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CIN27- Spread The Good News

2000-07-30-Spread The Good News
Cincinnati #27


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Spread The Good News
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Dialogue
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Spread The Good News
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen



MALVANTRA:  . . . Forsake not your initial mandated mission of accepting the Master’s teaching and formulating within your heart your own understanding of His words of wisdom. Forever remember that the intent of a teacher is to pass on and help to transcribe a message of importance, to transform into the listener, to engage the heart and mind the transition to a higher level of consciousness and ultimately to change one’s behavior.

The concept of correct thinking and correct speech – correct action is applied to the pattern of all living things throughout the universe. By your thought, word and action, you will gather your divergent parts and work toward a harmonious whole. When we view you gathered and discussing your socio-political scenarios, we can’t help but conjecture that your feelings of fear for the future might interfere with your courage to take action.

If we pause to consider the amount of courage, the degree of courage enlisted by faithful leaders through the ages, it is truly an admirable trait to recall how so few were surrounded and supported by great numbers of friends encouraging them to proceed on their mission. Many operated out of loneliness from their fellows, somewhat removed from the social circles but, nevertheless, thoroughly engaged with their internal, divine entity – the true essence of life , the life -force of the living God. You do well to remember that the social connections are healthy and supportive and can nurture you.

Many times in the past faith believers struggled to find friendship on their pathway of spreading the Good News. And they encountered great difficulty, rejection, hostility, combativeness, because their message was met with opposition. They were defiled and they were defied. You have the distinct advantage of your group solidarity, which if applied efficaciously, will produce greater feelings of confidence that should enhance your motivation. We apply the same learning techniques in our own group efforts. Our purpose is similarly aligned with your own, to spread the Good News of the gospel that is universally recognized as the better way to live.

What patterns of good living have you uncovered? What ways of availability (Have you made yourself more available to each other and others)? How does one generate more friends? The Master said by being friendly, by being more friendly. Your friendship generated from group activity must, needs be, translated into active connections with the brethren that you come in contact in your daily life outside of your group work.

We need not promulgate rules and regulations for you to follow. You know within yourself your own strengths and your own capabilities. We are not here to push you but to enlighten as to potential options that can be applied in your daily living. Perchance, pause to consider, your faith has brought you to this point; wherefore now do you go? How great a degree is your love for yourself, for each other and for the God in heaven that smiles down upon all? Fret not over history and past events; sadnesses, disappointments and miscarriages of justice are legion. Consider instead the promotional capacity and excitement, with the accompanied pressure of actually being aligned with the true message of love in all its ramifications.

And in all the consequences you have evermore been garnished with the grace from the Lord above. You have not forsaken your true faith and your belief grows with time. How can we help being so close, yet perceived on the other side to be so far away. Our guidance is but succor to the pain of your existence. Never fear that your watch-care is constant and consistently activated by Nebadonia’s maternal grace of overcontrol in consort with Michael’s sovereign reign in the light of the Divine Father’s exquisite, eternal plan. Enter, enter into the gateway of love and present yourself at the feet in the palace of eternal glory forever as you proceed with a smile on your lips in the knowledge of your glorious awakening.


Stephanie: I am so grateful for the opportunity to come and listen to your teachings. I don’t know how I was allowed to be part of this wonderful movement but I am always grateful. I wonder if you might help us with our dilemma of how we can, as a group, spread our love and our joy on the occasion of the anniversary of Jesus’ birth . I know in the past you gave me a great idea of what to write on my barn. I wrote it there and so many people seem to enjoy it so much. Maybe you have a suggestion of how we can, as a group, set a wave of love out to our community or do something that is a little bit uncharacteristic of us and gets us into the world a little deeper than we have so far gone.

MALVANTRA: Your gratitude is surely matched by your enthusiasm. Our grateful appreciation of your participation is mirrored by your own unique choice and your decision to participate. Your unique ability to present the artistic perceptions of your understanding of the Master’s life and teaching is indicative of your true self. Your leadership ability in your expressive presentations should clearly be a ticket for your optimal performance. You elicit group support when in fact you have outlined your own creative expression of your own personal understanding of your unique expectations. You freely distribute food to the poor. There is no question or doubt in our minds as to the benefit both to yourself and to the recipients of your charity. If you seek guidance in regards to future planning, I suggest that you consider the methods of your poetic embrace.

I imply that the answers to your dilemma reside very clearly within the lines of poetry. The windows of your soul and your compatriots is a mirror image of your thoughts and feelings about your internal faith. Presenting this to the world around you will shed light in areas where you perceive the Good News is needed. To elicit group participation in this expression of love can prove most difficult; however, your clearly observed most persistency over the years has surely won the respect and admiration of your compatriots. Never fear to advance singly or independently, for always or for sometimes others may not follow. You certainly show a penchant for design and creative frameworking. Never doubt that you are assisted and followed most angelically by the corps whom you wish to visit with .


Stephanie: That’s great! How inspirational! Wow! Thank you for your guidance.

MALVANTRA: Thank you for your nurturance and concern . ..

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