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CNF14- Snow Mountain #2 – You Have Mission Objectives (’97)

1997-08-22-You Have Mission Objectives
Snow Mountain Conference #14


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: You Have Mission Objectives
o 1.2 Group: Snow Mountain Conference TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Malventia, Rantarason, Mantoube, Ordon, Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: You Have Mission Objectives
Group: Snow Mountain Conference TeaM
Teacher: Malventia, Rantarason, Mantoube, Ordon, Machiventa
TR: Unknown


MALVENTIA:   . ..on schedule now upon Urantia. As you know your participation is [effective]. This event is not a…


Your freewill endeavor to connect with your mission objectives is important beyond measure. We are with you in spirit, as you know, and are willing and ready to guide each and every one as you openingly receive with questions we will supply answers. Our spiritual endeavors at this time are to expand individual awareness as to interconnected-ness with one another on an ongoing, consistent basis. Know that with a thought we are capable of connecting with one another, with any celestial, and with Michael and the Divine Mother Spirit.

In this configuration we plan to make all possible, with effort, diligence, and love, an interconnected-ness such as a net. The net, in time, encompasses the entire world. This interconnected network will supply each and every one an interconnected energetic circuitry which will enable prayer work of intent, of love in action, of love in it’s highest form to reach out and encompass with purpose any particular situation or drama playing out on the planet Urantia at any given time. That can include war, poverty, hunger; any uncomfortable situation can be addressed with your effort.

In time the plan will be an interconnected [though wave?] that will reach out and touch each one’s mind in divine circuitry. In so doing, with your help and with the expanding Teaching Mission at large, we will able to solve any problem at any time. We will be able to effect and change in a large way any phenomena?] happening at any time. So, at this time we ask you…expand your heart to encompass the one another. Enlarge your ideas to focus on the greater mission. And as you do…become stronger in your relationship with yourself, with your Thought Adjusters, you will come in contact with that understanding…We stand by…

RANTARASON:  Greetings my friends. I am Rantarason. Today it is an honor to speak with you here regarding the mission at hand. As Malventia has expanded to ask you to think of global perspectives, I would desire to initiate some thought toward the supreme experience. First, through out this mission many large objectives have been discussed, schools, appearances. Many of potentials of being have the opportunity to materialize on Urantia as the years unfold, as the generations pass. Even myself have I been prone to offer possibilities for the future, that certain time when the universal circuits will be fully connected and the isolation will be completely eradicated.

It is important for mortal beings who are attuned to understand these possibilities, for there will be adjustment periods if these possibilities do actualize for the people around the world. Yet, the supreme experience is a collective effort at individualization. It is awareness that each personality has a function in the universe of universes. In your expansion, you have a personal part in actualizing the Supreme Being. Without your input there would be a gap. Therefore, this is not a mission to focus on and live for possibilities, but rather, to live the actualization of potentials, to develop your relationship inside, to evolve between your personality and spirit, to realize that which you are, the uniqueness that you have within you.

Our real desire for you is to enthusiastically experience life, to take on new challenges. Try new things. No one thing is required. there is spiritual development in every choice you make. And therefore if you would be of great service to this mission on Urantia, you would not ignore yourself and your own personal development. You would take seriously that your objective, that your purpose is to become more like God. And in this distinction that sounds so pompous because often mortals would like to make others more like God in an effort to find that which they truly seek within.

Responsibility lies with yourself. Your relationships with others are critical. But that which you need to develop is your relationship to others, rather than other’s relationship to you. Therefore I offer the perspective that you are on a grand mission to evolve yourself into those potentials making actual. Allow your creativeness to flourish, not only in the obvious arts, but in the art of life, in the art of your careers, in the art of relationships, in the art of family. The supreme experience calls for each of you. Challenge yourself to become a part of that realization sometime in the future when all personality…transformed even as…
Thank you for allowing this introduction…

MANTOUBE:  Greetings friends. this is Mantoube….

[The rest was to soft to discern the words. From notes: Member of body of twelve Melchizedeks. Helps connect beginning TRs and others with celestials. Also works with personal healing.]

ORDON:   [From notes: Works with physical controllers and midwayers with circuitry.First we had visions of grid work. Then standing on grid work. Importance of reaching out to others regardless of religious background. Technology reflects circuits.]

MACHIVENTA:   ..and to spread in Nebadon…of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man. With this experience I have the unique capacity to head this administration on this world as the representative of our sovereign-master Michael. Michael, the….and myself not only coordinate the efforts of this teaching mission. We also work and coordinate with all spiritual agencies on this world, the marvelous angelic order, without whose help much of our efforts would go…and of course the loyal corps of midwayer brothers, who are the true heirs of this world.

In all of our efforts you should know that you are doing as much as possible to help in all areas of human social endeavor. We are working to upstep the world’s religious beliefs. We are working with all the religious groups. We are working with political leaders and… We are working in areas of business, in areas of humanitarian endeavor, and in virtually all social institutions and social interactions on your world. Be not frustrated… that these unseen efforts are bearing very little fruit. In terms of universe time and the larger picture, these efforts are gathering momentum and in time will bear much fruit.

We are very proud of the Teaching Mission; those of you who have, through faith and action, stepped forward and positioned yourselves through out country and in the many groups and . .. in which you serve. We support your efforts and your growth…
You have been prepared for this for a very, very long time. The times which are upon us now much change is at hand. Therefore it is important to stand grounded through your faith and your experience with God the Father within your families and communities, to exhibit stability, righteousness, moral living, and moral decisions which benefit yourselves and those around you. It is ever important in times of conflict and change that there is a spiritual foundation resident within social community in which the fabric of that social community can turn and lead one in spiritual…on this world.

Again, we are thankful for the efforts all of you have pursued in your struggles to get here, to gather this week, to share your love and experience with each other; and to begin to discuss issues and projects in which, as a whole and as individual groups, we will move forward, and to continue modifying… continue to love and teach by your life and by personal transformation, and by your example of being. Learn to trust the great teacher who is truly himself. Who is truly that part of you who is God. Who is resident in your mind and heart ever trying… I thank all of you from everyone of us. And may the blessings of our Brother and Father Michael…embrace and charge all of us. Shalom.


MANTOUBE: Again I speak to you. I am Mantoube… I speak to each and all of you. For our quest is both planetary and within each heart and mind. Heed well the messages of my brothers and colleagues. For they speak wisely and prophetically of the powerful times of change. . ..when you don’t understand much of this interconnected energy and . ..develop the powers…mind to mind as you worship and pray and embrace the spirit, silent endlessly in the stillness, from each corner of this country, from each enclave eventually of this world. In the mean time, until you co-creatively develop these powers of energy […have developed?] for you the internet, the telephone. As truly this world grows small and each of you grows enlarged in the spirit. My message is brief; for all I ask of you, how are you…the spiritual energies to do all of these challenging things? I have given a lesson in which I liken this to filling a tank with gasoline.

You must have to fuel to run this race. A racer who does not stop at the pits will likely not finish the race. The professor who does not learn his ever changing field, grow and expand, will not have the energy to teach truly. You must be refueled. You must be replenished. And I think you each know well how this is done. . ..stillness.

Go there for the energy when you feel weak and uncertain from what you call negative energies. Though divine, develop this personal relationship. Become replenished in the spirit and go forth. And this will give you the power to overcome that greatest and most threatening of… to human kind encapsulated, embraced, . .. in the Lord’s “Fear Not”. Fear not. Go forth in your…hours of life and grow in truth, apostleship…creator, master, lord, brother…creator, Michael. We love you all, and we look forward to continuing expressions with you in…of this conference.

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