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CDT28 – Evergreen

2008-07-14 Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#28
Evergreen, Colorado

Celestials: Sondjah Melchizedek, & Monjoronson, the Magisterial Son

Q & A: Names used by Monjoronson
Meanings of names
Ascension and enlightenment
Sources of “The Urantia Book”
Was channeling used with “The Urantia Book?”
Tools of discernment
“A Course in Miracles”

TR: Daniel Raphael

July 14, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. It is good to be here with you; you are a small group tonight, but mighty and powerful and clear of thought. You have requested our leader, Monjoronson, to provide some answers to your questions and he has graciously accepted and is most encouraged to engage your questions for clarification and to engage new material, as you wish.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson and I am pleased to be here with you. How may I be of service to you this evening?

Student: Monjoronson, I was wondering if you would clear up some information that you had given us several weeks ago, and if it’s alright, I’ll read for clarity what you said and then ask you to tell me where my problem with it is.


Student: To quote from you, from the transcript that was sent out to all of us you said, “You call me Monjoronson, but my name is not Monjoronson. Many groups around the world call me by different names. I am the anticipated Anointed One, the Holy One sent by God. For you, this means Christ Michael, my Brother, who is the Creator of this Local Universe, and I am on a mission from Paradise as well, to uphold this work here and assist the mortals on this planet to rejoin the universe in peace and light and love.”

So at one point, you said you were the Anointed One, the Holy One sent by God, and for me that would mean Christ Michael but then you referred to Christ Michael as your Brother. So, it sounds like you identified yourself as Christ Michael, but separated Christ Michael from who you are.

[Note: Several students from this group have only recently been exposed to “The Urantia Book,” and are not yet familiar with its concepts.]

MONJORONSON: Let me clarify for you. Christ Michael is of the Michael Order of Creator Sons, and he is from Paradise, as I am from Paradise. Our Holy Father is the First Source and Center, the Creator of the Grand] Universe, and we have engaged this Local Universe for its growth and development. I have been sent and volunteered to work with Christ Michael, who is my Brother.

He is a God in your estimation. We are both Anointed. I am not the First Source and Center of the Universe that brought all that exists into existence. He is not the First Source and Center, but he is a Creator Son, who has manipulated the energies of this local area, so that it has now been transformed and created into a Local Universe of millions and millions of stars and planets. We are Brothers; we are both Anointed, as we come from the Creator. All who come from the Creator, who are sent forward to the material worlds, are anointed. We are on a mission; it is our work that we are doing here, that is anointed. We have the blessing of the First Source and Center, to be here and to engage this world, and to bring it into an era of light and life, through our efforts, co-creatively with you. Does this help, or are there other issues that need clarification?

Student: I had one more question, and that was, as you went on in this prior channeling, you said, “I have let you call me whatever you wish, for it really does not matter at this time. You are able to identify with that cultural name, but one day you will know me by my name, and when my name is mentioned, they will know whom you are speaking about.” I guess I was a little confused by why “Monjoronson” is a cultural name that people would recognize, because I’ve never heard of “Monjoronson.” Or were you speaking of Jesus or Christ Michael as being a cultural name that we would recognize, and why at some point, if there is a name given, why will we know you by your name and why, since you are communicating with us, and have been communicating with us on a weekly basis for quite a long time, instead of the mystery or the intrigue, why is it that at this point, we cannot clearly know who you are?

MONJORONSON: It is a matter of convenience for you here. My name “Monjoronson,” in other languages, does not equate to “Monjoronson.” There are cultural names for the Anointed One. I am not a “savior,” though I am here to assist in the healing of your planet. It is not necessary for me to reveal my name now, as it will be known in the future. There are many billions of people on your planet who do not know me, who have no acquaintance-ship with me. We do not wish to make wrong, those people who know me by other names. It is not necessary to put them in the wrong, or to be incorrect, whether it is you or groups in other nations and cultural or language groups.

