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CNF16- Snow Mountain #4 – Standing of Urantia Today (’97)

1997-08-23-Standing of Urantia Today
Snow Mountain Conference #16


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Standing of Urantia Today
o 1.2 Group: Snow Mountain Conference
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Margul
o 2.2 TR: Unknown
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Standing of Urantia Today
Group: Snow Mountain Conference
Teacher: Margul
TR: Unknown


MARGUL:  I have willfully accepted this task of bringing a report of your current standing as a planet. I am of the Daynal order.


MARGUL:  I have completed a survey of your world, as my associates have also completed surveys of sister planets in the correcting mission. It has been assessed that progress is being made according to plans. However, decimal worlds lag, not surprising considering conditions. I am indirectly associated with the Melchizedek mission only in so far as the mission affects plans for inaugurating light and life.

The Avonal Sons here on this world have assessed the many dimensions of human life activities and . .. that you are making acceptable economic progress. Pockets on the world are developing higher standards of social and cultural values. Your military is becoming an antique. The peaks of progress are very small; small surface areas touched by the luminosity of spirit. Many valleys of deficit exist.

As you have heard, Michael has decreed acceleration of plans on this planet, and many in my field of vision are quite busy. In making this report I am cautioned to relate to you that you won’t see acceleration, for those committed to this mission pledged to not circumvent natural process of growth. Our timetable can be hastened. You must continue to assimilate according to your ingestive abilities. Much time has been devoted to increased appreciation of sonship in Michael’s family. During this interval wherein you who are called to this planetary effort, you are here charged to increase your capacities for citizenship involvement.

There are two basic perspectives for you to maintain in all aspects of your lives.

  •  1) One is you re-personalization of Michael’s approach to living entailing deepened communion with God.
  •  2) Two: Improve standards in your life whereby your relationship with Him becomes obvious to your fellows.

Another primary focus is for you who are called into service of the master seraphim to hone your skills in careers that contribute to the outworking of procedures currently underway that will prepare this planet for the next epoch.

Far is the distance to traverse. This must encourage you, for without the efforts of an initial surge of ministry on your part, subsequent advancements will not be made. You are conscious citizens. One of the prerequisites is that life becomes complicated. All on this world are free to live as Michael has called us to live. You who choose to participate in planetary growth have extra curricular activities. If you are a social worker, continue to improve your abilities. If you are a politician, demand of yourself standards you hold ideal and forcefully promote them in your arena of influence. All occupations are needed for upliftment. Love does go a long way to improve the human condition.

When it comes to your planet, love is accompanied by an army of skill, talents, and dedication. Rest not on attainments in a soothing sense of sonship. Charge yourselves with a sense of responsibility to be about the business of Michael, Lanaforge, and Machiventa. Complicates things, doesn’t it? I will be off the planet for some time, but I will observe processes inaugurating here and continue to tally data and make suggestions to the residential staff that will help in the ever-steady progress toward a perfect world, and a supreme universe.


MARGUL:  I, Margul, take leave.

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