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CNF10- Melchizedek Schools on Urantia (’97)

1997-06-21-Melchizedek Schools on Urantia


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Melchizedek Schools on Urantia
o 1.2 Group: NW TeaM Conference
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa, Malvantra, Rantarason, Lantarnek, Minearisa, Darandadek, Norson, Ham
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy, Bill K., Sheila, Rick Giles, Mark, Nancy, Simeon
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Teaching Mission
 3.2.2 Diversity
 3.2.3 Compassion
 3.2.4 Melchizedek Schools
 3.2.5 Exploration
 3.2.6 Relationship, Institutions
o 3.3 Dialogue
 3.3.1 Materialization
 3.3.2 Ego, Personality, Expression
 3.3.3 Rebellion
 3.3.4 Challenge
 3.3.5 Discernment
 3.3.6 Wisdom
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Melchizedek Schools on Urantia
Group: NW TeaM Conference
Teacher: Machiventa, Malvantra, Rantarason, Lantarnek, Minearisa, Darandadek, Norson, Ham
TR: Thea Hardy, Bill K., Sheila, Rick Giles, Mark, Nancy, Simeon


[Several of the questions posed during this session were inaudible on the tape and have been derived here from notes. ed.]

MACHIVENTA:  Thea): Greetings, I am Machiventa, and I would like to introduce to you this panel today which we requested.

Teaching Mission

MACHIVENTA:  I would like you to think about your work here at this time in the Teaching Mission in another manner, as adventures in Supreme building. You know that your first interactivity responsibility is between you and the Father. But today I would like to focus this discussion on your interactivity between one another. You are building experience in your groups, learning the ways to function together and how love works together to create the spaces and shapes of your joint service to one another. If you think of the Supreme it is the perfect aggregate information. As you are here and now, you are learning in the smaller ways of the formation of the systems of loving one another.

You have noticed that there are different configurations shifting and changing, forming and reforming within your group structure. We would like to help you become, not alarmed by these changes, but excited and enthused in understanding that the freedom to explore these developing relationships of love with one another and increasing their effectiveness will only strengthen any group aspect that you have, including the northwest group itself. I love you all, and I look forward to this shared time with you. I will now close for comments from my brothers.


MALVANTRA:   (Bill): Greetings, dear friends, I am Malvantra present here today as a member of this Melchizedek panel. We are all pleased that you have responded to our request to take this time to speak with us and we with you. As Machiventa has indicated, we wish to focus upon your questions and concerns relative to the interactive process which we have been exploring.

As you may know from your study of The Urantia Book, your universe progression entails a great deal of time and energy involved with learning to interact with others of your mortal origin but also of intelligences and types of beings. So, I would indicate that the first area of concern that you need to be working on has to do with your willingness to experience differences, diversity, and your integration of personal reality, for if you are not willing to become acquainted with those who are different from yourselves, you are destined to lead a most mean and restricted existence. All of you are to some degree aware of this, and because of your willingness to embrace diversity, your footsteps have lead you to this moment in time and space.

The other members of this panel will also comment briefly, as I am doing, on aspects of this interactivity which we are here to provide you, mostly with our wisdom and to challenge you to broader, deeper, and greater horizons. I now step aside to allow another of my brother Melchizedeks to address you.


RANTARASON:  (Sheila): Greetings, I am Rantarason. Today I greet you with compassion. This is something we learn through the interaction of one another, through your interaction with your brothers and sisters. I would ask you today to notice your feelings. I would ask you to notice your feelings throughout this weekend. I would ask you, as you leave here, not to leave these feelings here but to take them with you. and to project these upon all you come in contact with, for there need not be a difference between your interaction with your brothers and sisters here and the ones who are outside the walls of this camp.

The space that your heart is in at this time can be the space that it is in at all times. Why would you leave this heart space for anything else? Why would you exchange it for anything less? Your interaction between these groups has no space. Lend not space between you and anyone you contact. Be prepared for anything. In your openness remember the feelings of this weekend, the sharing, the caring, the compassion, the weaving of personalities. This must go on from now on to all. It is because of your willingness to accept Father’s love that makes this is in a sense a requirement in a sense the greatest of will to feel and share the compassion with all, not some but all.

Your experience from now on shall be acknowledged as compassion with diversity. You have been prepared for this for many years. In learning of judgement, you have had opportunities to fine tune the process, and as always it is the Father’s will which you so proudly have opened yourself up to display. And so it shall be. It is our confidence in you and within yourselves that we know this can be carried out. We need not wish you luck upon this for we know it shall be done. I will now let others speak.

