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CIN11- Your Spirit of Conviction

1995-09-01-Your Spirit of Conviction
Cincinnati #11


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Your Spirit of Conviction
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Tarkas, Bakim
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Truth
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Dissonance, Circuits
 3.3.2 The Teachers
 3.3.3 Teacher Contact, Transmitting
o 3.4 Closing
 3.4.1 Correcting Time

Topic: Your Spirit of Conviction
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Tarkas, Bakim
TR: Unknown



The power of the Father lights this room and shines forth from you in service. Not assigned but emanating from your hearts. Indeed is this time to think of service and embrace this highest calling of human kind. I am Tarkas (group greetings), so pleased to again be in this loving circle of friends in the flesh whom we do love, and revel with you in your quest to be disciples and to be apostles together as one. We have several teachers here tonight who would be pleased to give a lesson on any subject of your or our choosing. Or we may speak of matters which are of concern and worry to you, or questions relating to the lessons or perspectives on this teaching mission. Indeed whatever, and so what is your wish for this evening?

Petra: I would like to ask that the teachers speak first before any questions are asked.

Stephanie: I would like to hear that too; a prepared lesson.

Cheron: On any topic that you have for us.

Petra: I so loved hearing about stillness. I listened to past tapes from a few weeks ago and I always enjoyed anything that would be shared on that topic and/or anything else anyone would care to speak about.



Bakim: We would speak on truth. In Jesus’ time incarnated in supreme empathy with you, his children, you became brothers and sisters in the flesh. There was a great persistence of confusion and conflict in those times. Times have not changed in this respect. You each face confusions, face divisive expressions of truth. Now with the spirit of conviction you are urged to find this truth from the wellspring of holy living waters that flows within each of you. And as water flows and as blood flows it is never ending but continuing, and so is truth. From within, a growing ever expanding, it can be tested, it can be drunk fully, you can search to great ends to find this truth or you can be satisfied and live in love with a small portion. What is right for you as a beloved free willed creature and child of God is right with God as well. And is right with creator Michael and your brother Jesus, for your capacities in mortal flesh can never exceed the inherent. But this is only one small stage of your eternal purpose.

Imagine if you will the sojourner on your planet who goes into the beautiful awareness to see and feel God. And in the joys of this bountiful and plenteous creation revels in the trees, the sky, the mountains, the streams from where there is a great external energy that you can attune your mechanisms to feel quite intensely, more intensely than when you are bound within your structures. One who will seek spirituality may walk in this beautiful land, may splash in this beautiful stream as the moving living waters flow upon your bare and open feet. And if by chance you are one of those who search truly for those nuggets of spiritual wisdom which will sustain you, which will make your living waters flow, for truth you may find within the stream with little searching, golden nuggets symbolizing wealth here, symbolizing the eternal truth that you seek. But you may find several beautiful gold nuggets in this stream and you may look at them and feel joyful at the beauty of the small amount of truth you have discovered. And you may rush into the town with your nuggets, to show these beautiful and valuable nuggets to all around with enthusiasm to share what you have learned. And these small nuggets of truth can represent the whole parcel of your spiritual growth.

Here on Urantia they are sufficient to make you a faith child of the Father. And you will accept these tenets of religion, this doctrine, this truth, these insights, these illuminations, these ideas, these small treasures. They are enough to sustain your eternal search for the peace of God’s love inside. Many humans will not be satisfied however with the nuggets in the stream. They will search for deeper truths and they will search the stream until they find from whence these living waters come, into the heart of the mountain to find the source, this vein of great spiritual wisdom that runs within—below the surface. In places that are dark perhaps and frightening to those who have a twisted view of the Father’s true nature, are afraid to question, are afraid to pursue, are afraid to question the authority of the priesthood.

These searchers who would look beyond the few nuggets of truth to find the vein of truth and they are also blessed children of the Father in their search. And they will find more gold, they will find more spiritual wisdom and they will serve a higher function, though equally regarded and equally loved as the one who cherishes and clutches the nugget.

But the Father indeed does smile upon those who will in their spiritual quest search deeper. Some will find a vein of gold which gives wealth. They are sufficiently satisfied in this wealth and they will build big churches upon this foundation. This gold of this truth becomes a doctrine solidified in brick and mortar and in the circle of believers who bring this church to life. Still others among you will not be satisfied even with this level of truth. And they will seek to go deeper in the mine, still deeper into the unknown, disdaining their fears, finding courage in their faith in the Father and they will go to great depths of darkness to find the deeper, much deeper lode, mother lode of truths that they can find.

