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CWM31 – Consciousness

2011-10-28  – Consciousness
– Oct. 28, 2011 [Complete transcript]

Teacher: Monjoronson

Conversations with Monjoronson, #31

The ‘new beginning’ of our world
The Melchizedek Schools will begin that process
The Occupy Wall Street Movement
God-centered leaders will be promoted to come forward
Today’s theme is “consciousness”
What is consciousness?
The relationship of consciousness and the brain
The role of genetic codes
Achieving sustainable social structures requires being spirit-led
Learning to share will be the most difficult aspect to social change
The purpose of doing ‘energy work’ to clean the ‘grid’
The spectrum of consciousness
Your spiritual capability
Consciousness and universe energy and the Merkabah
A question on Dante Alighieri
Are we tested by the celestials?
The upcoming cataclysm
Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and science in general

TR: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: MMc

October 28, 2011

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Divine Parents, we welcome you today to be with us, to have a conversation with Monjoronson. Amen.

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson.

Team: Good morning! Hello, Monjoronson. How are you?

MONJORONSON: I am very well, thank you.

MMc: We’ve been looking forward to talking to you—at least I have.

MONJORONSON: Thank you. Yes, there have been a number who have expressed gratitude for the reinstatement of these conversations. Many see these as a means of listening in on the hierarchy of discussions among the Deities and celestials and the created beings that manage this planet, this sector, and this local universe.

The ‘new beginning’ of our world

This planet is now fully engaged in immense geo-physical and weather changes. You are seeing great sociological movements beginning—and I say ‘beginning’ because that is simply what it is, as I was overhearing you two discussing the ‘old skins that cannot hold the new wine of innovation, new thought and new social processes’ that will lead ultimately to the sustainability of your societies and your civilization. Just as a chick in an egg outgrows the space from within, it must break out of that shell, which once was its nurturing home, the environment of stability. It is past the gestative stage and now must break free from the bonds, which in fact gave it life. So too, your forms of democracy that are typical of developed, maturing societies, will change—they must change or die. You should know that from our assistance, your societies will grow, and it is the God-conscious individuals who will assist this process, without proselytizing their religious position as a political speech, as a political proclamation. Rather, God-thinking, God-centered individuals will be of great influence in the development of sustainable communities, sustainable designs for social institutions.

The Melchizedek Schools will begin that process

The Melchizedek Schools began that process, and though you may see them move into a very temporary dormancy, they are already in the forefront of this activity to begin training those God-centered individuals who would like to know how to bring about the evolution of their societies. Not withstanding this development, there are millions of individuals who are quasi-God-centered, or God-unconscious, who will be trained, who necessarily will be trained to participate in this peaceful social evolution of your maturing societies.

The Occupy Wall Street Movement

The metaphor of the awakening chick in the shell is a prime example of your maturing societies, which no longer can grow within the constraints of the old political paradigms, and so you are seeing this first burgeoning movement in the form of “Occupy Wall Street” and the “occupy” social phenomenon about the new forms before the first of the year. These individuals know what they feel, and they are revulsed by the greed and the hoarding of the largess of work by millions and billions of people, into the hands of one percent. This is not immoral or unethical, but it simply is unproductive, it will not sustain your societies, and so there must become a new process of distribution of wealth—not by violence, not by usurpation, but by the benevolence of those God-centered people who understand the dynamics of a growing, changing, metamorphosing social system. And so, these changes will come about and you will see documentation about the new forms before the first of the year. Thank you for this opportunity; I will step off of my ‘soapbox’ and disperse the crowds. Now, let us get down to the lessons.

MMc: I think that that was a wonderful dissertation and I am very willing to let you step up on the soapbox and speak again at any time, because I think in listening to you, there is very much truth in what you are telling us, that this is the way we are going and there is a head of steam in that direction. The question was, is it going to be picked up by individuals or are there going to be leaders that come out of this? Is it going to be a popular movement?

