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CWM38 – Social Evolution, Ultimaton, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall St

2012-01-13  – Social Evolution, Ultimaton, Arab Spring, Occupy Wall St
– Jan 13, 2012

Conversations With Monjoronson, #38

Lessons to be learned from disappointments
How do the individuals in the borderland live?
Many on Urantia are unsure of afterlife
The ultimaton particle
The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements
Celestial participation in our social evolution
What comes next developmentally?
The Declaration of Independence as it applies to core values
What is the paradigm shift we are looking for?

TR: Daniel Raphael
Moderator: Michael McCray

January 13, 2012

Prayer: Heavenly Father, we once again gather in your loving presence, grateful for this opportunity to meld our consciousness with spirit so that we can co-create a better future for Urantia. We bask in your light, ever thankful for all that you have made possible, our meaningful lives and spiritual growth. Amen.

MMc: Good morning, Monjoronson. How are you this morning?

MONJORONSON: Good morning. Oh, it is a fine day in Paradise! The sun always shines and emanates around all of Havona, so that we live in the perennial light of God. It is an experience that you will awaken to early in your morontial lives, as you bask in God’s light and love, of the Creator Son who creates the worlds on which you live.

MMc: Do you have anything that you would like to dialog about today, before we start with some questions?

MONJORONSON: This one is a bit lethargic, so let us proceed with your questions, please.

Lessons to be learned from disappointments

MMc: Okay. We have recently published all of the questions and answers that had been withheld, but I don’t feel that everything is completely settled yet. Is there something to be learned from the fact that even though there were reports that you would incarnate before Christmas you did not arrive?

MONJORONSON: Yes, there are numerous lessons involved in that failure. First is that readers must believe in what I say. I said many months and years ago that my arrival would not be according to a schedule, or set by time. It would not be predictable by any mortals when that would occur, and that it would not be revealed by myself or my team and associates, until I had arrived incarnate on your world.

One of the lessons from that is that the word of a Divine Being is sure, it is steadfast, it is not wavering. Once it is stated, you can predicate your decisions upon that.

The second lesson is that the readers were non-discerning of that truth, and that there was some misstep in their thinking, which caused them to arrive at that conclusion.

The third part is that Divine Beings are unwavering, but true, steadfast, predictable and that their word can be counted on. You do not live in a fickle universe, managed by a fickle God, or that the companions of God in Paradise are fickle either. Truths of the Creator Sons are as unwavering as that of those from Havona and Paradise.

Circumstances do change on material worlds, in the material dimensions, due to decisions that are made by those beings, which affect the developmental plans for those worlds. This causes delays in the arrival of Avonal Sons, for instance. It also prepares the way for their earlier arrival, when mortals prepare their own consciousness and the consciousness of their world for the arrival of a Divine Being. Humans, mortals, have tremendous control in participating in the development of those plans. That is why when one wills to do God’s Will, and lives their lives in alignment with God’s Will, then they are preparing the way for the earliest developmental plan that is available. Your world is fraught with many difficulties; large sections of your population hold a vile consciousness, which is contrary to the Divine Order of the Father’s outworking on your world. This creates an eminent delay.

My arrival is not predicated upon the right and perfect thinking of a small group of people, but in preparation for your entire world. The work of some of your people to uplift the global consciousness of your world, to participate in the conscious evolution of this world is primary to my arrival. It is increasingly important that numbers of population of earth begin to participate in this conscious evolution. Again, we all shouted a “Hooray!” that mortals had begun to participate intentionally in the conscious evolution of their world.

Do you believe that there are any other aspects that were not covered by myself in my statement?

MMc: Well, it’s difficult as a human, reading the transcripts and dealing with our day-to-day [life], we are asked to be both discerning and open-minded. The difficulty comes in trying to balance these two-paired opposites. Would you speak a little about that?

