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CIN31- Timelessness Connecting With the Infinite

2001-11-18-Timelessness Connecting With the Infinite
Cincinnati #31


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Timelessness In Connecting With the Infinite
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malvantra
o 2.2 TR: Stephen Mark
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Timelessness In Connecting With the Infinite
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Malvantra
TR: Stephen Mark



Malvantra: (Stephen TR): Spread yourselves wide and fly across the sands of time. Gaze skyward. The sky sparkles with the gems of distant planets. You’re on a voyage. Spectacular. Romantic. It’s adventurous as you fly forward, progressing at your own, individual speed of advancement – not necessarily the speed, of light, but swift and sure, encircled by the circuits available to you. You’re attached through cognizant awareness to those aspects of your reality imbued with the Divine Concertina of creative outpouring what matches from Paradise thrown down to the planet, spread across for your use. If you grapple with it, get attached to it, you can play and you can force your perceptions of time and space to be jiggled and juggled and shifted. By practicing internal self control, your daily discipline of seeking stillness and personal meditation back to the Source, the Creative Entity that guides all things, your meditative state will sense the Eternal Core and Origin of all things, thus gently pushing you to perceive distorted time.

When you get the sense of your Divine Presence and you know that you are in tune, attuned to the Divine Presence, you are conjunctive, coordinated, co operative. Concerted contact with your Divine Circuit will enable you clearly, concisely to perceive time in a healthily altered state. You can sense the zone of eternity, the Eternal Now, by attuning to your current Divine Presence within you, a taste of the eternal through your meditative stand – a taste, a flavor, a scent – a scent, not fully submerged, not overly involved, just a wisp of smoke.
Imagine you’re sailing through air on a sailed ship, skipping, sliding across the dunes of sand, over a desert, shifting your body from side to side as the winds curl into the sail, pushing it, flowing faster. And every now and then the keel, the bottom of the boat spraying on the crest of the dunes, splashing on the sands as it flies by. So, too, as you meditate, flying ahead as you’re still in your seat, you can sense the boat on the crest of the sands, you can sense as you touch down. You sense and perceive, gently, almost imperceptivity. Noticeably. Certainly. Not absolutely, not ultimately, but in relative terms you can sense the Eternal Presence.

Timelessness. Oneness. Unified Over-control. Trinity delineated, designated, deified. So, too, your mental capability is limited to the point of awareness, dependent upon your growth and your receptivity of the grace bestowed. So, imagining beings traveling by vehicle, by angelic transport – two, three, or more times the speed of light, how fast can you travel in your mind? Can you perceive the system capital? The constellation? How distant it may be -measureless or so far from your vision? Michael of Nebadon, whose presence is instilled to the borders of Nebadon? How far to be in His presence physically, or by spiritual perception?

The circuits, the Spirit of Truth and Nebadonia’s maintenance of the Holy Spirit, assure absolute, the divine circuit of never-ending love connected by Infinite Wisdom to the Infinite Spirit and shared at the feast table of the Trinity outpouring of divine repast, the ambrosia of time and space spread out at a celestial feast. Sup at the cup of the chalice of divine soma, the soma of the diva of the eternal ocean of wisdom. Drink and be proud of your heritage from Adam, from Eve, from Dalamatia. Go back further to the patterns of Eternal Paradise.

Come to your genetic inheritance. From the Universal Father comes the divine gift of your personality and your Mystery Monitor. From the Eternal Son comes the gravitational pull of the immortal, spiritual, gravitational circuitry. From the Infinite Spirit come the Mind Circuits, dating back prior to time, prior to the appearance of Paradise; and forward – fast forward – forward from the present to the never-ending future, unfolding an unfathomable ocean of never-ending love, the depth of which is unreachable, virtually almost unknowable, but, never the less, perceivable – knowable on relative terms and when perfection status attained, knowable on supreme, on absolute, on ultimate terms, unfolding in layers of complication the diadem of jeweled understanding bonded around the third eye of your central forehead as you gaze upward through your meditative seeking to accept the boulders of broad based understanding that the brotherhood and the sisterhood of the social contract in institutionalization of your societal framework is but the woof and warp of your environmental status in which you negotiate your development through opportunity presented by angelic intervention for the purpose of your soul growth. Your never-ending search for the understanding of the mystery of the Trinity is divine, purposeful, meaningful, valuable.

Conceptualize feeling, thinking, knowing, touching, tasting the love, the symbol of a rose petal in summer, soaked in dew, glistening in the sun like a prism. Every dew drop splashes into color and breaks down the spectrum. You yourself are able to be that flower in God’s infinite love in the sunlight. The dew drop is your awareness as the love hits your being and fragments into multicolored dimensions of color to sustain you, shelter you, to form your internal core – impregnable, undefeatable, undoubting of uncertainty, consumed, consummated. It is your betrothed, The Beloved all time, the romantic embrace of the adventurous union of unified thought, word, deed. Your heart explodes in reunion of the physical meeting the plain of the spiritual, like a snow field of virgin snow on a farm field unstepped upon. The sun hits the field at an angle and you sense the sparkling colors glistening on a sheer white surface. But the crystals break down and emit a million sparkling colors on the surface. So, too, God’s love in you and all sentient creatures is energy.


(Some lost – too quiet) Your sailed ship has slowed to anchor, thus time, for, with the light your studies shall continue in your bonds of friendship and solidarity. Your camaraderie is admirable, a pleasure to us seekers as we see you.

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