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CRV26- About IC 99

1998-08-15-About IC 99
Corvalis #26


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: About IC99
o 1.2 Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM & Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Machiventa
o 2.2 TR: Susan Kimsey & Thea Hardy
• 3 Session 1
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
 3.2.1 Conferences
o 3.3 Closing
• 4 Session 2
o 4.1 Opening
o 4.2 Lesson
 4.2.1 Teaching Mission, Growth
o 4.3 Closing
• 5 Notes
o 5.1 First
 5.1.1 Transmitting
o 5.2 Second
o 5.3 Third

Topic: About IC99
Group: Half Moon Bay TeaM & Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: Machiventa
TR: Susan Kimsey & Thea Hardy

Session 1

MACHIVENTA: Greetings, Susan. This is Prince Machiventa who speaks now.


It is my wish that Ham speak to the assemblage of souls at IC99. Let all come who choose to listen. There is great purpose to this gathering at your conference. Many will come to this conference to unite and affirm their belief in the integrity and beauty of the Urantia Book. Many will come to reestablish companionship and camaraderie among their fellow believers. Many will come to advance the cause of truth, beauty, and goodness, on your planet. All will be there with sincerity. The Teacher, Ham, has a message for all who have ears to hear and eyes to see.

That is all that we ask of our audience–a desire to hear this message from the Teacher, Ham, with sincerity of heart. Let those who feel an affiliation to our Mission support this proposal as best they can. All who wish to refrain from efforts toward this goal are as dearly loved as those who choose to bring about this event. We have no favorites among our precious students.

This, then, is the task set before you. To present to the IC99 committee a proposal that a large gathering room be provided for this one hour event, where all who choose may come to hear Ham’s words. At all other times at this conference we encourage you to participate in whatever way appeals to you. Any efforts made by Teaching Mission participants to express their belief in, and enjoyment of, this Mission are gratefully appreciated by those of us who serve you from on high. There is no need to be concerned that this request for a room for this special assembly is offensive to some who attend this conference. We wish them well, and request that they show patience to their spiritual brothers and sisters in this matter. Even Jesus was given his moment in the temple, despite the misgivings of the Sanhedrin. Let this matter be placed in the Hands of God in your hearts and minds, now, my children.

I respect that Rebecca’s transmissions usurped the dynamic of your debate. Let yourselves trust that there was purpose to this, also. We are here to lead you into effective situations for our ministry to spread to others. This was an opportunity which we wished to exploit for good reasons, and we did not see you, as a group, involving us in your discussions. There is so much more to this Mission, my children, than you can now perceive. We recognize and respect your reticence in “forcing the issue” with those who do not yet see the validity of our work, but we do not choose to be hampered by this reticence, now. You who show good will toward others in your efforts to advance our cause will allow us the diplomacy we need in this delicate negotiation.

Show trust, my dear ones, in God’s Will shaping the current of events as it flows through the river of time. Evidence faith in your brothers and sisters of all beliefs and political persuasions in this Urantia Book community. Much goodness can come from your efforts in this manner. You will be “Emissaries of Light and Love” at this conference if you will allow this light and love to first fill your hearts and minds, and brighten your spirits. This is the best manner in which to attend this conference, and we will be with you as you do your best to express this light and love that guides you.

There is nothing to fear, or regret, in making this effort with us to reach the many souls who will attend this conference. The only thing to be lost is the opportunity which this event presents, if you do not choose to cooperate with Teacher Ham’s request. Even this will not deter us form our efforts to reach toward as many of you as we can, but we hope you will work with us to make of this opportunity the best expression of our ministry that we can. Allow us this chance, my students, and I, as your Prince, will orchestrate an event which will win hearts and minds for the Father, through this mission of love and kindness which we now bring to your planet. I encourage all of you to pray for inspiration in this matter. God’s Will shall be manifested in this way.


I close now, Susan, and I thank you for your cooperation in expressing my words to all who chose to listen.

Session 2

MACHIVENTA:  Greetings, dear one, I am Machiventa, and I greet you with affection and deep regard.

Teaching Mission, Growth

I know the struggles of your heart in these times of difficulty. I have been by your side through many struggles and pains as you valiantly attempt to remain on the track of light in this mission. You are all still so very human. It is so hard for you all to understand anything of true unity. Even in your pleas for understanding, you do not understand. Do not be shocked by my words. The inadequacy of all of you in this mission is quite profound. This is because you are coming up through the difficulties of the rebellion and default on a world that is nearly the worst of the lot. How many times we tell you, and yet your child-hearts hope and believe that it cannot be so bad here.

Yet I tell you that it has been all but devastated, your beloved world. And when we are done, it will shine in beauty. Yet that is long off, and you are at the beginning. Those of you who think that you have been seasoned sufficiently do cause us some degree of humor. For in our sense of time, seven years and more is an eye-blink, not long enough to take the equivalent of a nap. Yet to you, I know that it seems long, over-long and taxing on the patience of hearts that yearn to see this world filled with the possibilities that lie ever growing in your hearts.

