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CRC020513- Heart Room 6

2002-05-13.  Heart Room 6

Costa Rica #92

Topic: Heart Room

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: AlanaLegion, Davina

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana : Yes. Shall we create the heart room together?

D & N : Yes.

Alana : I am here. Breathe me. Yes. (stillness) Allow me now. Allow my love to move through you, filling you, “puffing you up” you might say. Sitting tall. The humility of respect for love does not require you to bow down to any one. Breathe me. Allow my love to fill you, fill you. Sitting tall. My love pouring in through the tops of your heads, filling your heads, filling your throats, opening your chests. Breathe me. Breathe me into your bellies, filling your pelvises, awakening your legs, your feet, your toes, your arms, your fingers, my love flowing through your bodies to the ones before you, to the ones on either side of you. Breathe me. Sitting tall, as Legion blows his love into your spines, in through every opening in your spines. Blowing his love, now, through you, across to the ones before you, to either side of you, filling you, creating the walls of the heart room with the movement of love. Moving it now. Breathing love in. Blowing love out. Blowing love upon you, upon your brothers and sisters, your children, all children.

Place your beloveds in the center of the heart room now. Breathe in my love. Take in Legion’s love. Blow it out now. Blow love upon your beloveds. Blow love upon those with whom you have difficulties. Blow love now, blow it now upon them. Surrender your fears and doubts. Blow love upon them now.  Thank you.


Nena : Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alana : I appreciate, I am grateful for your heart room. So, you wish to speak to me, yes?

David : Most certainly. May I speak first, please? I wish to make a statement. I wish to thank you for the gift of these two sisters of mine, who have been teaching me day and night, 24 hours a day.

Alana : Rapscaliwags, they are, yes?

David : I didn’t get that, could you repeat that please?

Alana : Rapscaliwags, they are, yes?

David : Yes, and I love what they bring to me.

Alana : They bring you love.

David : Yes, and they bring me honesty, too. They are a couple of ballsy women, like the Amazon women that were being spoken of in the early lessons. Remember?

Alana : I remember. That was a reminder, yes?

David : Yes.

Alana : Not a criticism, yes?

David : No, absolutely none at all. I am very, very thankful. I have learned so much these last 24 hours. They are strong, strong women. I love their strength. I love that their truth is embedded in hearts of love. They are getting wonderfully better, as I think I am too, at articulating my inner states of truth, so that I feel comfortable with myself and who I am. And Legion has been helping with this. And I wish to thank you for guiding me in opening up to Song.

Alana : Yes.

David : I have been quietly opening up to Song and he has been giving me a wonderful sense of balance. I am deeply appreciative of your guidance, and his as well. So I bring you this bouquet. And thank you for the miracles you have created with these three little blind kittens that just get their eyes open once in awhile. So thank you, Alana.

Alana : I thank you, my beloved. It is always a joy to grow with you. Yes?

D & N : Yes.

Alana : May I pick out a couple of thorns for you?

Nena : Yes.

David : What?

Alana : Thorns, my friend. Those little tiny things that sometimes prick the skin in such a way as to even so tiny draw blood, yes? Upon the stem of the rose. So my beloved, let us begin this way. Did you enjoy the gift of difficulty?

David : Did I enjoy the test of difficulty?

Alana : Well, test, if you prefer…

David : I didn’t hear the word, please give me the original one.

AlaAlana :na : A gift, my beloved.  This is a lesson to be learned by you, yes?

David : Indeed.

Nena : Yes.

Alana : And perhaps by a few others as well, that joy can be found, or shall we say, the gift of joy can be held brightly in the heart even through difficulty.

D & N : Yes.

Alana : If one remembers love, yes?

David & Nena: Yes.

Alana : You are loved.

Nena:  I forgot this.

Alana : You have love to give away. Yes?

David & Nena: Yes.

Alana :Another gift, my friend, the gift of imbalance. Did you appreciate the gift of imbalance that sent you trembling into the mindal patterns of fear, doubt, conspiracy, secrecy, ganging up! Oh! Such a wonderful tumble you have had, yes?

Nena : Yes.

David : Such a wonderful what?

Alana : Tumble, my beloved. Tumbling and jumbling around, yes?

Nena : I don’t know, but it sounded funny.

