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CIN29- Lessons for a Teacher & Healer

2001-09-28-Lessons for a Teacher & Healer
Cincinnati #29


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Lessons For A Teacher & Healer
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra, Tarkas, Veronica
o 2.2 TR: Stephen, Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lessson
 3.1.1 Expression
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Teacher Contact
 3.2.2 Teaching
 3.2.3 Experience
 3.2.4 Healing
o 3.3 Note

Topic: Lessons For A Teacher & Healer
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra, Tarkas, Veronica
TR: Stephen, Jim Cleveland




MALVANTRA:  (Slow to start the tape) (Stephen TR): You sense the smell and you perceive the beauty. So, too, should you express in your way the divine love that is the essence of your being. Let it be released through your personality as you express through your thoughts and in your actions God’s divine love flowing through your senses. By attuning yourself to the ambrosia of the Eternal Inimitable One you will gather the necessary components to enable you to pursue the path of exquisite lightness and infinite, abundant joy. As the ocean of love accepts all rivers of love, so must you develop outward tolerance and outward understanding to accept and embrace every fragrant being you come in contact with; for you all emit the divine essence of love as is programmed from your origin.

As your destinies are similar, you all will follow a similar pattern. Conscious awareness of the Trinity’s overextended enticement of all sentient beings is the pattern of spiritual magnetism. Increase your awareness to sense the exquisite pull through time and space from the citadel of the Eternal Son. The expansive release from the Island of Paradise is undoubtedly the most mysterious concept one can ponder. But each of you is connected by divine right and by conscious decision to the eternal pull of the Eternal Son, your spiritual magnetism; by the guide of Universal Father’s gift of an eternal Mystery Monitor to guide and propel you; by the mechanism of conscious awareness through the auspices and the charitable outpouring of the Infinite Spirit through the mind circuitry, spread out like nectar throughout all the universes, connecting each of you to the eternal panorama of the compassionate, omnipotent, all loving, and all encompassing Trinity overcontrol, the first source and the final arbiter in all reality configurations. As the rose unfolds and the petals fall and turn to dust, may the Eternal One turn the dust of the rose petals into the scent of your faithful embrace, the gracious lord of all creation.

The perfume of your existence is your conscious alignment with the divine attributes, available for you to partake at the feast of the eternal tabernacle. Gather your faith as you would flowers from a field. Present them on the table of your love as an artist spreads his oils on canvas. You need to release your eternal faith and your eternal love – spread it wherever you may go. This is the key to a fulfilling life. These are the words that your Master revealed. This is the Beauty way, full of life.

TARKAS:   (Jim TR): Indeed, love is the empowerment of your brush stroke. Love is the open hand to the suffering and to those who need your fragrance. For, in these momentous and tumultuous times you will be called on constantly to spread love, to spread your essences, to let the elixir of love flow through your veins and permeate every fiber of your being. You will be magnetized. You will be empowered. You will go forth in joyful service.

I am Tarkas and Friends – so pleased to again be in your midst. And when you hold momentous friendship I smile inside at being within your all, for you have done wondrous things in these times that are past. You have faced challenges that seemed insurmountable, problems that seemed unsolvable and yet, you have persevered, made intelligent decisions in the spirit, and moved forward. A number of teachers are here tonight along with a few Melchizedeks and we would entertain whatever subjects or questions that might enter your mind. I will briefly clarify and amplify all the work of George Barnard. George Mathieu Barnard, part French, part Dutch, part Australian, and quite a character, a dynamic personality for many years due to his inclinations of talent, his perseverance of character, and his fortuitous visual power.

And so, for many years I worked with George and a limited few others in bringing forward and insuring the destinies of certain individuals. George has ministered to those with trauma in a relaxed but high energy and spiritually driven atmosphere. Breathing facilitates this, making this at one with body, mind and spirit, in unison with your own faith and openness to wear the disguise that leads you to whatever thoughts and perspectives. I come to color and give you lighter possibilities to explore. And so others are here, and so are you, and we are together.


Stephanie: Hi. This is Stephanie.

Tarkas: (Jim): Yes, Dear Heart.

Stephanie: I understand that perhaps Veronica would speak with me tonight.

Tarkas: (Jim): Yes. We will call Veronica to the floor.

Teacher Contact

Veronica: (Jim): Yes, I think I may snuggle in here. This is Veronica blessed brothers and sisters of the light. I am so pleased to be with you and to find special blending with this young girl, Stephanie, who is a child of the universe, joyous as a baby even in times of stress and strain and challenge. I look forward to developing this relationship with you and it will be a relationship not solely verbally, but rather a permeation within you. Think of me as a violet mist. This mist dances and twirls in the breeze and gathers about you and around you and then embraces you and encapsulates you in emulation of enseraphimation. You’ll be finding this feeling all around you like an aroma, like an aura, like a fragrance. There’s no hard edge but rather it is a permeating presence within your powerful inner being that can feel these enhanced energies that I will bring to you and feel the two together in our embrace, celestial and human together, you and I. We can feel each other and we don’t have to talk so much.

