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CIN4- Agondonters

Cincinnati #4


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: On the New Mission
o 1.2 Group: Cincinnati TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Abraham, Gabriel
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Correcting Time
 3.2.2 Circuits, Transmitting
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Agondonters
 3.3.2 Infrastructure
 3.3.3 Cooperation
 3.3.4 Teaching Mission
 3.3.5 Nebadon
 3.3.6 Service, Guidance
 3.3.7 Agondonters
 3.3.8 Energy
 3.3.9 Parenting
 3.3.10 Counsel
o 3.4 Closing
o 3.5 Note

Topic: On the New Mission
Group: Cincinnati TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa, Abraham, Gabriel
TR: Unknown



Greetings dear ones this is Machiventa.


Correcting Time

MACHIVENTA:  Your cohesive sharing continues to exceed our hopes, dreams and expectations. And truly you feel these enhanced circuitries opening as the time quickens as the correcting time rumbles as a spiritual train across your landscape. Tarkas also is here, your teachers and my dear friend Abraham. We have worked together for a long time and work together still as you heart felt companions in this uplifting will work together heedless of time. Connections you make are permanent, freed of the shackles of time you will emanate in turn receive reciprocal great joy.

I would give you some expanded perspectives of the mission but indeed know that the perceptions and insights that come to you are very true for you are open and willing vessels embraced by the light. Sometimes an occasional miss step of no matter your path is true. Your guidance is constant for we would work with you constantly so as to manifest the full potential of Michael’s mission. Michael indeed is here as we are here. The circuitry indeed is opening expanding, focusing and becoming individualized, for each of you is a circuit. Each of you is becoming transformed. Each of you will transform the life of others and do it simply in the simplicity which is God. Mankind complicates, God is simple.

My friend Abraham will speak to you and we will entertain questions.

Circuits, Transmitting

Yes my dear friends we are here together. I am back and working in unison again with my friend, brother, teacher, who loves you so much who has devoted generations of service to bring mortal life the truth, the simplicity of the one God as I was taught and endeavored to teach so you teach. Such a powerful exercise of cooperation that expands many generations many generations to come, yes.

As your circuits are energized to the levels of your daily stillness practice so you will have greater powers to radiate love given is love received. It is a circle, it is a circle like the sun radiating thusly and you can choose this sonship. In time you will all be transmitters of love in every moment in every second feeling and responding, receiving and giving in cohesive unity and harmony of the moment even the second. And in time as we move forward, transmissions will not be deliberate but rather spontaneous. You have felt this and had inklings of this process. With eyes open you will co-create and collaborate with us a melding of your minds with ours as it should be as Michael gives you ample opportunity to assist in this upliftment.

Is it not an example of miraculous insight that Michael would use you for this very purpose. Creating with you the cogent and concise lessons that will eventually begin to flow through our minds in the moment, eyes open, attunement established so that our eyes may be seeking, may seek and find the eyes of the one who would radiate love, giving your lesson extraordinary impact. Capture their eyes for in seeing and looking within you will find the spirit of the others and they will attach to the spirit they seek in hurt and pain and which you present to them forthrightly in the moment. In this the so called transmission becomes a day a part of your daily sharing you will be teachers and radiators not of some book not of some mission but of pure love.

We would talk about subject which may interest you, trouble you, concern you, having to do with the mission and we ask are you comfortable with your position within the mission and clear of your role? If you would ask speak distinctly and clearly for this session is being broadcast to others. Each of you is on a path to God. Clearly defined on our side, clearly delineated on a need to know basis on yours; this is as it should be. Are there questions?


Cheron: My name is Cheron and I really want to just thank you for answering all my prayers since I was little; wishing on stars, wish on dogwood hairs that would fly through the air capturing them and making a wish and then kissing it and sending it up to heaven. All my prayers have been answered and you’re allowing me to help not only my brother but my master bring about the changes that I never thought I would see in my lifetime and I just want to , I know it may seem trite I’ve thanked you a hundred times but I’m thanking you a hundred and first for answering all my prayers and allowing me to help and allowing me to feel the love I just want to say thank you.