God-centered leaders will be promoted to come forward

MONJORONSON: Yes, yes and yes. I might say that I will step upon this soapbox from time-to-time in the future, until there are moral leaders to come forward and speak on our behalf. We will be showing you a moral compass that will assist your leaders in the background to step forward with greater skill and strength, and understanding of what is to become. Until that time happens, I will occupy that space and I am not to be seen as your political leader, but as your spiritual, social leader into the future. You must not defer to me, but use the instructions of former celestial teachers, who are still a presence, such as Rayson and many other wonderful teachers who taught the moral lessons for a moral society and moral communities. And be assured that we will be promoting God-centered leaders to come forward, who have a greater understanding of what is to become. We are appreciative of those who have the capacity for leadership, and who seem to be apparently prescient of what is to be, for the highest and greatest good. So yes, I will come forward as necessary, until the time that I can step aside more easily, for those who can speak for us.

MMc: Thank you. I think perhaps the theme that I have chosen for today might be in some ways, adapted to what you have said, but if that’s not the case, then I think it may… it certainly is one that is expansive enough [and] it may show itself to be educational.

MONJORONSON: Yes, you ask the questions, straightforward as you have prepared them and I will interpret them for the times.

Today’s theme is “consciousness”

MMc: As a theme for today’s questions, I have chosen the concept “consciousness.” It is a very large and important concept, and yet I have not asked many questions. Each question requires a context: Ask an anesthesiologist what is consciousness and unconsciousness, and the answer is going to be quite different from the answer to the same questions by a psychologist. I would prefer to ask questions where little context is needed and let you expound. I am hoping that you might do that today. Please don’t feel limited by the questions. We are going to be talking about the concept of consciousness, unconsciousness, interactions with universal energy, our conscious journey through this life and how that is limited by our not being conscious of what might be possible, and perhaps a little bit about our eternal journey into consciousness.

MONJORONSON: That sounds entertaining; I look forward to it.

What is consciousness?

MMc: I find that I’m confused by the concept of consciousness and how consciousness interacts with universal energy. But before I get into that question I need to ask some basic questions about consciousness. Consciousness is one of those complex concepts that we’ve talked about in our earlier session that is poorly understood by humans. Earth scientists are currently involved in a multidimensional study of consciousness, but they don’t understand that mind is a bestowal of our Universe Mother Spirit, so I don’t expect them to come up with a complete answer. Tell us please, for the sake of these scientists, what is consciousness?

MONJORONSON: Let us begin even more elementarily. You know that you are now conscious, correct?

MMc: Yes.

MONJORONSON: And that when you go to sleep, you are unconscious, correct? And that when you are under an anesthetic, you are unconscious. And that your psychiatrists have proposed the concept of the subconscious, which we recognize as true and valid. So there are three levels to discuss. You have also learned that there is the superconscious mind, which offers the gateway to the morontial mind, so there are four levels of ‘conscious.’

Now, consciousness is different, as you know. Consciousness is the self-awareness of being conscious, that is you can observe yourself thinking—that is consciousness. But this observing self is itself a consciousness; and the observing self can observe far more than just the conscious mind. It can observe the conscious mind of others. It can observe and witness the consciousness of all humanity, the collective consciousness of all humanity, which is resident in and around this world.

And then, there is the cosmic consciousness of that which is outside the realm of human collective consciousness of Urantia, earth. You can be a witness and participant and observer of that as well. Through your conscious mind action, you can direct your consciousness to a distant time in the past, or potential future, to describe it to yourself or to others. Most people have this capacity. This is differentiated from psychic observation in that it is more of the mind action of the universe, of this world and of individuals and even groups.

Let us continue with consciousness apart from the four levels of the conscious mind, and apart from psychic/intuitive phenomena. It is important to discern these levels of awareness, and you could call them all awareness. The four levels of conscious mind are awareness, and the two levels of the psychic/intuitive phenomena is awareness. Consciousness is the self-awareness of all those levels to the capacity of the individual to be an observer. Are you with me so far?

