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CRC158- Permeability of Love

2003-06-01-Permeability of Love
Costa Rica #158


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Permeabiity of Love
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Note
o 3.2 Opening
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Permeabiity of Love
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana
TR: S. Butterfield


Conversation involved: Discipline is doing it. Love communicates over borders, distances, geography. Alana’s “permeability” of love.


Sandy: I’m remembering how I felt panic the first time David and Susie left. I don’t feel that now. You were talking about the permeability of love. I know that love will still be here, no matter where you are.

T/R: I thank our Mother, our Father for giving us these teachers, for opening the circuits to love. Thank you.

ALANA: : Yes, this is Alana.

Chris: Welcome, Alana.

ALANA: : Thank you. I am here today, in your hearts, moving through you, allowing love, to communicate. Legion as well. The two of us are so grateful for the warm welcome of your heart room, for being allowed to speak to you of love. We are rejoicing that you increasingly understand the power of love is not power over, but the power of permeability, of saturation in joy. So, thank you for returning once again to listen.
You have discovered that the discipline of communication is the discipline of listening. Yes? As well as, speaking. So, I am ready to listen to anyone who would speak today.


David: I would like to say that we are about to separate in various ways. Chris goes tomorrow. We go in a couple of days. Germann is going. Then Sonja will go. I pray that we will each remain aware of your continued guidance and presence with us, and may we learn, on our separate journeys, to dip our beaks into your honey well and receive the love that we need wherever we go.

ALANA: : Yes. With you. In you. Between you. Yes? And as you dip into the honey pot, as you say, you will dip into my love, as well the love of our Father-our Mother, as well the love of Legion, as well, my beloved, the love of one for the other. Yes? And so, practice this in what you call your separation, and I will rejoice with you when each time you increasingly experience no separation in love. Yes?

My beloved, we recognize the tears that the human feels when physical experience, be it illness, death, separation, or change, creates that sadness of the belief in abandonment. Physically speaking, abandonment appears to be very real. Yes?

Sandy: Why is separation so difficult?

ALANA: : Because you are so identified as physical. You are born into a body that immediately begins to process an extraordinary amount of sensation and input. The focus of attention on growth is required, largely physical, at first. Definitely involved with survival, at first. These physical experiences and survival experiences imprint upon the mind. The guidance system becomes transferred from the love that embraced you before birth, to the love that greets you after birth.

This love, as you know, my beloveds, is usually limited in expression, in the ability to give and receive love, and shaped by the difficulties of being a physical body, a human being on a planet such as yours where so much confusion exists around love. And so, you grow and, to one degree or another of consciousness and awareness, you yearn to know the guidance of love. Un-confused. Without confusion. Love clear, whole, unlimited. And so, you are born again. And yes, you are born again to the love expressed by our Master Michael, Jesus on your earth. This is not to exclude anyone. “A rose by any other name,” has been said by another Gertrude.

(Gertrude Stein. Michael’s love is not bound by a name.)

When you feel the pain of separation, the fear and doubt, the dragging resistance to change, you are simply experiencing a momentary loss of faith.

( add a footnote, everything is momentary to me, it may appear far longer to you.)

But it is, my beloved, a momentary loss of faith, or blindness to love.
And so, you practice, yes? You practice turning, in faith, to the love that is ours to give to you, that is given to you by our Father, our Mother, God of love and goodwill. You practice this, just as you practice stepping into the heart room, just as you practice listening in the stillness of your heart. You gradually, but surely, strengthen your certainty of understanding that God is Love, does dwell within you, embraces you, and this love is yours with no qualifications, conditions, limits, or separation. You are loved by God.

That love is given to you freely. Any love you offer in return, from having learned to receive love and give it away, is rejoiced upon by God and all the “heavenly hosts,” as you call them, including myself, and Legion, and delightful Davina.

With practice you learn to give this love away to one another. You learn to receive it from one another. And increasingly, as you practice this, as you practice bringing others into your heart room, as you practice loving others in the stillness of your heart by listening, increasingly, you know that love shared among you is one love, free of limitations, qualifications, separation.

So practice, my beloveds, as you each leave to travel in one direction or another, practice the stillness of the heart room of our circle here together. For it is in the doing that love becomes real. So when I say “practice,” the goal will become the doing of that which you practice, the doing of love, the giving of love, the receiving of love, the speaking with love, the looking at the truth with love. It is the great task on your planet, yes?

But I would have you know, to be encouraged, we rejoice at every individual step along the way. Thank you. Is there anyone else who would speak to me today? There is a great deal of love being given to me. I am grateful. Give and receive. Give and receive. Yes?
Sandy: We are grateful, too, Alana. It’s a revolutionary concept, in the kind of love you are trying to show us, there are no separations.