ABRAHAM:   I Abraham am not deserving of your thanks. Your Brother, Master, Teacher, Friend Michael is all and everything. When you see your Creator Son’s persona you will know that you have seen God. And know that His presence will be strongly enhanced in the quickening of coming days. Christ Michael will visit your group and others more importantly, this nucleus of energy now centered upon Urantia burns brightest here exemplifying especially the love of the Father and all of its manifestations which the Creator Sons represent and specifically your Creator Son’s magnificent aura of mercy and compassion has long burned brighter on Urantia than some of the other spiritual leadings which we would now seek to enhance. You are understanding?

(Response: Yes.)

Do not be so concerned that you understand the intricacies of the circuitry. For as with the circuits of physical nature which you use, full and clear understanding is not essential to full participation in the process and we welcome you to our circle of friends. (Another enters the room.) Questions?

Steve: Abraham this is Steven and I have a question about the spiritual beings, your colleagues and your comrades that are coming to the planet to instruct us and help us. Are you and your friends also able to feel the power of the circuit of the spirit of truth, Jesus’ spirit, and the Holy Spirit? Do you also have access and receiving enhanced energy and improved feelings of self worth and increased God consciousness expanding? Are you also experiencing these similar responses the way we are down here?

ABRAHAM: Much as the tuning of a radio you can monitor many frequencies upon our mission. On Urantia we of course attune empathetically and sharingly those energy circuits which are being opened and enhanced and expanded for you. We would taste of these expanded energies as you would as a matter of sharing.

Cheron: Abraham, if Christ Michael’s headquarters is right here on Urantia that must mean that He would not come to a place that would be so out in the woods so to speak without communication channels to Edentia and every place else and hot and cold running angels so to speak. He would want to come to a place that had energy circuits that were in place that was full of healing and not just a starting healing. I don’t know how to say but umm…..

ABRAHAM:  I will clarify. The opening of the energy circuits were necessary for Michael to assume this enhanced presence on Urantia. Know that the affairs of the local universe are well in hand but this is something like a field headquarters for the legions you among those numbered. For yes the corp of the reservists has been expanded of course. And so this presence will be strongly enhanced but you must understand that presences in our sense not entirely usually only marginally physical and so from circuitry we can speak to you from vast differences. Read about reflectivity. You may not understand that the Universe of Universes through this God given and amazing phenomenon can be a very small and cozy place, yes.

(Response: Thank you.)

ABRAHAM: Questions.


Steve: Why are we being considered as the last of the Agondonters on Urantia?

ABRAHAM:  In time you will even see with material eyes the manifestation of Michael’s mission of mercy and reclamation but we do not put a time frame. Perhaps you will graduate as an Agondonter, perhaps you will not. Agondonters of course have a special status as you know. Know also that we continue to be pleasantly, more than pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the degree of encircuitment that you are able to achieve largely from your own upreach efforts. Enhancing many of our numbers faith and for devotion to the Father in seeing the great spirituality that emanate from such a dark place.

Testament again to the sometimes lonely but powerful service of Thought Adjusters. Often you hear others well versed in Urantia text still do not give proper credit to this critical and empowering encircuitment with God who lives within each of you. Truly a journey without distance but inside your own hearts. And I say to you that as you become encircuited to transmit freely throughout the day to all who you would radiate love and caring service and yes advice then you are working in collaboration with your Thought Adjuster daily in giving loving service then you have firmly established a partnership that will lead more expediently to fusion. This is clear to you?

Steve: Yes, and as usual I am receiving more than I asked for. That’s a very full answer and thanks.

ABRAHAM:  As we intend. Are there other questions?


Cheron: Abraham, could you address a friend of mine’s received from his teacher Mor-gan that there would be working teams down here to reorganize those institutions that we would need to have after some of the transitional social changes that may take place within our lifetimes. And it doesn’t matter what they are or when they are but he was given that there could be working teams of humans and celestials that would help to establish models of education or models of health care or models of parenting that would be placed into effect after there was a barrenness and a need for restructuring our institutions. Is my question clear and can you comment on these working teams?

