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CDT26 – Evergreen – Teaming

2008-06-30  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#26
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Sondjah Melchizedek

Topic: Team assignment

TR: Daniel Raphael

June 30, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. It is a pleasure to be here with you tonight. Tonight we will launch into the very practical aspects of working with these designs of education. You have been discussing them at length. You had a very good session last week where you discussed many new ideas for education and for working this process of the Co-Creative Design Team.

This evening I wish you to examine Patrick’s work on a practical basis, and record your findings. Begin with beliefs and expectations, then go sideways from that to values and into criteria; but, as you leaf through this material, examine it for the fundamental beliefs. Sometimes these will not be evident, except through the expectations, what is anticipated through the material, the results that you find. If these are not clearly stated, you will need to interpret this material to define the beliefs. I do wish you to actually diagram this material for your use as an example, as an exercise for beginning this. Patrick’s material is very clear, is very succinct, is very straight forward and we believe that it meets all the criteria for our needs, though we wish you to examine it from your needs.

We also wish you to have someone act as recorder, so you will have something to show for your efforts. This is something that you and we have been working towards for all these weeks and months; this is a time to begin examining known material, and being able to ascertain and certify it as contributing to the sustainability of the individual. Also note if there are internal inconsistencies, that you should note these as well, and discuss them with the author. Are there any questions? (Pause.) Then let us begin tonight’s exercise, and we will reconvene later this evening, if you wish. Otherwise we will rejoin and reexamine your material next week, Thank you.

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