MMc: Yes, I believe so. The two levels of psychic awareness—could you name them please?

MONJORONSON: Psychic and intuitive.

I set these out to you, at this time, to eliminate a great deal of confusion, as these are new pigeon-holes in which many people can sort and sift the data that comes to them, as they discern it, and give it labels or places where they can simplify or categorize their thinking. Yes, this is a high intellectualization of a lot of mindal and spiritual phenomena, but it becomes second nature to morontial students as they progress through the worlds. This thinking is essential to you now, as it is part of your elementary education of the morontial, as we can provide it to you in the material realm. I will wait for your next clarifying question.

MMc: Can you tell me where does this consciousness come from?

MONJORONSON: It does not ‘come from;’ it is the result of a mindal process, an evolved mindal process. Simple minds do not have self-consciousness, self-awareness. It is a development, a faculty of a developed mind mechanism. Does that help?

The relationship of consciousness and the brain

MMc: Yes, it does. So the relationship of consciousness and a bio/electrical/ chemical brain is that… because we have a mind that is able to be self-conscious, is that mind dependent upon our biological brain? Our consciousness is also dependent upon our biological brain? Am I correct?

MONJORONSON: Yes, let me explain this. I will try to explain it so all the students are able to grasp this. You are an electro-chemical, physiological, material being, correct?

MMc: Yes.

MONJORONSON: And that any development above that is dependent upon the good working of this mechanism, correct?
MMc: Yes.

MONJORONSON: And that there can be organic deficiencies of the brain, which affect the development of mind, and the investment of mind by the Mother Spirit, correct?

MMc: Yes.

MONJORONSON: So in the case of an individual who does not have the organic, physical foundation for the development of a mind, then this will not occur. Mind—a capable mind—is functional…what I am trying to do is separate as psychiatrists have done, between the organic and the functional mind. The organic mind is dependent upon the organism, a good psychological / electro-chemical mechanism, and the functional mind is simply in terms that you can understand, is ‘software,’ that this software is downloaded and invested by spirit in the processes that occur shortly after conception, and that this software can also be not fully developed because of genetic anomalies that affect the inter-working of the mind.

The role of genetic codes

You see, your genetic code contains far more than just the simple material development, the sequential development of a material being, a material mind. It also contains its own software that assists the brain mechanism to work at its maximum, and to its highest capability. This is dependent upon the will of the individual, or the inclinations of the individual to grow.

The development of consciousness is dependent upon:

1) The organic mechanism of the brain, and;
2) upon the functional development of mind from the genetic code of that individual.

When you came into existence, upon and shortly after the moment of conception, you are given the full software download according to your life-plan. Your life-plan dictates the type of, or level or grade of software that you receive, so that the lessons that come into your life can be learned. When you see children who are savants, but who are autistic, what you see is a miss-load of the software mind mechanism from spirit. This is in part, a transition, of your species to a new variety that is what you have called the ‘crystal children,’ ‘indigo children’ and so on. Many of these are attempts by the Life Carriers to infuse your planet with more genetic capacity to unlock the genetic capacity that is already there, to evolve a new variation of your Homo sapien species.

Now, back to consciousness. Consciousness is self-awareness. Self-awareness has its limitations to the individual belief structure. That is why the evolution of your societies is now being given consciously to those who are God-centered, for you who are God-centered can more fully understand the direction, the extent and the development of your social structures that support the days of light and life. Are you with me so far?

MMc: Yes, I am.

MONJORONSON: This does not preclude those who are not God-centered from making major, significant, tremendous contributions to the development of sustainable societies in your world at this time, but ultimately, human oriented beliefs can only take human societies to the extent of those minds.

