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CRV25- Attitudes

Corvalis #25


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Attitudes
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Dialogue
 3.2.1 Attitude, Thought Adjusters
 3.2.2 Progress
 3.2.3 Angelic Contact
 3.2.4 Dissemination, Urantia Book
 3.2.5 Fear
 3.2.6 Communion, Prayer
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Attitudes
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Thea Hardy


LinEL: The love of God surrounds you. The Love of God uplifts you. The love of God abundantly supports you. Wherever you are, he is forever.

Good evening group, this is LinEL your teacher. I am delighted again to see so many of you here. We have interesting things to do together. And…one moment. We have interesting things to do together and I am very pleased with your progress. We are all very pleased with this. I hope your week has been interesting. I would like to send you greetings from Michael who knows of your activities and is deeply pleased with your faithfulness.

Last Friday I gave you an assignment. I hope it has been interesting. This evening I would like you to ask some questions and following the question period I would ask if you wish, that you discuss together what you have thought this week. This will be a frequent request on my part because class discussion is a useful technique. I enjoyed spending time this week with each of you. Understand that you teach us much which helps us to better serve you. Please know that we all love you very much and are excited by your progress. I am ready for your questions if you desire.


Delores: Good evening LinEL, this is Delores. Thank you for lightening my week. I noticed your touch on my life more than once. My question has to do with the work we did with Michael in 1985. I have always considered this T/R as co-phenomenal with that occurrence. I want to know how the work we did then can be used in this mission or if you have plans for that and how we can best continue to serve Michael. Thank you.

LinEL: Greetings Delores. I was pleased to be with you during this week. I would ask that you reserve this question for a personal session if that is acceptable to you. Is this acceptable?

Delores: Yes, Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you Delores. (Long pause) I know it is difficult to ask questions and I perceive microphones are not always enjoyable, however, we must get used to this process. I think you will find it is not so difficult once you have experienced it. We are as you say, all friends here.

Attitude, Thought Adjusters

Alan: Hi LinEL, this is Alan. The question I came up with thinking about what you asked us to think about last week is that I feel that there are certain attitudes I have that are blocking me from receiving a personal teacher and from letting me share God’s love with myself and others. How can I change these attitudes when I am not sure what they are? It is like I don’t know what to do in relation to them. Is there something that you can give me to help me to understand what to do?

LinEL: Thank you Alan. This question is difficult because Thea has emotional responses, nevertheless, we will try. You know how early your attitudes were formed. This makes your task not easy. It is necessary to learn to see each moment in your life for exactly what it truly is. This is not a habit you can acquire quickly. Therefore, it sometimes appears as an almost impossible task. You must remember to live one day at a time with this. Remember that your Thought Adjuster is an important part of attitude change. You can learn to receive his assistance in this process…one moment please…I am sorry, the distraction is difficult. Is it possible to be addressed?

Lissa: Yes.

LinEL: Thank you. (Long pause) Please excuse this difficulty. When things are more…when Thea is more used to this process it will not be so difficult. But for now these things will happen. I ask you to be patient. Alan, to consider, to continue with your question…your attitude is your perception of your life. Your attitude is of fundamental importance in everything that you do. If you can change your attitude you will indeed change your entire way of living. This is one of the most important roles of your Thought Adjuster. You can ask your Thought Adjuster to help you with specific attitudes. However, it is necessary to try to do this frequently throughout the day when you are facing the difficulties you are mentioning. I do not know how to comfort you except to tell you that this can be done and that you can do it. But you must struggle against your need to do this perfectly because as human beings you are not perfect and you Alan are certainly a human being. There is nothing unacceptable about this. You will prevail if you continue to seek the Father’s will. Try to do this throughout your day instead of restricting it simply to one time. Is this useful?

Alan: Yes, Thank you.


Tom: In the Urantia Book it says that the attainment of the cosmic circles augments the potential of human success and mortal achievement. Is it possible to tell us what cosmic circle we have attained?

LinEL: Tom, I regret this is not possible. I would be curious as to your interest in this however and how you feel it will assist you. I understand humans are very curious. Sometimes I wish we could satisfy all that curiosity. Unfortunately we cannot.

Tom: Basically I do not have an interest in what my spiritual name is. I would rather know how advanced my soul is.

LinEL: This is something between you and the Father. I would encourage you to speak with your Thought Adjuster about this. In time you will receive the assurance you desire.

Angelic Contact

Tom: I also have a question on (pause as the clock strikes eight o’clock with eight chimes) other beings such as the social architects, adjutant mind spirits and there are several others that I didn’t get their names, but beings like that. Are they able to help us in our everyday interaction with our fellows?

LinEL: Yes this is sometimes possible. You would be amazed at the array of different groups and personalities functioning here to help you in your progress. Participating in this mission does bring with it certain advantages and benefits. You are receiving these at this time. Tom: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you Tom. (Long pause with no questions asked)

Dissemination, Urantia Book

Terry: Good evening LinEL. The question I bring to you this week is in the past years we have studied the Urantia Book and gained an understanding of the teachings that are in the Urantia Book. I believe my concern is until we expand this knowledge to those who do not understand about these things we really haven’t succeeded in accomplishing a great deal except for our own personal growth. That until we take action to expound these things to those who don’t know…I think what I am trying to ask is how do we best build up the courage that is required to take these things to people who do not know or understand the things of the Urantia Book without them looking at us wondering whether we got a few missing bolts and nuts?

