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DBC22 – Power Of The Spoken Word


Denver/Golden TeaM, #22
Denver, Colorado

Teachers: Eregon, Nebadonia

Topics: Cosmic housekeeping
Inner cleansing
The power of the spoken word
Be judicious in your speech
Intention of attraction
Vocal intention, vocal prayers
Writing & journaling vs. vocalization
Concerns about TRing
The negative power of words
Daily practice of inner life cleansing

TR’s: Jo Ann and Mary Jo

JULY 10, 2004

NEBADONIA (TR, JA): Greetings children! It is I, Nebadonia, your cosmic mother. I greet you, daughters, in the name of Michael and his minions, as you so name them. Thank you for your efforts and your invitation to the energy clearing you two conducted/facilitated earlier this week. The sweet souls who live there will benefit much from this endeavor, both from the cleansing and from the experience, even the presence of such an event. You girls are good girls. (Laughter) Thank you for the cosmic housekeeping. You cannot know how it benefits me to have these things done. With blessed human intention much can be accomplished. Cleanse your planet energetically, so that it may flourish on the more material realms and planes and on behalf of our team of cosmic garden-keepers. My blessings go with you children. Adieu.

EREGON (TR, MJ): Quiet your mind…I would speak with you. This is Eregon, your friend and companion, unseen but very loving and involved in your daily travails. I would speak to you this evening, but first I would like to express appreciation for the recognition you displayed for these lessons that you have been given regarding the daily practice. As you were told, you have experienced and are experiencing a lightening of your load, an increase of joy and peace. This is inevitable when one allows healing to take place in those places where you may not even suspect shadow lies. This is what we mean by the automatic response, for it is so deeply ingrained that it is not readily apparent. It is these detriments, which appear as shadow, for want of a better metaphor. It is these that will be cleansed by their inclusion in this daily practice. And so, I invite you to continue as you have, although I would suspect that the continuation would not in any way create a hardship for you now.

My lesson this evening is, as you have been expecting, the power of the spoken word. No, you do not know what [I] am saying on this subject, for you are in a relaxed state. There is no need to be apprehensive.

(Mary Jo: He’s talking to me…[laughter])

The spoken word has great power. When thought, which is immaterial, is emitted as sound, it passes the barrier from immaterial to physical manifestation. It has weight and it has power. Thought itself has power as well, as you know, for thought embodies intention – intent. This is what is manifest by the word, the spoken word: it brings this abstraction into the realm of the senses and the material plane where it meets the ears of many – or the eyes, in the case of the written word. You must never take lightly this power of the spoken word. It is beneficial to be judicious in your speech, most especially in interactions with others of a spiritual or related conversation. Choose your words wisely, so as not to repel those with whom you speak. When you are in doubt as to what to say, always ask for help from your inner guide, your inner fragment, with whom you are becoming more conversant. This is the inner (voice?) that you will always be able to rely on. You must be judicious in what you say and to whom you say it. Remember always to speak words of encouragement, of hope, of peace and joy – even to those, and most especially to those, who are in need of these attributes in their lives.

When you speak your truth, do so in such a way as to attract. Understand that once a word, once a sentence leaves your mouth, it is available to whomever is in your immediate environment. This includes also your unseen friends. Often times, thinking about an action or a desire is not enough. The prayer of the mind is not always the most efficient way to gather the assistance of angels and “unseens.” Speaking aloud, even if alone, will bring different results than speaking only in the confines of the mind. You can experiment with this and we will discuss the results at a later time, if you so desire…

My friend here is jumpy…

[Mary Jo: I was feeling uneasy and confused. I tried a few deep breaths and continued.]

This lesson will be difficult; however, with intention one can become very effective in using one’s voice and one’s words in a very powerful way for good, for spreading the word, as it were, in such a way that those who are hungry and thirsty for truth will see [them] as bread and water.

Practice is a good thing and you may wish to add to your daily practice now, a time of vocal intention – vocal prayer. You will be heard. As you are heard now, you will be heard by many of your unseen friends.

[Mary Jo: I have this picture of somebody yelling, “HELP!”]

Indeed – the picture is an accurate one for we come instantly at the request. Do not worry about the completeness of this lesson. It is sufficient for this time and you will see this as the finished product comes together. We wish this for distribution.

Are there questions regarding this lesson?

JA: I have one. The power of the spoken word – this probably has something to do with frequency and vibration but is there somewhat of the same energy in writing things down, or journaling?

EREGON: Certainly. Writing is another form of bringing thought into the material world. You may write for yourself and you may write for others. You certainly may “vocalize” in this way. Is this sufficient?

JA: Yes. I like the idea of vocalizing. I feel like I am in the presence of friends when I pray out loud. Writing would be less of a thrill, let’s say.

EREGON: Indeed. When one can get past the embarrassment of talking seemingly to oneself… this is something we have noticed that you have a problem with from time to time; however, be assured that no one on this side finds anything humorous about your pleas and your connections with us. We hope you become comfortable with these times of vocalization, for you will get answers and you may freely do these things completely alone. This is a private practice for you and for us. It is an affair of your own discretion and yes, there are some things somewhat more, shall we say immediate, about the responding time for there is not the time lag of the writing itself.

