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DBC11 – Trust; Safety; Risks; Intentions; Fairness

Group: Denver TeaM #11

Topics: Trust and Safety
Awareness and knowing
Expanding sense of safety worldwide
Complacency, dropping your guard of discernment
Testing values and beliefs
Infinite mindal potential
Risk, going outside the “box”
Stabilized communities
Intentions and motives
Feelings of safety and trust
Q & A: Zero-point energy
Risk assessment and guidance
Signs, symbols and omens
The Urantia movement

Teacher: Bob (TR, DanielR)

August 23, 2003

[Guided meditation preceded this session.]

BOB: Good morning, this is Bob.

Student: Good morning, Bob.

BOB: It seems like we have had quite a respite, almost a summer break, does it not? Now we are engaging the fall era, that season you experience. Are there any issues or questions that we need to clean up from last session or in the past, before we begin our lesson today?

Student: I have a brief question about zero-point energy. I have had an experience to share that with someone who just “shot it down” instantly—I had a feeling that we were supposed to be sharing that information with a lot of people, but I’m finding out that there are some people who are receptive to it and some people who are, almost in a scary way, opposed to it. I’m getting the impression that it is something that is contrary to the presently known laws of physics—the person I shared it with says, “This is bad physics.” And so I felt a little uneasy, after I had shared it, and I thought…I guess I just want a little guidance on whether lay people like me should be discussing this with people, or…I guess I’d like clarification, if it’s such a revolutionary idea, that the average person in science is not going to resonate with it.

BOB: You will find many people who do not resonate with this, and “bad physics” is something that has been around for centuries for humans. At one time “the world was flat,” was it not? And the Earth was the “center of the universe,” was it not? And those positions have changed; you see yourself in a larger universe. Just as you do not mention or share with some others that you talk to angels and angels talk to you, so too will there be many mortals who do not entertain the prospect or aspect of zero-point energy. One of the reasons why we are so excited about zero-point energy is that it is the quantum interface between linear physics and quantum physics, spiritual energy, and ultimatons; it is the point at which your three-dimensional machines can access universe energy, and use that as a motive power.

As for mentioning it to others, yes, we do wish you to continue to propagate discussions about this with others, discerning who to share with and who not to. And those who are interested, please refer them to your member in this group who has raised the questions, as he is a nexus, a platform, the “connector point” for many people within the Teaching Mission to reach out to others in the wider, broader community.

Student: Thank you, Bob, because what you said there, really helped me to kind of understand it myself; I’m not a very scientifically oriented person, those concepts have always been difficult for me to grasp, but I kind of now have a better idea about what zero-point energy is, and I appreciate your explanation in those sentences.

BOB: You are welcome. Further, for the layperson, zero-point is the point of nothingness, yet the access gate or point of access to infinite energy, so the “zero” is nothing and yet it is everything, and it is not just a coincidence of terms, but really a very scientific application of zero-point.

Student: Thank you.

BOB: Certainly. Other questions?

Student: I have a more general question—actually a personal question for you, Bob. You know when you introduced yourself, you hoped your choice of name didn’t make us think less of your qualifications. I don’t know that I’ve ever heard your qualifications. I’m not asking for them, but I was wondering, what are your areas of expertise?

[This is Daniel: Just a moment.]

BOB: Home schooling.

(Laughing.) [This is Daniel: That is going to look funny in the transcript, but it was just such a “bluup!” It was just so “right there!”]

BOB: Yes, literally, I was a home teacher; I would tutor families on how to educate their children within the domicile. I was and still am, an educator; that’s why it is so very comfortable for me to be here with you; this is very natural for me. You are students, you are eager, you are willing, you are in a comfortable setting much like a home, and we are beginning basic lessons. And this is what I was doing on my home planet; my area of expertise is truly, “home schooling.” This was approved by what you would call the “State,” and there were guidelines and materials available for the home school advocates—not everyone was home schooled, there were institutions for those who did not have families—in our world, we saw institutional educations as lesser than provided by home schooling.

These were places that were separate from the values and mores, standards, traditions, and culture of the home, where education was so much more appropriately taught. The flow of education does not cease from parent to child, and child to new parent. And the boundaries between home, personal family, morality and ethics is borderless, between that which they are taught through the materials that they receive and use on their own. So there is a much more homogeneous educational theme in my culture, on my home planet, where education is a continual process without doors, windows, boundaries, and without structures—and this makes parents much more responsible for the product of their progeny, as they grow into adulthood.