Achieving sustainable social structures requires being spirit-led

To think in terms of sustainable social structures in the terms of 250-500-1000-2000-3000 years requires far more than the intellectual development of beliefs to develop societies that can attain that longevity. There must be the subtle contributions of knowing spirit from the managers of this planet, infused into individuals who are accepting of those developments and emplace them in the designs for sustainability. You literally need to be spirit-led as individuals to develop a spirit-led society. Spirit-led societies are the awakening, the beginning of societies of the days of light and life.

I have taken you from conception to quite a ways forward into the future. I know this is difficult; I know that it is complex. It engages many, many levels of development of individuals and societies, but it is necessary to reveal this to you at this time. We see this as a simple explanation, but we know for many, this will be very complex and difficult to grasp. What we ask of you to do is to remain in faith, trust and knowing, and then you will be certain of the direction that we go.

MMc: After traveling from conception to 1000 years in the future, when we see light and life actually here and traveling through that situation, and seeing where we are right now and what needs to happen over perhaps the next 50 or a 100 years, it is a wonderful journey—I’m not sure that it’s going to be wonderful going through it, because there is supposed to be lots of ‘bumping heads’ I think, to move us along.

Learning to share will be the most difficult aspect to social change

MONJORONSON: Yes, you are seeing the very first, the very, very early ‘bumping heads’ going on in your ‘occupy’ phenomena. Few have discerned the way forward; those people in those protests are aware that there must be compromise, and particularly sharing, and that is what will be the most difficult aspect of social change in the near future, is the ‘how to’ of the sharing. This too, will be aided by a clear picture of the development of sustainable families, communities and societies. But we will be proposing a process that engages all of those levels, to provide solutions for a sustainable society, but getting there may be very difficult and in fact, socially traumatic.

The purpose of doing ‘energy work’ to clean the ‘grid’

MMc: As to the question that is burning at me at this point in time, I’m a member of the “Second tier Grid Team.” There’s a group of five of us, who get together each week, and we have been engaged through five different meetings. We’re doing what I’ll call, ‘energy work.’ That is, we use the Merkabah and light anchor to raise energy that is then gifted to the Melchizedeks for use where it is most needed. Am I correct in thinking that universal energy and consciousness are two different things?


MMc: What purpose does it serve for us to do energy work in repairing the collective consciousness?

MONJORONSON: Actually, I have spoken to you that this is an educational process, to educate you to work with us in clearing the grid of erroneous beliefs that underlie the consciousness of your world. It is important to curry this energy system around your world, much as though you curry a horse or comb the hair of a dog. It is straightening the lines of energy on your world, so that they are all in alignment, and that which you comb out is left behind, is combed out and sent to another location. Your work is both to do that, and to learn to live consciously in alignment with spirit consistently in your life, so that you continue to imprint the consciousness of your world with aligned ideas, beliefs and energy. This has a positive influence upon all people of your world and is constructive and helpful to the advancement of a maturing social/ spiritual development of your world.

You are learning to become responsible, spiritual citizens on a material world by doing this. Also, by providing a service of removing those miss-beliefs, you need not be conscious of them, but simply project your consciousness onto the grid to remove those elements, those snarls and snags, which are not consistent with an advanced society. Once in a while, you will bump into an individual, who is stuck in the borderland—and I differentiate the ‘borderland’ from the ‘grid’—and you will bump into these individuals and your duty, your service to your world and to this soul, is to guide them to the light so that they may make their passage complete.

The spectrum of consciousness

MMc: On our world, we are often not aware that looking at the various transcripts and other information in preparing these questions, I found one by Sondjah on 04-18-2004, where Sondjah said, “The frequencies of universe energy throughout the various levels of existence, is empirical to us. Yet, it is paralleled by this spectrum of consciousness.”

The personality with the greatest spectrum of consciousness is, of course, the Universal Father. Humans have a limited spectrum of consciousness, but this spectrum of consciousness is almost always more limited than it needs to be.

