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CWM33 – Social Change

2011-11-11  – Social Change
– Nov. 11, 2011

Teacher: Monjoronson

Conversations with Monjoronson, #33

How to become more involved
What are our options to work co-creatively?
Leaders and direction of social change
Seeing the value of individuals
Extreme individualism
The procreative family
The educational system

TR: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Michael McCray

November 11, 2011

[NOTE from the editors: Dear Readers, we have a request of you: As you read through this transcript that you strive to discern where Monjoronson’s lead becomes threaded with the influence of the TR. You will discover an aside from one of the editors about this on page 7 that will guide you through this exercise. The editors thought of simply discarding this session, but upon reconsidering, thought it might be of use as an exercise of discernment. You will note, too, that no overt damage was done to any truths.]

Prayer: Heavenly Father, Christ Michael and Mother Spirit, we gather together to be in your love and light as we seek for more truth to share with our brethren. We are tremendously grateful for this opportunity to converse with Monjoronson, our mentor and friend, as he leads us forward in our personal and planetary spiritual growth. Amen.

MMc: Monjoronson?

MONJORONSON: Good morning.

MMc: Good morning and welcome.

MONJORONSON: Thank you for your welcome; it is good to be with friends.

MMc: It’s nice to be considered your friend, Monjoronson.

MONJORONSON: Certainly, certainly. We have a large family of trillions of people and we are all friends.

MMc: Is there anything you would like to say to us this morning before we start to ask you our questions?

MONJORONSON: No, please proceed.

How to become more involved

MMc: You have told us that more individuals are needed to help bring light to our world, and I have individuals who have been reading the transcripts, asking me, “How do I become more involved? What can I do to help?” What should I tell them?

MONJORONSON: Tell them to—first of all—hold the light, and what that means is, hold the ‘state of consciousness of light,’ that each individual receives the stream of consciousness from Paradise, the stream of energy, and they can imprint that from themselves as they broadcast that to their neighborhood and to their community. Secondly, they can begin to attract individuals who think as they do, believe as they do, and who might be interested in reading these transcripts, who would like to discuss the larger parameters of this world more than just the economy or the weather, that there is a consciousness in the world that is expanding the light to bring all into its fold. This is a good beginning.

What are our options to work co-creatively?

MMc: What are our options to work co-creatively to make our world a better place?

MONJORONSON: This has been discussed many, many times in the past, by many different teachers. I resist repeating ourselves in this method, but it is the primary position or attitude and commitment of yourself to enter into partnership with Christ Michael, Nebadonia, myself and Machiventa, and the Most Highs in the revelation of the new era that is coming into being.

MMc: Every other Sunday you have “Monjoronson’s Conference Call.” In this venue you have been responsible for raising the consciousness of the light workers, who dial in and read the transcripts. The consciousness of the world with prayers and right-mindedness, loyalty to the Father’s Will, mercy, compassion, forgiveness, etc. Is this a good place for those who want to help to begin their efforts?

MONJORONSON: In what regard?

MMc: Is this a good place to begin the outreach to the rest of the world?

MONJORONSON: Yes, and the ‘ [web site] is a good way for me to address many people in this venue. Some people like to listen; some people like to read; some people like to discuss; some people actually like to express themselves in their world around them kinesthetically where they are engaged in some real-time activity, helping this work. There will soon be tele-visual conferences that are recorded and visually available to others as well. All of these get the word out to many thousands of people. The importance is that this not become spiritual drivel or trivia, but is relevant and pragmatic to individuals in their personal lives, as well as to their families and communities, and that they see this working to the larger good of the world around them.

Leaders and direction of social change

MMc: You have mentioned spirit-led individuals will become the leaders of social change. Won’t spirit-led individuals also help design these new social institutions, working with the Melchizedek Schools to co-create design teams?

MONJORONSON: Yes, exactly so. It is important that those individuals who are spiritually enthused and who wish to apply their spirituality pragmatically to their world, be trained in methods to do so. It is important that these individuals, when working in these methodologies, maintain contact with their celestial teachers, with their Thought Adjuster, with the Melchizedeks. There are individuals who are not believers, who can work this process as well, but as you know, there is a limit to human intelligence. Human minds are incapable of providing solutions to long-term societal and civilizational problems and their sustainability. There must be the infusion of the Architects of the Universe, through the Melchizedeks and through the celestial teachers and guardian angels, who participate in the mind activities of those in those schools and in the design teams, to offer options for the solutions, options for every avenue that they move ahead.

This is the way that your world will become sustainable. Leaving it to non-believers is already fraught with difficulty, due to the innate foibles of human nature in the quest for power, authority, control, fame and wealth. The ego knows no bounds. In these schools, the methodologies teach individuals to look to the larger good of society. For those individuals who are increasingly spiritually mature, and who have worked through the problems of their mortality in their lifetime, it is now time to serve. What better service than to do so co-creatively to fulfill the needs of humankind and the celestial guardians and managers of this world.

