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CRC020619- Speaking Truth with Love

2002-06-19.  Speaking Truth with Love

Costa Rica #97

Topic: Speaking Truth With Love

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: LegionAlana

TR: S. Butterfield


T/R: Mother Father, I surrender my fears, my doubts, to do your will, good will, to have the courage to speak the truth with love, to create the heart room wherever I go. Alana, Legion, I ask you to be with us today, to guide us in our understanding of ourselves and each other. I open my hear and my mind to listen to you. Thank you.

Legion : Yes. This is Legion speaking.

David : Welcome, Legion.


Legion : You are wrestling with the experience of speaking the truth, with love. This is an experience the human being often avoids as the result of disappointment, many disappointments endured over a lifetime of interaction with other human beings. You begin with the absolute faith and certainty that what those who have watch care over you speak is truth, accurate description of reality and determined by your welfare. Some of you learn earlier than others that this is not necessarily so. Indeed, it is often those who are disappointed earlier who learn more quickly to begin to discern reality for themselves. This can be both productive and positive, or the beginnings of choosing a path determined by selfishness and anger. For every human being must at some point or another come to terms with selfishness, in the parent, in the brother and sisiter, in the friend. There are many points along the way when a choice must be made to allow self-concern and survival to be guided by God’s will and God’s love for all human beings, or to allow that selfishness, self-centeredness and drive for survival to be guided by the rampant self-indulgence that will become ill will.

So you are on a fairly consistent, or repetitive basis confronted with choice, and that is choice between good will and ill will. Generally speaking, you are able to make this choice quite simply and easily, but always you must be honing your mental ability to discern between the two. For sometimes, particularly for those of good will, this can become quite subtle a discernment. You have chosen good will. You have chosen the path of love. You have chosen to know God’s love, the Father’s love, the Mother’s love, for each of you is equal and is good will toward all. You have chosen to know this love and so, in the strengthening of your faith, and the disciplining of your trust, your mental focus upon that single pointed desire to love, you come to me and Alana for assistance in discernment of the truth, and how to speak that truth with the discernment of love. Yes?

So my friends, Alana is with me, and we are available to each of you to speak to your questions of the day. Understood?

Nena : I Alana, this is Nena speaking.

Alana : Yes, beloved. This is Alana.

Nena: I don’t know, I feel this big pain here. I think I have some problems to communicate with other people and of course this is possible because I can not explain really myself.. or in not the right way to communicate, there exists another way that I don’t know…

Alana : Yes, beloved. Let me proceed from here, yes? (Yes.) Thank you. You reveal yourself beautifully, my beloved. I would take you now into the center of my heart, yes?

Nena:  Yes.

Alana : And wrap my arms around this little bundle of “I don’t know.” This is true, beloved. You don’t know. And always this feeling, “I don’t know” creates within you a turmoil. Yes? You would surrender the turmoil.

Nena:  Yes.

Alana : Not the not knowing. For not knowing, my beloveds, is always a beautiful place, a beginning, if you would surrender the turmoil. For not knowing allows for you to know. Allows for you to grow. Allows for you to allow the mind to discern, and allow the heart to open wider. Both you, not knowing. And those who love you and watch you not knowing, growing, learning, discerning. And join with you in not knowing, growing, learning, discerning. And so when the feeling “I do not know” brings turmoil to you, and those who love you, surrender, yes? Surrender to Alana’s heartroom now, yes? Surrender into my heart of love. Now. Focus on the stillness and the single focus of love.

And in this stillness, let me speak to you about pain. The pain you expressed from the beginning, the pain that brings each of you to my heart room. Pain of fear, my beloveds. Fear of speaking the truth. Fear of the truth. So, in my arms, Legions arms, Michaels arms, allow the truth to be love. Allow the truth to be spoken in love. Do not fear. You are loved. Do not fear. You are understood in love. Always it is the fear to reveal what is true for you, what you fear is true for another, what you think, what you feel, what you think others think and feel. Fear brings pain. Doubt acted upon with fear brings pain. Doubt revealed in love, fear revealed in love, brings joy. Even when, my beloveds, the outcome is different from what you believed necessary, or required absolutely for your well-being. Your well-being, beloveds, is in the arms of God. Father, Mother, loving you always. Michael with you always.

