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CRC163- Germann and Family

2003-09-14-Germann and Family
Costa Rica #163


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: With Germann and his Family
o 1.2 Group: Costa Rica TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Alana, Legion, Ahbaron
o 2.2 TR: S. Butterfield, Oliver Deux
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue

Topic: With Germann and his Family
Group: Costa Rica TeaM
Teacher: Alana, Legion, Ahbaron
TR: S. Butterfield, Oliver Deux


David: (Makes an introduction for new comers.) Feel free to ask questions. You will feel the teachers presence as the presence of love.

Susan: For your information, the teachers may refer to your father as The Silent One. The teachers gave him that name…because he was so silent in the beginning. Also, you should know that Alana encouraged your father to attend the Miracle of Love seminar. She may ask about that, although we never have any real idea what they will do. Oliver transmits, as well. We do not know which teachers will speak, but usually we can count on Alana to be here.
Oliver: I never know what will happen, and it is good for me not to know. We get what we ask for, usually, and so if we ask for a particular teacher, we usually hear from that one. And then there are surprises.

Susan: (Prayer.) Dear Father-Mother, I pray for your good will to enter and be expressed through me. I dedicate this time to doing your will. I welcome your teachers. I surrender my thoughts, my fears, my doubts. Thank you.


ALANA: : Yes, this is Alana.

David: Welcome, beloved Alana.

ALANA: : Yes, thank you. Welcome to you.

David: It so nice to be back in this beautiful paradise. And look at all these beautiful beings we’ve bought to you today. The family of The Silent One. He is about to return to Chile, and he wanted each of his children to be introduced to you.

ALANA: Thank you. Welcome. So, we shall create the Heart Room, yes? So, my beloveds, surrender your doubts. Surrender your thoughts to me. Allow my love. Allow my love to enter into you. Open your hearts. Open your minds. Allow love. Allow love to fill you, and fill you. Thank you. Thank you for your presence today. And so, my beloved, my Silent One, you have chosen,yes? to step into the world of speaking, yes? Speaking your heart. Speaking your love. Yes? Welcome. And so, there are wounds, yes? that have been softened. Allowing, allowing the power of love to release the fear, the fear held so tightly. So, I welcome you, Each one of you. Is there anyone who would speak with me? I, Alana, welcome your thoughts, welcome your desires.

Germann: Well, I suppose I should say something. First of all, I am so grateful that after such a long time in my life, I come to sit here with my children around this table and to share with them this path of the search for God and truth. I left that part for them to search for themselves…

ALANA:   Yes.

Germann: …because I was so angry, so against what our religions teach and do…they complicated my life so much. So this is important for my children to know my path. It is the most important day of my life, I might say, so that we can join together and feel that we are are all walking approximately the same path to God. I hope they will speak whatever is on their hearts. It is important for them to speak. Thank you, Alana. Thank you, Legion. Thank you, Ahbaron, for holding my hand this past week.

ALANA: : Yes, my beloved. It is a birth of love, yes? You use the term, re-birth, for as human beings you have this tendency to believe that your physical birth is the one and only. But truly, in the realm of love the birth is ever and always now, and now, and now, and yet again, now. Yes? The birth of love is moving always through you and among you and willing to be experienced when you so choose to open your hearts and open your minds to love. Yes?

My beloved, yes, the difficulties you have had with the human understanding, and shall we say, mis-understanding, of how love permeates each one of you, which then you have taken and constructed what you call religions, has created many a stumbling block. And yes, especially for you my beloved, creating anger, even fury and objection to God. Your thought processes, your “Shoulds,” yes? shall we say?

There is no “should” to Alana, only allow love, allow love to enter into your hearts, into your minds, and allow love to begin with an invitation to say, hello, and welcome to speak, yes? For their love for you is known by me, and their desire to know love, to give love, to experience love, is known by me and welcomed. And you, my beloved, know that you are forgiven. No guilt. No shame. Love. Yes? Thank you.

