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CDT32 – Evergreen – Illusion v Realty- Earth Warming

2009-05-25  Monjoronson – Illusions vs. Reality; Earth Warming
– May 25, 2009 – Evergreen CDT

Evergreen/Conifer Co-Creative Design Team, #32
Evergreen, Colorado

Teacher: Monjoronson

Topics: Question and Answer session
The Course in Miracles – Is the world an illusion?
Calibration of earth warming
Are disasters necessary?
The role of pathogens in the decimation
Adamantine particles
Is disease part of the illusion?
Being in this world, but not of it
Creation vs. evolution
Are viruses part of the illusion?
Changes as part of the illusion
Hybrid technology
Validity of the Mayan calendar
Ascended Masters

TR: Daniel Raphael

May 25, 2009

[This is a question/answer session of the Evergreen CCDT group, with 15 students in attendance. It began with a link to the merkaba and other centering techniques, invocation and statement of intention.]

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your presence here tonight. I have been invited by our host, and I am glad to answer questions that are relevant to our topics at hand.

Deb: Could you answer a question for me relating to a concept in The Course In Miracles?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to.

Deb: Okay. One of the things that we discussed back and forth in the course, and is a major idea in the course, is that this world we live in is an illusion. Some of us seem to think that this whole world was created by man—the earth, the trees, the rivers—all of the natural things of the earth, as well as our bodies. Others tend to hold to the idea that all of the wonders of nature, our bodies, the mountains, the oceans—were indeed created by the Source, by the Creator, and that the illusion is our perception of these things. What is your take on that?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your question. The world you live in is indeed “real;” it is a hard surfaced body, orbiting a sun in space. It provides a staging area for the growth of souls. If it is an illusion, you nonetheless will live and die here, and have to struggle with that illusion. If it is real, you will still have to struggle with it as well. The truth, the depth of your question, has many planes for answers. On one plane, this is truly an illusion—the difficulties, the turmoils, the ego, the traumas, the angers, the emotions—these are all built into your lives, to help you grow. These are part of your animal origins, part of your physical nature, and definitely a deep part of your mind.

That is where the illusion begins to stop, because you are a manipulator of your own mind scene. You have the capacity to amend your thinking, to change the illusion, to adapt your life to a new reality. Even these answers I give you take in other planes of existence. This plane for those who are less developed than yourself is so real, so traumatic, so deeply hurtful to them that they could not even imagine that this would be an illusion. But as you grow in the mental capacity in your spiritual development and the maturation of your personality, you begin to understand that truly, this is a façade in some ways, a façade created by the Creator for you, for your growth, so that you can more easily understand a deeper reality as you transit through the many eras of the future, in the infinite duration of your career, until you reach Paradise as a finished product, so to speak.

Then you will look back to this material level and you will fully realize that it was an illusion. But the reality of the world, of the universe, is spiritual and that the physical, these emotions, the difficulties with ego, are all a mechanism, a fusion of illusion to assist you to grow. There is enticement; there are difficulties; there are advantages; there are benefits—all of these are motivations for you to move ahead. Yes, it may seem cruel that this world is a winnowing factory for sorting out those with a capacity to survive, and those who do not. Those of you who are more mature will exit from this world, from the mortal plane, and enter a new plane at a much higher level than those who have less understanding. You will be in the advanced courses. You will look back even one lifetime ago, to this lifetime, and realize and scratch your head and wonder what you were thinking, when you thought this was so real. Thank you.

Mike: Monjoronson, this is Mke.

MONJORONSON: Good evening, Mike.

Michael: I am interested in any insights you can share with us, relative to the things we were talking about earlier tonight that situations on our planet or in our universe that David Hawkins says to calibrate using his map of consciousness. It would be wonderful to have your comments on these things. For example, one of the things that he calibrated was greenhouse gas, causing earth warming—the theory that greenhouse gas is causing earth warming. What is your take on that?

MONJORONSON: Your world is still very young in its evolution. It is nowhere near its middle age, and still expresses much of its temperament as a younger planet. The ebb and flow of temperature is the basic element of your question, I believe. Why does it rise? Why does it lower? Let us go back in time and you will see that there were many areas of your world, which were tropical even in the high northern latitudes. Even as recently as several thousand years before the appearance of Jesus, there was an era of incredible warmth, which ended the last ice age and presaged the tropical blooming in high latitudes.