And this leads us nicely into our topics for today. Before I do so, I must check to make sure we have covered all the questions or issues. Anyone else?  Hearing none, I will continue then, and if there are issues later, please raise them.

When you consider the fundamentals of maintaining a world, civilization, nations, cultures, communities, families and the very integrity of the individual, which emotional state, which status is vital to the functioning of all that comes forward after that? Any thoughts?

Students: Love. Self esteem.

BOB: Are there others? These too are fundamental, but the bedrock upon which these wonderful acts, behaviors, values, states of existence exist, is based on safety. Feeling safe. This is even more fundamental than trust. I borrow this lesson from Ahsha, the Melchizedek who is the Program Director of Relationship Training, the one who a number of years ago, assisted Daniel in writing his book, Sacred Relationships: A Guide to Authentic Loving. This raises a point, and it should—I’ll digress for a moment to explain this—as your world and your culture becomes more integrated with ours, you will see an overlapping in integration of the teachings from us into your own everyday thinking, in the materials that you read, the references that are made and the background investigation material that supports your current work.

One who is reading this transcript perhaps may think, “This is simply Daniel reflecting upon the work that he did when he wrote the book.” But on the other hand, this is an instance where you will find that the references are becoming universal; the basic truths in our teachings become integrated into yours. We wish the truths, the teachings of the Teaching Mission to be integrated into your culture, into your education, into your ethics and morality—those things that are passed on to others, those things that are written, those things that are recorded.

So it is not unusual that this reference is made today; in fact, it is a good way to begin this subject—it has to do with “trust.” You trust Michael, do you not?
(Yeses from group.)

BOB: Why is that?

Student: Because he said to, and he is our representative of God.

BOB: And you feel “safe” with him, do you not?

Student: Oh yes, always safe.

BOB: There would be no trust with Michael if you did not feel safe with Michael. Would you feel safe with Caligastia as your teacher now that you know Michael?

Student: No.

BOB: Obviously not! Would you feel safe with fallen angels? Certainly not. Safety! Why do you enjoy the presence, the energy, and the aura of Nebadonia? Because she imbues a feeling, a sense of immense maternal safety, protection, and compassion for you. She is not only “for you,” but she is “with you,” as Christ Michael is, and you feel safe in their presence. And you “know” that you are cared for, and that the words that they share with you, the wisdom that they give to you, will help you and empower you, and enable you to become more capable in carrying out and fulfilling your life. And so you say about them, “I trust Michael; I trust Nebadonia; I trust their subordinates of Light who work with them; I trust the Teaching Mission as an expression of Michael’s work in our world.” You feel safe!

One of the primary goals, objectives, and all the rest that comes from that in the Teaching Mission, has to do with developing an awareness, a “knowing,” an intrinsic “knowing” that you are safe. One of the reasons why you appreciate so deeply the Teaching Mission, the Correcting Time, the presence and overarching guidance of Michael, his investment in your lives and in this world, is because he gives you a sense of safety.

You feel safe! And, on the other hand, when you look at the news on television, read the [news] papers, listen to your radios, go to your news web sites, how do you feel? You feel threatened, you feel unsafe, and you feel as though the hostility of the world is at your doorstep. Good teachers always create an environment of safety. And through you, we wish to expand this environment of safety into your homes, into your communities, into your institutional processes—wherever they are, whatever they are—all over the world.

Your news of late, in the last few years, is filled where executives of high authority have violated the safety of their stockholders, investors, the public, customers, clients—individuals who have sworn oaths of surety, fidelity, honesty, forthrightness—have shown to be untrustworthy, and your investments in them were not safe. When this becomes societal-wide, you are on the brink of social disintegration. Social disintegration creates huge environments that are not safe, for there is no trust; you distrust and you mistrust those who are in authority.

Now, in this lesson, what creates a sense of safety—feeling safe? Could you respond, please?

Student: Trust and love and experience, for me, feeling safe with trusting decisions to Spirit has come from trying it out and finding, not only that is it better than I could have worked it out on my own, but contains gifts that are far beyond the material level.