MONJORONSON: That is a good question, and the answer is quite simple: When one is discerning, one looks to the history of those facts that were presented. When one is open-minded, one looks to the future. Applying the discerning mind to open-minded events means that you will allow them to come into your world and to withhold judgment or opinion until after they have occurred. Then you will reflect upon them and discern, weigh, sort and sift what matches that discerned history, and what does not. When one is discerning about past events, you are able to, with the Spirit of Truth, the Christ presence in you, you are able to discern those things which are real and authentic, and will perpetuate themselves into the future. This is the foundation of truth upon which you would rest the new developments that come into your world, and discern them based on the truths that you are aware of. It is also exceptionally important—perhaps even primary—to the whole process that you are discerning of your own thinking, that you begin to discern those passions, those wishes of yours that a certain event or development would come into being. What did Jesus say about that? You must throw down your most cherished wishes to allow the truth to come forward—to paraphrase him.

How do the individuals in the borderland live?

MMc: Thank you. I am still troubled by the thought of individuals living in the borderland.


MMc: How do these individuals live?

MONJORONSON: They maintain their living through their consciousness. The consciousness that exists in you as material, living mortals, exists in those who have passed, but who are not accepting of an afterlife that is positive and in the light of God. Consciousness is far more existent than most mortals realize. We have touched on the reality of consciousness as a non-material, non-dimensional, non-temporal existence, and that it does not fade from the larger reality upon the death of the individual. This consciousness can be dormant, as in the sleeping survivors; it can pass on to the morontial in the reconstruction of individuals. It is existent, …undecipherable to mortals. Consciousness is subject to your will.

When individuals, who do not believe and who have not willed themselves to pass into the morontial realm by doing God’s Will in the material realm they subject themselves to a suspended consciousness in what you call the borderland. It is important, [and] Jesus was most emphatic about choosing, educating his followers to do the Father’s Will, to consciously “will” to do God’s Will in their lives, and that to will themselves to follow that guidance that he provided in order for them to occupy the mansions, which he alluded to. What is also primary to the passing into the morontial realm upon your death is the conscious awareness of your existence.

Many, if not most, of the beings in the borderland have never been conscious of their existence; they have never been reflective of their living in the world, to reflect upon their actions and decisions—or have done so, but made no decisions about that. The ones in the borderland are curious exceptions in the mortal existence and in the mansion world existence. They are in need of education, even awareness of their existence and the choices that they have in that existence, to move on. When one is aware, there is no going back to ignorance. When you, my friends, make these individuals in the borderland aware of their existence, and aware of their capacity to make a decision to move on, they are subtly informed that at that moment, they can make a decision to change their whereabouts, and move from the borderland into the morontial realm.

MMc: So consciousness is what enables them to “live” but the fact that they are not completely aware, traps them before they can get to the next phase in their existence?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this says so much about your life as an incarnate being, with consciousness and awareness. It says so much about what you can do to affect your afterlife, here in this mortal, material realm. This is one of the most important facets of material existence—to become aware of your existence and the choices that you have in this world. Very few people choose the way of evil when they become aware that God is benevolent and has provided an afterlife, which is beneficial, helpful, joyful and filled with light always.

Many on Urantia are unsure of afterlife

MMc: It seems that there is on Urantia a paucity of people that understand that there is an afterlife. Most people are unsure. This is one of the reasons that they hang on so desperately to living through those last two weeks of life, living on medical care, to try to sustain that life. They are afraid that the end of this life is the end. Would you like to speak to that?

MONJORONSON: That is unfortunate. It is part of the legacy of the Luciferian debacle, that there was ingrained in the consciousness of humanity that the afterlife was non-existent, that this is all there is, and that you should live your life for yourself and consider nothing else. It is perhaps one of the most evil depositions instilled in the human genetic code, and in the consciousness of mortals in time. It was easy to believe and easy to be accepted, and so it was ingrained quickly into the genetic, hereditary code of mortals at that time, which now still persists. It is an unfortunate development. That is why we are going to such great lengths to tell you about the borderland existence and the importance of your awareness and capacity to make decisions effectively about your current life, which have a legacy for you in the afterlife, in the mansion worlds.