ABRAHAM: Of course the correcting time includes every human every soul. Many organizations will choose to work together, some will not. As energies are enhanced some will use these energies for violent confrontation to protect what they believe is true. And they will resist but all working with celestials whether they recognize this fact or not. I refer you to all churches I refer you to groups that seek enlightenment, that seek brotherhood, that seek holistic healing, that seek oneness, that seek so many manifestations of goodness that can come forth on Urantia. Once all these are centered in the oneness simplicity of the one God then progress will indeed be swift of course it is networking and internetworking that will reclaim this planet.


You must learn cooperation in place of competition. You must learn to work together on Urantia. This is one of the prime lessons that you must learn. It is true that you learn many lessons in mortal flesh that can not be learned otherwise. Think upon this in coming days and weeks and ask for clarification and insights in the stillness with your spiritual guides. Yes the internet-working is a vital part, for you must work together to effect big change but not to detract from the individual service of giving love that comes before you each day. Even more troubled soul hurting individuals will be brought before you for we ascertain that you are becoming ready to give more service and more service will be asked. A simple exercise for you all.

For those who serve you in businesses we ask that you practice the personal ministry and teaching by seeking their eyes by seeking to give them droplets of living water of love each day. Do this even the smallest act of kindness is evaluated by intent and is given equal measure to the large acts. You will be amazed at the influences you can wrought. You will be amazed to finally understand that there is a great clamoring and searching that you had not found before. But once you are able to exude this aura of love they will come to you magnetized and you will in gracious and powerful humility and grace and love find new brothers and sisters to embrace and love in places from places from which you least expected. For great multitudes want what you have, yes.

Byron: Abraham, in connection with that question about Mor-gan’s transmissions and teachings I wanted to ask you to amplify also about geophysical changes and the kind of services we can do in that connection in terms of preparation for earth changes in terms of service, prayer, meditation, stillness that may mitigate those geophysical changes that have been predicted. And maybe a bit more about to amplify on what Mor-gan said about planning for after geophysical changes specifically on social planning which is of great interest to me.

ABRAHAM: Yes. Learn to give and receive love. It is simple. The changes will come in part from these expanded energy circuits or truthfully as has been said all will feel this energy. But from the darkness they will respond in frustration and turmoil to turn these expanded energies inward in a sincere search for God inside will direct these energies.

Teaching Mission

The teaching mission lessons in total are simple and could be reduced to a page of paper. And these basic lessons becoming part of the living experience can truly bring forth vast spiritual changes. The physical changes can be traumatic. But know that human kind grows and learns in adversity. You are here to learn and these nudgings not so simple, are to give you the gift of adversity which comes forth in spiritual triumph over them. You will be challenged in many ways by these changes and in each will come greatly enhanced opportunities for you to learn and for you to share. For those who suffer will be lost and the netherworld of unknowing and you have much to share.

There are those who will embellish these prophecies to planetary destruction evacuation. These things are not true in any sense, have no basis in reality. Our mission is not destruction but it is a mission that will through challenges before you. You will be challenged to show unconditional love in the face of adversity and disagreements within your groups so that you may be honed into a shiny staff of Michael’s colors that you will carry forth into this battle for Urantia. A battle in which you will not fight evil but simply refuse to acknowledge its falseness through which you will learn to appreciate the existence of evil so that this triumph ever adversity and over false doctrines can be manifested also more fully. When you discover knowledge for yourselves it is much more powerful and so through experience in the correcting time we work together to bring this planet to full standing in light and life.

The transmissions of Mor-gan were chosen for this willing vessel in this placed and it was planned that he share. Where you take this message from here on from these seeds that we have sown is often up to you. We inspire you, we teach you, we love you but you are our hands and feet and heart on Urantia. You are citizens of this world. You will do much of the work that is to come and gain a great deal of satisfaction from knowing that you yourself helped pull this troubled planet forward. Not of pride of power or chosen people but in gracious loving benevolent humility and joy of being a part and this is again a lesson.

You will be physically challenged for you are physical. And this is a lesson that you must learn in physical form. Look upon suffering and sickness even death in this light for if you are to advance to the corp of the Finality to help the Father create new universes of time and space, if you are to fulfill Michael’s mission of supreme empathy and understanding for mortal kind, then you must do as Michael and live this life in the flesh as you are doing. Then you will know, then you will know what mortal life is about, yes.