Alana/Legion : So, let us blow love on this little bundle of fear and doubt and concern and “I don’t know.” Our beloved little one, yes? Blow love upon her now, Sir David. Do not fear, my little one. All will be well. Open your heart. Open your mind. Allow love to lift you, carry you gently into the next hour, the next day.  So, may I leave you now, resting in the heart room, as Legion speaks to Sir David? Yes?

Nena : Thank you. Yes.

Legion : Thank you. This is Legion. Hello, Sir David.

David: Buenas dias, Legion.

Legion : So, we have some comfort to speak about, yes? Comfort within yourself, and comfort within your beloved brothers and sisters, yes?

David : Yes.

Legion : So, speak to me.

David : Well, I’ve been learning from Song, some of the art of balance. I’ve made a connection between standing tall and being balanced. You can’t stand at your absolute maximum tallness without being balanced, because you are standing on your tip toes. So I see a connection between standing tall and balance.

And I don’t know who, probably a ministry of both you and Song, of teaching me how to love Brother Oliver in a new way. I seem to have a greater ability, a freedom of allowing him to screw up in his inimitable fashion, without getting in bed with him. I feel distant, and I’ve been able to make him laugh with the joy of my spirit this morning. He’s facing a lot of hardships, and wanting to get someplace, and has a lot of hurdles in his way. And I was able, when speaking with him this morning, to make him laugh. I feel that this is an expression of my own joy.

And I wish to convey to you my experience of dancing last night, which was like some new spring of joy evolved in me. Just the sense of joy that my body wanted to express, and I felt the freedom of the child in my movement, and I felt that my dance was the gift of joy that I was giving back to you, my teachers, who are pointing the way to the path of joy. So that’s a rather lengthy report, but there you have it.

Legion : Yes, my friend. So! Standing tall, as you have perceived by standing on your toes, can be, and often is described in linear terms. As a result, many who stand tall receive an adulation, or a fear, various judgments, simply based upon linear measurements. We would, as you are beginning to discern, have your minds and hearts opened beyond the human visual-tactile perceptions into an understanding that allows even what appear to be opposites to become joined in one understanding, that is, the extraordinary power of love to go so far beyond not only the ordinary, but what you call the extraordinary as well, into that realm of consciousness and experience of love that we have called “greater than thou.” Yes? And so, the little one can stand as tall as you, yes?

David : Yes.

Legion : Or, heaven forbid you say, even taller than you, yes?

David : Yes.

Legion : This is possible, yes? And this is embraced in the center of the heart room. Yes? In the stillness point, yes? Even he who stands the tallest embraces she who stands the smallest, and understands, that she may, at times, she can be standing taller, greater than thou. Yes? And so you learn from one another because as human beings your path continues day after day to be one of always growing, learning, changing, and exchanging learning, understanding, and growing love, together, yes? Do you understand me so far, Sir David?

David : Yes! Joyfully!

Legion : Good. Now, you will notice the combination of Legion and Alana creates a certain lightness to my tone, yes? This, my beloveds is to be understood as the co-operation of what you call male and female energy. When I, Legion, speak, through my energy alone, there is the tendency for you to separate the male from the female. Equally so, Alana alone. But you must, we hope, learn in the heart room to allow the male and female voices to speak the truth with love conjointly. Listening to each the other.

So, Sir David danced before the Lord, yes? So yes, I speak to you now about the dance of joy. The light footsteps of the dance of love, the dance of joy, a beautiful expression of one who has surrendered the body to the worship of that energy which we would have you know is yours, always available, always within you, God’s delight in you. It would appear, from the human point of view, that this lightness of being, this lightness of stepping is spontaneous, but it is, indeed, as with your masters of dance, a perfect blending of surrender and discipline. Legion/Alana : This, my friend, continues to be my message to you, as well as any who would hear: Know God’s love. Know God’s joy. Discipline yourself as you receive, accept, and give it away. The discipline of love is the discipline of joy. Balance, my friend, yes. Seek balance in your discipline. Seek balance in your surrender. Seek balance in your acceptance. Seek balance in your expression of love and joy. Seek balance with God in your hearts.


Legion/Alana : I stand always at your sides. I am at the left of her (T/R) shoulder now, and Alana at the right. We blow love upon her (T/R). We expand and stand behind the little one, and we blow love upon her. We embrace you, Sir David. Now expanded, we embrace all three in the center of the heart room you are now. We blow love upon you. Breathe. Fill yourselves with our love, our certainty, our faith. We will leave you now to speak among yourselves. And if necessary, we shall return. Thank you.

David : Thank you.

Nena : Thank you.

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