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EBY2- Accepting One Another

2007-03-18-Accepting One Another
East Bay #2


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Accepting One Another
o 1.2 Group: East Bay TeaM
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teachers: Michael; Althena; Nebadonia; Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR’s: Donna D’Ingillo, John Creger
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing
• 4 Note

Topic: Accepting One Another
Group: East Bay TeaM
Teachers: Michael; Althena; Nebadonia; Monjoronson
TR’s: Donna D’Ingillo, John Creger

We began with a guided visualization to center us in Spirit.

MICHAEL: Good afternoon, my children. This is Michael. I am delighted to be here with you today and to sit in to hear your discussion, hear your lively questions and comments to one another. I wish to assure you that the fellowship and camaraderie that you are building is very pleasing to your Mother and me.

As you know, it is these relationships of friendship that forge the bond that bring you into greater harmony and union with your brothers and sisters. It is my desire that you should all learn to love and appreciate one another. Truly, you are all related through your Mother and me. You are our children. You live in our universal family. It will be your delight to get to know your brothers and sisters in the same way you are getting to know yourselves—to see yourselves as you truly are, to loving accept just where you are; and to begin to comprehend your brethren in a similar fashion—to accept them where they are, to appreciate who they are.

In this way you open the door for safety and security to grow between two individuals for greater sharing, for greater depth of bonding. What grows from there is something you cannot see for it is the blossoming the fruits of the spirit—you each learn something from the other, and you each have something to share with one another. When you are engaged with your brothers and sisters, look not to the ways you are different or to the words you say that can take you into intellectual dissension, but connect with them at the heart and ask to find something within them that you can love and appreciate. You will draw that forth from them and see magic happen between the two of you.

Today, I wish to imbue more of my presence into your being. As you know, the spiritual energy on this planet is now growing quite rapidly. It is time for you all to receive more so that you can be the anchors of my peace, truth, love and compassion for your brothers and sisters. It is in the environment of your mind through the perceiving of your heart that you will feel this connection to me and be able to share something of great value with your brothers and sisters, who as you know, need spiritual healing, love and compassion very earnestly.

If you are ready, invite your Mother to enter into you, and through her breath of life to open more circuits within you so that my presence may be instilled within you and give you something very soul nourishing to feed upon. Invite your Mother now and ask her to build more of me within you. Receive us, children. Relax and be in our peace (pause).

As you know, you grow incrementally through your decisions, the smallest decisions that you make each day about you will respond to the circumstances you find yourself in, and the large life-altering decisions you make about how you will live and what you will do with your life. Invite me into all of these places so that your mind is using what it truly needs to make the decisions that are the most conjoined with the Father’s will for your life. Allow me to stir in you and bring something new and valuable into your being now through the breath of your Mother and her angelic helpers.

The energies of love are ever present in you, embracing you, re-coding in you, crafting in you a new reality. As you feel this light infuse you, simply offer up your thanks to the Source—your Paradise Source. Allow your Spirit to share with you something that is most beneficial and uplifting for you. Invite your Spirit to step forward to give you a gift, unique to you, in the sanctity of your own heart.

ALTHENA: I add my greetings to those of our Divine Mother and Father Michael. I am your sibling Althena. I have been in my way where you are in your way. It is a delight to participate with you in the upwelling love of the Mother Spirit in your soul. Imagine this Spirit as a shower inside your being bringing light where there is darkness, doubt and fear.

Michael spoke of making it an intention to find something to appreciate in others. He spoke of this as a higher way of conducting your being. I would like to invite you into a small exercise toward this end. Possibly, in the gift of the Spirit your Mother has bequeathed today will harmonize with this exercise.

First, in your own assessment of your being, your character, allow your intention to settle upon a quality, a habit, an action in yourself that you appreciate. Cross the taboos of self-doubt, self-deprecation. Cross the tendency not to be in the power of your being from the spiritual ground. Allow to come into your awareness something about your self that you appreciate. I will rest my words briefly and allow something to come into your awareness. Something you can be grateful and shine upon others.

Savor this…I would ask that after a moment of allowing this part of yourself to come into your awareness that you allow this quality to become clear and bright. Allow yourself to be pleased. Now on the control panels of your soul, find the button that says “Save!” With your heart, save this moment. Allow this appreciation of something in you to save throughout your entire soul.

Now for the difficult part of this exercise: think of someone with whom you recently contended, someone who is in your life as an obstacle, challenge, constant curse or difficulty—or someone in the past who has been difficult. With the full glow of your savoring of your own “something” that you appreciate so much, find something in this other’s soul or heart that you can also appreciate. Take a few moments to allow this quality or action or habit to enter your consciousness clearly.