When you are on the path of love, you will encounter an open freedom to express your experience of God’s Love individually, as well as collectively, or community. It is natural for human beings to choose to socialize this experience in what might eventuate into many communities. It is not so important the name, or the size, or the complexions of these communities, but that God’s Love, God’s Love, should be allowed to communicate to the individual, and through the individual, through each other, from individual to another, from one community to another…and so, as I, Alana, spoke to you, my beloved silent one, it is always welcome when an opening to love is offered and given freely among you.

You expressed concern, “Is it alright, Alana, that I should step into this invitation to another miracle of love?” Your fear, my beloved, being that conditioned fear that has been passed down through the ages, and called “right religion.” And if you are in the right religion, perhaps it has been called what is the “wrong religion.” And so fear and doubt has been taught from one to another, but as you open your hearts, and open your minds to God’s love, and allow love to speak to you, and allow love to pass through you, within and without, it is your discovery, yes? that Love has no boundaries and welcomes, only welcomes.

So, for a moment now, let us create the heart room. Allowing love to pass from one heart to the other. Allowing love to create the circle of the heart room. Allowing love to pour down into your bodies, passing through your bodies, through your arms, through your legs, through your hands, through your feet, creating the walls of the heart room. Creating the floor of the heart room. Joining each of you in the heart room.

Welcome. I welcome each one of you. Bring your loved ones into this heart room. Allow love. Allow love to pour upon your loved ones. And if you have those with whom you have difficulties, welcome them, welcome them into this heart room. Allow love. Allow love to pour down upon them. Breathe my love. Breathe the love in. Breathe the love out.
Allow love to fill your hearts and fill your minds. Rest in the stillness now. Rest in the heart room now. Allow. Allow love. Yes, Ahbaron is here, as is Legion.  Rest in the stillness and allow.

LEGION: This is Legion.

David: Welcome, Legion.

LEGION:  Thank you. I would speak to one, Andres. There is a guideline called the discipline of love which is the discipline of joy. This guideline, my beloved soul of heart, is to allow the light that you know of God as it enters your mind, (particularly at that point of the inner eye, the center of forehead between the eyes) to allow that light to enter down into your heart. Let your love know that discipline is a way to the freedom of expression of love that will bring joy into your life with all those you know and know wish to join in the dance of love. Yes? Thank you.

AHBARON: This is Ahbaron. We are united in love. We thank Alana for setting the tone, today. Welcome all to this long table to bring down to your needy planet more and more of our Father’s love, which is infinite. We teachers, sometimes called by you celestials, live daily, hourly, with our Spirit Parents guidance, their unconditional love, their pure acceptance, their grace that makes it so easy to surrender to their guidance. The entire celestial hierarchy, as you all know about angels already, is there to help guide and uphold, and there is a constant exchange of love…in serving each other we can express that love that we so readily receive as a gift. Love is given freely, and thus it behooves to give it freely. I am grateful to be here with you today, and especially for the desire to interact with us.

David: So nice to hear your voice, Ahbaron. It has been so long, but you still have a slight German accent, yes? (laughter)

AHBARON:: I do not have an accent. (more laughter)

David: Yes, it is so nice to have you here.

AHBARON:: If you would allow me to speak through you….

David: Yes! I need all the help I can get, that’s a fact of my life….

AHBARON::…I would have no accent. (more laughter)

ALANA: So, there is a lightening up, yes?

David: Well yes, you used to call me boisterous in the early days. I’ve gotten very serious and adult and mature-like since then. (laughter) I’m just so happy to see all these people here, today. My heart is jumping with joy. So it is a little exuberant inside of me. Will you please excuse me, Alana?

ALANA:  Beloved, your joy is always welcome…even mis-understood! (laughter) There is one here…one moment please…one here for Marianna. Her name is…Abella. As she can not speak through this tr, I will speak for her today. Beloved, she is. (probably a seraphim….)

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