Stephanie: That would suit me.

Veronica: (Jim): Yet, as a wordsmith, I feel that you will want to get to know me and we will share words together, for we both appreciate their beauty and the lightness that they can bring and the power of well chosen words of ministry when you would share love. And so feel me, know me, embrace me. We love each other. We’ll learn to speak verbally with words that will be like sparkles in the air all about, with nuggets of breath and tone that come forth to celebrate, celebrate the communication with one another.

The way you speak is an art form and in your teacher’s mind’s eye you can mold these words to be a great teacher. In fact, you and I have already been working together in previous weeks, not exactly to your conscious knowledge, but trust me, I have been with you and will be with you still, for we have a commitment to work with you and it is a joyous commitment and we will have fun together. I love you dear sister and I know you love me already.

Stephanie: When first I tried to hear your voice I sat at my desk with my pen in hand and wrote you a question, and listened for you to speak to me and didn’t hear you. After I’d tried that a few times I got sucked into my busy life and went on. Is there a situation that you can help me with to prepare to receive you that would be better than the one that I tried?

Tarkas: (Jim): The parameters are well known in quietness and relaxation. If you are so tired you will fall asleep, but no matter. And so you need to have the energy within the stillness to access the stream of sound waves and consolidated energies strung together like a fiber entwined in a golden rope of connectivity. So, these things come together, melding into your unified mind, body and spirit, in your relaxed energy state. And then, as you write the question, proceed to write the answer. It will be easy enough for you to listen to the quiet voice,(our voices are very quiet), and to simply write the answer as it comes to you. Write the question; write the answer.

Stephanie: Thank you, My Dear, know we have already begun and I will set aside more new time to hear you.


Veronica: (Jim): You have quite a busy life and all of the time that you devote is well invested. The jobs and projects are well chosen and are productive, as well. You can not work everything into a daily agenda. Within you we see great potential. And so, in the days, months and years to come, conduits will be found to allow you more time with your enhanced abilities to bring forth teaching experiences to those whom we would also nudge to come before you. When they do so they will find a magnetized deliverer of pure love and they will listen to the beautiful words which we will craft together and you will teach them. It is important to realize in working with mortals of the time and space realm that patience is much demanded. Very often the same lesson can be repeated many times, and yet it does not produce the near instantaneous realization, the light bulb suddenly coming on.

But, when this instant of revelation happens, forever more that light within that suddenly enlightened is on and you have found the switch to turn it on and make a great difference in the life of that person. So do not despair in the teaching when those around you continue to stubbornly resist and find alternative ways that feed them with the false goals they have set for themselves which will ultimately prove somewhat vacuous. When, in episodic fashion, the sudden burst of realization comes to a person, that is the joyous moment for the teacher as well and it opens the doorway to the continuing stream of knowledge and accelerated light. And so it is a challenge to find the key that unlocks faith and love and service within each being, each personality. Each of you is so unique and this is true. It’s so very amazing that this can be so. I will depart now and look forward to continuing visits with you, dear Stephanie, and with your beautiful group.

Stephanie: Thank you. I’m so grateful and love you so much.


Sussi: I just want to say hello to all the people I can’t see. I haven’t had TR sessions at my house for, oh gosh, maybe three years. I have been growing in a different way and I’ve missed my connection with this group. Before, I remember, Tarkas, you saying that my house, which was consistently open for TR on a weekly basis, was like a watering hole for celestials – that they would sort of hang out, kind of like a, you said, a saloon or a bar. You used this wonderful old fashioned word that I don’t know, like a pub, like Cheers or something, a Celestial Cheers. And it was that way for mortals down here, too. I’m anxious to start this again on a monthly basis because I know that, well, for me personally, I’ve missed this growth and I just want to say thank you to Jim and to Stephen and Stephanie and Gina and everybody who’s here, for coming – the people I can see and also all of the people standing there that I can’t see. I just say thank you. I have a question. I have been trying not to be a weak, autistic child who is loved and hugged and doesn’t realize it.

There are times when I sit and say thank you and I get this sudden whole body hug from a source that I can’t see but that totally envelopes me, head to toe. All my chakras light up and white light shoots from the top of my head and I’m just glowing and I’m wondering if that is Christ Michael’s love that, because I say thank you to him and I say thank you to everybody that I can’t see and can’t hear and I’m wondering if it’s someone in particular that Tm in touch with, or if it is, indeed, my spiritual connection with my Paradise Father, or my Thought Adjuster. If anybody’s lurking in the shadows that wants to take claim for this – Fro asking and I just want to say thank you in advance for all of your help and all of your love. I say thank you.