BOB: Exactly! And one of the key words you used was experience — demonstrations of trust, based on the history of being safe.

[Group relocated due to noise of a weed-eater outside the building.]

BOB: This is Bob. Let us continue. Thank you for re-locating us, so that you are more comfortable. Activities of the world continue, do they not? Just as observation, we find that the “weed-eaters” of life, are all over your world, distracting you from Stillness, from intimate personal contact with your inner guide, your Thought Adjuster and your Guardian Angels.

Continuing our discussion about feeling safe, and the underpinnings that bring those feelings into existence, evidences for you to continue on in that feeling of safety, is experience; and through experience you move from a feeling of safety to trust, where you accept and take for granted that you are safe. And that is one of the pitfalls that mortals have, that you become complacent, you drop your guard of discernment, to discern situations where those who are in authority or those followers—or even yourself—move from safety to being unsafe, but you continue to trust in error. It is not that you must always be testing for trust, but it is wise to discern that which you trust, to discern if you are truly safe.

Another underpinning of trust and feeling safe, is transparency. For those in authority and yourself—it is vitally important that you include yourself, because you are the captain of your life, you are the responsible co-creator with your Adjuster at the helm of your life, guiding its course—for maintain a transparency of your life: to be fully aware of your beliefs and why you believe them; to understand those things you learned from your culture automatically; that you have discerned and know whether they are trustworthy or not.

Some beliefs and values do not serve you and the larger parameters of your life, but you have accepted them, and you have become complacent with them—you have always lived with them but you have never tested them. I invite you to test your values and your beliefs; discard those that do not serve you and your co-creative working with your Thought Adjuster, with Michael and Nebadonia, and to integrate and ingrain those beliefs, those values in your life that do support the larger aspects of your life, the fulfillment of your life mission, those that make you, help you, support you to grow.

You see, my friends, your potential is infinite; your mind is an instrument that is infinite in its capacity to grow. Your mind is a small emulation of the Mind of Spirit, the Mind of the Infinite Spirit. That is why Mother Spirit, and Nebadonia, Daughter Spirit, is so close to you, because she is nurturing your minds, helping you to expand, to blow out the borders and the walls in your mind. When you think about living “inside the box,” that is a very good parallel, for your beliefs and your values build those walls.

Another aspect of learning to feel safe is to risk. Isn’t that odd? It is an irony that in order to grow to the infinite limits—or to the limitless infinite boundaries…

[This is Daniel: Is that an oxymoron or one of those things …]

Student: Infinite boundaries?

BOB: Yes.

Student: Okay.

BOB: As you see, the term “infinite boundaries” is almost meaningless to you; the idea is to grow—to risk to grow! To risk to grow, you must then go outside of your safety net—[while] feeling safe. And how do you do that? Ahhh, from trust! Accepting that when you are in infinite, intimate contact and guidance with Michael, your Thought Adjuster, Nebadonia, your Guardian Angels—that your “risking” will be safe, and that if you go too far, they will let you know that you have gone too far.

Is this applicable to you? Intimately! Is it applicable to your family? Definitely! If it is personal, it is intimate. Is it applicable to your community? Yes—it is personal, social—it is the responsible thing to do, to help your community grow. What would a community look like, if it grew to its limits? Well, we call that the days of light and life, a community that is stabilized and balanced—and inherently a safe place to live, to grow, trusting that your life, your community and your world is co-creatively in the over-control of Spirit.

So you see, my friends, this lesson today about safety is fundamental to all else that comes forward. Fundamental! You must feel safe in your relationships before you can trust; and you must be able to trust, before you can love. Safety and trust are based on experience, based on transparency, where “all cards” as you would say, “are on the table,” where the motivations, the intentions of the actions of your partners, spouses, friends, community leaders, are known to you, and that all their actions make sense and are connected to that.

And if they do not, [that] they are open and willing to expose them, to make them visible to you, so that you are completely aware of their intentions and motivations, and the outcomes that will result. This is not too much to ask of any organization, whether it is your mind—the organization of your mind—your relationship with your partners, with your children, your larger family, your community, leaders of your State, executives of all corporations—it is not too much to ask!