In other transcripts astral projection, mental telepathy and spiritual healing are mentioned; these aren’t usual concepts in our western thinking. I wonder if you might comment on what we may look forward to in the future, as far as things we might do as our consciousness expands?

MONJORONSON: As your consciousness expands, it gives you greater facility to move about the universe of consciousness. A simple metaphor: it is much like a young child looking at a gymnasium set on the playground. He first arrives at the school and they have recess, and they go outside and they stand before this wonderful gymnasium, with swings at different heights, and rings at different heights, ladders that they can traverse across by hand, and bars that they can twirl on with their body. They look at that and they see it; and they [say,] “I want to play on that,” and so they begin without any instruction, practicing, lifting themselves up on the lowest bar that they can attain, and so they gain strength. As they age, they become taller and stronger and more skilled in the various skills that are needed to traverse rapidly across this gymnasium set and they learn to play and can go from here to there, jump and swing and be safe among all the contraptions of this gymnasium set.

So too, is your consciousness much like that, and when you are in the positive consciousness, in alignment with the universe, you will have great skills to go here and there, to see and to probe and to examine, and to know, to feel, to see whether it is here or there, or now and then—and when. Consciousness is a developed skill that you can expand upon as you mature in your spiritual capability.

Your spiritual capability

Your spiritual capability is separate from your consciousness. Your spiritual capability is that aspect of your connection, maturity and alignment with the ascendant journey that is before you, and which you engage even now. And so, as you mature in your alignment with the universe and with the Father’s love, and that which is existent in the morontial, spiritual and eternal, you will become more adept in projecting your consciousness.

Now, imagine yourself in Paradise, at the end of your ascendant journey, and you have—so to speak—‘shook hands’ with God, and been hugged by God, and are embraced into the corps of finality. How big, do you think … how extensive and how skilled do you think your consciousness would be? Well, you were told that that which you have already ascended through is open to your awareness, and so you literally have a consciousness that can ‘see’ and ‘know’ from the earliest beginnings of your life here on Urantia, through all your many lifetimes of the morontial, through the spiritual realm and on to eternity. Whereas, you now are beginning to look up to that realm, and you are only looking through the end of a small diameter straw, so to speak, looking at the universe. Whereas on the other end, in eternity, in Paradise, you look through one of the broadest scopes possible, looking at yourself, where you came from in this world. So, consciousness is there, but it is developed by your skill and your maturity in the spiritual realm, and there will be little that will be closed to you that you have already experienced. That which is ahead of you, however, is quite limited to your capacity to grow into, the skill to see.

MMc: Very good. Thank you. I am looking forward to this.

MONJORONSON: You are engaged in it now, my friend. Never forget that you live in the moment of eternity, now. And this moment ‘now’ is the same ‘now’ moment that is experienced by all the universe.

MMc: I have several questions that have been given to me, I wondered if you would mind responding to those?

MONJORONSON: I would be glad to, but first I want to return to the sphere of consciousness and energy.

Consciousness and universe energy and the Merkabah

MONJORONSON: Let us begin to sort out this difficulty between consciousness and universe energy. I will as well, speak about Merkabahs. Let us begin with Merkabahs: Merkabahs can be built by the human mind, in their consciousness, their awareness that there are energies that can be aligned and created in a crystalline formation that is a flowing process as well. We have continued to explain the Merkabah as being built from the streams of universe energy that stream into the crown chakra, and out the base chakra of individuals. It originates from Paradise and circuits to earth center, and back to Paradise, completing the circuit. The Merkabah is built by at least two, and better if there are more individuals, who sit in a circle in the presence of each other and create and move or bend the Paradise energy stream to a north-pole point above them, and the stream that flows to earth center from a south-pole point below them.