Tarkas: (Jim): The key to your receptivity is in the love that permeates your being and your faith to step forward and seek out these powers, faithful images. They are yours. They are all yours and they are accessible. Your guardian angel loves you deeply. In fusion with your indwelling spirit they can create ecstatic moments of joy and a sense of peaceful well being. They highly energize and dramatize the seconds for you. And, these powerful experiences are also a gift, an assurance that your faith and overriding concept of love will be constantly rewarded. Many teachers and guides come by to visit from time to time and actually keep ledgers of the humans which they find to be the most fragrant and who they want to visit time and time again to vicariously share moments in their lives. As needs arise, in conjunction with your angels, ministering can be part of the visit. Though very often they just sit back to see you in moments when you truly step forth in glory and show loving friendship and laughter and camaraderie with those around you.

We enjoy those times, too. As do the loyal Midwayers who have been your newer neighbors here for many, many years before you – in generations past, through your generation, and in generations to come. The Midwayers have sometimes known your very ancestors and sometimes watched them struggle and grow through this evolutionary experience through the years. And now, the time is coming for the fusion of all of these personalities working for light and life, working for Michael’s grand reclamation, working for the spiritualization of the universe. You are part of it and so are legions of others who come to serve. You will continue to be one of the favorites of our visiting team and we look forward to renewing these meetings and moving forward into new experiences in the days and weeks ahead. Plan these meetings as you wish.

You may choose to discuss events such as September 11th. You may choose to escape from these challenges, which, incidentally, bring forth profound personal and planetary growth. Now, we go instead into a meditation which releases your concerns and brings you into the alpha state of awareness of receptivity. In these circles you may choose to, each of you, step forward and transmit in turn. It is somewhat easy once the light bulb goes on. You may choose to frame these meetings as you wish and hear from a variety of teachers, You may discuss the teaching mission itself, the Urantia revelation, or just the relational problems that you are facing in everyday lives. I will be here with a group of friends and colleagues each week and will proceed as you wish and hope to have some very enjoyable times with you. Thank you for being here.

Stephanie: I’m speaking now as the transcriber and I’m speaking to the person who addressed us first through Stephen. We didn’t get the tape recorder on in quite enough time and I missed the first two sentences of the beautiful vision of the rose. Is it possible for those two sentences to be repeated here?

Malvantra: (Stephen): Imagine a rose whose petals unfold and release an essence of divine origin, spilling forth a fragrance that is both delightful, approachable and attachable. So, too, shall God’s love flow through your personal being and may you express it in the most artistic, creative genuine and sincere fashion as you deliver your personal, unique presentation to your brethren in your daily out workings.

Stephanie: Oh, I thank you. That was just beautiful. I didn’t want to try to recall those exact, lovely words.

Malvantra: (Stephen): Your journey, though fraught with challenges, is labeled as the intrepid adventuress. Gird yourself courageously for the journey you have undertaken. Your confidence will grow. Your sense of worth will be enhanced by your awareness of your value and the contribution and your participation. May your reward be the internal delight of finding the true source of joy, your increased conscious connection and relationship with our Father in Havona, the maker and sustainer of all reality. May your faith blossom and may your belief in what you undertake be steadfast, be persistent, be forgiving and believe that you receive angelic watch care for the work you undertake. Both advertised on your barn and branded on your heart is the expression of the eternal gospel of service and good will to the members of your loving group, your family, and your community.

Stephanie: I’m humbled. Thank you.

Malvantra: (Stephen): You’re gratefully welcomed and we so hope your forbearance will enable you to continue in this participation.

Gina: I have one question. I circle in a variety of groups and I meet a lot of people, and one is quite diverse from the other one, and somehow I would like to get into, to do more energy work on a more potent level Could you tell me how to go about it, or could you bring people into my life that would promote that? And, when I say energy work I really mean for – sometimes improving people’s condition, people’s situations that are out of balance into balance.

Malvantra: (Stephen): We talk of precautionary standards of good habits: the correct diet, proper rest, clean living, a pure heart, and a light in your head directed to the receptivity in your most intuitive fashion, that you most easily perceive and easily sense as you’re surrounded by the flow of these exotic energies. Your hidden agenda, which you bring forth now to your peers, is to act in the role of the healer, to bring forth the salvation of the healing balm, the soothing ointment of God’s eternal love. This is the medicine that you wish to dispense to those that are troubled. This is your calling. You feel your call for service -1 label it as a spiritual healer. I sense your motivation is good, your intention is pure and you’re heeding Michael’s personal call to service in your own unique way. May you persist in your awareness that these healthy, salubrious energies are available for all, and under your guidance you will direct them with your gargantuan faith in the flow of God’s love as a healing and a soothing force to those that are confused, troubled, unhealthy and in a quandary.