In the balance of experience, the criteria that you use to develop trust, experience is based on fairness. You may not know all things that go on with your electric company perhaps—as an example—but you believe that through fairness of practice that they will do the right thing. If that is questionable to you at this moment, that should tell you that you do not feel safe with them making the decisions about rates or service. If this is the case then, you do not have trust. It is certainly worthy of every economic organization to make a profit. This enables companies to grow, to reward investors—this is natural, this is known—but to take unreasonable advantage of clients and customers is not fair. It leads to distrust. It leads to separation. Are you following these connections?

Student: Yes.

BOB: Thank you. Yes, there are connections; the connection is integration, the opposite of separation. Actions and tensions that cause separation between others and you, yourself and others, are not positive, are not good. Sometimes separation is necessary for self-protection—that is reasonable and fair—but in the long run, you want integration. When you think of your relationship with your children, with your partners, with your siblings, parents and others, actions which cause separation, probably, may be selfish, may be motivated by reasons, thoughts, feelings of them not feeling safe, to want to garner power to themselves, to be in control. All these things are connected to safety. Your world has a long ways to go for it to even begin to enter the days of light and life, that era—even the early stages—centuries!

Just as there are worlds that are far ahead and those which are far behind, your world will experience pockets or communities that are highly advanced, where there is great safety, where there is trust, openness, mutuality, integration and fair play. On the other hand, you will see pockets, perhaps they are the broadcloth of the pattern, where there is lack of safety—no trust, selfishness, power and control, domination and submission—these are disintegrative in nature, and do not lead towards the integration of your world or the days of light and life, into stability. Therefore, our workings with you are elemental, based on how you feel.

Another aspect of this lesson, deals with “feeling.” Trust is intellectual in nature, but to feel safe or unsafe, that is a “gut feeling,” something intuitive, something that you would call a “knowing,” whether it is traveling to a restaurant in a seedy side of town, traveling to a destabilized nation where there is rebellion and violence, or remaining at home in your community that is safe, an enclave of protection. This feeling is real, it is palpable, and when you confer with others, and they validate your feelings of safety or lack of safety, trust that! … Trust that!

… And you can use this sense of safety, or lack of safety, in almost any environment you are in. We recently overheard a conversation between friends, where they had gone to a restaurant, and it was a usual restaurant, a family restaurant, but they walked in and it did not feel comfortable—something was wrong, and they left. Later they found out that the manager was being held at gunpoint while it was being robbed. You may not know what is going on, but you “feel it”—trust that! Yet, we do not emphasize that to the point of you being paranoid, scared, hiding away from your larger society—that is also an act of separation.

There are other aspects of trust and feeling safe that we could discuss, but I am sure you can hone the finer details in your thoughts as you travel today. Now in closing, do you have questions concerning this or other topics?

Student: I have a question. You had said that we should also risk, and if we go too far, then you, our Celestial Friends will let us know. In what ways would you let us know?

BOB: Let us back up a little bit; first, you must give us permission to tell you. We do not interfere in your life, unless you ask us to participate. This makes your life a co-creative enterprise then; we enjoy this, it becomes very dynamic. To answer your question, there are what some of your members call “signs, symbols and omens.” Do you recognize those words?

Student: Yes.

BOB: There are signs, symbols and omens, which say, “This is the way.” Other signs, symbols and omens say, “This is not the way.” Other questions?

Student: When you say you know we recognize that feeling that we are not safe, then it seems like maybe there’s a choice to leave, or maybe there’s a choice to stay and help—like in the instance of the man who was being held hostage—just because you have that “sense” of not being safe and you trust it, that doesn’t mean you have wisdom about how you respond. Can you comment on that?

BOB: Yes, certainly. Let us take this example and develop it. If you were to walk into that situation and you felt unsafe, you could either say, “Let’s leave,” and go to another location, or you could say, “What’s going on here? Let’s investigate this.” And at that point, you should discern that you might become part of the problem, or part of the solution to the problem. If it is unsafe, you are choosing to become a victim or a helper—but there is risk involved. You live in a violent world, so your risks are oftentimes at the physical level.

You would discern your capacity to intervene in the spectrum: it could be that you have had police training or S.W.A.T. team training, as you would say, and you would feel capable of discovering the problem and handling it at that extreme level. Or it may be that the cook in the kitchen slipped and fell and broke his foot, and having medical training you could be of assistance there. So you must discern in that investigation what the situation is and your capacity to respond responsibly. This is quite detailed but, on the other hand, this analysis could only take less than a second. In the end, you want to become part of the solution, rather than part of the problem.