Try to release the resistance, discomfort, fear or irritation. Simply appreciate one aspect of this person’s being. Savor to whatever degree of appreciation you have been able to obtain. Allow your appreciation for yourself. Allow this glow to mingle with the appreciation you have identified for this difficult personality. Then press “save” and allow this appreciation for another to mingle with the appreciation for yourself. Allow the distinction between you to dissipate.

Know that your Mother showers from within you of the power to live every day with this appreciation. Fuel your days with this appreciation. Seek this appreciation, my siblings. Your journeys will be sweeter.

NEBADONIA: My children, this is your Mother Nebadonia who speaks. Looking as I do out upon the universe to see all of my children, as my view focuses on this world you know as Urantia, I invite you to come into a greater breadth of seeing your brothers and sisters through my eyes. Yes, I see you playing in the sand of creation. Sometimes you get very dirty playing, working, contending, and striving with one another. There are a number of emotions running rampant as you interact with one another.

From where I view you, you are all small children, 2-3-4 years of age, playing in a sandbox. Sometimes you want to share your toys—your shovels, your pails, your cars, your dolls with one another. Sometimes you want to hit one another with your shovels! Sometimes you want to play, sometimes you want to fight. Yet I see all of this as part of your necessary growth in learning to get along and learning to appreciate your own self, that of those close to you, and those who will come into your circle as you mature.

In order for you to truly appreciate your brethren, I would invite you to ask me to expand your perspective so that you can more easily see your fellow playmates through my eyes—to see their youth, to see their innocence, to see their very uncivilized and immature behavior, and to still find something to appreciate and celebrate and love.

Truly, I love you all just as you are with your dirty faces playing in the sand being unmindful of what consequences you are leaving upon yourselves and others. I know that sometimes when you feel this pain of what you have created for yourselves you do tend to visit those places of self-recrimination, shame, and guilt. But it is not necessary, for this all a part of your growth. The more you can perceive through my eyes will you find more joy and light-hearted-ness in this very rugged human experience as you are living it now in your present stage of evolutionary development.

As your teacher Althena has invited you, expand your frame of reference a bit and see what there is to love about humanity as it is now. Ask to see it from my eyes, and as you start to envision this in the broader view that I can impart to you, again, press “save” and allow this memory to be instilled into deeper levels of your being. Let me mingle in your mind now, elevating you to this new level of understanding and appreciating the greater family of your human associates.

Now invite the language of your Father—the language of love—to instill within your being the word “ONENESS”. Oneness is the energy of inclusion and connection. It is a living language that overwrites the language of division, contention—the language of war and striving with one another. Truly, you were all meant to live harmoniously together, loving and accepting, and being excited by one another, not contending so as you do so easily, so reactionary. Invite this language of ONENESS to enter into those deeper places in your body where some of your older, more strife-filled patterns reside

It is time for my children to build a new family here on Urantia. It is time to bring our ways of love, compassion, tolerance, and fairness to all humanity. You are some of the ones who have stepped up to participate in the blossoming of this family dynamic. Drink in this quality of ONENESS and know that it will stimulate new potentials of thought and build ideals of fraternity and cooperation amongst one another. This language must be living and dynamic in order for your being to respond accordingly to one another.

As I embrace you one final time, feel your desire for this and know that this language can be enlivened within you anytime you call upon me and ask for it to be more deeply impressed within your psyche to build your soul.
I will take my leave of you now, yet continue to weave this language in you. Be in my peace, my beloved children, as your teachers continue to communicate with you. Good afternoon.

ALTHENA: This is Althena again. I would like to add one more closing stroke to our exercise today. In thinking and experiencing what you have attempted to save in your soul today, you may find it beneficial to associate this saving with a ring tone: some particular combination of auditory or visual beauty. Perhaps there is a melody that rings to you as you think of this appreciation. Perhaps there is a combination of visual stimuli—a flower, a tree. You are sensitized to beauty in your own unique way. If you can link beauty to appreciation, you will allow this willingness to love to permeate more deeply in your soul.

There may be others who wish to speak; however, after you have heard from those of us on this side, I encourage you to share as you wish those ring tones and the appreciation you have begun to allow to seep into your soul. I remain with you beyond these words.

MONJORONSON: Good afternoon, my courageous and faithful brethren! This is your Paradise brother Monjoronson who greets you now. I wish to assure you that the light is ever growing and gaining strength on Urantia. It is a time of great celebration for us, who, even though you cannot see us, rejoice with you at the times of change occurring here. Yes, it is a time of great turmoil and chaos.