MMc: There is not one of our social institutions that could not use a complete overhaul. Our world has evolved with very little thought given to all these various social institutions that might make our world sustainable. Our institutions are in need of conceptual changes, values and judgments. The old competitiveness, greed and envy must give way to a concept that the individuals are valued for themselves and as the sons and daughters of God. The evolution of our social institutions is going to occur. Let me ask you now about the direction it might go over the next 5 to 50 years or so. What can we humans do now to insure that things move in the proper direction?

MONJORONSON: The first is to have an open mind. This does not mean that you accept or believe everything that comes to you, but that you are discerning. You want to discern whether this is of the light or not; what is the intention of this work? Who will it serve? How is it that it comes into being now? I ask these questions because soon you will be presented with a vast new paradigm of thought and conception for your society. There are limits to the materialism that can help your world become sustainable. Materialism and the linear mind, who thinks in terms of quantities, rather than in qualities, is a blind alley that only leads so far.

The quest for human growth must now engage the qualitative aspects of humanity and of life, for it is the qualitative aspects that will lead to the greater investment of the value of each individual. Your democracies have provided a balancing in the equation of the rights of individuals, that one person is seen as equal to another, similar as wooden blocks are equal to other wooden blocks; they have the same dimensions, same value in the larger context to society, and are given equal political rights and privileges. However, what will occur in the new paradigm is that individuals will be seen as having intrinsic value that can be increased, which will assist in the sustainability of your families, communities and societies.

Once the quantitative limits have been reached in your societies, which is seen visibly in the value of individuals equated to their financial and material wealth, as evidenced by large houses, large boats, airplanes and so on, once that limit has been reached—and your society surely has reached it—then there must come a paradigm change that includes the value of individuals, that each individual has an intrinsic value that can contribute to your societies, and that that intrinsic value can be improved and increased for the contribution that individual can make to their own life, to their family and to their societies. Your social institutions have not been programmed to provide this service, but have been provided, for instance, to give equal education to everyone. It has striven to do so, and it has reached that limit as well.

There is a whole paradigm to be awakened in your societies and to broaden the equality of your societies. The difficulty, however, is that there are far too many people to receive equal value through these social programs and policies of your governments and societies. Not everyone can go to Harvard, Yale or Stanford; it is important that these possibilities become more real in a smaller population. The world is in a cross, a difficult situation where soon it must make moral decisions about the course of its societies and communities, and struggle with those differences. You are at that point of discussion now, as there are materials being prepared for publication, which will be made available in the coming months. This is an era of tremendous awakening of consciousness, of social, moral consciousness of your societies, down to the level of the individual. I will say no more about that at this time.

Seeing the value of individuals

MMc: Is the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man an essential concept for everyone to understand and internalize before we can see individuals valued more than money?

MONJORONSON: These are concepts, moral and ethical concepts that are vastly important to the new era; these are preceded by beliefs of individuals that we have one source of our paternity, and that is the Creator God who brought us into existence, and that through this we have commonality. There are many cultural beliefs that must be amended before that conclusion can enter the minds of many people. The statement, “The Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of Man,” is a summation of a way of life; a way of believing that has been internalized by people.

The concepts and the beliefs that support that summation are invested in the family to teach children that they are equal as others, and others are equal to them, no matter what their culture, ethnicity, race or nationality. The belief in the Fatherhood of God is one that begs to be developed in your world. Even those who read the Bible and The Urantia Book often forget this concept, that God is the progenitor of all, and that all are in his family, and that all are equal in his eyes. You see, this has so far yet to go, even in those who espouse the beliefs of those concepts.

Extreme individualism

MMc: Will the changes that we see raise the consciousness of individuals to move beyond selfishness and embrace a regime of cooperation and sharing?

MONJORONSON: Eventually, yes. In the interim, no. The interim is from this moment forward to years ahead, which will be very difficult. As the difficulties of your world come to bear upon your doorstep and your personal life, there will be an immediate a sense of personal need to survive, a selfishness, a closing in and this will give way eventually to the understanding that you can only survive with the assistance of others, and this is the beginning of an understanding of a sustainable society. The individualism, the extreme individualism that is rampant in this nation now, is overwhelming and damaging. Your nation of separate individuals will have a tremendous—even traumatic—time adjusting to the family concept that we spoke of a moment ago, that you are a part of a family, and that you are dependent upon other people for your welfare, and they upon you. This will be tremendously difficult; there will eventually be an awakening to this consciousness that you speak of.

The procreative family

MMc: What changes would you like to see in the family, especially in the procreative family?

MONJORONSON: That the children are brought into existence with intention; intention for their growth, for an investment of increasing value in this child. We would like to see that the sex act be more thoughtfully engaged in, even when it is done in play and in love, and romance and sharing, that children not come into existence accidentally, but thoughtfully, purposefully, intentionally. We look forward to your society seeing its responsibilities for its sustainability by aiding young individuals to delay procreation. This would assist individuals to bring children into existence at a later time, when they are more mature and can do so thoughtfully and with prior training. It is important that the next generations get off to the right start, the right foot, to begin life with the joy of being received in the world, rather than with regret or spite or resentment of another mouth, another mind, another person in the family.