Wherever you carry your search, however deeply you search for truth, you are honored and you are loved. But know that the heavens do smile when you do move forward boldly and courageously in a search for deeper meanings and higher truth. Truth I would say to you is ever growing, for in mortal life you can glimpse and feel only a very few of what are considered the absolute truths. All in this sphere, all in time and space is a relative truth. All is relative and with the full knowledge that what you believe and what you do not believe and all that you consider is all relative comes the peace of mind in knowing that we are but explorers and discoverers finding the nuggets we can . We dare to move beyond our fears. The heavens rejoice that we have done so and beyond these fears they will join us in this search deep into the mine of truth.

And as these truths become illuminated by the lights that we would help you cast in these dark areas, much more truth will be discerned and found on Urantia. Much greater levels of spiritual insight and beyond. That experiential feeling brings you closer to the Father. In these times of enhanced energies, know that you have more help and guidance and inspiration than ever before should you choose to go deeply into the mine, disdaining all fear of darkness, the lack of knowledge; disdaining all judgment that your fellows would make upon you. For no judgment is valid that comes from human mouths and minds. You are free to use your free wills, your own expressions, your own deep desires to propel your quest for all the truth that you can handle, all the truth that you can find. Be not fearful. Do not set your truth on false foundation.

You will recall the lesson of Tarkas my brother, who discussed keeping your truth living and growing as in the deep forests with their living plants, each growing, each symbolically representing a higher level of truth. But when you stop growing and learning, you learn no more truth and gain no more insights. You gain no greater peace and comfort in knowing. For if you cut down these beautiful living trees of truth, turn them into fence posts, saturate them with your poisonous chemicals so that even the small life can not live, you have turned the living truth into a dead fence post mounted in concrete. Stationary, unmoving to which you attach barbed wire to separate what you believe from what your brothers believe. And in these fenced compartments we compartmentalize ourselves, we alienate ourselves and we live in a deep alienation. Too often this prevents us even from looking with sincerity and love deeply into the eyes of our fellows.

Herein all truth lies and once your truths have stopped growing you have limited your growth; for your perceptions with these mortal minds, with these mortal eyes can only go so far and you are stuck with this low level of learning and insight. You have built fences to separate you from your fellows, to stop the living truth from growing. Such could be rectified and yet humankind finds it embarrassing and threatening to change one’s mind when greater truths are discovered. And when those truths have been set up in these fences that separate you, it is extremely difficult to tear up fence posts set in concrete to take hold of barbed wire and tear it away so that this openness of truth and understanding with your fellows comes forth in florid and beautiful pastures of plenty.
And so, truth is living and growing in your sphere, in your time, in your existence.

You can only gain a measure of truth to ensure your growth in the kingdom. Continue to add nuggets, continue to look for the vein of gold of true and deep understanding; seek and ye shall find. Be ye perfect even as God is perfect. This is your quest. It is troubling that many upon your sphere still despair of knowing what their true purpose is. And yet it appears so plain, to learn and grow in love, to find God, to know God, and to be like God. For God is the all, the one, the everything. It is the First Source And Center of all. Do not short circuit your growth. Do not stop your progress. Do not stop learning and growing for that is your purpose here. This is my lesson on truth, thank you.

Group: Thank you.

Perhaps there are other perspectives. We find that our human friends often bring forth perspectives that enrich our views as well. We are partners, we are friends, we are co-creators. You are fellow mission colleagues, and so you are much apart of what we do in fact you are our hands, our hearts, our feet, our arms, our hands on Urantia. You live here and we do not. We seek to inspire, often from afar. Make no mistake, our presences are strong, alive and vibrant with you. But make no mistake, this is your planet and you must bring these problems and challenges to the agenda and deal with them together. We look forward to working with you in this quest. Are there other questions?


Petra: Yes, I have a question. Was that Tarkas that gave us this lesson?

Tarkas: And what is your question?

Petra: My question is, was that Tarkas that gave us this lesson?

Tarkas: Yes. Although Bakim is quite close with me tonight and we are somewhat together in our thoughts and feelings. Several other teachers are as well.

