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CRC153- Pages of Your Desires

2003-04-27-Pages of Your Desires
Costa Rica #153


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Pages of Your Desires
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Athena
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Pages of Your Desires
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Athena
TR: S. Butterfield


ALANA:  This is Alana.

David: Welcome, Alana.

ALANA:   So, you would speak with me?

Sonja: Several sessions ago, we were going to get back together and we were going to be presented with a project as a group. I’m wondering what that might be? Maybe it hasn’t happened because we haven’t all been together…but there was supposed to be a purpose to our group getting together…a project…work on a certain thing.

David: In other words, a focus on certain things so that we all had a sense of accomplishment.


ALANA:   Yes. We await the desire. And yes, the desire seems to have arrived. Yes? The desire to know. The desire to know “what is my purpose here?” Yes?

It is a very good beginning to examine the pages of your desires. Should we meet with Alana with a clarity of purpose, outlined by her? Or, do we look at purpose as a co-operative effort between two or more? You can see that if the purpose is to meet for prayer, with Alana, that could be done if only one should arrive, yes? One can sit in stillness and co-operate with Alana in hearing what she has to say for the day, and in speaking what this one has to say to her for the day, and the two, co-operatively, in an inner dialogue, may pray…indeed, may pray with as much result, or shall we say, focus of energy, as a group of many, three or four or more. That energy will join and contribute to the circuit lines of love being exercised and explored everywhere upon your planet at that time. So there is no need to fear or doubt because of numbers.

It is, however, important to decide the desire of those who would participate in Alana’s project, if this is to be part of a group effort, and if so, how that co-operation might appear. The instruction remains the same, be it one person or many: Step within the heart room and agree to practice that heart room activity, then share that experience, bringing that experience to your circle as homework. (Legion chuckles in the background.) “Homework” being the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. We will then examine, together, the next step along the way.

At this time, the curriculum is based upon individual growth toward learning how to co-operate with one, or two, or more, in the showering of love: nurturing one another, which is to say, nurturing oneself, and nurturing oneself in co-operation with another; as well nurturing the other to nurture the self, and to nurture the co-operation of expression of love. As we teach you how to love, how to speak the truth with love, how to embrace one another with the truth of love, you will become creative sparks that lift all interaction into the light, the light of understanding how to love.

It is an error to think that speaking the truth with love is a form of communication with which one might, so to say, beat someone up; nor is it always wise to say whatever comes to mind without having allowed thought to be informed by love; that is to say, brought to the heart room and dipped into the pool of love and forgiveness. Nor is to speak the truth with love simply a form of fluffing each others feathers. When we speak of the discipline of communication, we are speaking of practicing many forms of communication, even that which you might liken to prayer.

It is akin to prayer, holding someone in the stillness and silence of the heart room, knowing that even if you have had the experience of frustration that leads you to believe you are incapable of doing anything else, yet you know (and this is discipline), that what you are doing (even if it is as you describe it ““all I can do”)” is all that can be done, the rest is to be manifested according to our Father’s, our Mother’s will. We are speaking of the discipline of communication as part of the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy.

When you communicate (and this my beloved might be seen as a partial description of our project), you will increasingly learn to examine what you say, or intend to say, with this question in mind (or you might say, the question is a form of emerging vision, for there will certainly be experiences where you move toward communicating and know what I am about to say): which is, you will examine your communication for the intended result of bringing joy.

As you learn to love yourself, you learn quite naturally, the joy that dwells within you. As you learn to share the love you have come to know in loving yourself, you will learn to share the joy. You will begin to understand that the degree to which you desire to engage in a project will determine the nature of that project, but as well as the desire becomes part of your intentions, the creativity of co-operation will expand.

There is a beginning of a collection of written words based upon the experiences of entering into the heart room activity. Each of you contributes to what we hope to produce in this form, by your will to absorb the lessons of the discipline of love, and to share the experience of learning. You will find yourselves talking among each other about which lessons, what clarifications, have made an impact upon your mode of living, of the sort to increase your experiencing of love as real, and trustworthy, and, of course, the attendant companionship of joy.

