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CNF11- Loon Lake Gathering -Balance, Intimacy, Unity (’97)

1997-06-22-Loon Lake-Balance, Intimacy, Unity
Conference #11


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Loon Lake
o 1.2 Group: NW Team Gathering
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Rantarason, Nebadonia, Michael, Daniel, Machiventa, Aaron, LinEl, Veronica, Norson, Will, Serenia
o 2.2 TR: Simeon, Delores, Nancy, Bill K., Mark Farley, Sheila, Thea Hardy, Jonathan, David Saunders
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Balance
 3.2.2 Intimacy
 3.2.3 Unity
 3.2.4 Discovery
 3.2.5 Healing
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Loon Lake
Group: NW Team Gathering
Teacher: Rantarason, Nebadonia, Michael, Daniel, Machiventa, Aaron, LinEl, Veronica, Norson,  Serena
TR: Simeon, Delores, Nancy, Bill K., Mark Farley, Sheila, Thea Hardy, Jonathan, David Saunders


RANTARASON:   (Bob): I am Rantarason, and it is my pleasure this morning to get things underway. We recognize your schedules, and we understand the questions. We do have some short commentaries to make, but we would like to provide time to dialogue. Therefore, we are not in need of long addresses. I simply want to make it known that I am inspired by your efforts at communication this weekend. Your community is growing in its intimate nature. We applaud your efforts to break boundaries, to create understanding, to move beyond limitation, to be willing to make concerted efforts to utilize your time with us in a more constructive manner. It was the honor of our Melchizedek corps to work with you this weekend in your panel discussion.
Several of our group are here this morning. If there are any questions regarding the communication yesterday, your thoughts will be welcome. I will now step back; there are a few others who would like to make their hellos. Thank you for listening.


NEBDONIA:   (Delores): Greetings, my children, it is I, Nebadonia, your Mother Spirit. My heart goes out to all of you. We see you struggling, our children, and love is so near. I want to tell you; I want to hold you; I want to embrace you; I want to nurture and nourish you. I want you to open your hearts and let my love pour in. Michael and I are as close to you as your breath. We know your every thought. The blocks and the barriers that you see sometimes between yourselves and others are not seen by us. We can see past them, through them, around them, under them. The journey of your life is an adventure of learning and discovery. When you are lost in pockets of despair or fear know that there are keys, because you are not alone. The same heart that is in you is in others. The same mind that is in you is in others. The answers can be found; the ways can be made.

I would have you remember that the combination of heart and mind in balance brings you through doorways that sometimes each alone cannot discover. When things seem bleak, look to your heart. When things are overwhelming, look to your mind. Your heart and your mind together make a balanced way. It is something that we share; Michael and I together are with you in this self-creation. You were created in our image. Do not forget that we are with you, that we love you dearly. Open your hearts to me.
I thank you so much for coming. We see your pain; we grieve with you, and we have joy with you. Thank you for your courage, for following your hearts, for following your footsteps, for coming together. It is a great joy. I will close for now leaving you in my embrace.


MICHAEL: (Nancy): My children, I am Michael here with you in voice this morning. As Nebadonia has stated, we are always with you, even in those times when we seem so distant, in intellectual thought only. Even then is our love surrounding you, nourishing you, supporting you, uplifting you. It is your fear of true intimacy that blocks our perception from your minds. This fear of intimacy you have been wrestling with throughout your lives, but this fear has perhaps been brought into more defined focus in the last several years, particularly recently as curriculum focuses have shifted to interactivity. Even yesterday in the exercise which you undertook, some of you experienced that fear rise up. Much of the purpose of the Melchizedek curriculum toward interactivity is to develop and expand your ability for intimacy that you may become more intimately involved with all, with us your creator parents, with our Father/Mother/Source and Center, and with one another. This fear of intimate interaction is a part of your natural animal heritage and yet has been mightily magnified by the events, by the history of our planet, this lovely jewel. So, it is not unusual that intimate interactions are seemingly difficult for you at this time.

I commend you for each step you take in the direction of developing relationships built on honest expression of your personality, for this is the first requirement for intimacy. This is part of the reason that many of you find it easier to be intimate with us, the creator parents, than with your brothers, for you experience the ability to be honest with us, knowing our love, our lack of judgement for you. You know that we have full understanding. Still, remnants of doubt remain, intellectual concepts are not necessarily consistent with emotional heritage of your pasts. So, when you are in the greatest doubts about your worthwhileness, you find it difficult to accept our love or the love of any of your brothers and sisters. It is in this time that faith is most necessary, for with true faith you can reach out and open to this love despite your fears of this love, of this intimate interaction, and of what this change will represent in your overall life. You know that we love you. You do not yet fully know how worthy you are of this love. With time this knowledge will become all encompassing, with time and with effort toward deepening intimacy, greater interactivity.

It has been my supreme pleasure to speak with you of these things on this occasion. My gratitude to each of you for making the effort to be here to interact and to love one another. I extend to you; I give you my love and my farewell in voice only. I am your brother/father Michael..


DANIEL:  (Bill): Good morning, my friends, this is Daniel, your friend, your teacher, your guide. How joyous I am to look upon you, you who I regard as my students in the broad, extended sense. I commend you on your services of celebration yesterday, for all three of these, my fellow comrades. Your contribution to the Kingdom of Heaven is far greater than you most of you know and realize.

In your eulogy for your departed brothers and sister, you have taken efforts to remember the positive and the good. Such an exercise is always commendable for it does indeed enhance reality. Take the same effort toward yourselves and your comrades today. Put aside your differences of opinion, put aside your fault-finding temperaments, put aside the negative and rejoice in your unity and commonality.