Many people are being challenged with financial instability, emotional instability, mental instability. Yet we are here to provide as much support as individuals will allow into their being to anchor them into a new living reality of love and peace and forgiveness that will calm the heart, expand the mind to a new vision of what a more heavenly Urantia might look like.

I am here to address some specific questions at the request of one of you who has shared some concerns. I will be happy to answer any and all questions related to the changes that are impinging upon Urantian life from various perspectives to foster your minds with ideas of hope and change for a bright future where you will indeed be able to serve more to your heart’s content. So, R, please address your question to me now so I may respond to your concerns.

Student: Greetings, Monjoronson, it is a pleasure having you here among us. As you know, there is something that was said by you through a transmitter not long ago that basically flies in the face of what we know from our Urantia Book and my own questions to Michael. That is along the lines of when we first have consciousness of personality.

You have said that we have an awareness before we come here and make certain decisions as to when we will be born, what family we will be born into, what life circumstances we may come across. To the best of my understanding, this is the opposite of what we have been taught through the Urantia Book and confirmed by your brother, our father, Michael. I was hoping you could shed some light on this at this time.

MONJORONSON: The concept of personality as delineated in your Urantia text is a restatement of the idea of being-ness to give you a greater context that your being-ness is gift that comes from your Divine Paradise Source to give you the ability to live, to have a vehicle to react to your environment. It is something more expansive and more flexible than what you have consciously created for yourself in your self-ideation of what personality is.

The life you live here, the starting point from an evolutionary standpoint, is indeed your first life, your first awareness, your first consciousness of your ever-growing, ever-expanding comprehension of the reality in which you inhabit. Yet, there are some personalities who are seeded here to be catalyzers of spiritual awareness. They bring with them certain ideas and certain spiritual, the word I will use here is, awakenings to become more conscious of the bigger picture of reality.

There is more to the concept of personality than you have come to understand. While your Urantia text talks about numerous unrevealed orders, I would caution you to look at these individuals as those who have a deeper awareness of who they are because they have had a different origin than you. These individuals are varied among the evolutionary races and they have been used more experimentally on your world to foster ideas and ideals so that the evolutionary progression toward the Father would continue.

You do not yet fully know the whole picture of Urantian history. There were many events that happened here during the years of the rebellion and during the early years of your planetary development that have not been revealed to you. The Urantia text is a rudimentary frame of reference so that you know from a larger perspective what happened here to cause you to be in the state where you are now.

But there are many, many incidents and many kinds of experiments that have been conducted to see how you humans would fare in the continuation of the dissemination of truth. It is becoming a time when more people will be more ready to understand this. What you will see as some of the more what you might consider to be New Age ideas being able to be blended and harmonized with those concepts in your Urantia text.

The idea of reincarnation is something that will be more fully defined and identified. There is truth to this idea, but it is not necessarily in the way that some of the religious traditions have presented. There is truth to the idea that this is the first life, but not every human who is here on Urantia falls into this category. By and large most do, but some do not. Some are awakening more to their ancient distant past, but some people will be remembering more ancestral memories. It is very difficult for you humans to sort this through because of all of the various ideas and dogmas woven through your evolutionary religions.

In time more of this will become clear and you will begin to understand this in a bigger context. But for now I would encourage you to not spend overmuch time in pondering these things and leave it to the evolutionary progression of truth to sort through the error-ful doctrines and beliefs so that eventually there will be this expansive and beautiful awareness of who you are and where you have come from and the unrevealed portion of your planetary history that has brought you to this point in the Correcting Time. Does this help, my son?

Student: Monjoronson, I want to thank you for expanding these ideas the way you have here today. It helps tremendously. It helps plant the seed of a better understanding of all these divergent ideas. I look forward to and will in time continue to ask questions to help with this expanding to continue, for as you probably know, we are very curious here, especially some of us in this room as to the history of this planet. It is our home planet and this curiosity is natural. I would ask one more question and I will understand if you do not wish to answer it because we are not ready to hear the answer.

There are several ideas put forward that there has been a mating of us mortals with our extra-terrestrial brothers and sisters who have come here to uplift the planet through this mating. As far as I can tell from the Urantia text the Life Carriers are the only ones who bring new life to this planet, or the sudden appearance of new races. But there has never been any true understanding of what this idea is that there has been a mating of us mortals with our extra-terrestrials brothers and sisters to bring the uplifting that we need that we did not receive because of the Adamic default. Please expand on this idea a little more; I’d really appreciate it.

MONJORONSON: Again, it is part of the experimentation that is occurring here, but some information that is coming forth is not accurate and some of it is. It is not so important for you try to figure out every little account that has occurred, but to see this in the broadest perspective as possible.