David : I’m not sure what you are talking about. The whole experience of yesterday? Then, of course, you certainly heard our discussion on the porch…

Alana : Beloved, let me attempt to clarify for you…

David: Thank you.

Alana :…the apparently less than obvious, yes?

David:  Yes, please.

Alana : You expressed appreciation for the gift of guidance and clarity, the gift of balance…

David:  Yes.

Alana :…the gift of the truth spoken with love, embraced with love, even through the mouths of these dipsy-doodles you call sisters. Yes?

David:  Yes.

Alana : I, beloved, am simply wishing you to understand, the quite incomprehensible, yes? that your imbalance, once embraced by love, becomes balance. Yes?

Nena : Yes.

Alana :  Once embraced by truth accompanied with love, creates balance. Yes?

David : My understanding of what you are seeing, and my inner experience was…one of the teachers said to me that I needed to achieve peace of mind. Since I have begun to tune into our beloved, Song…he has given me peace of mind. I have begun to see that I am a worry-wart like my mother was, and that I need to embrace that, acknowledge that is so, and to love it, and to achieve that love through you and the teachers, and particularly Song at this time…and this brought me into a sitting up straight…

Alana : Yes, beloved.

David: …totally alert, and totally relaxed at the same time, communion with all of you and the whole divine order.

Alana : Yes, beloved. And I will remind you, you were guided, yes? to surrender. To surrender your position of…shall we say…importance.

David :  You can say “godfather,” Alana. That’s ok.

Alana : Thank you, beloved. Yes, the joy you express in that permission is to be loved, yes?

David : Yes. Yes. Yes.

Alana : And did you think, my beloved, that because I, or because Legion, or because the Father, the Mother, themselves said, “Yes, beloved, take a break. You need a vacation.” Did you think, therefore, it would be so easy?

David : Yes, I did!

Alana : And when did it become easy, my beloved? When ? Notice, my beloved. It was when you remembered the lesson you were to learn. Peace of mind, my friend. Balance, my friend. Be at peace with your beloved. Be at peace with your sisters. Embrace your differences with love. Be in balance, beloved. And this is the greatest celebration of all, that you have surrendered me, you might say, to meet with Song.

David : Yes, my beloved. That is so sweet. And I was able to do that because of, I would say, my absolute trust in you.

Alana : Yes.

David:  The love you have given to me is proven to be so trustworthy.

Alana : Yes.

David: I am so thankful.

Alana : Yes. Three yeses in a row, that’s pretty good, don’t you say? (chuckles)

Davina : This is Davina.

Nena : Welcome. Davina, beloved.

David : Welcome, joyful one.

Davina : Thank you.

David : We are learning so many lessons together. It’s been wonderful.

Davina : Thank you.

David : And awful, to in a certain way. But I keep remembering you, and the joy. I am always thankful for you…from the beginning, from the beginning, from the beginning.

Davina : Yes.

Legion : So, this is Legion.

David : Howdy pardner.

Nena : I love you, Legion.

Legion : Yes, little one.

Nena : I feel like I’m swimming.

Legion : Yes, you are fulfilling your discipline of the body, beloved little one. Continue.

Nena : Thank you. Yes.

Legion : And you as well, my friend. So, you wish to speak with me.

David : Yes. As you know, we were talking out on the porch about our experiences yesterday. Could you give us some guidance on how to proceed with our group and our experience with Oliver. As you know, it seemed that he was struggling with this new phenomena in his life in a way that I haven’t experienced him in private sessions. And all of us felt like something was zoning us out, and making us go to sleep, and be bored. What I am trying to articulate as best I can is; can you give us some guidance about the spirit of our response, or whether you wish us to speak, or how to speak, or with what spirit to speak, etc.

Legion : May I indulge myself in the remembrance of that which needs no reminding: I would have you speak the truth with love. I would have you speak in the spirit of truth and love. I would have you embrace this new difficulty with the strength and faith and assurance of love. I would have you welcome this change with love.

So, let us examine this change. Where is the break down that creates boredom, lack of creativity, inspiration, peace? The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Yes?

Nena : Yes.

David : Are you suggesting that the break down, what created the boredom, is in us? That we were not paying enough attention?