The ultimaton particle

MMc: In your recent discussion about consciousness, you said, ”As your scientists are able to isolate their work with this particle, they will realize that it is totally susceptible to consciousness.” Were you referring to the Higgs particle or the ultimaton?

MONJORONSON: I was referring to the ultimaton. It’s been called the—the ultimaton and the adamantine particle—it is the particle which can have mass or not have mass, dependent upon the signature given to it by the Architects of the universe and by the Will of God. It is influenced, of course, by the consciousness of God to out-form the physical manifestation of the universe at all levels and all dimensions. It is used in the other dimensional realities, which The Urantia Book describes. It is primary to all that exists in the world. You, quite literally, live in the “soup” of God, the consciousness of God that is manifest in these particles all around you. Your material universe, the finite—I would say the material universe, rather than the finite universe, as there are huge swaths of the finite universe, which are not material yet—that you live in the consciousness of God, it is manifest in the materiality of your body, and the air that you breathe, and even in the vacuous, emptiness of what you call “space,” which is not empty, but thoroughly filled with the presence of God.

They will, in years to come, as your scientists become much more thoroughly acquainted and knowledgeable about this particle, they will be in awed wonderment about what they are working with and what they are becoming aware of. It will be at that time, following decades, even centuries ahead, that the fullness of these immature thoughts of your scientists will begin to develop into a complete awareness and appreciation of the material and non-material, the spiritual and the material universe. There will not be the ignorance about the complete existence, the reality of the universe, but an awareness and appreciation for how it was so infinitely, Divinely, brought into existence and the pattern and order of it, that affects all of the universe that you see and do not see.

The Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street movements

MMc: Wow!

The Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and similar movements, at face value, would seem to be very dissimilar, but at the core, I think all of these movements represent peoples’ dissatisfaction with what they see as the denial of one or more of the three core values we have been discussing. Would you like to comment on this?

MONJORONSON: Yes. It is very much like the blind man examining the elephant, that one sees the tail and describes it as thus and so, and one describes a leg, and one describes the trunk, as so on. What you are observing is the human behavior in social structures, which express themselves only to the limit that they are able, within those social structures. If you live in a dictatorship, you would be in tremendous awe to be given the rights that Americans and Europeans enjoy, the democratic rights and privileges that those citizens enjoy in their countries. Yet, within those maturing democracies, there is dissatisfaction by citizens with the capacity to be self-determining of their lives, that they are not granted sufficient rights and privileges in their democratic countries to fulfill their needs as they see them—not speaking about desires, but needs.

The hierarchy of needs is from the very lowest of simple survival—which means taking your next breath, having enough food to eat and to keep you for a few days—to be secure enough that you can live more easily and exist. There is survival existence of maintenance and sustainability. When one individual, or a whole society, has satisfied their needs, they begin yearning for more, and more, and more, until they are completely in total self-determination of their environment, the environment that affects them, what some call the “affective environment.” That is why many people in the United States, a highly developed, prosperous democracy, yearn to have millions of dollars. They feel that this will provide them with the capacity of self-determination, that they can use this money to open opportunities to satisfy old needs—whether they are houses or cars, or corporations or bank accounts, or whatever that may be—yet, most of you know, that money is only a tool, that it is a means to an end, rather than an end in itself.

You here, in the United States, look to the people who are participating in the uprisings and demonstrations of the Arab Spring and pity them that they do not have the rights that you are dissatisfied with. You, in your own lives, wish to have more, to participate more, and more effectively in your governmental processes that affect you intimately in your life. And as you look to your life in the future, you feel as though your nation is out of control, in that those who are in control are unaware of the domination that they are having over your personal life, so it is all relative. Your social existence is evolutionary, as well as developmental. Your societies must evolve in order to begin to satisfy the burgeoning needs that come to the surface in your life. Those of you in developed and maturing democracies are feeling this need for greater control in your life. You must interpret this need for control in words that make more sense to your democratic process. Do you understand what I am saying?