With assistance and insight, through Cosmic Mind, through the mind of Nebadonia, and your willingness to participate in the larger parameters of awareness, of knowing, you can discern this situation more accurately even without physical eyes or physical ears. You can become aware of the larger aspects of that situation. Let us say this situation was developing in the kitchen of the restaurant—we feel confident that you would know quite accurately, whether this was an act of hostility and desperation, or one of medical emergency, a crying out for help, for assistance, of pain, rather than terror. Many of you already experience senses of awareness, of knowing without evidence. You should be prepared to accept…(tape turned)…. Does this make sense?

Student:  Yes.

BOB:  Are there other questions?

Student: I have one more. I don’t know if you can answer this, and that’s okay, but I’ve been getting a lot of information over the Internet about the fact that there is this government conspiracy, in that there is a new law that’s supposed to be passed that will dramatically change the structure of our society and government. It’s called NESARA [National Economic Security and Reformation Act] and that the Ascended Master, St. Germaine is directing this effort on the Celestial side, and I was wondering if there any truth that St. Germaine is involved in something like this?

BOB: In general terms, there are many Celestials who are involved in the operation and functioning of your world, without abrogating self-will. That is my answer; I apologize for the cryptic nature of it, but we prefer not to address issues of legislation and governmental control.

Student: Okay, thank you.

BOB: I thank you for your presence here today; this small but intimate, meaningful, exchange between us.

Student: Do you have time for one more question?

BOB: Certainly.

Student: Last month we went up to Coal Creek Canyon to attend a teacher session there, a teacher, Tobias, and I saw 120 people in a room in 90 degree weather, who had taken their time to come there, and they were also doing a live web cast to 50 countries, and it kind of made me reflect that maybe we in the Urantia movement are not doing enough to help our teachers get the word out of what’s going on for the goodness of the planet, and I wondered if that’s the perspective from your side as well, or if we are just doing as we should?

BOB: Our speculations reflect your own; there is much more that could be done within your groups. Being cast as a “cult” certainly puts you in a small pocket in your society, and tends to make you reluctant to expose yourself to criticism. Yet, this requires discerning, as well, what to broadcast and what not to. Certainly this was a very memorable, worthy occasion to broadcast, to share with many others. There is much earnest, sincere and devout activity in the various groups of your organization, which is certainly worthy of broadcasting; you are not extremists, you are not “kooks,” you are simply risking to believe in that which you do not see.

That is why you dear Agondonters are so valuable! We would ask that you risk more in your society. Your question is very important, and the answer, the true answer to your question is how you live out the answer; how will you share this with your fellow brothers and sisters? Will you tell them that there is a spiritual awakening on your world, not just with The Urantia Book or the Teaching Mission, but in every sincere, devout, religious group, whose intentions are to become more God-centered, more brotherly and sisterly caring and compassionate

. This is not a separate, cult-ish, development on your world — as we have said repeatedly, it is global! The actions and guidance of the Most Highs is in all the affairs of men and women, small groups and large, all organizations, all institutions; the Teaching Mission and the Correcting time approach those individuals first who are amenable to approach. Only you can discern and determine how courageous you will be in carrying out that vision.

We cannot urge you to go past the points or limits of risk where you feel unsafe, whether that safety is social or emotional—you determine that. We would, however, encourage you to set your limits a bit higher—or lower as you may see the relationship—that you would be able to risk more easily. Certainly the commonality that you find between your group and others, something that you feel, know, and recognize is a place to begin. And were all of these groups able to connect and feel and know the points of agreement, you would find that you would have an incredible global connection anywhere in the world. This is Michael’s work; he is not a religious man, but a Spirit being, the creator of your world — he knows no bounds but already has commonality with those who love him and love his brothers and sisters in mortal flesh. This is where he works. Thank you for your question!

Student: Thank you for your answer.

BOB: Other questions? (None)

Blessings to you as you go forward today and in the coming weeks. Let us rejoin again in another four weeks, let us go forward during these weeks and become productive. I will be in contact with all of you during the coming days, until we meet again. I am available for your questions, and if I do not know the answers, I certainly know those who do. Blessings to you, good day!

(Thank you, Bob.)

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