Cheron: You know if these circuits are open, I’m gonna take a moment to plug Michael because He’s the best Creator Son that there ever was so anybody listening look at the bestowals He did He always chose challenged places and look at the rebellion everybody says how come that happened and it makes so much sense now because there’s so much good that can come from it on a wider level. I think He’s got the greatest ideas of all of them and I don’t mean to talk bad about any other Creator Son’s or anything like that but ours is the best. (laughter.)

ABRAHAM:  We would probably choose alternative phrasing but (laughter) you speak well. And indeed Michael among the many Creator Sons does hold a place of genuine specialness for in the adversities of rebellion others come to Him to share and support and to love one another and so Michael among the Creator Sons you might say has had additional challenges yet additional opportunity to show forth mercy and compassion and love with which the Father entrusted Him, indeed endowed Him to share. Questions?

Service, Guidance

Byron: Abraham, thank you for that replete and marvelous answer to my earlier question. I had a question about well I think I’ll put this question to you. Jim and myself and Mike and others have discussed different approaches to publishing the teachings that have been so freely given to us in different ways and I was wondering if you might comment on approaches to that , attitudes in that connection, ways to heighten the service possibilities through publishing transcripts, books, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, how would you guide us spiritually?

ABRAHAM: Yes, we are excited by the multitudes of approaches. Each of you perceives, each of you is inspired a little differently. In the current time span of the mission it is the intention and the plan that you be separated that you work through many things within your own selves dealing with mind and body and spirit and to take your own approach and move forward. And then we will be overjoyed to see you work together in growing cooperative unison. Even to debate through differences for in this process there is a great deal more growing.

However you are motivated will be based upon the Fathers plans through your Thought Adjuster of long standing implemented by the years of preparation in which you have learned cosmology, developed your own analytical approaches to society and learn to tap even modestly into the experiential side of knowing this. To understand something of the right-left mind balance, to understand something of the mind body spirit balance to bring you to this place and in this place the teachers have come forth to give you a direct and personalized approach to live in love rather than to read about it.

Many have read your text as an intellectual exercise and have been unable to move beyond the words on the page and their affection and devotion to them. And when that direction has been moved, it has been erroneously moved to begin reading between the lines and when this is enhanced a less clear understanding of what is on the lines can come forth. These problems based in fear generated by the ego, are the full subject of your Creator Son’s personal testament which you know and has also been a precursor to this mission. And so you are in this time and place from long preparation. It is true that you all have great potentials as teachers or you would not be here. Your choice to continue in this path is always yours.

Your choice to move in one direction or another is yours. Your choice to focus upon one thing or try the taste with acceleration many things is yours as well and yet through the great spiritual guidance here you will find that all will come together as it should be. Sometimes in amazing coincidences which are only the plan of the father being out worked. We on this side constantly consult with the Father to clarify the plan for your planet with the societies within. And make no mistake for each soul who lives here; each of you is different unique, important. Especially you, you are chosen but you are not chosen to be special above others, You are chosen for a number of reasons to be conduits willing conduits of this love. You each know what your talents are. You each know how you want to serve. . You each have given yourself to the spirit of the Father to allow Him to pilot you and help you plan this course, in faith without even knowing what lies around the next corner. This is living in faith and this too is a lesson which you are learning. To trust and give faith in the Father that His guidance will be true. This is clear to you?

Byron: It’s rich and clear thank you.

Stephanie: It’s perhaps not as clear to me. I’d like to ask again, did you mean to say that each of us gets our own guidance on our own path dealing with this information and ways in which to share with our fellows?

ABRAHAM: Yes, dear Stephanie in the stillness daily. Even if you step forward in faith to devote this time and feel it has not been productive it is always productive. It is the intent the upreach the inward reach the desire to understand implement in conscious effort of stillness that makes the difference. Immediate responses are sometimes not forthcoming for some questions even go directly to the Father to be encircled back to you. And so yes of course you are all divinely inspired. Your choice of how to manifest this inspiration is entirely up to you. You will find that it coincides with your interests, aptitudes and talents. For your life’s plan is your Thought Adjuster’s life plan. They are one. Would you choose to accept the plan that the Father and your indwelling spirit have developed for you or would you not? And can you ascertain what this plan is. If you do not know what this plan is ask God. Are there other questions?