MMc: And what would that sound like, if we were to interpret our wish for control in ways that made more sense to our democratic process?

MONJORONSON: That you would have more participation in how those decisions are made, which affect your life.

Celestial participation in our social evolution

MMc: Very good. I believe that you said that you—the larger “you”—were working on changing the culture so that people mattered more. Am I correct in believing that there is some output from on High in changing the way that we think?

MONJORONSON: Yes, most definitely. As part of moving your world into the days of light and life, there are two essential venues that we work [in]: One is in the minds of individuals, and the other is in the social consciousness of your societies, how your social structures are put together and the ethos of those social organizations. As you know, we are very busy and involved in uplifting the minds of individuals and through many means we’ve spoken of that. What we are doing now is to begin influence upon the social organizations—and by “social” I also mean political and economic and corporate, and so on—wherever human activities are centered, to give a greater appreciation for people, for individuals, to value them, to increase their value. It is important that the value of people and individuals begin to be incorporated into the ethos and policies of organizations.

We could not do this, of course, if it were not developmentally timely to do so. That is why I spoke just recently, a moment ago, about the development in western and maturing democracies for a need by individuals to have more control in their life. When you give individuals value, how do you do that? You do that by improving the quality of their participation in the events and decision-making processes and policy decisions that control and dominate your societies. The activities of the Occupy Wall Street and the other occupy activities are directly related to this. These are individuals who, while enjoying the privileges and benefits and rights of a matured democracy, yearn for greater opportunity to express their potential. They understand their value, as a person, and they want to express that and develop that in their society. If you are a very intelligent, cultured, educated individual, and you are out of work, your wish is to place yourself in an employment situation, or accept or create an opportunity in which you can begin to live more fully and wholly, to express the potential that is within you.

Your nation, as other democracies, is bursting at the seams with incredibly intelligent, educated, cultured individuals who have no means of even partial expression of their potential, and many of them have no hope of ever doing so. Frustrations of this population are very much like the frustrations of the French Revolutionaries, during the French Revolution. They were hungry for bread; they wanted and needed to be sustained, just as you, an educated, cultured and intelligent individual. The bread of life for them is to experience the expression of themselves in society. You take food for granted; you take your democratic rights and privileges for granted. Now what? There is no answer to the “Now what?” in your society at this time. It is very important that in our process, that in our planning and development, of moving your societies into the next evolutionary step, that this be done peacefully.

There quite literally is no room any longer for violent revolution, but silent and powerful evolution, conscious evolution of your social processes. This is where the Most Highs are highly active. In many ways, your corporate structures, your corporate environment is far, far, far ahead of the almost primitive democratic processes of your government. This is not to isolate the process of government from the populace of your nation at all, for you are “one,”—one is not separated from the other, but your culture has moved ahead of the democratic process upon which this country was established, in ways which far exceed the government’s capacity to satisfy. There is a need for a violent evolution to go on, even a vocal evolution to go on, a deliberate and intentional evolution to go on, but not a revolution. In planetary management, when a planet develops to this state of existence, where it is fully inhabited and there is a global communication network, and the education and literacy level of populations is fairly high, there is a tremendous need for side-stepping revolution, which would move your populace backwards into greater military or tribunal control. This is not a tolerable situation for us, as we have invoked the planning process that is moving your whole world population into its evolutionary stages, one culture at a time.

We hope you realize that your democratic nations are a democratic culture that we are working with. We have little overt capacity to amend those nations where there is tyranny, where there are dictatorships, military tribunals, martial law and autocratic control. We work with individuals in those situations, to lay the seeds for sprouting, for a “new spring,” such as what you see in the Arab Spring. These are all timely developmentally and we act instrumentally in urging and pushing the next evolutionary step into existence. When you think of social evolution, think in terms of paradigm shifts, not just developmental growth in your world, in your nations, but innovative, evolutionary changes that appear to traditional people to be quite radical, but which are a natural development of the old paradigm and its necessity to be birthed, to be brought forward by God conscious individuals. So I hope you are beginning to see that the development of a global consciousness that is God-centered and of the light helps bring about the social evolution of your world, of your nations and cultures and societies. When you see these developments, such as Occupy Wall Street, and the Arab Spring, you are beginning to see the necessity of the birthing of the next paradigm, and these will be made known to you easily within the next five years, if not much, much sooner.