The south-pole point and the north-pole point are equidistant as the points of east and west in the diameter of this circle. When they do this, there arcs between the north-pole point and the south-pole point a stream of energy, in addition to that which continues to each individual. The Merkabah takes on its own identity, its own existence at that point, as long as those individuals remain in that circle. However, that arc of energy can be made to exist as a permanent shaft of energy—some of you call this an energy anchor—in that geographic location by the assistance of your spiritual guides, guardians and assistants and any other spiritual beings who are present to assist in that process, to anchor that arc of energy in that geographic location.

What you are seeing is the interaction of consciousness to build an energetic construct that is either temporary or permanent, depending upon the intention of the individuals and the participation of their celestial, angelic and spiritual helpers. This is not a crystalline structure per se, but as an existent process flow of energy. Individuals afterwards can connect to this arc, this anchor of energy, this shaft of energy at that north-pole node, and project energy to any place in the world, to assist in the original intentions of that Merkabah. You see, the intentions of the individuals that dedicate that Merkabah, are actually tuning the Merkabah much as a crystal radio that was used by early radio makers of the previous century and before. These frequencies are inherent and permanent in the Merkabah energy anchor. Your consciousness can tap into and direct that energy with that intention to any place on your world, if you so choose. Therefore, you are seeing the interplay of consciousness and universe energy in action. Some of you have interpreted this as to inverted pyramids of energy, and that is one interpretation, yet that is the crystalline interpretation of the Merkabah, whereas actually, the Merkabah is a flowing mechanism, formed by the consciousness of individuals.

Now, I will leave that with you at that, because you can think about this and realize the implications of universe energy within the Merkabah construct, and separately, you can think of consciousness as it applies to, as it can manipulate universe energy. With these two concepts, you can build upon tremendously to devise and reinvent how you interpret your interaction with your universe. The unfortunate side of the Merkabah is that it can be constructed and it can be used for negative purposes—immoral, unethical purposes.

MMc: Are you going to venture any more on universal energy and consciousness?

MONJORONSON: Not at this time. I will be glad to entertain simple questions in the future.

MMc: I will try to make comprehensive questions that are not so long.

MONJORONSON: Thank you, that would be appreciated and be much more informative at elemental levels for your readership and your listenership. Not everyone thinks at the level you do, Michael.

MMc: I’ll accept that as a compliment, but I would very much like to simplify this so that all the readers can take advantage of it.

MONJORONSON: Yes, ask questions for the elemental reader; the advanced readers can put the simple pieces together for more complex answers, but don’t worry about that too much.

A question on Dante Alighieri

MMc: I’m going to trip over this name—Dante Alighieri?

MONJORONSON: Dante Alighieri—I know him well.

MMc: You do? In a past transcription, it said that one of the celestial artisans (or a Midwayer) worked with him on his book, “Dante’s Inferno.” I am curious about the details of the concept of Hell that Dante presented. Were those his own ideas, or the celestial artisans?

MONJORONSON: As is usual of minds that do not have a clear view of the afterlife, and who still live in the realm of duality, he was helped along in these visions. However, what was not anticipated was the acceptance by the vast readership and listenership of the Church at that time that this truly represented Hell, which it does not. Hell has been more accurately described by the Greeks and by the Hebrews, thousands of years before.

This mind of the artist embellished the confusion of non-existence to the point that he had to hang visual concepts in front of the readers, so they could visualize this Hell. What occurred was almost the acceptance of this ‘Hell’ as a fetish belief of most Christendom, which was most detrimental. On the other hand, it provided such an obviously clear separation between that which is truly “Hell”, that which is synonymous with non-existence, and that which is “Heaven,” or the afterlife in the mansion worlds.

MMc: Roxanne, did he answer your question?

R: Yes, I think so. It was a different answer than I expected, but that’s good. I was concerned about how much the subject of fear of hell has permeated our societies, because of books like “Dante’s Inferno” and I was curious how this ‘fear’ was used either for better or for worse with our religious institutions.

MONJORONSON: If I may comment?

R: Certainly!

MONJORONSON: That was used politically by the Church at the time as a fear tactic, to embellish the fear in individuals of the afterlife, to assist goals of the political Church to attend to its own agenda. I wish not to continue any further discussion of that.