Dear ones, be patient. I know how difficult these words are to hear, and I say them to you all, for in each case there is an issue in which patience is a partial if not a total solution. You are all so eager, each in your own understanding. We love this in you, that you throw yourselves with sincere desire into your understandings of this mission. Your dedication is sublime, especially for beings who could easily have turned away. But your desires must be tempered by the wisdom of the understanding of time. For none of what any of you want can yet come to pass. The fullness of time is not upon you. I can promise you, and have, that much which is wondrous is yet before you and will be fulfilled in your lifetimes. Still, it will come as it does, and not because of your efforts to make it one way or another.

Be patient with one another. This is the primary call to patience that I would ask of you. Be patient as you seek deeper wisdom in mutual understanding. Do not see this desire to delve deeper, however awkwardly and crudely it is performed, as a danger or difficulty in this mission. We have come to encourage you to share openly, in ways that are not usual to your world. But in your imperfection, you cannot do it well without practice. And hence you practice with one another, awkwardly and without great tact. How could it be otherwise? You live on a world where the free expression of truth has long been suppressed – even though for supposedly high value – where you are still experiencing the heady freedom of new possibilities that have long been waiting for human lives to embody.

In the newness of your freedom, some of you run ahead in this avenue and that avenue. Many of you have been running ahead in different directions. And you have been dismayed to find that other’s perceptions of your direction are not always what you would have expected. Yet is it so unusual that you would have difficulty in such things, when your world has always had such difficulties? I do not mean to chide you, but your wonderful achievements still only leave you barely ready to enter the first grade curriculum. Even though some have worked ahead of others in our one-room school house, we do not have very advanced workers from the perspective of what has yet to be done. So perhaps a rush to pride, whatever achievements and comprehensions you may believe that you have, may be premature.

Remember, this mission is a testing place and a learning ground for many things. And we are just barely out of the starting gate. You are still enrolled in our provisional and experimental stages. While there are many, and progress is evident to most of you, we are still a long, long distance from the main course. If you accept this readily and cheerfully, and take your time to enjoy the process along the way, you will find endless fascination in it. But the linear and direct approach that you often seek tends to use up your energies and you wear yourselves out with unrealistic expectation.
Expectation is always a mixed thing. One part is hope, and this you must have. I can tell you with utter assurance that your hopes and dreams, however much they may appear at risk, will be fulfilled. The fulfillment may not look exactly as you had expected, but you will be satisfied.

The other part of expectation, however, can all too often be a form of naivete. If you expect one another to behave with flawless, or even considerable decorum at this stage in your development, then you are doomed to disappointment. We marvel at how well you do. Yet your human assessments of success in interpersonal interaction is not much like our methods of assessment. You do not yet know many of the factors such as the actuality of different personality types and how this enters into human interaction. You do not know many, many of the differentials that go into your interactions – entirely aside from personal history, biochemistry , spiritual awareness and those things which you can and do sometimes recognize. Without an understanding of many basics, your assessments of one another’s performances tend to range from the peculiar to the unfortunate.

In saying this, I exempt none of you. Yet in saying this, I imply no criticism. For you are amazing creatures, whom I love with a deep and abiding dedication. For in the face of great difficulty, and confusion, you yet manage more love for one another than would be expected. Have a care that you not mistake specific behaviors as the only demonstrations of love. For there are many different patterns that indicate loving response, and you tend to pare down the list to a few impossible of attainment.

One of the most useful pursuits you can share together is an examination of what it means to love – not to come to a consensus, but rather to see the vast range of ways in which genuine love can be expressed. In your interactions with one another on your material circuits communications lists, we have seen extraordinary expressions of love from all sides. Yet few of you see that this is so. Because you do not know one another as you will one day do, you do not see the many successes of your shared love, and tend to see only the failures. Love is profound and seeks ways more diverse that you can yet imagine to promote its truth, beauty and goodness parameters. Almost all of you have displayed extraordinary caring in the midst of this marvelous human effort towards coming together.

Harmony is not expressed in monotones. It is the arrangement of a riot of colors, woven together until they work and do not clash. You cannot possibly weave them from the start, especially when you are all such beginners. There is a good deal of pride that enters into your reactions. You have had to have pride on this planet to survive. Yet you know the dangers of this feeling. Others of you have what you might term excess humility. You do not yet see that what you have to offer is as valuable as others who seem to be brighter stars. Yet if you will not speak up and offer yourselves, you will remain invisible. But you are not invisible to us, and we lovingly urge you to enter into the process of becoming family.