MMc: As I’m looking at the Arab Spring and the Occupy Wall Street movements, I can see that this theme of valuing individuals coming out and being expressed in both of those areas, certainly they must be expressed in much different ways, because in the Arab Spring, obviously, that we are dealing with a situation where the people there do not have the benefits of democracy that we have here in this country. I can see what you mean by revolution in our country, by revolution setting us back, it would not be a good idea for us to have revolution. We need to move to the next level, and that next level is? As you say, corporations, businesses move much more rapidly than our government. In businesses, they look at their employees—at least at their valued employees—as valuable assets. In government, not so much. So, it seems to be where we need to move to, to the value of the individual. Can you help me here in making that next step in my thinking?

What comes next developmentally?

The question I had is basically, what comes next? What, developmentally comes next in at least the United States? We need to expand the individual’s ability to be fulfilled, to grow, within government, the person’s ability to participate in government? Is that going to be the next developmental step that America needs to take?

MONJORONSON: As I listen carefully to your words, you perhaps, when you talk about participating more directly in their government, you are talking about a direct democracy, and there will almost never be a functional direct democracy that comes into existence until the days of light and life, many centuries ahead. What our desires are is to improve those areas, those three fundamental values of sustainability, in the lives of every individual person, and that is to improve the quality of their life, the quality of their living. This surely does not necessarily mean more money in the bank, or bigger houses, or fancier cars. Secondly, there must develop an increase in the equality of life among all people. This does not require that everyone be given a house with 2,000 square feet, and that they have two cars in the garage, and so on. Equality in sustainable terms means that everyone has equal access to the opportunities and resources to improve the quality of life and living. These two things together provide for growth and development, the unfoldment of potential that lies within each individual to the extent of their capability.

A person who is treated inequitably, who has an IQ of 85, because they have an IQ of 85, does not mean that they want to stay in the limitations of their life, but they want to express the capacity to grow into larger dimensions of existence. The same can be said of a person with 185 IQ; they have the same needs, and that is to grow into the potential that they wish to express, and in order to do that, society must offer them opportunities for involvement and development of that level. This only explores the dimensions of intelligence; it does not explore the development of a well-balanced and developed emotionality of an individual, which is necessary for a sustainable social existence that allows an individual to grow into their social potential. I offer that second area for the comparison between these two.

The emphasis in all our work is to improve the quality of life and living for individuals, as we know from millions of years of experience of managing planets and moving them towards the days of light and life, that as people’s lives increase in quality, that they begin to explore the quality of their own being, and become curious about the quality of their relationship with the infinite and the Divine. It is all just as Jesus expressed in his life on earth, to improve the quality of a relationship between the individual and God. That is why he made that huge paradigm of spiritual belief that God is no longer outside of you, as was taught in the Hebrew religion, but that God is within you. The dimensions [of] that in thought and action are huge, and the possibilities that people begin to include that within their thoughts and their lives, helps them to approach the Divine in their ascendant career. Therefore, our work that we do with you is to assist you to improve your way of life, the quality of your life in all dimensions, all realms, all parameters.