Your world has a continent called Greenland, and it was much greener at one time, and there were farms on it and so on. You recall that as late as the early Renaissance in the Middle Ages, that there was a deep cold, a deep chill that occurred, so that people could walk across the Thames [River] in England.

These rises, drops and fluctuations of temperature are very typical of a very immature planet. Your scientists do not understand the geophysics of your world to the degree where they may predict the change of temperatures very well. Neither do your astrophysicists understand how deeply and intimately the sun and solar system affect your world. To blame the rise in temperatures upon human technology and the industrial revolution, and the bloom of carbon dioxide due to petrochemical uses, would be to say the obvious. Yet there has been a very subtle change in your world’s temperature that is not connected or related to your technologies, or to the rise of carbon dioxide as a factor of industrialization.

The magma and core of your planet continue to circulate. What you do not realize is that while the core may rotate and be solid—the semi-solid fluid of iron in a spherical form—the magma above it actually rotates very slowly and in an elliptical orbit around the core, so that through time, it will come quite close to the mantle of your planet, warming your surface slowly—almost imperceptibly. It has a great affect upon your world. We have discussed this several years ago, that the magma bloom has affected the depth of the deep Pacific Ocean well reservoir, so that as currents flow, they warm imperceptibly.

These all have an effect. It is quite a fortuitous coincidence that the bloom of industrialization, the rise of emissions, also occurs simultaneous with this earth warming, which is not related to that factor. It is fortuitous because were your industries to continue without cessation, without limitation, without prudence, surely you would turn the surface of this world into “toast.” It would become arid as the great basin of the western United States, similar to the Gobi desert—hot and dry, very arid—and chilled at times as well.

The rise of temperatures, the increase of your global population is coincident with the industrial revolution, with the increase of temperature after the Middle Ages, so that you will see a continuing increase of warmth, and you will also see an increase of a judicious application of your sciences, engineering and industry. It is necessary that your culture, your nations and your civilization, devise prudent, safe, sustainable industrial practices that will assist your world to survive after the population decreases on your world. All these things are coincident and have been known by the Most Highs and the Administrators on Uversa, for many millennia. It is predictable to them.

Mr. Hawkins has our nod of respect. I thank you for your question.

Mike: Thank you.

Deb: I’m going to try to figure out how to phrase this…you just brought up again, as you have before, that there will be a declining population on this planet. The way you’ve brought it up, it sounds like it is something that you see as inevitable, and probably due to all kinds of disasters, whether they are natural disasters, man-made disasters, or whatever may be. I have to wonder, if we are here and we are here to grow, we are here to evolve to eventually, as you said earlier, one day reach that point of returning to Paradise, and we all have that little spark in us somewhere of divinity, I don’t understand how a disaster…how it would necessarily have to happen.

If every spark of life is Divinely created, it doesn’t seem logical that the Divine would destroy the Divine, that the love expressed between people, as Jesus has talked about in The Course In Miracles, and many of his other teachings, there are two things that we need to do: Love your neighbor and love God. If you take it to a strictly spiritual level, it seems like that should be able to handle the whole world situation, so where am I off and what am I missing?

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your question. Our Creator is far more than a grand wizard of some machination that will fly apart, due to its design. The Creator is eternal and oversees—which is a simplified word—the conduct and operation of the Grand Universe. The Creator as well, is not a meddler, does not meddle in the affairs of worlds. The Creator creates, sets life into motion, imparts a fragment of its being into the beings of mortals—sentient mortals—across the universe. The engine of humanity operates at a rate that is past its sustainability. Families can reproduce no children, one child, two children, or many, many children. This is a choice.

You and the rest here were not made so that after two gestations, you become automatically sterile, but you have the capacity to beget children until you decide not to. In some ways, the engine of humanity is like a steam engine that has more and more pressure given to the cylinders and pistons, so that it moves faster and faster and faster, and eventually it will fly apart and come to destruction. The planet you live on has the capacity to sustain the good living for several billion people. There are no restraints given to planets for population; there is no automatic population control for a planet.

It comes down to the relationship of God and the individual, and in all instances, the Creator always gives the individual free-rein of their will, whether they are conscious of it or not. Surely you are aware in your travels of many women in less fortunate nations, who cry out to know about birth-control processes and procedures to limit the number of children they have.