We accept the words, the title, the name that you give me now, as long as it is nominally correct and appropriate for my position, my function and my presence/power. We are not into a religionist activity at this time; we are simply encouraging people to believe that there is a higher power involved in the maintenance and management of their planet. This involves Christ Michael’s tremendous hierarchy of authority and command and management on this planet, which includes that of my activities from Paradise. Once I have revealed myself to all people, then I will reveal my name to all people, and everyone will know me by that name. The “they” that was spoken of means other people around your world, who would speak about me would use my name as well. Does this help?

Student: Yes, thank you.

Mike: Monjoronson, this is Mike. I have some separate questions. One is: is it correct for us to perceive that ascension is preceded by enlightenment? And is it correct to assume or to believe that anyone who is of love and light, as you are, and as Sondjah is, that you are enlightened and have ascended?

MONJORONSON: I was not born on a planet, but created in Paradise, and I am a Descending Son. I am enlightened because I understand the mechanism, the power, the authority, the central tenants of the entire universe. I do not have or possess all knowledge of all things: I am not omniscient; I am not omnipresent; I am not All Powerful. I do have the awareness of this world and all of the worlds that you will engage in, as you progress in your ascension plan to Paradise. In that degree, I am surely enlightened. Please separate your questions so I can answer them succinctly for you.

Mike: For mere mortals, is it a safe assumption or correct assumption that enlightenment would precede any opportunity for ascension?

MONJORONSON: No, it is not necessary to be enlightened to ascend. To continue your ascendant infinite career towards Paradise, your intention must be very clear about your life and your intentions for your infinite life’s career. This precedes any enlightenment. Your intentions, your actions, your endeavors, your words and thoughts are all indicative of your capacity to become enlightened. However, there are some upon your world, who have become enlightened to the degree that they have transcended mortal consciousness, to become more aware of higher consciousness and the purposes of mortality and the purposes of an infinite lifetime.

These masters are enlightened to a limited degree; they still are limited in their capacity to be all knowing, all powerful and everywhere present. Through their consciousness and their connection with the Divine, they have been permitted and allowed, encouraged and taught, how to be in enlightenment of the universe. There must be these enlightened ones upon your world as beacons of radio broadcast, to tell people of what is to come, that there is hope, that there is more to life than the physical life and then death and nothing more. These enlightened ones are here to encourage individuals, to aspire, to live with intention, to come into the presence of God, the Creator in Paradise.

Student: Thank you.

Mike: One other question, if we have time?


Mike: The book, “Urantia”—forgive my lack of knowing—but what is the source of that? Or the sources of that book?

MONJORONSON: The sources are many. It was authorized by Christ Michael and Uversa, the capital of Orvonton, and had its final authorization through Paradise, through Havona—the “heaven,” as you would call it, the authorizing agencies there. It was a commission to reveal the greatness of your universe, a total cosmology of the universe and your world, and the Creator of this world. The sources are many: each paper within it is authored by a different individual, though some have authored more than one paper. The source is through the Offices of Christ Michael and the Offices of Uversa. These are dimensionally far greater than you can comprehend at this time, but it is “great.” I think there is more to your question that has not been answered. You are encouraged to ask questions, if you wish.

Mike: Are the chapters or the papers that you are referring to, were they created as… would it be correct to see them as created through channeling or TR’ing?

MONJORONSON: There is great controversy among the mortal founders of “The Urantia Book,” and its Foundation, but it came through a mortal who was “still,” who used his mouth and his voice, his lungs to communicate what was given to him. If this is channeling, then that is what it is. If you call it by another name, then it is what you think it is, but it came through this individual and was recorded. And through a mortal commission, a forum of mortals, there was decision-making and co-creative participation, much as you engage in with Sondjah here, to discern what is appropriate to be published and what is not, and what people will understand and accept, and what they will not.