When there were two great miscarriages of the divine plan here, do you not think that the celestial overseers of the planet were collaborating with the different celestial personalities who can manipulate life to find ways to help upstep your human stock so that you would become more spiritually receptive? Would this not seem to be a good idea or plan to you?

Student: Yes, it would be a wonderful plan.

MONJORONSON: There were many experiments that have been tried over the ages. How could this have possibly been instilled within your Urantia text when it was still a new idea that there was life on other planets? Do you not think that this would have been very confusing and even upsetting to the humans who received it? And so, we needed to wait upon time when more of these ideas were able to be interjected into your regular waking thoughts through the inspiration of people who had the experiences who could write about them.

Again, some of this is true and some of it is not. It is going to be very difficult for you to sort through this. It will require more time and more cosmic understanding of who you are. Once some of the planetary records of the missing years are more fully blended into your Urantia history will you begin to understand this from a larger cosmological frame of reference. Does this help you understand this a little bit more now?

Student: Yes, and I thank you for trusting us to receive this information now. I do feel there is slowly but surely an expansion of what we are being taught. I see the time line that you are using. It makes perfect sense to me. But as we go on, the curiosity becomes overwhelming because so much information has been coming in. I will have to rely on this type of questioning to help expand a better understanding of our history. I do appreciate each time you give us a little bit more. Thank you.

MONJORONSON: You are most welcome, but you do have the Spirit of Truth within you, and you only need to take this to your Father and ask, “Is this true? Show me the bigger picture here.” If your Father deems that you are ready to understand this, you will be given the information you seek and the validation you have been searching for. In time you will know the whole truth. Some of the truth is being hid from you because of the power brokers on the planet, and some of it will need to wait until there is more planetary consciousness for these ideas.

For these are so vast and so far changing of your planetary consciousness that it will shake your foundations to the core, and you are going through enough turbulence as it is. We do not wish to give you information prematurely that will further disrupt the humans who are still very immature in their understanding of the cosmic relationship you have with Spirit. You may bring your questions to me any time, and go to your Father, and when you are ready you will know.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Monjoronson, double checking on some of what you said, one of the things that is salient on the power brokers you mentioned; shall I infer that there are some power brokers on the planet who do know these unrevealed facts about our planetary history. One of the sources for our discovery of this history is close at hand and held by others who are withholding it for their own reasons. Is that the right inference from what you said?

MONJORONSON: Some information is being shielded from you but there is a much larger repository of information that no human is apprised of at this time. When there is more communication between the worlds of the morontia level and this planet will you be able to perceive more of the planetary records. Some of the information that is being shielded at this particular time relates to those beings who have come here to help you recover from the two calamitous events, but there is much greater information to be shared with the planet when the time it right. It is your planet and you have every right to understand your origin and your history so that your destiny can proceed in alignment more with the Father’s will.

Student: Thank you, very helpful. I wonder if this germane to the original question of R about some personalities able to foreknow their incarnation, as it were, and most others do not. You said that there were certain special personalities that are seeded here to bring special ideas and ideals. I am also inferring that you brought that up because it is a way of answering R’s questions as to why we have two different stories: one—reincarnation, foreknowledge, choosing our parents, choosing this life; and another which is what we are told in The Urantia Book. Am I on the right track regarding those special personalities being one of those experiments that has gone on in our history, and those personalities do foreknow and do choose to be here?

MONJORONSON: Let us call them volunteer personalities who have stepped up to serve this planet in a unique fashion. The “specialness” connotation would connote that they have some favored place in planetary history, and yet they are designed to blend in and to share their information so that others may begin to see that there is a larger frame of reference than what most people conceive of in their own being because of the religious and educational overlay that has evolved over the course of your history.

These individuals are here to serve, and if you can look at them from that standpoint, it will be very beneficial. Just allow them to share the information that they wish to share with you. Keep an open mind, keep an open heart and let the Spirit of Truth guide as always to know when you have heard the authentic words of the Father.

The difficulty that you humans have in receiving information is that your beliefs form structures in your thinking, and when you become attached to these beliefs, it is very difficult for new ideas to blend in: how does this relate? Because you have such polarization in your thought processes—it must be one idea or the other. I say you to that more often than not it is a combination of ideas that yield the greatest picture of truth.

It is particularly challenging for the Urantian mind to be able to contain these two divergent thoughts at the same time, seeking to polarize rather than to unify. This is all part of the culture that has grown up from the planetary rebellion to keep you in strife, to keep you contention instead of into the energies of harmonization that blend you together; not only with one another but with ideas. Does this help?