They yearn for smaller families so that they can care more easily for their children, and feed them and educate them more capably. As we have said many times before, the Creator is a very generous God. Limitations that are placed on people and planets, are ones that they learn to place on themselves. This is the heart of the matter, that whether it is an individual or a world learning to sustain itself into an indefinite future, it is a learning process; there are experiences, there is history, and hopefully there is reflection and wisdom.

Yes, it is inevitable that this planet will experience at least one, if not more, great decreases in population. That was not a factor ordained or willed by God, actively, but passively as a part of the realm of reality of giving life to those who could beget offspring. God does not make people beget more children than they desire; neither does God limit the number that they can have.

This is in many ways a very simple equation, that if you let rabbits—let’s say in Australia—who are not indigenous to that continent, bloom and breed upon many times over, eventually they will eat all the groundcover, and their population will shrink. Disease will occur, starvation will occur, that malnutrition will cause males and females not to produce gametes to produce offspring. So too are you mortal beings, so much like animals of that type, except you are brilliantly endowed with self-will, by a fragment of the Creator, intelligence and a mind with infinite capacity.

You have chosen to limit children in your own life; so too do millions of others, wish to do the same. It is a matter of education and equality, and of sustainability. The values that we have given you for a sustainable civilization are still applicable to this. There is the value of life first, then of equality, and then of growth. Here, mortals must choose to limit the growth of their families, and to reproduce in a reasonable manner.

What you are seeing in your question is the bloom of population all over the world, before education, technology, higher living standards and birth control methods were available. Surely you know that only within the last four decades, has birth control become widely available in technologically advanced nations with a relatively high standard of living. This simply is not available to many throughout the world.

The sum of this is that the bloom of population is now past the point of limiting through human intervention. It would take immense effort, consciously united to educate your world, and to provide families/couples with birth control means, to limit your world population. It would require over forty years to bring your world population into balance, if you stopped procreating now. This question is profoundly deep, and profoundly affects the whole world you live on. Who should beget children, and who should not? That question will not be answered for many decades. The religions of your world proclaim that procreation is sacred, and yes, it truly is, however the numbers within a family affect everyone else in the world. It is selfish to beget many children to the detriment of those who have less. I will stop at this point, though we could have a very long evening discussing this. Thank you so much for your question.

Deb: Thank you.

Deb: One more little question…

MONJORONSON: Most certainly.

Deb: …as a correction takes place, it’s not going to be a conscious correction by human mind, by human power, so the correction will come from what [are the] needs of the earth itself?

MONJORONSON: It will come from fundamentally the pathogens that will affect your bodies. It will not decrease by any conscious decisions of mortals, but will be a factor, not of earthquakes, not of floods, not of tsunamis, not of rain or hail or avalanches, or any of these mechanical means, though those will certainly and surely startle you. No, the means of decreasing world population will neither be by the conscious effort by mortals, nor will it be by the conscious intervention of God, the Creator. It is simply a factor of too many people, too close together and the evolution of viruses and pathogens, which will find an evolution to work its way into the human population, so that it cannot be thwarted.

You are seeing now the evolution of these pathogens, so that there is an easy transmissibility between farm animals, birds and humans. These will continue to evolve, and humankind will try to stop them and they will continue to evolve until the pathogens become so incredibly ferociously destructive that it will strike a huge population of earth people in a very short period of time.

It is by no one’s design; it is simply by the evolution of your world of population and the setting in motion of life on this world. Much has been done wrong on this world by the former managers that could have prevented this many, many millennia ago, but they were in error, egoistic, selfish and into their own regime.

Their thoughtless decisions now will have a tremendous impact upon your world and your population. Please give this topic deep thought, as you have already. There is so much to say about this and so much to do, and so little capacity to do much effectively, on the mortal level. It is important that we not intervene, but to use situations as this to assist your world and your population to grow, to become more mature, to become more thoughtful and more integrated and complete, rather than separate. Thank you.

Michael: We’ve heard from Jesus that man will one day have a new discovery, a breakthrough discovery, and he refers to “adamantine particles,” is what that discovery will be and that the power of that discovery and the power of adamantine particles will transform our whole planet with respect to the power that is available today only through conventional means. My question about that is, is this discovery likely to happen in our lifetimes?