Stephanie: She may be confused because there was a reference made to “my brother Tarkas.” I thought it was confusing as well.

Dissonance, Circuits

Cheron: I have a , I don’t know maybe just a comment. I’m conscious of the phrase the old must fall away for the new to appear and in working and in my associations with people I live with in the apartment complex, I find that I have become quite an evangelist and (‘m wondering if any of my peers feel the same way or if you can comment on that. The topic of spirituality seems to be much more readily accessible to me in conversation and also from my peers much more readily acceptable. You know, they really, they accept what I have to say so I’m most the time the one bringing it up. But it just seems so germane to what is going on for them. And, I don’t know, my whole life is I noticed that yesterday, is becoming so much more in line with what I wanted it to be and that was to spread the word of the Father and the word of the Teaching Mission and that’s love. I don’t mean to talk about the Urantia Book, I don’t need to talk about specifics. And um the opportunity for service to my fellows is wide and they accept it. It’s, they’re simple simple lessons. I’m wondering if anyone has found this or if you could comment on that. It’s so easy.

Tarkas: The spiritual hunger is quite deep and growing. It is necessary that these hungers and frustrations be brought to a fever pitch, one might say, and we look for our contacts such as this to be effective as these energy circuits are opened so that we may talk with you. So there is a blanket opening of energy forces all over Urantia. For as we know how to channel them into fortuitous inspiration and you respond in feeling the need for empathetic service, giving these energies may affect others quite differently, even to the extent of propelling discord and temporary insanities. But the energy circuits must indeed be opened for these free communications to take place.

That is why there will be time of distress and discord associated with the spiritual awakening. Just as older times of discord and conflict affected our Jesus’ incarnation as well, but the Prince of Peace concept is quite real. Very often these new teachings will bring levels of conflict and discord. That is why carefully we seek to inspire you to teach in the right ways. You are correct in that you are to radiate love, care, mercy and compassion without regard to any specific text or to preach adamantly for or adamantly against your fellow’s beliefs. For when threatened they will strike back. But when confronted by your balanced view of love and harmony they will be attracted to you and magnetized by the sheer presence of your personality. Often new energy forces can come into play to attract these lost, troubled and even cantankerous souls, even without uttering a word. When they are brought to you, you need to have established by that time a clear channel to the inspired words of the Father through your indwelling spirit and often with our help to help you verbalize the words.

Know that this is a highly cooperative enterprise. Even the Father Himself is involved. And through the indwelling spirit and through the angels of ministry, especially your guardian angels, and through the teachers and through the leaders of the mission, and even those who are responsible for opening these power circuits incrementally so that these lessons and inspirations, heightened awareness, heightened consciences can come through. With each incremental opening of these energies, periodically we sit back in awe and wonder what events they may foment upon your world. Sometimes disruption will very often heighten awareness that will lead to genuine spiritual growth.

As you learn to become teachers you will radiate love and care, concern and compassion for basic spiritual truths which are separate from dogma and certainly do not inspire argumentative discord with those who have invested deeply in the few nuggets which they have found. Or even the mother lode of a great faith which they’ve embraced wholeheartedly at the expense of all other lode that could be explored. There are nuggets of truth in all of the world’s great religions and we seek to work quite positively to accent the commonalities and bring these faiths together. As usual I go on and on, dear Cheron.

Cheron: No, I love you, you know that. I go on and on too.

Stephanie: I would like to jump in and ask you a mechanical question in that vein. For the longest time I have been considering writing something on the face of my barn. People come to a stop right there and they look up on the hill and they see this face of a building that just begs to say something. And I can’t decide what to put there or if I should put anything there. I sometimes think I should put; “Love one another”, or Love is the desire to do good to others”, or Be still and know that I am God”, or any number of other things that turn around in my mind. It’s not a personal look in someone’s eye, it’s not a sharing of light through me to someone else but it’s certainly a place to look up, see something, read something that might inspire one and it’s an opportunity. And my question to you is; is there some celestial guidance or some help in terms of what should be there? Does anybody have an opinion on your side? Is one statement going to reach people better than another? What do you think?

Tarkas: There is a veritable clamor of ideas on this side, especially from the celestial artisans. We could pluck them one by one in the atmosphere. “Love yourself as God does.” Perhaps others may come to mind through you. And would you speak them? Our artisans are clamoring to present their ideas.
I will speak a few. I will allow the teachers here to speak a few. And we would like to hear some from you. Speak when they appear to mind.

