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CNF17- Nashville Conference #1- Moving The UB Worldwide (’98)

1998-05-01-Nashville Conference #1- Moving The UB Worldwide (’98)
Conference #17


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Moving the UB Worldwide
o 1.2 Group: Nashville TeaM Conference
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Nero
o 2.2 TR: Jim Cleveland
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Leadership, Correcting Time
 3.2.2 Stillness
o 3.3 Closing
o 3.4 Notes

Topic: Moving the UB Worldwide
Group: Nashville TeaM Conference
Teacher: Nero
TR: Jim Cleveland


NERO: (NAY-ro): I am Nero, a teacher in this mission. And in this beautiful farewell evening, I would like to address you for a moment. You, the few and the mighty. For sometimes I know you consider yourselves small in number and you wonder with some worry of your significance in such an awesome challenge as planetary change.

Leadership, Correcting Time

NERO:  Perhaps I can add some calm and peaceful insight to this intermittently nagging consideration. Had you been an apostle of our Master, you would hardly know that you, an ordinary man, is helping to bring forth upon the world a brand new religion. For you may consider yourself a fisherman, a man of modest means, a working man, a family man. And would you have the time to help create a new and expanded religion? And you yourselves daily face all the challenges of a mortal life, and seek to find these times between in which you can contribute. Great work can be accomplished by the few who are spiritually connected to the energy. And who have learned to bring ideas, visions, hopes and dreams to fruition with bold actions. The few can be the mighty. The motivated . .. charged . .. electrified . .. with the energy of the spirits.

How many people does it require to seed the Urantia Book in every country of the world? Surprisingly few. The worldwide web at work has been inspired and co-created with you, for the purpose of bringing this arena into potentially powerful and quickening, exhilarating interaction. The speed of change will be greatly accelerated in years ahead. You are the threshold of a beginning. And though you are few, I want you to understand in your hearts that no matter the burgeoning publishing of spiritual ideas, inspirations, and motivations, you have a message — it could be called a marketing niche by the secularists — which no one else has in its pure and simple form. You have a unique message which many will find to be the kernel, the nucleus, that will unify and center their spiritual growth. These people will range form the mainstream of organized churches to the bold adventurers of the so-called New Age — which often resembles the ancient age revisited.

All of these proliferating movements, in fact, mean that you are not the few. You are a unique band with a special heartening, nucleized message that cuts to the heart as no other movement seems to be doing — this incisive and liberating message of God presence inside. You are attuned to strong and powerful truths through your cosmology text, which provides over-encircling foundation. And a newly dramatized teaching of these concepts which have been ruminating within your minds these many years.

It is time for action. You are taking these actions, you are revealing God inside. You are revealing the art of listening, hearing, and interconnecting with celestials of many personalities and many missions who are flooding . .. flooding . .. flooding to this sector of the universe for purification. You are part of this purification, beginning, as all other great movements begin inside, inside the hearts, the minds, the souls of each of you. All great movements emanate from within. Therefore, one goes within to begin personal growth and purification, after which time you will be sponsored and accompanied, side by side, with your celestial friends who move forth in living service.

There is some impatience that things move too slow, but I ask you to consider with truthful heart if your own purification has been manifested. And if there are not other lessons to learn individually, personally that will make this precious limited mortal time more appropriate. And in this purification comes the preparatory skills and personality balance resembling to the degree of possibility the supreme balance of Christ Michael as Jesus the Son of Man.

You may be few, but you can bring yourself, your personality, into a state of balance that you take greater satisfaction in knowing that you at least resemble and emulate the precious Jesus. While you may not find this perfection in every day of your mortal life, you will find a balance that helps you to glide and not take hard steps. That smooths your day by day transition into a feeling of blended encircled peace and energy intertwined that will carry you through each day. And you will know restful sleep that truly nurtures and refreshes and invigorates. You as individuals can reach this level of purification that you may go forth as apostles, working in twos, and doing great work.

Do not be impatient. Look in hindsight as a tool to see how far you have come. And you have come far. For your relatively few numbers, we consider you the most dynamic, the most heartfelt, and the most contributing segment of this textual revelation. You were chosen many years ago, most truly as children, because you asked for higher spiritual understanding, and you have been led to learn this cosmology as a curriculum to inspire you to teach universal truths in your daily lives. Many skills, many talents come into the fore and many great works are done by individuals in very small groups working together.