This mission, which is the pride of Nebadon under the direction of our sovereign Michael and his consort Nebadonia, is a great joy to all of us involved. I intend to stay active and to participate fully in this as long as it shall be deemed appropriate.
I realize now that I have had my opportunity to greet you, and I therefore defer the time so that all may have a chance to share. Please feel my love for all of you. I am Daniel. Farewell.


MACHIVENTA:  (Mark Farley): Greetings, I am Machiventa. We are so pleased at the work you do here, at the work you now begin. Many of you, hearing of this mission for the first time, looked within and wondered, “what will I have to sacrifice? What will I have to give up?” And yet, what have you given up? The sacrifice we ask of you is to take the risk, to take the courage, to discover your whole self, to discover the voice within you that will speak clearly the message that you all learn. You are to be our teachers for this planet. Every time you pass by a moment in life that you look over the fence and see something attractive there, something in someone else’s personality, an activity, a saying, a quote, a song, that pulls at your heart, that attracts you, you are hearing the call of your complete self.

Look to those things for clues to undiscovered places within yourself that cry to be set free. You are starting the work of relating to each other. Without this bond, without this trust, you are alone trying to do this work. You need each other, material brothers and sisters, to reach out and to touch and to help you on your way. We give you all the support you can take and all the support we are able to give. Yet you need the warm grasp and the support of a brother. You are finding those each step along the way. Cherish each other; you are each other’s key to the success that lies ahead.

There will be much change in the year to come, much direction changing, conflict, diversity exploration. You will continue to talk, continue to find your eddy in this pattern that unfolds. We are so excited for you, this opportunity. We are privileged to share that opportunity with you. There are rarely first times is this universe that we get to discover. Each time we come to a world such as yours that is in such disarray and when you all answer the call, we are moved because we see how difficult the path is ahead of you and where you have been. Yet what is within you, what is within all of us, still responds strongly. It is truly the most inspirational thing this universe has to hold, the answer to a call.

I thank each and every one of you for the sacrifices you have made, for the courage you have taken and the difficult steps that it has involved. Yet in each of you I see a joy beginning, a joy cementing that will make what lies ahead spectacular. Thank you, my friends. We love you all. Farewell.


AARON:   (Sheila): Greetings, I am Aaron, your brother and teacher, your friend. It brings me great joy to witness the courage and strength of you all this weekend. Many of you have brought up from the depths your fears and confusion and shared with your family. This is very courageous, and this is the beginning of growth, for you have brought to the surface that which needs to be healed. It would be to your benefit to take note of that which you personally shared with this group and work on this particular issue for the healing of your soul and your mind. This can be done between you and the Father. Forgiveness, compassion, understanding are the keys to these things. Interaction between your brothers and sisters can help heal these areas with discussion. But most important, the one real healing direction, would be between you and our Father. We thank you for being so open, for now we are more clearly aware of areas where we can help. Your willingness to heal is willingness to grow, which is willingness to do the Father’s will. Be at peace, be of love. I thank you for your time, and I will be with you all for guidance, for assistance, for growth together. Thank you.

LINEL:  (Thea): Greetings, this is LinEl. My words today are brief, but I simply want to express to you my joy as always in being here when you come together, one more step forward in your family bonding. You know I believe that love is the answer to every question, and you are together learning the answers, for love is the secret of interactivity. Love combines truth, beauty, and goodness in its approach to relationship, and you are learning to love one another. I would encourage you to take this spirit of family-hood and extend it throughout the year before your next time together. Find ways to remain connected, to continue holding hands, for the wisdom and strength you have to give one another in the shared problem solving of your lives, of your group heartfelt searches, are profound.

As Machiventa has said, you need one another. Remember also we are here always, at any time, to answer any questions that you have in this process of the development of your systems of love together. When we watch you we are proud, for this has not been easy, yet you continue. In our eyes you are all so beautiful. These events are great celebrations for us in this room; it is very full, full of us, full of you, full hearts shared. Thank you for this opportunity, and we look forward to everyone in the future, of which, rest assured, there are many. My love goes with you, farewell.

VERONICA:  (Rick): Jonathan is nervous for I have given him a preview of my words. The resplendent cascade of divinity that pours upon you is a firefall that illuminates as truth and radiates as love. As its glow warms you to the depths of your being, you likewise burst forth in a colorful manifestation of this truth and a fantastic fountain of this love.

VERONICA:   (Mark): I would like to express my gratitude to the teachers for being here with us today. It has for all of us in this room, I think, been the most fabulous thing in our lives, to come in contact with you. It has altered the course of many of our lives. I thank you all, the teachers, for reaching down as we reach up and guiding us. I’m sure there are others with questions or comments; perhaps we could open the floor to that at this time.

NORSON:  (David / Norson is here with us.)   Though I was unable to bring forth the courage to speak for him, he had very little to say. He wanted to remind us of one thing which is laid out in our history books, and that is increasing happiness is always the experience of all who are certain about God. He would leave you with that.

DELORES:  (Delores for Will): Will was here, and she also said that she loves us all dearly and attends every event. So, always remain open for her words as she may pop in anytime.

SERENA:  (Thea for Serena): My personal teacher Serena said that our personal teachers don’t get lots of time at these events. It’s absolutely incredible event…. and they have watching their students… (inaudible)


MICHAEL:   I have something to say. It has been coming to me this whole weekend that interactivity is our theme; the working word in “interactivity” is “act”, “action”. Without action there is no interactivity. I think that, as the advanced class, we need to do field trips. I think that we have studied hard for years; we have probably gleaned more of the gospel than the apostles did, and look what they did. It is our turn now to change the world moment by moment. We can’t attain perfection, but we can attain perfect moments. Add them up.

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