Byron: I heard you mention about giving and receiving love. I was wondering if you would comment about receiving love because I’ve noticed for some reason I’m noticing people wanting to give me things that it may not be something that I want but I want to go ahead and let them give this thing to me so that this circuit of giving and receiving is opened up with that person. Sometimes the receiving of something is sort of awkward and kind of clunky but it seems to be a good idea to me to let someone give something which actually may have more impact on them then on me yet on the other hand maybe I need to learn to receive. Could you just speak more about receiving love?

ABRAHAM: Yes. By shear numbers many of you feel unworthy to receive love. A rather strange circumstance brought forth by many complicated issues of mind and ego which we will not embark. Though if you ask to understand these things simply sit down show concern and begin write the answers in your journal. If you would understand more deeply that the issue of unworthiness is not the whole picture for often you personally will receive so as not to disturb or disappoint the person seeking to share and this is good. The interpersonal relationships which you must develop with others of Urantia is truly an amazing challenge given the fact that no two are alike. And so with no two alike of so many how is it that you could ever learn to work in cohesive unison?

How indeed the Father does this many times over and many worlds of time and space to explore and experience with them the coming together of billions of different and unique beings. Such a magnificent exercise of experience for our Father to set forth this plan which defies an adequate adjective. But each person that comes before you though unique has the same innate and inner characteristics as all others. A challenge of human life is to find the unity and simplicity that comes with God to discover that differences do not matter. Uniqueness is to be celebrated for each of you are indeed one and indeed one with God and indeed a part of God. The giving of love must be learned so too the receiving. I would be pleased to elaborate in another direction if this has not been fully clear to you.

(response was unclear)

ABRAHAM:  On what aspect would I amplify?

Byron: . ….the awkwardness that I feel sometimes. You spoke of unworthiness and that helped.


ABRAHAM:  There is an innate nature of alienation between all human kind upon this world. Ponder the animal natures in which you have evolved and you see characteristics that linger on. But you are not in truth your animal natures. You are in truth an entirely new being. You will be in truth an entirely new being created co-created through your Thought Adjuster incorporating the mind which you have developed within yourself here. Incorporating the spiritual truths and understandings which you have gleaned, shucking the utilitarian body of this sphere for a superior working model. And then you will be an entirely co-created being with your Thought Adjuster and fuzzy memories of the pain and suffering and traumas that attend your physical selves your physical lives and greatly amplifying those aspects of truth, beauty, and goodness which you have developed here. And so the brand new being will be the new you that makes a triumphant and glorious appearance upon the mansion worlds.

However, in spite of all this, your bodies here indeed a portion of your body dominated mind here, retains these characteristics of bellicosity and territorialism suspicious and distrust that are common to your animal kingdom even after hundreds of generations. But you see this is a challenge learning and growing experience as well that spans generations to finally cleanse and bring forth superior spiritual natures to replace these animal natures which will eventually dissipate away. Even in the mansion worlds there will be vestiges of these attitudes which you have carried forward from primitive times and you see these natures even now manifested in competitive struggles for power on your sphere. But do you see that this is another grand experience which the Father has developed for you in this mortal life that these glories of the Father even implanted in common and functionary animal forms can be developed and brought forward through the indwelling spirit inside. This is clear to you?

Byron: We could go on for days on this topic.

ABRAHAM:  This is true.

Cheron: Could I summarize a little bit? We said that, well like Byron said, my grandmother taught me that I need to receive the gifts that someone gives me because if I don’t it hurts their feelings and it diminishes their gift. But in having problems receiving you mentioned that there were several reasons why we might have problems one is that we don’t feel worthy and then secondly is that we have come from an evolutionary background that would teach us to, I mean you know who eats who in the animal kingdom gives you alot of suspicion and alot of belligerence and also territorialism and it holds us back from receiving. Is that kind of like a summary?