MONJORONSON: Providing you do not pass away in the next 20-25 years, yes. [Laughter.] Your world, your technologies are surely close to this threshold. I do not want to cause or disturb your minds, the large mechanism between France and Switzerland, the accelerator CERN, had a problem last year, did it not?

Mike: Uh huh.

MONJORONSON: Gosh, isn’t that too bad! It is possible that this was a design flaw; it is possible that a wire became broken; it is possible to delay the activation of this huge machine for greater reasons.

Mike: Thank you.

MONJORONSON: Only rarely do the Most Highs call for such direct approaches to limiting technologies. Usually they are on the forefront of kindling the minds of individual scientists, to formulate new devices, rather than delaying them. In this case, it is an advantage to the management of this world that that machine be slowed down in its evolution and its development.

It is not a “mischief” that was caused through any cynical attitudes on our part; it was a managerial decision that was necessary to prevent its discovery coming too early. There truly will be no stopping these discoveries, they are coming, and there will be a tremendous political and economic fight—and cooperation—to develop these adamantine particles, or as other people call them, “ultimaton particles,” because this is the key to the unlimited energy.

No scientist would ever make this hypothesis that access [is] through and in the adamantine particles; access is the unlimited eternal power of the eternal universe. It is like reaching your hand through a locked safe to find the greatest power and then through that borehole, let all the energy come to you. It will be a most delicate and also dangerous situation for your world to go through. Do not be surprised if there is either a great war or a great cooperation to make this possible. The rise of consciousness that you personally, and you here, have engaged to raise the level of consciousness on your planet, is surely important and necessary for this—even “this singular development,”—so that the consciousness is to share it equally, with everyone throughout the world, without efforts to cause separation, power, domination and subjugation of others, but to not only allow, but permit, authorize and engage all nations to use this process for their benefit.

You will see in 50 years, were you to be here, that there will be seen a great coincidence, a crossing of events that make your world sustainable in the future. Were your world to receive this power now, it would be used to separate the powerful from the less powerful, from those who have, from those who have not. It would cause an equation of immense and tremendous inequality and suffering. Humans do not have the capacity to administer unlimited energy at this point. It is too dangerous and too destructive. See what your nations are doing with the simple tool of atomic energy. You have yet to see the end of that era, and it will be most difficult. Thank you.

Deb: Michael, you may be able to help me on this. Earlier you brought up how part of the decline of the population on this world would be due to the mutation of viruses, bacteria, whatever…I guess we’ve seen in the Swine Flu, the Avian Flu and maybe even AIDS is part of that, and yet when you read Hawkins or one of the other ones—I don’t know if they are familiar—Michelle O’Donnell, they both refer to “there is no need for disease,” it’s not real.

It is part of the illusion; it’s that you’ve placed your faith and your ideas in separation, in believing that there is something out there that can harm you, and as you begin to align your thoughts with the thoughts of God, these things can’t even exist. And in Michelle’s case, when she has been able to get that concept across and have people begin to shift their beliefs—or as Hawkins has “raised their consciousness”—disease disappears and people are whole and well and perfect. How does that fit in with the other, with the viruses that mutate and destroy human life?

MONJORONSON: You in your life have seen how when you are busy and productive and engaged and creative, you simply do not have time to be ill, and you are not, even though those around you are ill, you do not become ill. Is this a dual reality? Is one an illusion and not the other? What you are seeing, dear one, is that yes, this world, the physical world as it exists, as you become ill is an illusion. When you live in the illusion, the illusion is real to you. It is much like a cartoon: When you are a figure in a cartoon, this is your reality. You live in a two dimensional universe, but when you begin to raise your consciousness, the vibration of your being, then you are living in a new reality; the reality connected to the eternal universe, the eternal reality. This is the real universe. You are at the entry stages of this reality; the difficulty comes in your life because you bounce back and forth from the difficulties of a job, difficulties of illness. You are truly not fully engaged in the ultimate reality.