“God loves you, love yourself.”
“God forgives you, forgive yourself.”
“God’s light shows the path.”

Stephanie: “Freedom is God.”

Ted: “Cultivate the fruits of the spirit and set your soul free”.

Father Bob: “God is good.”

Ken: “Love one another.”
“I am the way.”

Peggy: “Be still and know that I am God.”

Petra: “There are many paths to the Father.”
“Seek and ye shall find.”

Peggy: “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.”

Petra: “I am the way the truth and the life.”

Jim: “God is here and everywhere.”

Stephanie: “Be of good cheer.”

Ken: “Go thou and teach.”

Ted: “Service to his fellows is God’s.”

Tarkas: I am sure you will have a very beautiful barn.

Stephanie: I I’m certainly glad the tape recorder is running.

Tarkas: In searching for these beautiful sayings, we learn and grow and think of new perspectives as you go.

Stephanie: I especially enjoyed your invitation for all to participate.

Tarkas: “All paths to God are sacred—choose one.”

Cheron: How about “Free Beer.” (group laughter) I don’t know. It just came to me.

Group response: Turn water into beer. Give them a beer and give them a nugget. (laughter) A Coors and a nugget. (more laughter).

Cheron: I’m sorry, Tarkas.

Tarkas: Laughter rings on this side.

Cheron: Tarkas, we love you.

Tarkas: Andrew will be returning soon. He hopes to visit with you.

The Teachers

Cheron: We have a request to hear from Lester. He was enjoyed so much at the conference. And we would like to encourage him, there’s hope for us down here. If Lester can do it I can do it. He really did give encouragement to me because I thought that I had to be much further along but that doesn’t mean to say anything bad about Lester. He just was very personable and just really helped to let me see how things start off and I thought that was really good.
Stephanie: As for me I would like to hear the poetry of Darien again.

Tarkas: Darien would be pleased to return as well. Lester has been in some demand. (laughter) The teachers have marvelled at Michael’s stroke of wisdom to bring one on the surface so unprepared for the complexities of this troubled sphere. And yet Lester has struck a responsive chord. I think as an ordinary and undistinguished pleasure seeking individual who gives little thought to his spiritual salvation indeed as many do on Urantia. God has not forsaken most on Urantia. It is simply that God is ignored in the spiritual growth path; it grows up with weeds from disuse, for so many humans are so concerned with what we might call the false Gods of wealth and entertainment.

But knowing this is knowing that a beautiful soul like Lester is truly distinguished inside for the depth of feeling and sharing that can come forth. And no matter how much humans neglect their spiritual life, the Father knows them intimately, knows of their deep goodness, their desires. In Lester’s case, open and loving desire to come and share and tell you all that no matter your level of ignorance or achievement of knowledge, you are a beloved child of the Father. Even if repetition gets somewhat repetitious it is a fine teaching technique which we have transmitted as you may know to Urantia. Sometimes truths must be explained and experienced in many different ways so that the true impact, the fullness of that truth can be realized.

Lester continues to learn as a disciple. He continues to serve as an apostle, continuing his dual role on Mansonia and wisely chosen by Michael to come back and give you empathetic open, loving and sharing service. You feel that he is one of you and he still feels human (laughter). There is a kind of umbilical cord that keeps you linked to human life. And even in Mansonia there will be nagging thoughts and reminiscences of fond and melancholy memories, even a wistfulness, an occasional and brief second of loneliness for your mortal life, but only temporary. For this is necessary that you achieve the full bonding of spirit and love and the understanding that your life here and there are forever as one for you (end tape, words missed) for his popularity on the west coast continues to rise.

Teacher Contact, Transmitting

Cheron: I also have a request for Olfana.

Tarkas: Olfana wishes to speak through you. We would ask that you speak with her daily if you can.

Cheron: Is she around, I mean I feel embarrassed when I ask one of you to come and be with me and then I become distracted. I feel embarrassed that I’ve wasted your time.