Legion : This is no criticism. This is a description of the experience. To remind you the discipline of love is the discipline of joy. This requires strength. This requires disciplining the tongue. This requires disciplining the ability to speak the truth with love.

Nena : Patience.

Legion : This requires the discipline of patience, faith.

Nena : No fear. The discipline of no fear.

Legion : Yes. And so, the break down was in the discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Each of you chose to bring comfort, and solidarity, I think is how you call it.

David : Yes.

Legion : And support.

David : Yes.

Legion : And with this you brought your fears and doubts. When in fear, when in doubt, create the heart room. Surrender. Surrender to the stillness. Surrender to Father-Mother. Step into, enter into the heart room. This is my instruction to you, and to your beloved Sir Oliver: Create the heart room. Allow the love of the heart room to guide you. If you have all my words, and you do not have the heart room, toss my words away. Thank you. Was that sufficient.

David :  Very, very clear, and pointed. I am very grateful for it. I have a sense that this direction has as its goal the fact that, in times of difficulty such as doubt and fear, we can immediately turn to the heart room. In other words, it is constantly available to us, just as you teachers are…in other words we don’t have to be dependent upon Sunday afternoons, or any afternoons…that help is always available, and universally available. Thank you.

Nena : Thank you.

David : I agree with everything you’ve said. That’s the way if feels inside of me.

Legion : One moment please.

David : Is there anything specific I can do, Legion, at this time, in terms of the Brotherhood of Comfort. Anything specific I can do for my brother. You’ve given us a broad outline…but is there anything propitious at this time.

Legion : One moment please. One moment please.

Nena : Yes. Yes.

Legion : Comfort is a state of mind in which peace of mind, comfort and love are experienced even in the midst of difficulties. It is not always the kind of comfort that your, shall I say, well developed cultures have come to expect and believe is theirs to gain. I do not mean the comfort of a pillow under your head at night. It is not wise to surrender all responsibility for love and joy to another, even to our Father and Mother. I am a source. I dwell within you as a source. It is your responsibility.

Nena : Yes.

Legion :  The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. It may not be comfortable to tell your brother, “Truth is, I was bored.”

David : Can I send Nena to say that, Legion?

Legion : (continues) “Truth is, I have observed you ignoring what I have to say, ignoring my truth spoken with deep love, my truth aimed at you, like an arrow to your heart, to where is the deepest comfort of all.” But these are words, my friend, if you would bring the comfort of your love, the comfort of your joy, these are words, my friend, you would speak. As well, you would speak to the importance within the group of bringing the heart room to life, and from the living waters of that love brought to life, then, like a water fall, the words will flow.

You can not make fear comfortable. You can not make doubt comfortable. You can not make imbalance comfortable. But with the discipline of love, which is the discipline of joy, you bring clarity, you bring balance, and therein, deep within the center of the heart room, is the greatest comfort of all. Is there more?

David : I feel satisfied. Sister Nena, do you have anything?

Nena : No.

David:  Thank you, Legion, from my heart.

Legion : He is learning.

Nena : Thank you, Legion. I am learning to be myself. (rest unclear)

Legion : Yes, little one. To allow yourself to see clearly.

Nena : Today I learned, I think, with Dave, about shame.

Legion : Yes, beloved.

Nena : Thank you. Thank you.

Legion : Yes, beloved. There is no shame in the heart room.

Nena : Yes. And I want to share the heart room in all my life. Every moment of my life has to be heart room.

Legion : And so you see clearly, you must step into the heart room, again, and again, and again. Yes? Now, and now, and now. Yes?

Nena : Yes. Now.


Legion : Even in the middle of the storm, as into the eye of the storm, step into the heart room. That moment of peace and love that allows the confusion to be seen, that gives you the boat of love to sail on through into the light, into the joy, into the love that awaits. Yes?

Nena : It is so important. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

Alana : So, this is Alana.

David : Dear Alana.

Alana : Welcome into my heart room. Fill yourselves with my love. Rest your hearts in God’s love. Welcome change with God’s love. And enjoy your little break, my friends. Yes?

David & Nena : Yes.

Alana : Thank you. He will learn, your beloved Sir Oliver. Thank you. Let love pour down upon you like honey, smoothing your skin, your muscles, your hearts, your minds. Holding God’s love as goodwill. Thank you.

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