ABRAHAM:  Yes these can be root causes of a general feeling of alienation that has permeated this sphere in the absence of the spiritual energies which we now enhance. For now you walk out upon the streets each day to see a multitude of people so many people everywhere and yet what is your feeling about these people and what is their feeling about you? There is a vast separately that has no reason for existence here because of the retardations of rebellion and default. These changes to light and life have not been effected. We enhance these energies now to bring you forward in greater acceleration and we have no strong admonitions on our side in this mission. Do not interfere with your normal evolutionary patterns which have been so slow to evolve and which have been you might say short circuited by failures of previous generations.

It is not so important in this time space of the mission to allow evolution a natural and normal course for indeed what is that we seek to upstep and expand evolution. And we have been given freedoms to recruit and work with those humans who are willing to take this step of faith and do this with us. The quickening will continue and as those of you who are inspired and attuned feel and bring these energies into your very being so more energies will come. But you must assimilate before you can receive new energies. Fortunately the more you assimilate the greater your capacity to reach out and get new energies, yes.

Stephanie: Abraham, I’ve been listening intently to all of these things and have really enjoyed some wonderful experiences during which I’ve met strangers eyes and shared some wonderful connecting loving things one to the other. I’m wondering if this mission extends itself to children. And if not directly to them is these something within the plan of the mission to allow those of us who work with children to bring some of these healing messages, connections to children? Or are they really just to be loved and cared for in the same way as every other brother and sister out there?

ABRAHAM:  Love and caring is the mission. We work in nurseries, prisons and schools and courtrooms and in corporate boardrooms. We seek to work with all. We have elaborate plans formulated to carry forth this mission and often flexible and changing in keeping with the multitude of free will decisions which in fact are the driving force of this mission. On the physical plane we sometimes have to adjust in both directions based on surprisingly effective expansiveness that you exhibit or the normal setbacks of small numbers of people who can effect calamity and reversals of fortune.


The correcting time will have a strong component in children for the pure openness uncontaminated by any sin that comes forth in your co-creative birthing is the ripest and most fertile field for change. The openness of a child when you learn to in truth give of yourself in deep spiritual parenting will be the logical place to start in bringing forth enlightened generations. Children are indeed the key although we will work with all as you will for the rehabilitative efforts of lost and tortured souls in prisons must not be neglected. We bring forth the inspiration to change parenting and to change institutions of punishment into institutions of loving rehabilitation.

There are so many lessons to learn. So many discussions that we can have but do not wait for my next visit. Discuss these thing with the Father and the Father will send forth insights in your mind that will open the perspectives that you precisely ask for. Choose your field of interest or interests, choose your level of commitment now in the coming months and we will continue to work with you in bringing forth these Melchizedek schools from which the curriculum will be clarified amplified to bring your learning to its fruition. And then to shine forth as beacons. This light will burn ever brighter for your institutions are indeed crumbling. You must reform these institutions in the light of responsibility and service. Commitment to take an active role in the vocation of your choosing from the many choices and take hold; it is time to quit reciting your despairs and take hold in loving faith accessing these energies through the stillness and take an active hand in helping us reclaim this place, yes.

Cheron: I heard something interesting from someone, they said that the Edgar Cayce groups said that Ohio was the most spiritually balanced state. That sounded like something that somebody who lived in Ohio would make up. (laughter). I just wondered if there was any truth to that since I happen to live here myself. (laughter) Dead silence, well I guess……

ABRAHAM: I see no special balance here. (more laughter).

Cheron: That’s what I thought.

ABRAHAM:  Are there other questions?


Steve: Abraham, the Urantia Book has taught us not to give advice unless it is asked for. And today you are instructing us to offer advice in the line of our ministry. That the seraphic hosts purposely place individuals in our spiritual path who are in need of guidance, encouragement, instruction and love and during that process we should offer them advice and this is an area which I am quite interested in and the question is; what is the best method, approach or approaches to make this advice giving the most efficacious and to make the advice to increase the ability for the advice to be received and retained.