Melchizedek Schools

LANTARNEK:  (Rick): I, Lantarnek, one Melchizedek advisor among you, greet you. I share with you the respect you have for Machiventa, our brother. Though he is one among many of us, we hold him dear, for he has experienced a life like yours. You each aspire to re-present Michael’s earth life in your own individual expression. We Melchizedeks admire the life of our father Michael. I personally am equally inspired by my brother’s life, and so chose to join him in this ministry, to draw close to my human cousins to discover what the evolutionary life is like.

Spread abroad in this universe are great universities which we staff. They are resplendent centers. They contain not only knowledge but great arenas for experience. They are not only storehouses of universe discovery but deep wells of personal discovery. You are in our schools. You are being home-schooled. Consider yourselves blessed for there is no commute.

In ages past, as you have been informed, we undertook measures to uplift this planet, and even your supervisors knew not the methods we employed. This day I assure you they are in full awareness of our methods and our plans, for, as day turns to night and night turns to day on your world, so has civilization made its change into the new dawn. But, as your physics describe, this process for this planet is automatic and mechanical, but the turn of your civilization is a volitional process that requires your consent.

There are no special people, for all of you are held dear to each of us. But it is my duty to encourage you to be leaders humbly. Where there is the will to receive, let yourselves be ones to give. As I mentioned, in ages past we would act and your faithful seekers would react. Today we work together in awareness of the mission and the purpose for this planet. Great days are ahead, my friends. I now step aside and leave you with but one comment: Do your homework.


DARANADEK:   (Mark Farley): Greetings, this is Daranadek. As my brother has said, there are worlds in this universe devoted to the structure of education. On those worlds the inhabitants are aware of those structures, the buildings, and the things that take place in them. They are inspired by the thought of going to these places because they see them. They are aware of their presence as part of their culture. You, however, do not have that advantage. You were brought to this mission without the promise, the vision on the horizon of that structure. You all hold and share a bond of seeking that is absolutely the most valuable thing that you share as you move into diversity, into teaching, into conflict. We have class upon class upon class that thrust you into greater opportunity for the exploration of diversity.

A difficulty in this mission is that your planet, being in its first steps, has certain cultural taboos against pressing each other, exploring the boundaries of personality. This is an absolute pleasure as you move past this world, but you struggle with the results of making waves with each other. We encourage the pressing of this diversity exploration. It is what brings you closer together. Groups who have gone through turmoil and come out the other side are far stronger for it. There is a camaraderie and a trust that is unbreakable at that level. It has been tested, and it remains strong.

As you have stood on this cliff edge and looked out at this lake this weekend, there is something in each of you in your hearts that reaches out to grasp the intangible of the beauty that you see. That is the thing that you share, that, as you enter into conflict with each other, remember that that is on the other side, and that you can rely on that thirst in each other to not betray you.

There is so much that each of you has yet to give each other in your immediate family group and in this larger group that you seek to assemble. There is so much ahead for all of you; there is so much ahead for all of us. It lies in your courage, in your willingness to seek those steps, those difficult steps, and to look into the eyes of your brothers and recognize the spark, the familiar spark that allows you to take that step.

You are all wonderful students and therefore will become wonderful teachers. You are the trumpets that cry Michael’s second coming. You are the voices that will restate his message. As we teach you in the ways that we do and with the structures and methods that we employ, you absorb that structure unknowingly and knowingly. You, yourselves, are becoming teachers in turn. Trust, too, your understanding of the process. All of you came willingly, albeit with some complaint, but your hearts were willing. That you are here is a testament to that. Trust that place in your heart in the times ahead. It is what got you here, and it is what will propel you into your careers ahead.

You have an advantage coming from this world. No one gave you the rules. You were called to the game for the game itself because you felt a pattern in your hearts and had to be answered. When you look across this room and you see, your first impression is that of a stranger. Look closer. There is something so familiar about each of you. We are honored to be your teachers. As this is a panel, do not hesitate to ask questions or interrupt. These transmitters are experienced and can weather the disruption of your questions. In fact we encourage it. I will pause for now.

Relationship, Institutions

MINEARISA:  (Nancy): I am Minearisa here with you once again to speak about systems. Each of you is a part of a myriad of systems, for the underlying structure of reality is made of systems. This system patterning is evident in the source of all personality, even in the Trinity, for God is three in one, three and yet unified as One. This is the reality of all existence, unified as one yet consisting of diverse, distinct, separate personalities and functions unified through various patterns of systems within systems within systems.

So, the curriculum under which you all function, whether your group is based out of Pocatello, the Willamette Valley, the Spokane/Coeur d’Alene area, or other groups across the nation and even on other continents, has turned toward an exploration of systems, for this is indeed what a study of interaction is about. You, your very existence, is dependent upon being in relationship. You would not exist were it not for your relationship to our Creator. Hypothetically if this relationship were to sever, your existence would cease as if it never had been, hypothetical only.

