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CRV28- Culture & Disorder

2000-12-21-Culture & Disorder
Corvalis #28


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Culture & Disorder
o 1.2 Group: Corvallis TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: LinEl
o 2.2 TR: Thea Hardy
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Lesson
o 3.2 Closing

Topic: Culture & Disorder
Group: Corvallis TeaM
Teacher: LinEl
TR: Thea Hardy


LinEL:  Greetings, this is LinEL. Your transmission of my word/concept (Love is the answer to every question) all those years ago was as you now understand not entirely accurate, albeit useful. This does not matter. What matters is the development of the concept itself as you move forward in your development. It is hoped that you will always continue to move forward to understand more fully what we have said. Your discussion tonight reveals that you now understand better what I meant. Without love, the human mind itself does not develop normally. But in addition, the specifics that you have talked about – the process by which the human personality is activated into selfhood – is indeed love.

Your genetic unfolding was patterned to receive love as an essential aspect of your development into personhood. Without it, as you have noted, the brain structures that have evolved to contain and extend mind capability are mis-utilized and distorted. The web of connection among sub-regional parts that delineate personality prerogatives requires love for its effective activation. Your inheritance demands that you seek to make certain connections on an on-going basis. In the absence of the appropriate experiential substratum, you are impelled to improvise.

Because fear is such a basic element in the underlying animal aspects, in the absence of love, which overrides fear, fear becomes the matrix core instead of love.

It is this that leads to the passive and active rejection of truth, beauty, and goodness, all of which become part of the generalized threat of animal perception of anything out of the ordinary. When the ordinary has been loveless dysfunction, and love is encountered, it is unsurprising that the emotional pitch quickly transfers into the realm of high animal emotion – fear. The limbic system is not integrated successfully into the higher mind-effectiveness systems when the matrix of personality expression is built upon fear. Love can still provide the route by which rewiring can proceed, but the personality expression matrix is formed at an early age and nothing can entirely overcome the limitations that result from your developing through the usual family life on Urantia.

This is not meant to discourage you, but to explain in part why dysfunctional behavior is so persistent and so slowly ameliorated in the individual, and so rampant and difficult to dislodge on a planetary basis. Culture carries in large part the actual content that will be used within the structure of the personality matrix. When the emotional experience of early childhood comes into conflict with the dominant family culture, the child must adapt. Since family members tend to share a common culture, the child will receive few tools that range outside that common cultural dead weight. It is ideal for a child to have a modest degree of differing culture in its parents’ heritages.

You can see that these processes and structures are meant for normal development on a normal planet, and they are powerful reinforcers of perceived and lived truth, beauty, and goodness when love activates the child’s waiting personality and forms the matrix of future personality expression. Then, a well-balanced cultural heritage provides the content with which that matrix can engage, which that matrix can use to build the evaluative processes which impel the emerging morontia soul forward. When the Adjuster arrives to a normal child, normal being something that is all but unseen on Urantia, the personality matrix is already developed for connection and increasing integration of the adjuster’s influence. All worlds must evolve through these problems.

Early stages of evolutionary worlds tend to be barbaric in somewhat similar ways to certain aspects of your own stage of development. However, as evolution progresses and genetics defects are upstepped, this barbarism is gradually replaced by something more tolerable. But even on such normal planets, for long millennia, minor forms of inadequate culture and less than flawless love, cause milder versions of the problems now rife on Urantia.

Urantia has never managed to move far beyond the more brutal ages of a typical planet in terms of basic emotional/psychological development. And the patterns of fear in the particular details of the ways the twists of unsupported adaptation have developed reflect age-long fear responses to the times of the rebellion. That time period was terrible in its outward-ranging ramifications. Necessary quarantine also resulted in inevitable losses. Thus there are aspects of your heritage that remain in a state worse than normal brutality, side by side with incredible stories of courage and faith and hope. You must understand that in actuality, it is difficult for us to comprehend – the ways of Urantia and how you manage to survive. Your understanding these elements is essential for your on-going efforts to not only participate in your personal correction but for you to assist Urantia in the broader correction activities that will be necessary to alter the patterns of the Lucifer legacy.

For you must overcome not only the heritage of natural animal brutality but the heritage of that time past when Lucifer sought to make unreality real. This is the attempt to mingle truth and lies that so confuses and confounds the innocent developing soul, and the children of Urantia still cry out in the dark and no one human comes. For a parent who themself received little or no love cannot reflect back to the child their precious reality. And there in those very moments of such sad abandonment, unreality becomes more real to the child than reality. The pattern is set up to unfold in one more generation with a tendency to fear the light.