For us, your world—you, your physicality, your illnesses are shimmering shadows. They are like heat waves rising on the desert, from the road in the distance. This is how we see you. You become more real as you become more Godlike. This is a truth, and you separate yourself deliberately, consciously, intentionally, willfully from that illusion by your mind, by your decisions and your efforts to maintain true consciousness, 100% of the time. It is so difficult for you to maintain that level of spirit. Were you to have the capability of escaping your body, you would easily and quickly and willfully leave it behind. But you were created, made a spiritual captive of a physical body for a reason: to make decisions about whether to live in the illusion or in the reality, with the rest of the universe. This is a crux, a problem, a quandary you will continue to live with, until you are totally and thoroughly convinced and live in the new reality.

Viruses are a part of the illusion; if you are an illusion, then viruses will affect you. If you are not an illusion, if you are part of the universe reality, they will have no effect on you. They have no effect on your Guardian Angel; they have no effect on your celestial teacher; they have no effect upon me. This does not make you less real than I am, but the reality is within you, dear one. That is that spiritual bonding with the God Fragment within you, that union, that tenacity to hold on to what is real, and you have felt that, you have tasted that, you have touched that and you have felt it; you know that it is real, and you want more, and so you yearn for this closer grasp with the ultimate reality, and you strive for it, and as you do so, you become more perfect and less susceptible to the illnesses of your world.

This does not decrease the fallibility of your mortal mechanism that you live in. It will age, it will wither, it will deteriorate, it will become weakened; but you within will become strong and whole and complete, and you will decide when to leave this vehicle at the most advantageous time. Many in your world now are deciding that they have stayed long enough, and times are tough and difficult, and they do not wish to engage this further, and so they are choosing to let this life go, and leave it easily. Thank you for your question.

Deb: Thank you.

Mike: Monjoronson, is it not the case that that which is “Real,”—capital R—is unchanging, and the sign that the world we most often see and operate in, is an illusion, is that it is constantly changing, that when one is able to in fact, live as the God within, they will experience no change, but just “IS,” and is immortal, because we are immortal beings, who are in this world, but not of it. And when we say, “in this world,” are we not saying, “in this illusion,” and we are really not “of” this illusion, we are far greater than the illusion would have us believe?

MONJORONSON: More simply, please?

Mike: The signpost that this is an illusion is that we live in a world where everything changes.

MONJORONSON: Let me intercept your question here. Change is typical of illusion. Reality does not change. The reality of your being a part of the infinite, eternal reality is the part that does not change in character. It may grow and come to fullness, but it does not change. Change is typical of materiality, of mortality, of societies—these are processes that are temporary. The process of ultimate reality is always existent and unchanging. God is unchanging, and so you are striving to move into an unchanging, fully endowed God-being in the future. You are not changing but growing; it is as though you [are] filling this sack with seeds, with potential, and so you do not change, you simply become more full. The rest of your question, please?

Mike: That satisfies my question. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are welcome.

Mike: I have said before that—and I am looking for your comments on this—that the argument between creationism and evolution is a misplaced argument, because the context of the question has never been stated correctly. In other words, to include the context, one would say that Source did in fact create everything, but that the creation was a process—is a process—and the manifestation of the process is what we call evolution. So creation is true, all things were created by higher power, Source/God, and what was created was an ever-evolving process called evolution. Does this ring true?

MONJORONSON: It is true.

Mike: I have a very pragmatic question now: Is it true that the hybrid technology that is out there today, is it a serious level of harm to mankind?

MONJORONSON: Yes. At levels which are not perceptible at this time. Your scientists thoroughly do not understand the effect upon magnetism and electromagnetic transmissions upon the delicate aspects of the human body. Yes, you are a physical body; you can be broken down into piles of calcium and iodine and hydrogen and oxygen, and so on, but you are far more than that. You are also an organic, electromagnetic system, and particularly your heart is susceptible to these emissions. Hybrid technologies, which you refer to [as] in automobiles and other products, do affect humans. The effect of the new technologies will not be fully appreciated or criticized for decades, but there will be a “telling” about this.

Mike: Thank you.

[[ This is Daniel: Wouldn’t it be odd if the demise of the human population was not due to pathogens or viruses, but of cell phones?]]

(Much snickering.)