The compromise on your world is that your world is over-burdened by a huge population, which is out of proportion to the capacity of your planet to give everyone an equal quality of life. Therefore, some of you have many resources and many do not. Those who do not have many resources are not able to grow; they do not have equal access to opportunities, and life is quite miserable for them. Were your world population to be halved to 3.5 billion, you would then be at the maximum this planet is capable of offering a reasonable life to, with potential and growth equal to those of other people. I do not want to get into specific developments that we are involved in—these will be revealed to you in time, during your lifetime, and particularly in the next few years—and in a few years, I mean from this year, to the next 20 years or so. You will live long enough to see your world and the social evolution of your world, engage this next paradigm in a very powerful way. Social change in your world is moving so rapidly that it cannot help but engage this paradigm change soon—and of course, that is developmental as well. There is no timetable for that. We approximate its approach within the next 3 to 15 years. It could take longer; it could begin earlier. It is completely developmental and the plans of God cannot be rushed in eternity.

The Declaration of Independence as it applies to core values

MMc: You mentioned a paradigm shift. Our Declaration of Independence comes close, perhaps as close as an 18th century public document could to the three core values we have been speaking of, when it says that, “all Men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights that among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” This document is one of the biggest reasons that we, in the United States, are the longest-lived democracy in the history of the world. Am I correct in my thinking about this?

MONJORONSON: Yes, this is correct. This document was written with Divine intervention, with Divine participation. It does not necessarily make the United States a “special country.” It does not set it apart from the vagaries and vicissitudes of life and decimation and termination of other countries. It is as equally susceptible as any other nation if it does not move itself into the next stages of its evolution. The key word is “equal,” as God sees each of you as equal, equally worthy of being invested with a fragment of Its existence, which does not compare to any other investment that can be made in anyone’s life. God appreciates you and loves you and cares for you, and [has] provided you with the means by which you can grow to approximate Its existence, Its very self in Paradise in the eventuality of time. So the key word is “equality.”

Other key words are “life.” You have two of the words that sustain all life. The three core values of sustainability are life and equality; the other is “growth,” which is provided for in “Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.” You cannot be happy if you are not free. You cannot grow if you do not have liberty and freedom, so incorporated in the meaning of the third value of sustainability is growth. To be able to grow, you have to have liberty and freedom and pursue that at your own free will. This is self-determination, which is one of the most fundamental needs of human existence. So therefore, you have the three core values, embedded within the document that helped found this nation, and help found other democracies, in one fashion or another, as it is described in the originating document. It is fundamental to the continuation of this nation. However, the arrogance of this nation as being the longest-lived democracy—and its arrogance is seen in the domination of many world events—is an arrogance which will assist it to become humble one day. Our intention, our purpose to continue the sustainability of this nation—as it provides a working model for other nations—now is the time for this nation to begin its birthing into its next paradigm, but done peacefully and carefully and thoughtfully, to one which gives equal value of importance to its citizens.

What is the paradigm shift we are looking for?

MMc: Yes, America is not the only country to receive Divine help. But what is the next stage in our evolution? What’s the paradigm shift that we are looking for?

MONJORONSON: When I speak of a paradigm shift in your society and western democracies, I am speaking about a societal as well as a cultural paradigm shift. It will affect all aspects of your lives—of your social lives—meaning your political lives and your social lives. It is a paradigm shift from the quantitative valuing of individuals to the qualitative value of individuals. It will affect the morality; a new morality will come into existence, which will assist each one of you from your largest organizations down to individuals to make moral decisions that contribute to the sustainability of your society. This will be a paradigm shift of immense proportions that will affect all levels of your society, and all levels of individuals. [This] will require vision and revisions in your legislation and in your laws, but that will develop in time, as an awareness and appreciation is registered with individuals and those in positions of authority, of the need to accept that this paradigm is “here,” it is not going away, it will not disappear and there is no going back to the way business was done in the past.

MMc: Thank you, Monjoronson. I have no further questions for you today. I wish to thank you for your candidness and your openness in discussing these things, and thank you for you help.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome, as we are thankful to those involved in this process. There are many of you who are reading these words, or hearing these words that will register with you deeply. Know that when you will to do God’s Will, you may be called upon to outwork this, even in your society, in ways that may have surprised you years ago. I wish you a good day and that this saga will continue, though now you have the major dots in place to connect and see what lies ahead in a peaceful world. Thank you and good day.

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