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CDT30- Evergreen Closure of Team – Gratitude

2008-09-08  Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, – CDT#30
Evergreen, Colorado

Celestial Teachers: Sondjah & Monjoronson

Topics: The closure of this experiential Design Team

This group or others may re-engage in the future
Finishing the database would be desirable
Expressions of gratitude

TR: Daniel Raphael

September 8, 2008

SONDJAH: Good evening, this is Sondjah. It is a pleasure to be with you. Even though we are a small group tonight, our hearts are one, our minds are one and our intents are pure. You mighty warriors of the Co-Creative Design Team, you peacemakers and heart-menders, we thank you for your patience, your diligence, your perseverance and your willingness to be here time-after-time-after-time. Every enterprise has an era, an era of beginning, of development and eventual closure. You are seeing the closure era of this team here. Though the work is not completed, the dynamics of the inner core of the group has completed itself.

We could, as you say, “Flog a dead horse,” and continue on even productively, but this is not the way that Co-Creative Design Teams are to persevere and produce results through duress. They produce results by joy, happiness, participation, a willingness, an extension of yourselves and trust in the group. This group has been extremely kind to us. You have been exploratory with us, developmental and experiential all the time. You have allowed us to experiment with your group, to take you here and there—sometimes to the left, sometimes to the right—and always hoping that it would continue down the middle, which you have done for these last nine months, approximately.

During this time, you have proven that the Co-Creative Design Team process is functional and that it can be applied to non-aware populations or audiences, who have the simple requirement of coming together for a common intention, who are spirit-minded and one-minded with the universe, the integration of all. Social sustainability is a dynamic process, even in the small teams that we have around the world. Sustainability is a factor within this team itself. It has fulfilled its purposes; it has extinguished the original intentions for which we have set this into motion. We may not have satisfied your intentions, but we and you have gone as far as we can at this time. We do not wish to belabor this process. It is time now to transform this through a paradigm of growth that is capable of extending itself nationally and internationally. This too has been proven in process in Mexico, in August, and we are very thankful for you, for making this possible, that this team process was functional in a foreign country, with unknowing individuals, with a second language.

The completion of this team at this time is timely. It is timely because you have gone as far as you can with this. We do not wish you to belabor this longer; we do not wish to have a ragged ending. We have come to a place where it is convenient to end this, and perhaps regain energy and re-engage it in the future. I am quite sure that all of you would be most willing to do this in the future, as the needs of your society become heavy upon the shoulders of ordinary citizens. I would lastly say that none of you are at fault, for terminating, for bringing about this closure. You have been diligent, you have been kind, you have been generous, and you have been tolerant. You have persevered in the face of many, many difficulties, where lesser groups would have given up long ago. No, this has nothing to do with your participation, or for those who are not here for their lack of participation. It is simply a clean place to bring this to a close, so that there are fond memories in the future to re-engage this process when you find it necessary and desirable.

I would be open now for questions, during this closure session.

Mike: Sondjah, this is Mike.

SONDJAH: Good evening Mike.

Mike: My question is pragmatic. We have—and I appreciate your acknowledgement—actually completed a lot of good work. We have not yet placed that work and the results of that work into the database structure that John Frank created for us. Do you think that’s an appropriate final piece of work that we figure out how to take care of, or should we leave it as is?

SONDJAH: We wish you to continue, because it is an essential piece. It is not only important, but it is essential. This will provide a pattern, an idea, and a visible conclusion of results for others to see around the world. It is our hope eventually, that these results would be produced in other languages, so that other nations with other languages would be able to access this work and contribute to it in their own languages. So please proceed. We would be most grateful for any contributions to that web site.

Mike: Thank you.

SONDJAH:  Is anyone formulating a question, or has formed one, or are you at an end?   Hearing no further questions, I call this meeting to an end, though the continuation of the Evergreen Co-Creative Design Team will continue in the hearts and minds of those who are present, those who are seen and those who are unseen. I wish now to pass the attention to your and our leader, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Good evening, this is Monjoronson. I am most happy to be here tonight. This is much like climbing a mountain: when you get to the top you are exhausted, you are much relieved, you have achieved what you have wanted to achieve, and the chore is over. From here you can see great sights into the future, into the curvature of your world, where other nations and other peoples will engage this process in their own right, with the greatest of ease, because of your efforts. We are grateful to you for your efforts, for your patience, for your perseverance. This has been essential to develop the demonstration of this team process in a local group.

We are ever so grateful for your energy, for your heartfelt connection to this process, to each other and to us. We thank you for engaging your minds in deep and wonderful ways, some of which you have not explored yet, some of which you have not shared with others. We are deeply grateful for those things you have shared from your mind, and also those things which you have not, for these will continue to develop in your minds over the months and years into the future, where you can make even greater contributions in the future.

Know that your work has made a significant and meaningful contribution to the arrival of the days of light and life on your world. This is no ordinary, average assessment. This is a significant accolade and a wonderful contribution from you to your world. You have made a wonderful contribution and we know that future generations will acknowledge you and be grateful for your time and the contributions you have made. Christ Michael and I both give our thanks to you, our praise to you, and our anointment to you this evening. Good night.

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