Thank you

MJ: I have concern about this session. I feel very insecure…I don’t know what any of that was about and I think more and more, I feel I want some reassurance because…I don’t really know…

EREGON: This is Eregon. It is imperative for you to remove yourself from these sessions if it is at all possible. I do not mean by this that you become a robot or an automaton, but that you remove that part of yourself – and by remove, I mean to set it aside, perhaps place it in a part of you that it will not be in the way of these transcriptions. This is my advice to you, for you attempt to monitor or think through before you transmit messages at times and this causes some confusion on both our parts. I would encourage you to go with the flow and step aside as it were. You know from experience that you need not fear this process, for you have seen that your inner voice of your TA is not only enhanced, but [also] increasing in greater volume and frequency.

You have seen and experienced the fruits of your willingness to join with Michael and his plan of the Teaching Mission and the Correcting Time as a vanguard member of the team. And so, you need not fear stepping aside and allowing this and other transmissions to come clearly through, for you shall never be diminished in any way. Nor shall you be harmed in any way, for no harm can come to you, or Jo Ann, or to any other beings who have dedicated their lives to this endeavor. We are a team and we value your presence and your willingness to continue this project. These lessons will be forthcoming and they will come with frequency. We hope that you will continue to come to us, to ask us to come to you, and we’ll have these sessions of exchange of information. And so, allay your fear. Be not afraid. You will not disappear and you will not be harmed.

Has this been helpful?

MJ: Yes it has been very helpful and I look forward to reading it…

JA: I felt such an outpouring of love when you were TRing that message that it brought tears to my eyes.

MJ: That came through so easily, I didn’t think about anything. Eregon, you are so right. I do think it is ego stuff, being afraid to make a mistake.

JA: I want to share something that I have discovered about setting aside parts of my personality that have interfered before…One meditation process that was really helpful was to take those elements from each chakra and ask to have them held by my guardian angels and my TA [Thought Adjuster]. It felt a lot stronger, thinking that whatever elements there are that would interfere, from any energy center, are being held in the arms of the angels – and maybe healed some while I am able to listen through Spirit…. It just felt a lot stronger with those set aside.

MJ: Thanks JoAnn

EREGON: Indeed, your friend is wise.

And so children, there are more questions?

JA: I think we will probably understand more and more about the power of the spoken word as we go on. I know that power of words does hurt. I have experienced that – knowing the power for good gives me some insight into their power to hurt as well.

EREGON: We did not light on the subject of the negative side of the power of the spoken word. You daughter, have experienced the flip side as it were, as has MaryJo. Each of you has experienced the power of the spoken word in both aspects, as have many on this planet. Yes, words can cut like a knife, and they do, and they can. Words can also bind up wounds and bandage wounds. Words can weave a cocoon of safety and hope and security. Words can inspire, uplift and ennoble. With enough of you in this correcting time, directing and helping those of your brothers and sisters who are so in need of your help, your words will provide a powerful adjunct to any healing that you do in any form. Yes – there is an energy element to sound, as you know. It is wave patterns. They are not as enduring as some forms of energy but they certainly do effect the environments of the areas in which they are released. Have no doubt of this. They do influence your surroundings. You are bombarded by oceans of vocalization and so much that you sometimes do not even notice.

On the other side of that subject too, I wish to light upon one subject as well, while we are discussing this flip side. You, as receivers of negative or hurtful words – you yourselves will gain from this practice of vocalization yourself by becoming less susceptible to the heavy and hurtful words of others should they come your way. You also will begin to have a different perspective because of your daily practice of inner life cleansing so that you will have a different perspective on those who may wish to harm or hurt you. You will be able to see them in a different light than most and so, you must learn to see the person inside and not confuse that, necessarily, with what they may say of a hurtful nature, but learn how to counteract and counterbalance this kind of energy, which will become apparent to you over time and with practice.

Not that you will be suddenly bombarded by negative vocalizations; however, you must understand that there are elements of resistance in this program and you will be very well equipped to handle these situations as time progresses by these daily practices that you are incorporating into your intimate lives. This really is the most one could say about the shadow side of the power of speech. It is really only conflict to those who are vulnerable and attached in such a way that one’s vulnerability is attacked. This can happen in close relationship and when one is attached in other ways that leave one open. It is vital for you to keep yourself protected and yet, one cannot always avoid these kinds of upsets. Only give any sorry or sad feelings to the daily cleansing practice, for this can be accomplished with time and openness and willingness to release.

Place not your faith in things and expectation of perfection or even happy association, although both of you shall, and do, enjoy abundance of each. But place all your trust and all your happy expectations in God and in the glorious truths that you know to be true and the continuing work of the Correcting Time and the promise of a new and regenerated Urantia. All other setbacks will pale in comparison to the inner satisfaction you will achieve through your continued association with these teachings.

[This was] a very lengthy response to your question concerning the power of words to hurt. We hope you will be able to allow this healing to manifest as time progresses.

This is Eregon. I shall take my leave now and shall have continuing lessons for distribution as time progresses. We have only just begun children, and we anticipate our next meeting. Until then, adieu.

JA: Vaya con Dios!

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