You travel in circles, and such a pattern that will be multiplied as the circulatory activation of the system circuitry through angelic watch care, Midwayer assistance, sanobim and cherubim co-ordination surround you and with full acceptance, through your limited ability, that will grow through time, to dispense the degree of your capability over your overabundance, your faith in the mission and your belief in the goodness, ultimately of the teaching mission and of the good work that you have seen and that you wish to divulge. May your surety of purpose, the graciousness of acceptance and your avoidance of all portents of danger enable you to soothe and to calm and to mediate the troubled waters of the afflicted ones.

Stephanie: For the sake of others who will be reading these messages given tonight, is it possible to know who is speaking through Stephen?

Malvantra: (Stephen): The identity promulgated in the past identified as Malvantra, a visiting Melchizedek, loyal to Michael of Nebadon, assured the sovereignty by divine right of full acceptance under the gracious directorship of Machiventa, Vicegerent Prince, and for the full alignment, May we all accept humbly and gracefully the truth of the Eternal Trinity, the over control of my ultimate desire.

Stephanie: Thank you so much.


Tarkas: (Jim): I would say to you, Sister Gina, that you have great qualities of healing and as you pursue this quest I would say to you that these powers are well nigh universal in their potential, and yet how many would have the deep belief that they can serve as a conduit for universal love to come forth through their hands, through the empathy of their heart, through their touch. How many would dare to step forward to present their hands, to present their healing, to present themselves in full faith and love and be bold enough to do this? Who would do this? Very few would have the faith to step forward, confident enough to make bold steps forward. And the powers will be yours as they are with other great healers who have devoted great amounts of time (many clocks chime the hour) and speaking of time, that my friends is my explanation of time!

Sussi: This is the cuckoo village here. I turned off half the clocks so they wouldn’t all go off.

Tarkas: (Jim): I think lit is quite charming and seems to fit in nicely with George’s recording as well. I will continue by saying that, Dear Gina, as you develop, softer, softer, caring and compassionate lines through this personality, it delivers confidence to whom you would heal. To see your warm empathy, to feel that empathy is much of the healing process, and so, too, the demeanor that you present as you come forth with the healing hands is part of the overall experience of the patient. In other words, they must be confident and open to you. They must feel the empathy and love that you have for them, for healing is a dual experience and a dual undertaking requiring faith, requiring love and caring for both the healer and the one who seeks healing. The two in unison effect powerful spiritual energies and healing is effected and actualized.

Too often we feel that healing is what doctors would do, but very often that is not what they do at all. True healing can be evinced in what would seem, to some, as miraculous ways, and what is a miracle to you is not a miracle to us at all. Go forth with your healing mission. It will come to fruition and you will find a way to keep delivering healing powers with grace and style and beauty and humility. You join your true caring, your compassion, your love, your energy, your dedication and all the qualities which you have truly developed to their fullest extent. As all qualities come together your powers rise, you can step forward and tap into these spiritual energies, for you will have the key, the combination to do these things.

I might note that the purpose of George’s Construct tapes is to train people to be healers. Starting with the basic techniques of meditation and forward into these exercises, which we feel confident will provide a great deal of service to those who would embark upon this path. Truly being able to achieve this state of relaxed spiritual energy and find this connection does help to develop healing qualities in all of you. As these ambitions to heal become more intense, you may move forward into highly concentrated energy forms or techniques according to your calling, your wishes, your desires and your aptitudes.

I would not begin to name the various movements, but to say the access to universal energies is in common to the thread to the Universal Father. The circuitry is all the same no matter the terminology of the seeker who would come forward in service. A healer who would be a minister, all who are well to come forward therapeutic touch and hands on healing and revival ministry and deep meditative states -there are many ways to heal, there are many ways to serve, there are many ways to teach. This is rather a fantastic place to live with so many choices and so many opportunities. This is why we enjoy being here so much with you. Thank you.

Gina: Thank you very much. I really appreciated that. And my thought was, since we are a powerful group tonight, (I could just really feel the energy), that maybe we could bold hands when it comes to an end and we could just kind of send the energy out to those people that we call the terrorists and perhaps they could stop a little bit and fill in their hearts with love so the animosity and hatred won’t have so much room.


Tarkas:  A note from the transcriber: My hat goes off to all of you who offer this kind of service. It takes a incredible amount of time to accurately reproduce the words of teachers and students. This transcript is incomplete, partially because we did not provide enough audio tape to cover the whole session and partly because I was unprepared for the actual time commitment. I have a better understanding of the job now, and a new tape recorder with plenty of cassettes. I intend to serve more efficiently and in a more timely way in the future.

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