LinEL: Terry, thank you for your question. This gives me an opportunity to discuss something with you all. The Urantia Book as you know is an amazing book which has blessed you with incredible knowledge of the universe, the functioning, the Father, Michael’s sojourn, however, our mission and at this time, your mission as well, is not particularly to spread the book, although this is acceptable when you deem the time right, but to learn something I think you will find sometimes takes even more courage, which is to learn to truly love everyone you meet. This is the task.

This is spreading the religion of Jesus. This is living the religion of Michael lived on your planet where he had no Urantia Book at hand. This does not mean that when you perceive a person is ready that you do not offer him what you have come to treasure so fully. You will learn in time as you have already done to recognize openings in a person’s mind to learn to discuss preliminary matters which can permit you to assess whether mentioning further is appropriate. Nevertheless, your main task is to love each other and everyone you meet. I think you will find this sufficient challenge. I know you will grow to enjoy this very much and find ways to harmonize your natural desire to spread the Urantia teachings with it. Thank you Terry for your question. Terry: You’re welcome.

LinEL: Are there any further questions for this evening?

Dan: I would be curious to know if you could describe for us any specific instances of divine intervention or influence on persons throughout history which we might recognize or perhaps point out for us names that we might recognize of what you understand to be enlightened individuals or conversely describe for us some of the things that Caligastia was directly or indirectly responsible for, what of things he went about doing and what we might notice the lack of now that his doings are done as I understand. Is that a fair way to get a lot of questions into one?

LinEL: Greetings Dan. I think you are asking me to write a book. Dan: Thank you. (Group laughter)

LinEL: This of course I will not be doing. I would be curious to know what it is about these questions that you feel will most further your spiritual development?

Dan: I would be curious to be able to look more directly at events that we might be familiar with to find out specifically how others that became spiritually enlightened or were just working along that path dealt with that fact in their lives like we are trying to do.

LinEL: I would suggest that perhaps you seek names of various people who you find inspirational and study their lives. I understand your question. This is often helpful because you learn to recognize what other humans such as yourself have done in their struggles to come to the Father’s love. You know yourself some of these who interest you. I would definitely proceed in this. However, I regret I am not here to instruct you in these specific matters. And it would take me more time than you can imagine to fully educate you on this. Does that help?

Dan: How about the Caligastia part?

LinEL: That part I will not speak of this evening. You will find it is not unusual for teachers to not answer each of your questions. I know this is frustrating and no ill is meant, however there are things we are permitted to discuss as well as teaching guidelines which we intend to follow. In this instance this will not be possible. If it is possible later, I will inform you of that. Nevertheless, I appreciate your questions.

Dan: Thank you.

LinEL: Thank you Dan.


Barbara: LinEL, this is Barbara and I think this past week has shown quite clearly to me that the greatest impediment to spiritual growth in my life is pain and fear associated with early experiences in my life about what religion means, about what spirituality means. My question tonight to you is what kind of things can I do to overcome the fear, to overcome the pain. I was talking with Caren early and I expressed this by saying that it feels like the immovable object meeting the irresistible force inside me because I have, clearly have a desire to have a full and meaningful spiritual life. Any guidelines you can give me would be appreciated.

LinEL: Dear Barbara, please be assured I do understand the nature of your difficulties. I think the biggest struggle all of you have to bear on this planet is the fear legacy of the rebellion. You know your early life was very destructive in spiritual terms, and you have only recently recognized the gravity of that situation. Unfortunately, in this case it means a great deal of patience with yourself will be necessary because it will take time before you can go through the memories of that time and feel free to follow your own spiritual path. Please know that you have the right to do exactly this.

That your relationship with your Thought Adjuster, with your concept of the Father is for you and you alone to decide and determine no matter what any other may say. I would encourage you to try even during times of discouragement to commune with your Thought Adjuster. Do not concern yourself with teacher of this mission if that is causing difficulty. I know this is of little comfort for again it appears that I am a broken record. Nevertheless, in time you will be satisfied and you will find this journey meaningful once you have moved further ahead. Does this help?

Barbara: I have a follow-up question if that is all right.

LinEL: This is acceptable.

Communion, Prayer

Barbara: That’s what I thought. When you speak of communing with the Thought Adjuster you know these notions are very new to me and the idea of thought adjustment is just a little strange for me but not any stranger than some other things I have come across. What’s the difference between communing with one” Thought Adjuster and the quiet time that one spends with the Father and my own version of praying which is to write down everything I can think of in the morning.

LinEL: Praying is different from communing with the Father, the Thought Adjuster. Praying is often working out of difficulties and attempting to align your will with that of the Father, however, that to which I refer is practiced in the silent time where if you seek to visualize the Father’s love for you, you will eventually find your attitudes adjusting. This is the purpose of the silence. Not that you shall remain in silence, but that you shall begin to hear the Father’s endless message of love for you. All of us need this assurance in the universe to maintain and continue our spiritual growth. This is not easy at first. But as time passes, you will be able to sustain hearing His voice for longer and longer periods of time. Do not be dismayed when your mind runs wild as this is frequent particularly at the start and will continue. However, it is useful to pay attention to where your mind goes because you will get clues of particular problems. When you recognize your mind has strayed gently remember again the Father’s love for you and try to refocus without burdening yourself with guilt. This is what I mean by communing with the Thought Adjuster. Is this clear?

Barbara: Yes thank you.


LinEL:Thea is at the end of what she would call her rope. I would ask that we stop now and I would encourage you please to discuss your questions. Those of you who have not asked do not feel badly, there will be plenty of time ahead. Thank you for what you are doing to help us in our work. Know that we all are encouraged in your progress and spend time with you. Know that the Father is with you, that Michael himself knows of your group and appreciates your sacrifices. And we will return next week. Farewell.

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