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CRC020909- Session with David

2002-09-09.  Session with David

Costa Rica #109

Topic: Session with David

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana

TR: S. Butterfield


David: Erin gave an injunction beginning with “Know your love.” I’ve been thinking about this, meditating on that, and I don’t have good clues where to look, how to go about this. Whatever guidance you can give would be wonderfully welcome.

In the experience of learning to let in your love, Alana, I have experienced my love for you and begin to know your love, and know my love. There is a sense in which I already realize that the love within is the God fragment within us, that is in  our essence, so it makes sense to get to know that, be in tune with it, receive messages from it. Know your love. Know your love.

One of the ways, I suppose, one could get to know one’s love would be to look at it at the point when you are  actually feeling yourself loving someone else. That is the moment, perhaps, when our love is most available or vivid to us.

Alana: Yes, you learn by giving it away. Yes? (Hi!) Hello, you may continue. (What do you mean?) Examining how you may know your love.

David: Well, I was just thinking about the love I have for you, Alana. There are some things I know about that love.  I trust you. I have not the shadow of doubt about that, and the one time I did doubt, I felt such reassurance from you that I felt doubly loved.

Alana: This is a child who needs to be told, I love you. All children of God need to be told, I love you. By the priests and the intellectuals. By the common man. By any one who knows God’s love and can, therefore, speak for Him: I love you. These words, the deep plumb of your existence, the diamond light, the crystal clear: I love you. God’s love is unlimited. Your love is. You tap into God’s infinite love whenever you run out, so to speak. There is no shame in this. God’s love will inform you. God’s love will, if I may say it, tell you where to go! Yes? With love. With love. With love. Look at this! With love. Contemplate this! With love. Blow love on it, we say. And yes, you do it and allow the flower to grow. In the cave, in the pool of love and forgiveness, in the heart room, in the sunshine, between each other, surrounding each other, that love which sees things newly, freshly filled. Eternally sourced by the turning toward love, stepping into the heart room, dipping into the pool of love and forgiveness.

She (the t/r) says, “Well, that’s not always easy…to love one whose pattern, shall we say, rubs against another’s pattern in a way that sends off sparks, creates flames of ire and you would explore your anger. And know your anger. And so in those moments of exploration, it is also wise to stay in balance with “Know your love.”

In the knowing, in the growing, comes, sometimes, confusion. Then, well that is an opportunity to “know your love.” To speak to your beloved ones, with love. To listen, with love. And to learn, how do I love you? how do you love me?

To know your love is to welcome every opportunity to love, freely. To know your love is to stay clearly balanced between, let us say, what you know, subject to debate, shall we say, and what you know you know, that is love…you know love.

David: If somebody were to ask me what is love, it is almost difficult to answer. There are so many ways to come at that. The only answer I know is that it feels like love.

Alana: Yes, it is the willingness to know the good, the true and the beautiful. It is the willingness to know the joy of love, even in the pain of loving on the plane of human existence. You speak of the shield of joy, held with the strength of loving. It is different from the shield of anger, struck through with bitterness and revenge, held together with the unwillingness to know love, or to share love and joy with all. It is permeable, yes? the shield of joy. Love permeates all, yes? If you turn to love, love will greet you with joy. Without fear, without doubt.

Fear and doubt will keep you unclear. The shield is not permeable. The shield refusing to allow love to pour through. But only those thoughts of fear and doubt, of darkness without assurance of light…(interuption)…

Conversation between S & D: It was something about the power of love can pierce that shield of anger if you surrender it in yourself and shine your light…surrender whatever kind of anger shield you have within yourself. You do that  with forgiveness. You dip your angry shield into the pool of love and forgiveness and come out with…nothing really, but the shield of joy, which is permeable, invisible, even. Yes, giving and receiving love is one way to know your love. You can turn to Alana always. Whatever she instructs us to do is going to make us feel better. It might be scary, a scary thing to do, but it will be in the direction of learning to know your love.

Who is Alana? She (the t/r) is not quite ready to know who, as you say, Alana is. But yes, I am a teacher and a guide from the universe of love. Or, as you put it from your human experience, I am a professor in the university of love. It is possible to acknowledge their Alana (the people in Hawaii) as an aspect of the universe of love, which maybe called universal energy of love, without the need to personalize that for them. It is wise to understand the various parameters that define the  love speech and expression of those who, sharing your planet with you, enter into the experience of sharing All That Is with you as well, sharing universal communion of love. Some have quite enough professors, already! Others are open to experiencing…(interruption)…the personality without fear and without doubt in the sharing.

This is stretching her now because she wants to know, am I that Alana? But it also stretches her mind to imagine I am that Alana, but differently. You understand, the personal and the personality, the celestial being, goes beyond your understanding.

David: OK, there is the introduction in this book which says this represents heart energy, and it is obvious to see that and understand that from our experience of you. Then they say this is not an entity, or a personality, or anything like that…then you open the book and read and if that isn’t a personality then I don’t know what a personality is. The voice speaking in this book is definitely a personality, a playful, very creative personality. So what’s their problem about naming it as a personality? I don’t get it. Do they have to hide from something, or don’t they know, or what’s going on?

Alana: Shall we put it this way…do you recognize me there? In the joy and laughter, shall we say.

David: Yes, very definitely I picked up your spirit, Alana. I was very much thrilled with the book in the beginning. All the time I was reading it I was turning to you and saying Thank you, Thank you, and I was joyful that other people at the other end of the planet were enjoying your gifts. Then I ran out of gas. The last sacred step is, “all is real, all is illusion,” and I read that, and I don’t retain anything from it. Is there something that is important that I should get?

Alana: Well, it might be useful to examine the nature of the loss of retention. Re-attention. You do not choose in your mind and heart to bring re-attention to that last step. So, if you wish to understand what is present, shall we say…which is the reverse, but perhaps also to be understood as missing…to create lack of inspired nudging for constant re-attention…yes, you might like to read it again, and you will perhaps experience either the presence of another personality, or less expression of Alana’s personality, or the expression of a collective personality born out of the love that was expressed, you might say, by the group personality, the group communion, out of which grew the seven steps.

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