This is a goal for it does not require attendance, or numbers. It requires sharing and speaking with Alana, Legion, Erin, and others in your beloved stillness, with your beloved teachers, and today beloved Athena. It is the experiences that will be written down, and/or will shape words…each one of you will have equal impact upon achieving the goal. It was a welcome pleasure to have you recall the prediction and pick up the baton, so to speak. You will see it takes each of you to speak to each other, and to your teachers, and in this group, as the growth steps you are taking that further information may be shared. And so your question, an expression of desire, serves as a statement: “Yes, Alana, I am interested because my heart is open to allowing you to work with me.” Yes? The project, beloved, is: that you should know, as Alana knows, you are beloved. That each of you should come to know this is true. So, would you like to ask anything more?

Sonja: No.


David: You got quite a long answer on that one. I have a different feeling of what she is asking for, than before….(words unclear)…particularly focused on the effort to come into the heart room and to share these experiences that we have with one another. The curriculum will be based on individual and group needs and co-operation with the communication of love, rather than something that they impose upon us from the outside.

Sonja: Right. And sharing these experiences.

David: Thank you, Alana.

Sonja: Yes, thank you.

Erin: And this is Erin. (Sonja: Hi, Erin.) I am smiling in the light I share with you. Indeed, with such pleasure of joy in the communion I share with you that she (the t/r) is shy today to transmit my words, for she senses the intimacy, but I have persuaded her that the pleasure of a smile will be hers should she allow the splendor of water falling upon you with my love to be spoken. Yes? And you and I delight to laugh. Yes? Together, as beloved sisters of an endless time. You know, now, the degree of my joy upon our opening into that circuit of love that now is conscious to you. Yes? Beloved sister of my heart, I am Erin, ever with you in your heart to say to you, “how kind and wondrous you are.” I do enjoy to play with you. Is there aught else? (Sonja: No. Thank you.) Good. We will allow her (the t/r) to allow Athena.

David: Welcome, Athena.


ATHENA:  I come to express the joy of creativity. I have been here before. I have dipped into your circle, from time to time. She (the t/r) has felt me, before. Open your hearts and let the creative thoughts flow. What I support is the joy of creativity in your minds to shape your thoughts so that the structure of joy is clearly understood as serving love. Joy is the structure of enlightened creativity, that is, creativity struck through with the true love and light of our Father-our Mother.

I turn your minds toward the joy of creativity, letting fall away the struggle of concentration. As you are conditioned in life, you develop habits of understanding that drag your minds, again and again, to the darkness of struggle. I would assist you to lift your minds up to the joy of creativity struck through by the light and love of our beautiful Mother, our loving Father, our love for you dwelling within you and awaiting only the release of your permission that it be so.

I, too, have been awaiting the desire to be expressed, “What would you have me do?” It will be projects of beauty and understanding that you will see. It was with the call for understanding of “How is it you wish us to co-operate?” that allowed me to speak today. I have been here many times without spoken words. Any project that moves through me is one that calls upon the trust of mutual support, and supportive mutuality. No one creates alone. So, I gracefully bow out today with a blessing upon each of you, that you will have my energy of loving, joyful creativity, guiding you in your communications among one another as you support each other in what to do. Yes? Thank you. Yes. Thank you.

David: Thank you for the privilege of hearing you today, Athena.

ATHENA:   Yes. Thank you. Do not fear one another. We are very pleased to express to you what we see: growing faith and trust that, indeed, you are on the path of love. Thank you.

ALANA:   That is all for today, although there is room for whatever Sir David would wish to say. This is Alana. Yes, beloved.

David: We’ve had a rather long session so far, Alana, beloved. Very delightful. I’ve been like a wounded animal in your arms all week, as you know. I’m going to survive, and I’m very hopeful and positive about it, even tho that is my state of affairs. Thank you for including me.

ALANA:   Yes. Do you think we might allow the wounded puppy to stretch a leg or two?

David:  Yes.

ALANA:   Good. I would carry you into the pool of love and forgiveness. I would rub that wound with the living waters of our Father’s, our Mother’s love. That wound of the dog kicked in the corner. I would wash that wound with my love, my forgiveness. I would have……(tape ends)

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