As you are born, you are born into relationship with your parents. The first relationship is the relationship to mother. As that relationship is developed in the womb and experienced at birth, as you, the baby, grow and develop, your world becomes filled with additional relationships, the other significant persons who make up your initial family. These families are systems, interactive systems. Often patterns of functioning become learned in these initial systems and are reproduced at higher levels of system functioning, even to the social structures. As you can recognize through the evidence of viewing these larger social structures, these systems of functioning are not healthy. In order to bring light and life to this planet, these large social systems must change. However, these systems reflects the original family unit structure.

So it is at this level that we seek to instruct, that we may assist you in understanding the systems in which you now function, that we may assist you in recognizing what is effective, what brings forth joy, connectedness, love, true sharing of oneself with another, and what, on the other hand, leads to artificial repetition of patterns that have been handed down generation after generation.

As you begin to understand your role in the systems in which you function, then correction, where it is needed, can be introduced by you. You are the agents of change in your personal lives, in your personal systems, in your family systems, in your larger groupings. You are the agents of change. It is through your willingness and your dedication and your commitment to a higher way, to learning what truth means, how truth reflects beauty and leads to goodness. Truth, beauty, and goodness are the goal. Learning to live lives that are truthful enhances the operation of every system of which you are a part. As you live lives that are truthful, you alter these systems. These systems become more real, less artificial. Healthy system functioning is the result.

As one of the Melchizedek instructors on this panel, I com mend you for your willingness to examine these systems as you attempt to learn about one another and yourselves. I commend you for your courage and your risk-taking. I offer to you my sincere gratitude. As I have stated before, we could do nothing if it were not for you and those like you who are willing to attempt this climb toward change, toward correction. You are the volitional agents. We are here as supporters, cheerleaders, if you will, advisors. But the work is up to you. Thank you for this opportunity to speak with you. As with the other panelists, I am available for questions, comments, or discussion at any time.


Harry: Are there any Melchizedeks currently in physical form?

NORSON:   (Bob): Greetings to you, I am Norson, and it is my pleasure to speak with you. This question causes much consternation. I would say no as an actuality, no Melchizedek at the present time has taken material form. This is not discounted as a possibility in the future development of Urantia. As far as the present activity is concerned we are engaged in utilizing mortal mouths, arms, and legs to be the manifestation of the Melchizedek activity visibly on your world. Thank you for your question. I do have some commentary today regarding the creative realm of activity and the preservation of being.

Ego, Personality, Expression

NORSON:   Creativity is most fully aligned with the personality; preservation finds itself in the realm of the human ego. In this dual perspective expression of the human being takes place. The goal of a mortal being is to integrate the activity of the personality and the ego so that they function in alignment with one another, so that when the ego manifests it is fully consonant with personality in relationship to the divine, your inner spirit. To gain this freedom you would find that the relationships and the systems that you function within to be transformed, to be representations of true intent and purpose, the real of one interacting with the real of another and with all others. Let us take a moment and examine the expression of each.

The desire to not be egotistical is egotistical. The desire to do good to another is, of course, personality led. So often human beings are motivated in a desire to control themselves from manifesting something which would find discouragement from another. This is all ego based. The personality creates; it expresses. It is not bound. The ego places boundaries, provides limitation. Functioning in a healthy manner, the ego creates arenas wherein the personality can function safely without being hindered in its expression. It is the goal of human society to progress in such a manner that will allow the individual safety to express personality. As you provide the safety for one another in gatherings such as this, you find great creativity being expressed through art, music, in your voices to one another privately, in your willingness to be a voice for another.

As you can take these groupings and expand them into other systems, as you can gain the courage and the sustenance from these relations to strike out in the other areas of your lives and build similar relations with those around you, these systems will build toward the eventual goal of light and life. As you can see, this begins with the individual relating to another individual, relating to other individuals.

The relationship between creation and preservation is where you will find integration. As you can recognize that which is ego, that which is personality expression, you then have the basis for forming a healthy relationship within yourself. Thereby you will find the freedom to relate in a healthy manner with others. Honestly, one cannot come before the other, although it is in your relations with others that you are to find witness to the characteristics of your being. In an isolated manner you cannot understand personality and ego and all of the nuances therein.

Delores:(Are you talking about trust in sharing who we are? How do we get this trust, to be honest? I guess it is faith.

NORSON:    Yes. Is there more?

Delores: How do we get this trust? is it an acquirement?