R: Okay, thank you.

[[This is Daniel: He didn’t put it in words, but he saw that as a curiosity question and he was reluctant to answer it.]]

Are we tested by the celestials?

MMc: I’m not sure we are going to get this one past the censors, but I wonder, do celestials test humans by placing inaccurate words in the minds of the TRs?

MONJORONSON: No, they do not.

MMc: So there’s no… Celestials are not trying to fool us in any way? They are totally –I’ll use the word, ‘righteous’—in what they say?

MONJORONSON: Our staff in every conversational relationship will strive for authenticity, sincerity and engender response that their superiors would approve of.

MMc: Good. You mentioned to me the last time we met, that if I was standing in a garden and wanted to call myself a ‘rose’, you wouldn’t object to that. Would your staff then refer to me as a ‘rose?’

MONJORONSON: No, certainly not. Our staff is taught in its ethics class not to support unethical or illogical or irrational perspectives or erroneous perspectives of the mortals they deal with, but to be forthright, candid with them in all their dealings and conversations, and though there may not be objections stated to what mortals say in conversations with them, the mortals should not interpret that reluctance as condoning erroneous beliefs. It is a teaching method for mortals to learn to ask questions about their own conversations with celestials. This has the further capacity to teach people/mortals, to be self-observing and self-monitoring. And this deals, of course, with the self—observing-self, the self-observing mind, with a capacity to grow in its consciousness skills.

MMc: I think we should also add to that, humans need to be more self-correcting, once they observe themselves in a situation where they have erred, to be self-correcting and bring themselves back in line.

MONJORONSON: Exactly, that is a point of being self-observing.

The upcoming cataclysm

MMc: We’re told that there is going to be an upcoming cataclysm. My friend is asking if this is going to be a physical mechanism, as in earthquakes, tornados, some type of disease, or if it’s going to be the unraveling of the economic system?

MONJORONSON: It will be all of the above.

MMc: Is it desirable to have a “Jubilee” event in the future, where all debts are cancelled? The world economy starts over? Or will the debt overhanging our economy be liquidated by normal transactions, and possible bankruptcies of individuals, corporations and sovereign governments?

MONJORONSON: This is a global issue, which does not concern us, and that answer may be disconcerting to you, however, we are much more involved in the attendant processes of individuals, as they act in that process. The Most Highs are invested and involved in the workings of the—what we have said is ‘the groups of men’, ‘the powers of men’—whether it is the boards of trustees of corporations, agencies of government, community developments, state entities, or international agencies. The Most Highs bring influence to the minds of individuals for the best outworking of these large socio/economic/political developments. Other than the Most Highs, the realm of Celestials and angels work in the minds of men, to offer them options for making decisions, without affecting the outcome of those decisions.

Your will, your decisions are inviolate, and once made will not be violated by any of us. This is a decree from Paradise, and is always honored among those beings of light. We offer you—you personally—and all individuals personally, options for thinking, options for making decisions. The open mind, the spiritualized mind—particularly in this new era—seeks to ask for options from spirit that they be given these options more evidently in their mind, so that they can choose among those options for taking action. This is how your world will enter into the days of light and life, through spiritualized, spiritized individuals, who seek options from spirit in their mind, for seeing choices that they can choose among to take action. This is a very important process. Thank you for your question.

Einstein’s Theory of Relativity and science in general

MMc: I have a question that I have wondered about. As you know, Einstein’s Theory of Relativity suggests that linear gravity is caused by the curvature of space. Is he correct in this estimation?

MONJORONSON: No, he was not.

MMc: The Urantia Book states that linear gravity is inherent in energy at the point where energy begins to become mass. It all comes from Paradise, obviously.

MONJORONSON: Exactly. Waves of gravity emanate from Paradise.