Mike: Can you comment on the validity of the Mayan calendar, and the prophecies about what happens at the end of the calendar on 2012?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to. The Mayan calendar is only one of several documents in your world’s history that speaks of these grand eras, grand periodicity of the universe. You are acquainted with astrology, and there is something about it which rings true, on the grand scale. That something is occurring that seems to affect individuals, and individuals of course are part of the race consciousness of your world and your people, and this is not understood yet, either, that there is a cycle running within humanity as a single organism, which affects individuals and your world.

Human consciousness—race consciousness, the collective of all human minds, past, present and future—has indeed a great periodicity to it. There are eras when there are gaps that no longer engage the illusion, which you mentioned. That there is an out-of-phase time, where there is an open period, where there is a sort of free-fall that occurs in your local area of this local universe. Yes, there is something to the Mayan calendar, and it is accurate. This periodicity was known to those who have visited your world in the past, those who visit it now, but who do not share with you openly, as they did in the past.

There are too many coincidences in the civilizations of the past of your planet, to think that they were simply coincidental. No, these were brought to your world as incubations of creativity, of sciences, of engineering, to help this. I do not mean this derogatorily or such, but there is a pathos about humanity on this world, which begs for assistance from so many races of sentient beings outside of this world. And now they are no longer committed to do so. Now your world must progress on its own, with that history of these arts, sciences and engineering capacities.

Yes, this era now is in that free-fall, where anything can happen, and may. It is a time where there is little intervention. It is, so to speak, that time where the chick has spread its wings and practiced, and now must either fledge and fly, or fall and die. This era of your planet is very critical. We have taken great efforts and strides to infuse not only a few, but many thousands and millions of you, with ideas of higher consciousness, of oneness, of integration, and self-less service, and also with the techniques of advanced and growing civilization, so that you can not only exist and survive, but that you can thrive and then become sustainable as a human race.

This time is far, far more critical and delicate than anyone on your planet has any idea, and we are talking of course, about those who are part of the illusion. Those who live in the reality of this world, thoroughly understand the delicate nature that this world is in, and that every effort by those who you call the “unseen,”—“us”—is to assist you to fledge and fly and to soar—and to beget a new civilization of individuals, who find oneness and harmony to be a very good thing, rather than separation and domination. Thank you for your question.

Mike: There are two other Ascended Masters, unseen, that I have been introduced to; they are Akasha and Asun. They are apparently committed to serving us, in this illusion, to prepare for that which is coming in 2012, without much discussion of what that is, and specifically, they are working hard to create three million people on the earth, who will be able to manifest anything they wish, instantaneously, and the pragmatic approach that whether they accelerated their efforts for their students, is to re-program or un-program what we have deeply embedded in our subconscious, this sense of “lack,” this sense of “limit” and being limited. Does this work? Does this resonate as valid and helpful and accurate, and integrous?

MONJORONSON: It is helpful, and it is integrous. Let me give you a metaphor of their actions, and there are numerous groups similar to them, who work on your planet. They are venture capitalists of souls. [Laughing.]

Mike: I thought I’d gotten away from them! I’m right back in their midst!

MONJORONSON:  Yes, their techniques reach only very, very few, and true, if they were to have this known to everyone on your planet, there would truly be only a small number of 3 million, who would “get it,” as you would say, who understand this and even fewer who would apply this. For to apply this, you must truly ascend so far out of the illusion that is around you, and yes, the subconscious/race conscious mind of humankind is very, very powerful, deeply ingrained and effectively incapable in many ways of raising itself out of its mire. This can only occur through the intentional efforts of individuals to overcome their heritage, to aspire to something far greater, and reach for it. Even if there are only 30,000 of these individuals in the world who come about, the striving of the other 3 million, would assist your planet tremendously in raising the consciousness of others.

Mike: Thank you.

[This is Daniel: When the tape ends, that’s when we’re done. Deb, did you have any more questions?]

Deb: I can’t think of anything at the moment; I’ll think of 24 when I get home.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. I deeply appreciate your thoughtful and sincere questions. These are neither frivolous nor superficial, but deeply felt and they emanate from the depths of your heart and your concern for your world, your humanity, for your civilization and for your own personal understanding and growth. I thank you for being here tonight, and for generating this possibility for me to speak with you on a much deeper level. I appreciate your presence; know that I am here with you, my assistants are here with you and so many, such as these Ascended Masters are about this world, who have dedicated themselves, have put their ascent careers on hold to come here and assist you so pragmatically. Good night.

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