ALANA: : Yes. And thank you. Feel the love now. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Step into the pool of love and forgiveness with me and refresh your hearts and your minds. Lay down your troubles. Release your burdens. Welcome into the heart room all those you love, and would love daily more and more. Recognize how this description could begin to include all those you know, even those you have sometimes thought you do not love, even those you do not know. The love of the heart room, my beloveds, is one love, a single spirit of goodwill. The confusion is human. You are not condemned for your occasional lapses of fear, your temporary confusion, your fears and doubts. And this you know in the heart room, love is one. Thank you.

David: Do you have a special word for “the silent one,” Alana? It looks like he isn’t going to speak up today, so I’m speaking up for him. Is that ok? (laughter) That’s fair, isn’t it?

Sandy: Yes.

Germann: Thank you, David.

ALANA: : You are a very good older brother, yes? And we acknowledge the love that pours from you in your effort to bring to your brother, our beloved silent one, that which is of such great value to you, which is love spoken. Yes?

And so…yes. I would say to you, my beloved one, continue to allow yourself to embrace the questions of your mind with love, the love within your heart. You are entering a phase, shall we call it…but better yet, she (the t/r) sees the door that you are opening. Always, when you open the door, even just a little tiny bit, to the light of love, there is that momentary experience..

(and I remind you that all is momentary to me, but might seem longer to you)

..there is that momentary experience of seeing shifting shapes and shadows as you begin to see differently through the eyes and light of love. When you surrender willingly, wholly and completely to opening the door to love, this experience is changed somewhat, in that you discover the door was open all along, always and ever, to you. The transformation is extraordinary. However, my beloved, opening the door is a daily, even moment by moment, decision, choice.

So, I encourage you, my friend, to allow yourself to make this choice, as open as you can, and in as many ways made available to you. Practice opening the door to love. Welcome the love and the light, allow it to welcome you. Do not fear, my friend. All is well. And all will be well. You are headed toward greater and greater joy. Yes. Does that satisfy you, my beloved, Sir David.

David: On the basis of the look on Germann’s face, and my own response in my heart. Yes. I’d like some words for Chris, who is leaving tomorrow, and those two love-birds across the table. Especially the one with the shit-eating grin on his face. (chuckling) You can erase that from the record.

ALANA: : No my beloved, we embrace all of your idiosyncrasies of communication, yes? Yes, my beloved, acceptance. And welcome change with love.
We place you now, you and your beloved Sonja, in the center of the heart room. And we blow love upon them. We see you through the eyes of love. We embrace you with the graciousness of love. We draw down God’s grace upon you.

Chris: Thank you, Alana. Very kind of you, and very thoughtful of David to point your love toward us in that way. I’ll take you with me.

ALANA: : Yes. Most definitely. As well, Legion will be by your side.

Chris: I’ll take all of you.

ALANA: : So, I thank you, my beloveds. Might we take a break now? and should you return, that is well. Should you choose not to return, I am with you anyway, yes?

David: Thank you. We could use a smoking break, Alana. (laughter)

ALANA: : Yes, my beloved cowboy. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

David: She’s trippy, isn’t she? What I love about her is that she comes back so fast. You throw her a curve, and she comes right back without hesitation. It opens you up, and you realize how funny it is and loving at the same time. Really an art form. She got going on Sandy’s question. She riffed.

Sandy: she always does, and I always end up feeling such peace. Sometimes I’m just so confused, and she brings me peace.

David: So, Alana-san. I just wanted to say good-bye. I want to thank you for your presence with us, the constancy of your love, the fact that you made us fearless to come to you whenever we need to. I especially want to thank you for the love that I feel in this group of people, the love that we share with one another, and that we have for you. It is a special gift in my life. And I just wanted to take the time to express that to you. Thank you.


ALANA: : Yes, thank you. Fearless come, and fearless go, yes? Fear not, my friends. Welcome all change with love, and you will see the path, the way through. Enjoy my love as you travel. This journey of life is given to you with love for joy. Yes? Thank you.

Chris: Momentary life.

ALANA: : Yes, my beloved. Yet you will, someday, look at that tiny speck of light that was your life on earth, and you will, as I do, bow down to that tiny speck of light, that light lived. And you will know, with gratitude, the grace of love that passed through.

Chris: Thank you.

David: Thank you for the peace that you bring to us.

ALANA: Yes. Thank you for being peaceful with me. Isn’t it a pleasure to discover the pleasures of peace, the joy that dwells within, the love that makes all peace possible. So, my beloveds, have faith in the power of love to be with you always. Thank you.
(sounds of birds singing)

Germann: I would love to be able to speak as that bird sings.

Chris: Total expression.

Susie: Alana has told you that is where you will find her, yes? In the beauty of the landscape, and the song of the birds?

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