MMc: I’m going to make a comment about our physicists who became lost along with Einstein in about 1916. How long is it going to take them to get back on track? Do you have any idea, Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: Notwithstanding the socio/political/economic disruptions that will occur in the next era, that will occur in the next 10, 15, 30 years, the progress of your scientists to understand the unity of principle between the gravity waves, the ultimaton, and quantum physics will be resolved by the end of this century. Scientists are making small incremental changes, developments, progress in their work, and it will be another individual who comes along, who is now only a child, who will reinterpret these data in a new way, and see the unity of principle of relativity and quantum mechanic theories in a new light. The data are all there; they only need to be reinterpreted by an open mind, [which] can see them in new ways. You are seeing the limitations of brilliance in the minds of those living scientists now, who are treading the same path over and over again, trying to work their way farther ahead through this swamp of ignorance, to create a path that is deeper, wider and more comfortable. Yet, what is required through this swamp is a bridge, and the bridge is now in the mind of a small child, who will come to understand these data in a new way, and provide a brilliant, unified explanation, one that is spirit-centered and material at the same time.

MMc: As you say the physical scientists here are walking around in a swamp and they have no idea how to get out of it.

MONJORONSON: Yes. They are still stuck in the material realm, where an altered state of consciousness would be most helpful to them to understand these phenomena. It requires almost an out-of-mind, out-of-body experience to transcend the material realms of your scientists, to grasp the point of reality that will pull all of this together. You need almost a savant, a child who sees the world in almost incomprehensible ways, yet can write a treatise that makes sense to advanced minds.

MMc: Thank you, Sir.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome.

MMc: Is there anything else that you would like to talk to us about today?

MONJORONSON: We do not have sufficient years to do so today. (Laughter.) There is much to talk about and we will do so when your minds are ready to formulate questions. I do ask you to formulate simplified questions, as this helps you refine your own thinking to nubs of questions, or nubs of concepts that can be answered easily or complexly, so that many levels of capacity, many levels of your minds can appreciate that, and that many levels of intelligence of various minds can understand it as well.

I believe that our co-host has a question.

[R: How did he know that?]

R: Well, I don’t know if this is the appropriate time or place for it. I have a couple of questions on race memory. Is that connected to consciousness?

MONJORONSON: Race memory is the same as collective human consciousness. The race of man is what this refers to, the consciousness of the race of man is the collective aspect that you are working on with cleaning the grid.

R: Okay. In that regard then, does race memory include the cultural influences of the various religions and their teachings that create separateness between groups of people?


Have the new attitudes from the Civil Rights Movement made much of a dent in rewriting the DNA of our race memory?

MONJORONSON: Yes, it is a good beginning.

R: Thank you. That’s all the questions that I have today.

MMc: We thank you very much for coming to us today and supplying us with your wisdom and your frankness. I’d like to thank you very much for helping me clear up my thinking, as far as concepts of consciousness are concerned. Also, my thinking in how to ask you these questions.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome. I thank you for this day and for the engagement of your minds and your spirits with me. I have truly felt the contact of your hearts and minds with me, personally, today. There is a growing, palpable, energetic contact that exists between us. Know that this is—what you might call is the ‘longing or yearning’ to be near another, and this is energetic in form, that there has been a bonding between us, between minds and spirit and the energy that is ours. Remember, dear ones, that your auras carry the energy and the record of your being and your growth, and that this contact with you now becomes a part of that auric recording and energy.

Your presence among others therefore becomes palpable with a degree that I have invested myself with you, and you have accepted that investment. When you are in the presence of others, they begin to feel that there is something more about you than just the person that they knew from years past—this is the ‘new you’ that comes into the world as you make a new mark upon the consciousness of humanity, the race of man, the race of humans. You have begun to lighten this, to clarify it and to bring new alignment and meaning in your race existence with your Creator, and we give thanks to you and we praise you for your efforts, for they are appreciated and they leave a marked record upon your world in the days, years and millennia to come. Good day.

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