Beloveds, heed my words. This is so important for you to understand. It is important now to work ever more intently with the materials that you have been given and the vast amounts of material yet to come. For OUR life experiences for the most part cannot do for you or your world what only you can do. As any text suffers from translation into another language, so it is with our words and our concepts to you. However much we try, in the end, you must adopt our concepts and make them your own. You must learn them not by rote but by experience, by trial and error and discussion and praxis, and then increasingly build onto them with your unique understanding of your own heritage on Urantia.

When we say you are the hands of the Father on Urantia, we mean also that yours are the minds who understand your own. How can we, lacking your experience, ever understand as you can do? Michael, who has been one of you and is linked to you in his loving Spirit grasps these things in the extreme, and through his agencies, we are instructed constantly. Our observations of you, our love for you, show us repeatedly what you are going through. But lacking the actual evolutionary adaptive experience of a first life on Urantia, we can only extrapolate with all our might.

In the end, we are here to teach you so that you yourselves can develop the materials from which you will transform your planet.

Sharing our words is of great utility. It helps reach others who will wish to engage in this process, also. But in the end, to take only inspiration from what we say and not develop further our concepts for presentation to your fellows in your own words and as many manners as possible is to do only part of the task.

Not all are denominated to become teachers in this way – it is a matter of personal choice. But for those of you who can take our words and create your own understandings suitable to various groups of your fellows on Urantia, we ask of you that you make the effort. For without you as translators of our concepts into both your diverse and common understanding, even our words cannot ever be enough.

We have only just begun. We are not yet through the prologue, the very first words of a large and long volume. To you, it seems perhaps long – this approximate decade of this particular contact. But it is an eye-blink and a merest feather of beginning. Do not allow your plans and goals for our materials to crystallize while we are yet young in this venture. Remain flexible and open to the experimentation that is at the heart of this enterprise. We did not come knowing exactly what would bring the best results among you. Our differing life experience means that we must improvise even as you must.

Therefore let us all together seek to plumb every depth, follow every avenue, share together our notions of what might work best here, or there. Each and every individual who feels called to aid this transformation has a unique personality grasp of methods of approach. This is the supreme principle – that the diversity will give us results of great variety and depth and breadth where a single approach cannot attain such woven strength.

The principle of the evolution of the Supreme can be difficult to understand and utilize on such low levels of existence, where regular patterns come to represent safety to the animal and are then difficult to outgrow when the human evolves from the animal background. But this principle is one of the many structures that we use for problem solving in our efforts at education and administration. For the patterns established by the various manifestations of deity in the universe are not only expressive of personality values but reveal structural approaches to reality for growth and problem solving. Seek to see how many of these patternings you can utilize as you seek to solve your common problems. The creativity within your own personalities is responsive to these very deep patterns of the universe – all manifestations of the Father’s love and his endless energy to draw us all together in the beauty of the diversity of his circuitry of love.

Long ago, I said that all the circuits are manifestations of love. Even the physical circuits carry the echoes of that manifestation in their structural value of connection. Love is the solution to every problem. Not the still narrow and limited notions of love that are all you can wrest from the difficult challenges of Urantia, but the ever deeper and richer love that you are able to perceive through your connections with that deep well of love that lives in each heart that hears me now. Call upon that part of God that is yours alone – for it will stimulate your personality prerogatives to the ultimate in creative outpouring. And from that well of love, and your God-given creative personalities, the healing of your own people will flow.

We are the catalysts of love, encouragers of the still moments in which you connect with the ultimate and unlimited reality within. We are the teachers of concepts of growth and healing, the highest of which is your reach for the Father. Reach through the fear. It will not pale quickly for many, but you need not wait. Reach in fear and trembling through the dark to the light that shines in your own heart, and in time, the fear will fade away and the trembling will cease as at last you have the love you have always, always deserved.

In that span, you as a child of light will be born out of the darkness and dispel yet one more part of the tragic state of your world. Be brave. Fear impels you to run, but do it not – it is a form of resisting evil. The fear will not kill you as you fear. Face it and see what is true, what is real. For lovelessness can never be real. It is a lie that says you will dwell forever with too little. Abundance is your birthright. Do not believe the lies within, or without. Seek contact with your precious adjuster within and your Father/Mother of Nebadon without. Between those loving embraces, you are held forever safe and loved. Forever.


We love you with such love. If only we could tell you how strong it is, and how much stronger every day of your time makes it. But as strong as our love is, it pales beside the love of the Father who embraces you in the grasp of all time and eternity. Trust that Love.

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