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CIN25- Symmetry, Personality Unification

2000-06-25-Symmetry, Personality Unification
Cincinnati #25


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Symmetry, Personality Unification
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
 3.1.1 Understanding
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Personality, Unity
 3.2.2 Jesus
 3.2.3 Purpose
 3.2.4 Human Condition, Challenge
 3.2.5 Stillness, Thinking
o 3.3 Closing
o 3.4 Note

Topic: Symmetry, Personality Unification
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen




Malvantra: Remember to remain intact to the divine purpose of your life. Always engage in symmetrical acceptance of your mandated and exciting directive of life. Your internal fusion with the Mystery Monitor is an objective that you are currently preparing yourself for. Your outward goal is full acceptance of the divine plan and entrance into the eternal embrace of the creative Trinity: the outpouring of all love, truth and reality from the center of Havona. The symmetry is both symbolic and real. Your relationship with God is very real. God’s outpouring of love – a never ending stream of conscious, purposeful and sustaining, energized forces of life- outpoured upon all sentient beings and material matter is in and of itself also very real.

The symmetry of the creature to the Creator is only outmatched and graced by the relationship of the Creator to all the creatures of the grand universe. The mission is to enhance your comprehension of the world in which you live and to gain greater understanding of the purpose of your existence, to develop a well-balanced personality, intellectual growth, utilization of spiritual values, enhancement of your understanding of the workings of nature and the world around you, and lastingly your loving embrace of your brethren and your worshipful connection to the Deity presence that is ever around. Symbolically your life is in the embryonic stage. You’re experiencing fetal development in regards to your internal connections to your Monitor, to your Thought Adjuster, to your divine presence within you.

The symbolism of a first stage being in an embryonic journey is to be aligned with the realization of the potential of eternal life. The symbol of new growth of the seedling of the young spring plant, of something reaching to bring forth fruit has been similarly used by Jesus in His teachings. It is no mistake that He drew analogies of early plant life to early human life, of new growth. And as you gather, your friend has reiterated the importance of renewal, of reestablishing your faith connection, of remembering the meaning of the original teachings. The truth is relative to your level and degree of understanding. There is such a thing as finite truth, of expansive truth, of absolute truth, of ultimate truth. There are different degrees of comprehension, of understanding, and you portray in your life what you come to know in your heart. You reveal your own personal level of understanding. To you, that is your personal truth in relationship to the absolute truth of the universe.

There are truths that have always been and always will be. The Trinity as a creator is the giver of all life. The Universal Father knows by name each and every star in the cosmos. No living being is forgotten in the memory of God. These are truths that always were. Your understanding of the outworkings of the divine plan is rather limited and you needn’t become anxious because of your limited view of the composite. How often we ponder the magnificence of the universal reality as we know it and still we continue to learn, still we continue to probe and remain in worshipful adoration of the enthralling exuberance of the adventurous search. The schisms that are produced are the result of conflicting religious philosophies that grate against each other in their search for understanding the meaning of God in their lives. Your divine revelation is a soothing balm, a soothing ointment, a soothing… The sentiments expressed and the thoughts presented in divine revelation are encountered by truth seekers who have a desire to know more and to know God.

You can formulate questions:


Personality, Unity

Student: Personality unification- Can you explain that?

Malvantra: Personality unification is related to the initial presentation of symmetrical alignment with universal deity. Each unique being of your status is gifted through the Universal Father with a distinct personality, personhood, identified through the identity of your mortal, earthly status. Your identity is a mortal being of finite status. Your personality is the essence of your being, the true, eternal stamp of uniqueness. The unification is a process of your personal, lifelong unifying of the things, meanings, and values that you come to understand: the material world, your intellectual understanding and your spiritual awareness unified to make up who you are. To further personality unification is in regards to your relationship with God, your unified, spiritual relationship as you know God. Personality unification is involved in the evolution and in the future expressions of God the Supreme. Personality is a gift that you are to unify within God’s eternal plan. (Thank you) Thank you for your interest.


Student: The appeal that Jesus had to small children and to strangers rested upon his personableness. Was it the words He spoke to children who barely comprehended the massive concepts inherent in His mind or was it His method of delivering his presentation, the outpouring of His love? What attracted strangers to Jesus, the person? Patterns of His personality?

Malvantra: He appealed to people who had never heard His words. What attracted their attention? Strangers who had glimpses of His teachings sought Him out. He is an example of an individual unified in purpose and in moral standing, unified in the knowledge that His life had meaning in relationship to His Universal Father and His prospective sovereignty. The reason Jesus was so enamored to those that He met was because He knew whereof each one came from, that the source of life was the same for Himself as well as His brethren. All life comes from the Trinity. All personality comes from the Universal Father.

[missing] . . . love of God by using and applying different vehicles of learning, word mode, emotional mode, psychological mode, spiritual mode, a variety of techniques to attract and to enlighten. Personality unification is in fact closely aligned with the purpose of your life.


Student: Is that to infer that you will have accomplished the purpose of your life when you feel you are nearing personality unification?