NORSON:    Yes, through faith, through courage to risk, you build stamina of cosmic qualities. You realize that the failures do not identify the entirety of your being, that the efforts at relating are always positive when you understand that you are in an effort to find integration of personality one with another, that all effort is for growth. The Supreme experience is the personality of all relating integrally with each other. The path to this realization is fraught with trials and errors. Trust is only gained by faith and through experience. I hope this has served to clarify somewhat. I have concluded for the most part my remarks and would now refer back to all of you for your remarks, questions. This form between you and the Melchizedeks is open from both sides to interact one with the other.


John: Have Satan and Caligastia been rehabilitated?

HAM:   (Bill): I am Ham. I have been permitted to speak even though I am not a Melchizedek. Neither Satan nor Caligastia has accepted mercy though their time was extended. They are as though they had never been.


John: I need, we need struggle. Sometimes love is boring. I can be lost with like-minded people.

DARANADEK:  (Thea): Greetings, this is Daranadek. My friend, your dilemma is shared by many. You have come up on a world of struggle, and this is a pattern you have utilized to succeed. It will take time for many of you to learn to adjust to the acceptance of joy and tranquility and to find the new patterns of struggle and re-label them, to find the new challenges. Also sometimes this plateau is necessary as internal preparation for the next round. However, if it is prolonged, seek deeper in yourselves, seek to understand your feelings, see if the possibility exists that you have difficulty in accepting the good things, for I must say on this world, the good things have not always seemed abundant to you. This will be an acquirement over time. Share your struggles with your human brothers and sisters, for you will find many willing to talk about this very problem. I encourage you and support you in your journey. Thank you for your question.


MALVANTRA:   (Bill): This is Malvantra. I wish to respond to Harry’s original question and perhaps throw a monkey wrench into the works. You have now heard from two sources and more, totally different statements in regard to your question. Several years ago, as you know, another TR representing Norson did state that there were Melchizedeks in physical form. Today another TR representing Norson has said the opposite. You are now faced with this dilemma: what to believe? My commentary is simply to point out to you that you must in this case, as in many cases, rely upon your own judgement as to whether or not you think it is likely or true that the Melchizedeks, some of them, have materialized or not. For now you have a clear case of disagreement from different TR sources. Therefore, you have to exercise your own faith. I will not say otherwise or further in regards to your question.
I am finished.


Jill: We are agents of change from the level of families up to the level of institutions. For those of us in service agencies, please give us some indication of how to make these changes, how to move from a fear-based consciousness to a love based consciousness.

MINEARISA:   (Nancy): Thank you for your important question. How does one change these patterns of functioning? There in no simple answer to the question that you have asked. If there were a simple response, light and life would be almost a momentary response. However, there is a response that takes time. Part of the functioning of the individuals on this planet is to focus on others, focus on other institutions, focus on outside systems as being the problem, that which needs to be fixed, that which is broken. Many individuals put much energy and attention toward trying to fix that which is not within their ability to change, for each of you can change only yourself. So, my answer is to work toward understanding yourself as you function within these many systems.

Yes, love consciousness rather than fear-based consciousness would indeed solve the world’s problems. Yet why is it that you here in this room who are very committed to be servants to one another and to loving one another find that you cannot always do this? You desire to be in love consciousness, yet fear comes out of nowhere and bites you, so to speak. How is this? Where does it come from? This is the relationship between the ego and the personality of which Norson spoke. It is the human ego that has the desire for self preservation and is the source of fear.

Now, the ego is not bad, is not wrong. The ego is necessary for your functioning as human beings. It is the ego that allows you to understand your separateness, to categorize, to organize the structure of reality so that you can function. You cannot function without the ego, yet the relationship between spirit, personality, and ego must be such that the personality is in charge of the ego and is subservient to spirit. It is the personality that has freewill choice. It is the personality who is the agent of change.

So, my answer to you today is to do that sometimes very difficult work of coming to know yourself, to recognize when it is your ego functioning and when it is your personality functioning in adherence to spirit. Let me ask you this: Which voice is it that says, “That’s your ego! You get that ego out of the way!” ? Indeed, that is the voice of ego. So, you cannot force your ego into submission, but you can love your ego into the proper functioning with the personality. You can understand that the ego is there for particular reasons, that the ego has purpose. The ego needs to be recognized; the ego has fears. Love that ego. Calm the ego’s fears. Allow the ego the protection it needs to be quieted. Do not allow one of the many heads of the ego to get into war with one of the other many heads of the ego.


Love is indeed the answer. Self love is crucial, loving your ego, loving God, loving your creative expression, and through this giving loving service. This is what changes the systems in which you function. It is through self focus that you become unselfish. This sounds paradoxical, yet it is the only thing that will change these patterns of functioning. Is this helpful to you?

Jill: Very much so, thank you.

MINEARISA:   You are most welcome.

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