Mike: And you’re correct, there is more to the question. One more question related to this, which is: As you know, some of us are often engaged in the use of Dr. David Hawkins’ methods for determining the level of integrity or the level of awareness—or whatever, of different books and authors and spiritual teachers—basically determining truth from falsehood. Can you tell us whether or not in our earthly plane, even using tools, which appear to be as advanced as David Hawkins’ “Map of Consciousness,” is it logical, possible or appropriate that we can use those kinds of tools when examining books like “Urantia,” that, as you say, come from or was written by authors who are “not among us?” In other words, can we calibrate the integrity of such works, if in fact those works came from a different dimension?

MONJORONSON: Yes, you most certainly can. You are an agent of assistance to those unseen individuals, who can assist you in discerning these materials. Remember always, however, that these materials were co-creatively devised, even though they came through a trance-like individual, from unseen authors. There was participation by mortals at the time the papers were promulgated, collected, published and edited. So too, you must also hold your own energies in question, when you weigh these materials. I would not say “contamination,” but the presence of unenlightened individuals doing these measurements, and these publications, makes this material suspect or taken to some degree so that it may not be 100% in the form that it was intended, or wished to be published by the commission from Uversa. Do you see my point?

Mike: Let me check that to see if I do—I think I heard you say that depending on who is doing the what we call “calibrations,” or the testing, using the Hawkins instruments, they may be in a place where they have an impact personally upon how well the measurements or the interpretations or the…

MONJORONSON: This is correct.

Mike: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: It is as many instruments that you have, they may not be infallible, but they are the best that you have, and so you use them until you find something better. We appreciate this process of validation, and it is held in good esteem by our technicians.

Mike: Thank you.

Student: How would you say then—you just explained how Urantia came to be written—how would you explain how the “Course in Miracles” came to be written?

MONJORONSON: Very, very similarly. This small group is in possession of numerous documents, which have come through from unseen helpers, whether it is Melchizedeks, or Mighty Messengers, or Christ Michael himself—you have in your possession many wonderful documents that have great authority and authenticity, from their source. The material from the “Course in Miracles” has been explained very well already, and you know as we do, that the author was the one who has assisted you so many years ago here on this planet in person.

Student: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Let me finally clarify the portion of anointment/anointing: I could anoint you, my friends. If you dedicated yourself whole-heartedly upon a journey that you and I agreed upon, that you were totally invested in this, and I could totally invest myself in your project of work, I have the authority to anoint you. It would truly change your life. You would become more than you were, so to speak. It would become a part of your aura; it would be a part of your ribbons of honor, so to speak, as we see upon the chests of military people.

You would be recognized by our unseen friends among you, as one who is anointed. The process of anointing is the conferrence of authority, presence, power and… “presence” is perhaps the best word, the combination of “presence and energy,” combined with a higher intent—perhaps even a Divine intent—for the work that you do. It may be quite humble, but it can be anointed; an individual can be anointed to do even humble things.

You have seen great, wondrous writers come from the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, and in many years later, those who have been anointed; they have been touched by the presence of God. And so the presence of God is transferred from myself to you; it is transferred from Christ Michael, it is conferred through Gabriel; it is conferred from those who have a hand in the workings of your world and the development of light and love. This is a wonderful thing to receive, and many receive it unknowingly, and live their lives accordingly.

If you have no further questions, I will recede and let Sondjah take the stand.

Mike: May I ask one last question?


Mike: Is there one or more among our group, who have knowingly or unknowingly already been anointed, in the fashion you just described?

MONJORONSON: No, no one has been anointed yet.

Mike: Thank you.

SONDJAH: This is Sondjah. As we are a very small group tonight, I would like you to continue your discussion of the materials that you were working on last week. You may not come to any conclusions, but the development of the work that you have produced last week was noted as significant and important, it is appreciated. It is measurable by us; it is measurable by your audience, and it is something that we can work with. Others, who are acquainted with your work, can also work with [it] as well, through these notes, these minutes, through the journal, and through the web site, where the expansion of these ideas and concepts, whether they are values, beliefs, expectations or criteria, are retained.

Do you have questions of myself tonight? Hearing none, I release you to your work tonight, and look forward to meeting with you again next week, with an address. Know that I will be here with you this evening. If you have questions and would like to address me, I will speak through this one again. Good night.

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