Malvantra: The purpose of your earth life is to gain the understanding that God’s love will enable you to inherit eternal life. Growth, your internal improvement, your progression continues throughout your ascension career. There is no breaking off, there is no cessation of work. You do not stop the unification process simply because you stop living on this life. The unification theme is multidimensional applied both in your mortal standing in your morontial career, in your developing into a spiritual being as you unify in the presence of the Trinity, as you’re ushered into eternal service. It is a never ending, evolutionary process, transforming your inner being dependent upon the time sequence and the relationship (with) Deity.
Human Condition, Challenge

Student:  So, if you’re not doing so well with the material or physical part, it’s just as dross anyway? Right? . .. to have the mindal and the spiritual part is going to serve you longer, further eternally and the material adjustment or mastery problems stay here? It seems to be the least important of the three parts of self.

Malvantra: Only relative to your eternal career. In your present state it is quite real and very applicable to your development. Your mastery of animal tendencies and animal/material living reality is very, very real for you. There is no escape from the fact that you are in fact animals with the capability of living forever. You grow in the knowledge of God’s love in your life but still cannot escape your animal form. You search for higher ideals, you align yourself with greater things and in time you’ll escape the bounds of your mortal confines.

Student:  Are there material challenges in different material forms even though there . .. it will be different from the material challenges of this planet, this embryonic stage. Does it remain a challenge to integrate materiality at different levels with mind and spirit?

Malvantra: Yes, it remains a challenge. Did you not read in the morontia life the 490 transformations (?) . ..

Student: (Right, does each level have its own problems, challenges, things with which to master?)

Malvantra: Yes. Each stage of your development is associated with new opportunities for growth and understanding. However, remember that you no longer have a material, animal body. Remember that you’re fine-tuned and adjusted and modified as you develop and grow within the spirit.

Student: Who’s speaking?

Malvantra: I am Malvantra Melchizedek, a Melchizedek attached to the Teaching Mission under the guidance of Machiventa and the divine command of Michael of Nebadon. I have been associated with the teaching mission for decades and my involvement is of a compatriot nature in association with a myriad of other spiritual personalities, not in isolation but under the theme of unified effort.

Student: I’m so thankful you’re here. Thank you.
(I’m just a little upset with having to deal with all this material stuff until I graduate to the next realm . .. We want that adversity; that’s how we grow… It seems that’s one of my biggest challenges is dealing with the material level of life… Me too… Could you please comfort me a little bit about that?)

Malvantra: [We]Appreciate your struggle for it encompasses a tremendous amount of opportunity for growth. The struggle of mastering your material body is a temporary phenomenon. Your translation into the morontia spheres will propel you into other areas of challenge. Your struggle presents in different dimensions. You needn’t be anxious about the pain you suffer in your earth life. You leave your material, electro-magnetic nerve system behind. You’re equipped with a morontial form that is non-material. Your challenges take on new meaning. Your sustenance is non-material. Your anxieties are natural considering your state of affairs. Your animal natures have consistently pulled you towards zones of fear and apprehension since the days of Andon and Fonta. You have realigned your desire to be less material by the faith mode of your acceptance of the gospel.

Student: Have you ever been a material being?

Malvantra: I hail from Edentia. I am non-material.

Student: Is there a future purpose for this group or is the purpose one that we create , in each eternal moment? Are we meant to be instrumental in some way or do we create our own future as a group?

Malvantra: Your personal future is your own. Your group is dependent upon your group solidarity and the decisions you make determine the purpose of your future. The purpose of your future is alignment with your divine spark, is consistently applying the lessons you learn to unify your personality and enhance your growth by expressions of love. The purpose of any group is self instruction, group instruction, guidance, encouragement, loyalty building and the desire to solidify your spiritual longings with those of your brethren, to soothe and progress not in isolation. Your groupings are patterned with long life endeavors. The purpose is both expressed as teaching and as your own individual personal choice.

Stillness, Thinking

Student: (I have one final question. All these thoughts keep going through my mind. I can’t stop, I need to stop. They don’t mean anything. I need to concentrate on other things. Is there a way to stop that?)

Malvantra: It is virtually impossible to stop the human mind. However, you can apply techniques of slowing it down and stopping the flow of thoughts. Smoothly and gently you can apply techniques both spiritually and physiological to ease the stream of racing thoughts, the constant flood of mental tabulation. Applying periodic and daily stillness meditation is a method of calming the mind and bringing peace to the mental functioning. Lifestyle, diet, exercise, degree of rest, genetic inheritance, degree of stress, present circumstances, conflicts all impinge upon one’s ability to bring calmness and peace to their inner mechanism. Can you slow your mind? Yes. Can you stop your thinking? No, not even in sleep.

Student:  Thank you.


Malvantra:  Your group, in fact, is sanctified in beneficence and your attunement is both complementary and essential.


The remainder of the message was unclear; however, words that could be deciphered were “brethren”, “from the eternal coach”, and “ultimate glory.”

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