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BUT90- Service

Butler PA #90


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Service
o 1.2 Group: Butler TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tomas
o 2.2 TR: Gerdean
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Service
Group: Butler TeaM
Teacher: Tomas
TR: Gerdean


TOMAS: Good evening, my children. I am Tomas, your teacher. Rachel and Nathaniel, it is good to have you within our embrace in this configuration. We thank you, too, for your spirits which accompany you and for your prayer you offer up on behalf of your growth and Our Father’s glory.


TOMAS:  I wish to discuss with you this evening the concept of service, for one of the factors of an eternal life involves eternal service, and as many the case is, you regard service as something you would not want to do forever.
What difficulty we find in your perceptions when we make the best use of your language as possible, but we are aware of your background and your conditioning which tells you that service is compulsory and so it is work, and thus a large part of your consciousness thinks of eternal life and becomes exhausted.

And yet there are some also who misconstrue the meaning of service to be self-effacing and martyrs to beliefs and needs of others, and whereas they may serve without tiring, in a compulsive manner, they are not experiencing the joy of service as we intend to depict when we employ the word to describe the will of the mortal to be fraternal and caring about their brethren.

Service also, in your language, provides a description of employment, as in a serviceman for your washer repair or car repair, and this puts it in the material realm but is again a misconception of the focus of reality of the concept of service. And so what is service?


RACHEL: What is it? Are you asking the question?

TOMAS: : Not yet. Would you like to jump in? I would enjoy that.

RACHEL: It’s to put a smile on their face, lighten their load.

TOMAS: : Yes, this is service.

RACHEL: And to do that makes you feel good.

TOMAS: : The ideal is certainly an enjoyable experience. It is easier to be of service when you see the feedback of the smile on their face or the enlightenment/awareness come into their eyes. It is easier to be of service with those who share your purpose. It is even more easy when you begin to experience the benefits of other people who want to also be of service, for then you can be the beneficiary of their joy in serving you, as well as the appreciator of the comradeship of those who also desire to be of service.

The value of these gatherings of like-minded people is that you begin to experience the joy of service to each other, inasmuch as it allows you an opportunity to be yourself and to be of service without compulsion or without payment or without fear of not doing your share. It allows you to give expression to your Adjuster, who is adept at giving of itself, and giving of yourself is truly what service is — giving of yourself in order to alleviate the burden of your brother, or sister.

The conditioning on your world in many ways is not conducive to being of service, for it is not understood and your world is so desperately needy. Until it begins to tap into its Source, the individual Source within the mind of man, and get that life connection with infinity that feeds its essential need of acknowledgment and actualization, unless and until that is attained, the need to be filled will remain an insatiable thirst.

Your gift of knowing Our Father within gives you that font of living water that restores your soul, that feeds your thirst, and so you can reflect your joy in service, and often extend yourself in service in going the second mile, knowing you can replenish your Source in service to yourself in Stillness with Father. And so as you experience these community relationships with your kindred spirits, your kin, you begin to realize the true joy to be found in being of service to each other.

The hurdle from the old concept and result of service is different than the appreciation for service which you will come to know and believe in time to come. “Be not weary in your well-doing.” Remember to take time out to replenish yourself so that your desire to be of service does not become a compunction or an obligatory act but a free and spontaneous emission of unconditional love from Our Father.


TOMAS:  What have you got for us this evening to engage in, children? Are there questions? The floor is open.

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