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CRC021127- Meeting the Unexpected

2002-11-27.  Meeting the Unexpected

Costa Rica #021127

Topic: Meeting the Unexpected

Group: Costa Rica TeaM

Teacher: Alana, Legion

TR: S. Butterfield


Alana: This is a turbulent time for you. Your mind searches for answers. I would tell you, my beloved, do not search for the answers that will bring you “down,” as you say. When you meet the unexpected you must allow for the co-ordination of the mind and the heart to settle in into the heart room without the attempt to force anything. Force comes  from fear and doubt pushing against the future for solutions; but the solutions of fear and doubt will always lead to greater confusion. Such ideas carry the illusion of success, the false guarantee, and built within the steps of execution, your downfall.

You must understand and accept that as human beings your anxiety of survival will be triggered by the insecurity of  unexpected untoward circumstances beyond your control. Wrapped in anxiety, and driven by fear, you search for a quick release from the emotional consequences of a factual situation. You grab at straws to create, even if briefly, a satisfaction of illusion, returning to the comfort of believing you have once again survived, even survived “on top of things,” that you have once again established control, even if that “control” is your downfall.

The experiences presented to you now are not dissimilar from past experiences. Reflection will reveal to you that the first step in what you call catastrophe, disappointment, disaster, or tragedy, is (paradoxically to the human mind) surrender. This is not the partial surrender that allows you to come up with the answer you already wanted, or already predicted within the patterns of your mind. This is the whole surrender of all that you are, and all that you know, to the will of God, to good will and God¹s love.

It is difficult for most human beings to make this surrender in the face of [fear] and doubt, and that which appears to  the human mind as a threat to survival, a threat to the human person. Thus we give you, the practice of prayer, the practice of the stillness, the practice of the heart room, the practice of the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. Practice allows the human mind to follow a circuit in conjunction with the heart a circuit of love greater than your understanding a circuit to us, to Father, to Mother, to Michael whichever will serve you best. In the immediate tensions of human fear and doubt, it is difficult to retrieve the simplicity of peace without having trained the mind and the heart. You must train the mind and heart to work together to know the path of love. You must train the mind and the heart to surrender fear and doubt in exchange for the trust that your faith knows is available to you in God¹s love.

Do not be surprised if your mind continues to create impossible scenarios, and rejects the possibility that all will be well. In truth, all is well now, and even now, and yet now again. I do not ask you to understand, or even to know that this is so. I ask you to practice. Enter with me into the heart room, so that our love may embrace you. Enter the stillness of the heart room, so that we may blow love into your mind and through your heart, and give you once again the experience of our love and the certainty that we are with you.

Step into the heart room with me. Allow yourself to feel my love blow through you. Allow yourself to know that Legion, I, and your beloved teachers, stand by you, at your side, whispering. Just as when you were young and life opened up before you, so it will be now, life opening up before you with love.

My friend, before you go searching for the ultimate solutions, your task is to surrender yourself to God¹s love, to fill yourself with God¹s love and our comfort, and to share this with your friends. We give you the peace that passes all understanding. We give to you to fill you, to reassure you, to strengthen your faith. We give you love to give it away. This you can do: give your love and your peace to others. As you create the heart room within yourself, within your gatherings, among your friends, soon the mind and heart coordinated will show you the way.

We can not take you on a journey designed only to satisfy you, but we do show you a path designed to fill you with a love that can be shared, and with all the strength, confidence and enthusiasm for life that you need. My friend, give yourself  the opportunity of time for the way to be revealed, and avail yourself of every opportunity to communicate with us, to enter the stillness and allow us to communicate with you in your listening.

So, in the heart room, now, we gather with you. We embrace you. Thank you.

Legion: This is Legion. My friend, do not look down, but lift your eyes up, pull your spine straight, and allow our love to give you comfort. Allow our love to bring you joy. Do not turn your thoughts inward against yourself to criticize,  but surrender those thoughts and emotions to the cleansing love that awaits you abundantly in your heart room, in your stillness, along the path toward God. Allow yourself to pray for the well being of everyone, and slowly you will know which task is yours to pursue. Thank you. Has this been helpful? (Yes.)

Give me your fear. Give me your doubt. There is no doubt in God’s love. The way toward certainty is to allow God’s design for you to shape each day with an awareness that you do, and you will to do, His will, which is good will toward all. In your daily life, this is to see, even in the darkness, the gestures of love and the opportunities to serve available to you.

You allow fear and doubt, old habit patterns of the mind, to prevent the full flowering of that which you know you can do. Again I say, your task now is to surrender that old mind, and in the surrendering of all you know, to allow that  great  unknown, love from God, to lead you. You have more to give than the tiny basket of possibility that you have allowed yourself. When you hear, “Follow me! This is your destiny!” you will know it is true, truly from our Father and our Mother, when you see that your service will create the fruits of love and joy for others.

My friend, you can not miss your destiny. You can only refuse to allow it to be so. You can only refuse to know it. You can only refuse to allow it to shine forth from you unashamed, with humility, and respect for love. Take your uncertainty and place it flat on the table. Then lift your hands to our Father and Michael, and say, “Yes! I will follow the plan you have laid out for me.” When you step forth, uncertainty behind you, allow our Mother’s love to filter through you, giving you the gift of her embrace and the balance you need to stand tall in bringing forth our Father’s love for all.


Thank you.

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