ABRAHAM:  Make no mistake, they will ask for this advice and you will give it. And in their asking comes forth an openness which will ensure that they will receive it. The time for arbritrary preaching is dissipating. Urantians of many kinds of many colors do not take well to preaching and unsolicited advice. You will know what to say by the questions and have no concern that these questions will come from the heart. And you will answer from the heart and there will be loving connection with those we bring forth perhaps in an older state you would consider them dirty and vile. You would not want to touch them.. I assure you that the energies being forcefully and purposefully brought in to you by your initiatives will change this disdain to the genuine desire to touch and hold and to love these people. For you will see the spirit that burns inside. You will see the agony and self-destructiveness which will bring forth in you a loving empathy.

You may find in coming weeks as you feel these energies that you will become more emotionally involved. More emotionally touched by suffering by those whom you would help. By even the inspired music in the air can bring tears. The sharing between you can bring tears. Your deep desires can bring tears. The deep feelings can bring tears. And all of them will be tears of catharsis. Tears that will dissipates away these feelings of alienation and hostility. God will smile upon you and re-energize you with newer and purer energies for which you will reach out and embrace all suffering Urantians who come before you. And we will bring them before you so that you may speak our words, your words co-creatively in solace the mercy and compassion of the Creator Son, the love of the Father which He brought to you, the brotherhood of all.

Stephanie: That’s beautiful.

ABRAHAM:  Yes, we are also able to reach upward and receive the words and inspirations that we even we need for ultimately we are all connected to the same powerful circuit of the Father. We transmit, we channel, we co-create as you do, yes.

All of you are on a path of strong guidance. From the beautiful child who services those dying and those who are dying and passing to our side in love and the understanding that brings peace. Welmek and Michael a strong bond of trust and faith with great balancing lessons and service we applaud you for staying the course.

Dear Petra, your teachers especially Roxanna yearns to share with you for she can help you achieve the balance and catharsis that will bring you to full flower and fruition. Byron, your work is true. You re under constant guidance as you all are, and I wonder sometimes of your questions to validate this. I will validate for you gladly for you know each of you in your heart that your path is true even though you do not know what lessons what experiences what ultimate destination your calls and urges to service will take. Make no mistake you do not know you do not want to know what the future holds. You want this in your heart to be an adventure.

While Ted has a vision that brings you closer to this beautiful earth which will be cleansed and changed and bring forth in fuller flower the fruits of the Father within the soil of the Mother Earth. And Stephanie, your work of course guided of writing of visiting of ministering and the noble cause of parenting and establishing an environment of love. Of your dreams of your aspirations in this room many will come to fruition. And you know this in faith. Are there any other questions?

My dear friends, I walked the earth with you. There is a common bond between all generations of Urantians. This is a very special place. This is a place which we share. This is a mission which we share. The people of Urantia have cried to the Father in their suffering and their prayers have been answered. In the coarse of the rebellion, in the long standing war in heavens which has been more of a debate of values and ideals, we have learned so very much and with this learning and the adjudication we come forth to work with you. It is our honor our special privilege to work with Agondonters who see beyond material eyes, who experience beyond mortal bodies, who reach and yearn lovingly to find the God spirit that you know.


ABRAHAM:  My children it will be my great pleasure to help you discover these things and bring forth and serve in this first generation of profound change which will usher in coming generations of increasing quickening change. Energies are rising and so are the people, the noble people of Urantia. I say shalom peace to you my brothers and sisters. Good EVENING.

(group extends their love and thank you ).

GABRIEL:  One moment please. Peace be upon you. I am Gabriel of Salvington. I am not with you but I am near by. I wish to bring you a message from Michael of Nebadon.

MICHAEL:   My dear little ones. If only you could know how much I love each of you. You are so dear to me. I see each of you as my own child. Think of me as your elder brother and Father as I was to my human family when I walked upon the earth. Today you are here to rise above the doubt and confusion of this troubled world. You rise on the wings of faith to listen to the teachers I have sent to you but I say to you that I am also with you. When you are troubled when you are fearful call to me within your heart within your mind and I will comfort you. I am never away from you. I am with you always. One day we will stand face to face and I will embrace each of you as I send you on your way to our Father. But until then my spirit is with you, it is always with you. I want you now to pause to go deeply within your own mind and I want you to feel my presence and to feel my love. And always remember how much I love you. Good day my little ones.

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