Do not despair of the media. The media is also changing. And the media will change even more. And do not feel because you are one or because you are few that you must carry this great load of planetary evolvement upon your shoulders. For truly the energies are emanating from each heart of atheist and agnostic, becoming increasingly restless, disillusioned with what they have found to be not true, hungry for a deeper depth of understanding. And on every point of light on Urantia, from the monasteries, to the churches, to the synagogues, we work with individuals, bringing forth from within, the indwelling spirit, those concepts and inspirations that are needed.

This is a massive planetary awakening. And the mission is even more massive to your points of view when considered from a local universe context. For Nebadon virtually vibrates with excitement of epochal purification of planets, of worlds and this work is so incredibly exciting that I wish you could see it from our perspective. However, your perspectives are what you must refine now. This is your opportunity for life in the flesh and experiential learning, as has been said. It could not be obtained in any other way.

Patience, of course, is required. Patience . .. patience. For this time of unfoldment is not only an exercise in developing your individual purities, your individual strength of will that will make you as an individual a forceful warrior for love and peace. It is also an exercise in cooperation, for while the individual must realize self-potential, and a level of self-reliance within the context of grace, you must learn to work with others who have differing, often frustrating views, as you have learned in the trials of your various groups.

It is all about learning and growing and that is what is going on. It is all about evolution and that is what is going on. And so as you learn the strength of the one, the strength of the small groups, the strength of the many, you must also learn that cooperation in enterprises of this magnitude require even more. They require inter-generational cooperation, ordinarily not done by the father and mothers of today, but the continuation and completion of this great purification and reclamation must be done by your children and your grandchildren. And we encourage you to take yet another responsibility in training them well. Training them to carry on. Through the generations, an amazing story will unfold on this very special planet.

And always know and always understand that the doomsayers, apocalyptic prophets, my friends, from my perspective as a teacher in this mission, I say to you that these catastrophes will not bring this world to ruin. As you grow in spirit, you will realize how preposterous this idea is. The Father, I do not believe, is inclined to destroy a perfectly good planet. Or to disallow his hungry, crying, suffering children, whose pleas for help have touched the Father and touched all in Nebadon and many beyond Nebadon. These cries of suffering are validation that you have paid heavy dues; you have suffered already. You are working for spiritual peace, you are asking, you will receive, indeed are receiving incremental openings of energy, which allow incremental openings of your perception of truth, appreciation of beauty, desire to live in goodness. These energy openings can cause disruptive and nonsensical actions which you would consider marks of insanity.

Indeed, if you look around, while you also have trained yourselves to look at the positive examples of the Correcting Time, you will see many weird aberrations of people who seem to, as you say, have become very weirded out. I say to you, you will be called upon to help many of these people regain their balance, regain their center, for they are floundering without the nucleus that holds the power structure together. Without this anchoring heart of goodness, without the realization of the one God inside, many will fall to the various vices and self-indulgences and frustrations that lead to violence and conflict.


NERO: These are your brothers and sisters. Help them to find this center within. This center within is nucleus from which all grows. It is the flowering blossom of beauty. Nature encompasses lessons in every being, in every action, in every changing season. Much can be learned from an acorn. From a seed. From a cat. Much can be learned from the earth, and the earth itself combined with the stillness can become a powerfully energizing influence. Find these pockets of energy in the stillness. Keep your tank filled because you never know what tomorrow may bring. What opportunity to be of service. And if you have been a slackard in energizing your spiritual self, you will often not be prepared to confront the one in suffering, the one who attacks you, the pitiful beggar in the street. The one whose eyes ask you for compassion and help as you walk on by.

It is the stillness that energizes. This is the place to go for powerful illuminating energies, incremental additional elements of truth and beauty and goodness to fill and permeate your soul. And as you are filled to overflowing, as your purification reaches levels for which you can feel a peaceful satisfaction, then you will be called upon for service which relates directly to your talents and skills.

I know this is perhaps a compilation of much you have heard before. But in the rearranging of information and the various combinings, I pray that my lesson and my insights and perspectives have been helpful to you. And that you will take them for your consideration into your moral and spiritual fabric, and I will be pleased and gratified if you make this part of you.


NERO: Thank you for listening. I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to work with the courageous mortals of Urantia. A special place. For which I volunteered and was genuinely excited upon receiving this assignment. For of all places in Nebadon, this is where we would want to be. And we would hope that you are happy to be here too. Peace to all of you and good night.

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