Tarkas: Do not feel such. It is difficult for humans to focus upon this communication and achieve it readily. Olfana is always available when you call her name. This is an assignment which she has taken on to work with you and enrich this group. Hopefully in time with multiple transmitters with new and different perspectives and ideas to share. So Olfana is assigned especially to relate to you and your healing profession for she is indeed a healer of long standing. We have worked together fruitfully in this mission for some time and it is decided that we will work fruitfully together with this group. But these choices are never set in stone, so to speak, for there is somewhat a lively competition to find ways to penetrate and reach a fusion, a kind of fusion, with your mind. For you are all unique and we try many different techniques and many different times of the day and night to effect meaningful contact that you will be aware of. Even so the business of the human mind is truly legend and you are so active most of the time that this is difficult. We look for cracks with which to slip through and make insights, sometimes only briefly. But hopefully insights which you can see do not come from your own mind but from some higher source.

In this growing experience comes growing belief and commitment, faith, trust, principally, in general. Your problems in the stillness have to do with trying actively to find God, to find that level, to find that consciousness. In the seeking you may not find. It is not in the seeking. It is in the full openness of love and trust; in certainty that you are surrounded by the love of the Father with no fear. This openness of relaxation engenders the verbalizations which you then must take a leap of faith to speak aloud. Once that leap of faith is made it becomes infinitely easier to speak additional words. In time it becomes second nature that the words will come, and come, and come. But do not fear your mind, your own mind getting involved with the transmission, for indeed we must engage your mind to make it work. Often your thoughts are quite real, quite true and quite pure. And as with the authors of the Urantia Book we allow the human’s concepts to come through if this is the truth that you need. And yet we are always much a part. We will not let error of serious consequence stand.

Trust and faith in your own mind is important but you can be fully open, ecstatically open to whatever the Father wishes to impart to you. In this openness, in this non-trying lies the key to success.

Cheron: Thank you Tarkas, I love you. Tell everybody up there I love them. I wish I could give you all a big hug around the neck one by one.

Tarkas: We love you as well my children, our friends. It’s quite exciting to have friends on this troubled planet who show so much courage, who come together and explore these unknown places to find these veins of gold and understandings that will propel you forward.

Petra: Tarkas, I thank you for being with us tonight. I love you and we love you, and Abraham spoke the fact that there were, there was much energy being poured-out at this time and that we would need to assimilate this energy before more energy would be then given in addition. And I was wondering if you could help us to know the best way to first assimilate the energy, to use the energy, to be faithful in this energy so that then we can move into a greater expression of this energy.

Tarkas: When you are filled with love you must give this love. When you are filled with joyful energies you must share these energies and radiate these loving energies about you in numerous opportunities that you will have. When these are given, more in turn are given to you. As your vessel is emptied we will refill it through the Father’s love. Whatever you give will be received. Love can not be honestly received unless it is given. And so the more that you give the more you receive. And I have said this perhaps 6 or 7 different ways. Hopefully it is somewhat clear to you.

Petra: Yes, thank you.

Tarkas: May I say that Bakim and I are gloriously entwined to teach you tonight and part of the words are hers or ours or mine. They are ours. As our message is one and our message strives always to be true. It could come from any transmitter among you. It could come from any of the loving teachers who surround, you and the message will be the same.

Petra: I feel so close to you tonight.

Bakim: And yet my mode of expression can be quite different.

Cheron: We know who that is.


Correcting Time

Bakim: For, as you know, I am a performance artist and have long incorporated these techniques within my teaching. This vessel is tired this evening. We will adjourn. I look forward to our next exploratory session with you. We have taken note of your requests. Darien is close by. Lester is in parts unknown. Andrew will be visiting you one day soon. And on a Perhaps more serious note you have spoken among yourselves about the quickening energies of the Correcting Time and Christ Michael’s greater involvement.

Know that He will visit your group as well. For the leadership of the Teaching Mission, indeed the Correcting Time, is now headquartered on Urantia from which interplanetary activities are being conducted; a natural place we think for this nucleus of operation. With Michael and His entourage of spiritual helpers now present and with Machiventa walking upon your land. And with other teachers and messengers coming forth daily, you can expect a higher level of communication with those who would administer this mission. Abraham quite enjoyed the visit with you and looks forward as well to enlarged expression to give you even more precise perspectives on the mission and your part therein. So expect exciting times, children. You will have many visitors in weeks to come. We thank you for your attention. Tarkas thanks you as well.

Group: Thank you.

Bakim: Shalom, goodnight.

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