Even so, you cannot, none of you, sustain a pace in which you terrifically continue without ceasing. All of you need to pay attention to the patterns of your own energies and take the necessary time for living your lives and seeking the spiritual sources that are always so lovingly near. This family conversation will continue for a long, long time. You need not solve all problems in a day, or a week, or a month, or a year, or yet even more. You cannot do so even if you so wish. And here again I ask of you patience, not alone with each other, but also with yourselves. You are yet children, and not able to function without your rest periods. You must seek balance in this as in all other things that you do.

We watch with love and encouragement as you work together, like unruly puppies, to forge the family bonds that you all hold to be so important. For this we love you almost achingly at times; you are precious to us beyond compare. Seek this family understanding, but seek also your other avenues of love. You need not fear that you will fall into difficulty that cannot be resolved. You are doing well, if you could see as we see. Did you not realize that in these very early days, there would be much sorting out as you all, in your diversity, moved from the stage of wonder and into the next stage of development in this mission?

What you are doing is inherently creative. The learning of expression of love is always the most creative of acts. Usually, there are times in any creative process where the process seems to break down, yet if you push through, believing that success can be had, you will come out into the excitement of the deeper creativity that is only had after the initial difficulties are overcome. Persistence and dedication are powerful creative tools. Do not fear the outcomes, for you are most certainly in the hands of the Father. Yet also, do not cease and weary of the important lessons in coming to understand one another ever better.


You are on a marvelous journey. But sometimes you travel through the scratchy grass where stinging bugs seem to thwart your way. Hold one another’s hands, and look to the snowy mountain above the jungle. You are going there, and you will help one another. The grasses will continue to lacerate until you are older and stronger, but help one another to salve the wounds, even when you are sometimes the apparent cause of one another’s wounds. Learn forgiveness, patience and forbearance, for these are some of the watchwords of love. Remember that inside each of you lives the very heartbeat of the Father’s love, and it will never fail you. Remember also that Michael’s spirit stands with you, ever guiding your path to the future. With such guidance, and a universe more of support, you cannot fail.

You are not failing now. Farewell

[Double message to two distant TRs (South East and West Coast) from [Machiventa] Melchizedek to two TR’s within 24 hours of each other on the same subject]


It has been an interesting time this past number of days. Part of me wants to call it troublesome. Another part sees the opportunities for growth that apparent difficulty brings. Yesterday, I felt the nudge that TRs sometimes experience outside of the group circle to take a message. I tried to ignore it, did other things, stalled, but in the end, I went and did what I was asked. I am a human being, and thus I have an agenda, whether I wish to or not. It is composed of my beliefs, my faith, my values of present attainment. I try to clear my heart and mind as much as possible before transmitting, or any contact. But the words here have come through the very human me. They are, however, the words as I heard them.

For those looking for confirmation of details, they may disappoint. For those seeking to feel the wonderful love and watchcare of our teachers, however, I think they will be of assistance. I know they were to me. Love to you all, TH


Dear friends,
This message originates from my email, but is a jointly shared venture between me and SK. This afternoon, Susan phoned me saying she felt led to share with me a transmission she took last night from Machiventa. Without knowledge of her transmitting, I had also been called to take a transmission from Machiventa last night. We shared with one another, and decided to post our transmissions together as a hope for unity and diversity. She and I still do not see eye to eye on details, but we both love this mission and Prince Machiventa. Here are the messages we received.

My love to you all,


Hi everyone!
I felt “nudged” to transmit late last night, after I had gotten into bed. So, I got up, took my flower essences, prayed, and sat down at the computer. As I did so, I honestly don’t feel that I had an “agenda” regarding a transmission, other than the thought that I would probably hear from
Olfana. Instead, almost as soon as my hands touched the keyboard, I began to hear “Prince Machiventa” over and over in my head.

I have joked over the past few days, in conversations with TH and LB, that any TR has got to be “pretty nuts or pretty gutsy” to jump into this fray about Rebecca’s transmission by providing their own transmission regarding this topic….well, I’ll leave it to you to decide if TH and I are “nutsy or gutsy.” 🙂 All I can say is that I did the best job I could to hear the words clearly.

As for Rebecca’s transmissions regarding Ham at the IC99 conference…having just spent time with Rebecca at Nashville, I decided that I liked her very much, and we got along well. My instincts tell me that she is very sincere in her TR’ing efforts, and Tim and I got to see her “close up” because we went to one of the Nashville group’s meetings the day after the conference. My personal opinion of her transmissions regarding IC99 is that they are valid, but I don’t feel that I have any strong investment in convincing others of that. I say all of this in order to give you some background here, as to my frame of mind when I received this transmission from Prince Machiventa.

When I called TH earlier today, and she read me the beautiful transmission that she had just received from Machiventa, I was humbled and awed at the way this whole episode is working out. Thea suggested that we post our transmissions together, which I think is a great idea. So, here is my transmission, and please feel free to ask me any questions, express any doubts, or share any comments, that you wish.

Much love, SK
August 16, 1998 Private Session: SK
12:30 AM

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