Doing so will increase and improve the self-image of those children and their sense of self-worth. This is an important beginning for every child, for this will truly be the beginning of the reformation of your society at the lowest level, which will eventuate at the highest level of all your social institutions. In a large family children have to compete for affection; they then express that competition in adult life, in terms of acquisition of material wealth, fame, power and control. These work against the good of your society and eventually work against the good of the individual in their soul growth and in their transition to the morontial realm. This, perhaps, is the greatest investment that can be made in your society: to understand the necessity for population control, with not suppression of the numbers, but the increase in the quality. This is a movement from the quantitative to the qualitative. This is the beginning of a new interpretation of the value of each individual.

The educational system

MMc: What changes would we like to see in the educational system?

MONJORONSON: “Change would ‘we’?” Who is the pronoun ‘we’?

MMc: For our world, by Celestials and humans alike?

MONJORONSON: The ‘we’ of your society is selfishly interested in its own adultism, and is not overly concerned about the quality of its children that it brings into existence. ‘We’ of the larger realm are concerned about all of society. We see you adults as spiritual infants who are in need of caring and support and we have given you these schools within the Teaching Mission and now the Magisterial Mission, that moves from the individual to your society.

[[This is Daniel: I lost it! Continue, Michael.]]

MMc: What changes might be beneficial to see in our educational system?

MONJORONSON: This topic is very deep and very wide, my friend. Where would you like me to start? The American education system is mediocre at best, and frequently dismal and desultory. The realms of excellence are very, very few in your American public education system. Private education, on the other hand, has many bright spots and would be worthy of being emulated in many ways. There is a crying need for your public education system to recreate itself with the new paradigm. We see little good in it, though the attitudes of this one taint our conversation. There is much need for deliberate socialization by society of the child, the individual. There is far too much individualism at far too early an age in your educational system. There must be a thought of family design to the up-rearing and education of these children from their earliest ages by your society. Society may not know what is best in all cases, but it knows far more than the child, and that children must be given the wisdom of passing generations so that it comes away not having to relearn the mistakes that older generations have gone through.

The main ability of your society and your civilization is vastly determined by the family and your educational system, and both are quite bereft at this time. As it is, your society will not become sustainable and will begin its decline, if it has not done so already. These are not hopeful words that I offer you at this time. You are asking to examine the old way, and the old way needs to be reframed through a new paradigm. That would be far more worthy of discussing than what to do with the old paradigm. We have given you much to think about previously about your public education; it must rest in the terms of devising your role to become sustainable.

[NOTE from the editor to Daniel: In many ways, I think the following is worth sharing, because it speaks to your credibility and ethical intentions, as well as showing the difference between when you are speaking for yourself, vs. for Monjoronson. The change in style is very obvious. I do not think that the previous material is badly tainted. You have studied at the knees of the celestials for so long it’s understandable that you think similarly as they do at times. It is a good lesson in discernment for all. Strong emotionalism can be one clue of TR contamination; being judgmental is another.]

[[Daniel: I am having a hard time today. I’ve been so deep into writing these books, and I’m working on this new one and I am so deep into the intellectual, I am just walking around in a small room on ball bearings. I seem to be falling on my ass every time I turn around. So, I am not doing well, and my quality of what I am doing here today is quite low. I’m scattered as heck. I apologize. I am not doing Monjoronson a very good job and not doing a very good job for you guys or the readers.

MMc: What do you want to do?

Daniel: You ask a question and I begin it and then I just vacate. Shoot! I guess I’d like to quit. I want to honor my commitment but I sure want to do it with quality and I am not providing that quality today. My hips bother me in the morning in bed, and so I get up anywhere from 4:00 to 5:00 and start writing, and by 8:00/9:00 I’ve put in 3 or 4 hours, deeply, deeply into my head space. I don’t think it would be worthwhile—you know if the quality is not there, then we ought not to continue. I apologize for that.

MMc: Okay. I’m not going to fault you at all. I understand you would like to do this at the highest quality that you can. You owe that to everybody involved.

Daniel: Yeah, I don’t want to put out bad material, and I don’t want ‘Daniel’ invested in that material, and that’s what’s happening. We’ll take a look at the transcript and see if it’s worthwhile publishing, or we can just ‘round file it.’

MMc: Perhaps we can try this again next week and pull it all together then.

Daniel: And I will not do any writing in the morning; I’ll just get up, even if it’s early and do something physical and walk or something, and meditate. I meditate before hand, but I get lost in meditations—shoot! Well, thank you for your time, people; I appreciate that. Let’s go ahead and try this next week, please.

MMc: Will you say goodbye to Monjoronson and thank him for us?]]

MONJORONSON: This is Monjoronson. Thank you for your time, dear ones. Thank you for your dedication to our mission, and every step along the way is one to be enjoyed and appreciated, much as a walk in nature in the mountains or along a meadowland stream. It is the quality of the journey that matters, rather than the number of the steps. Let us enjoy that which is around us first, before we march ahead, committed to a goal, which we may not enjoy when we get there. Thank you for your service to me. Bless you, Roxanne and Michael for your presence here for this one. I so much appreciate the capacity to speak earnestly, authentically with you and with those who read these words, and I give thanks for your diligence in all our work. Good day.

R: Good day, and thank you, Monjoronson.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson.

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