands almost seem like the least prepared for the moments ahead, because they’re just not wanting to believe anything wonderful is going to happen. For whatever reason, so many of them want to not look at what’s going on around them. It’s almost like they’re afraid to believe in something wonderful happening in their lifetime.

TOMAS: : Yes, this is a propensity of the race. How much different are you really than your previous generation wherein the majority are traditional minded, timid souls that hold down the stabilization of society while it is otherwise undergoing these great changes. The leadership of any age is always hovering around one percent. You obviously feel, from your hypothetical set forth, that those who read The Urantia Book are or should be the one percent who are leaders; and that is not the case.

That cannot be the case because we need the traditionalists as well as the forerunners and there, of course, are always the followers. This is the way of things. You will find even among leaderships, speaking of one percent, that there are different forms of leaders as well, and that in the traditional fields there will be a certain percentage who will be the leaders, even though that may be the leader of the Boy Scout Troop or the leader of the Brownies. There are people who are guided and directed by orders of angels and “spiritual special interest groups” that constitutes the make-up of the cultures.
Have I shown you something here?

THOROAH: (Laughing) Yes, you did. Duh!

TOMAS: : Don’t feel “duh”. I have not intended to undermine you but to engage your confidence.

THOROAH: No, that was beautiful. I completely have looked at people privy to The Urantia Book as other than who they are, I guess. Thank you.

TOMAS: : Is it any wonder then that you are disappointed when they are only human. Your expectations are high.

THOROAH: I needed that. Thank you.

TOMAS: : My beloved son, my young friend. How dear you are to me and to us. How precious you are to give us these moments in time, to lend to your spiritual nature and to your comprehension of your human nature, which is also noble and good when it is upheld by the knowledge of the Creator and His relationship with His children, indeed with your very soul. Your Self. He dignifies you by His relationship with you, giving you then the chance to praise Him and do good for Him and honor His gifts to you, to encourage the gifts in others to be recognized, to indeed worship this great Giver of all that is good and true and beautiful.

You want to give back, having received so much. It is – those of you who realize how much you have been given, how much you have in your lives to be appreciative of and joyous about; you are enriched — It is good to be your friends. Try to remember these things in the framework that we bequeath them to you. They are your inheritance, your birthright as sons and daughters of the living God.

You had a conversation the other day, Gerdean and Thoroah, wherein Thoroah used a word … “you DESERVE more than that” … and Gerdean went into a state of reflectivation regarding the word “deserve” for it has not been her cup to believe that she “deserved” anything, and so it is not a matter of arrogance on her part but one of weak-will, one which would do well to be strengthened and shored up, for truly in being children of God, by being the child of God, you deserve everything. Everything that the Father would provide for you. You are deserving because you are part of Him. And He is love. You do not need to make demands as to what you deserve. You are given everything.


TOMAS: Well, we have been poignant this evening. It has been good for us to engage in meaningful worship together, in praise of Our Father and His wonders, even His mysteries.

THOROAH: Thank you, Tomas. I love you.

TOMAS: : Love is reciprocal and more contagious than hate. Let us love and be on our way, being about Our Father’s business. Happy Thanksgiving.

THOROAH: Thank you. TOMAS: Amen and farewell.

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