Student: Very much so. If I may ask one more question: the rebellion created a culture of strife and warfare. In contemplating the end of that culture which is imminent in terms that the new era is soon to be upon us; is the old culture—in seeing it coming to an end, we have the mythic notion of Armageddon, biblical notions of the end times, but isn’t there a real truth in that? For this warlike mentality to play itself out, it must discharge all of its energies in a final way for us to get on the other side. That’s my interpretation of things you have said in the last year having to do with this massive catastrophe. Is that massive catastrophe to whatever degree it may happen really the final playing out of these notions of strife and warfare in the Luciferic culture?

MONJORONSON: My answer is yes and no, for the culture of war is something different evolutionary animalistic tendencies to fight. There has been a heightened developed purposeful culture of war that has been cultivated here very carefully. It is to say that the evolutionary tendency for war has been magnified many, many, many times so that now you have this culture of war whereas the plans of Michael are to develop a culture of peace and harmony.

So there is this polarization occurring for the yearning of peace in the hearts of individuals of this planet is growing, and it is coming into direct opposition with the culture of war. But it will take many years for the evolutionary potentials of peace to grow. There is a time coming when people will want to choose peace over war, and how that will actually play out in your planetary history is still yet to be determined. The time is coming when more people will rise up and choose peace. You saw what happened in a short period of time when the human heart wanted to choose freedom.

You saw this happen over in the (former) Soviet Union and those Eastern European blocks where within a very short period of time the wall of repression was torn down. Choose peace, my brethren. Ask for the ways of peace to be implanted in the human heart, for those ideas of peace to be magnified within the human mind. This is how you can help this effort. Will there be a final Armageddon? That is up to you. Do we wish this? No, we do not. But you must decide how you will respond to this growing polarity between the old guard still wanting to cling onto the ways of control and repression and the yearning of the human heart for peace, harmony and freedom. Do you understand, my brother?

Student: Yes, thank you so much.

MONJORONSON:  Are there any other questions before I take my leave?

Student: You said the old guard. As the old guard goes, what is the new…it’s not a guard, what would the new be?

MONJORONSON: The new family—the family of humanity, the family of the universe. You are coming into a greater appreciation that life is more expansive than what you had previously conceived. The old guard was doing just that—it was guarding old ideas. The new family is the reawakening within the human heart to live in peace, to live in harmony, to live in love, to live in compassion. This is quite a large change. Some of you have not fully yet embraced this idea of what this does truly mean on Urantia. I am referring mostly to your brothers and sisters who can hardly conceive of what life would be when there is no more strife and struggle with one another. Truly this will be an age unlike anything has ever been seen on Urantia. It must be birthed in order for you to develop and evolve into Light and Life.

Student: What unifies the family?

MONJORONSON: Love, compassion, forgiveness. It is all in this language of ONENESS that is being encoded in you. Think of this word: ONENESS—what does this mean? It is the ONENESS that you share with your Paradise Father. It is the language that love builds a new reality into your being. Seek this word; allow it to encode within you and it will build these ideas of harmony, fraternity, compassion, tolerance within your being and bring into the awakened human heart the desire for family relationship.

Your families are undergoing great change in your culture. You know from your Urantia text the importance of family—a true family headed by a loving mother and father who raise children to be conscious of their Divine Source and their relationship with one another. So the seeds are planted and now it is time for you all to water them through your stillness and ask for these new languages of love, forgiveness and harmony to be built within you and to take that out into your daily lives and show that you are indeed living what you are receiving. Does this answer your question, my brother?

Student: Somewhat. Does the word duality exist in the language of ONENESS?

MONJORONSON: It is a little bit different, but within the language of ONENESS is more of the coding that you need at this particular point in your planetary history. You do have a dual nature and that language is very much alive within you. There is a blending of these two that comes and offers you a deeper impression of the relationship you share with your Creator Source and that with your brothers and sisters and your relationship with the evolving deity, the Supreme Being. It is a matter of time before all of these ideas harmonize within you and paint a bigger picture of reality.

Student: I’m getting a sense that this language of ONENESS that you are talking of is what we are evolving toward and the language of duality that we are existing in now is the old language, the animal nature. The language of ONENESS is unified in God’s will or in the perceiving of God’s will and the relationship with God and the individual. Does that make any sense to you?

MONJORONSON: The language of duality has been twisted by the Lucifer Rebellion and the fact that you did not get enough of the Adamic life plasm to bring you into more harmonization with one another as a racial group so that there would be blended race on Urantia. There are many factors of why this language of duality is more predominant, and the language of ONENESS needs to be encoded in you, so that they are over time virtually seamless. You will be able to articulate how one relates to the other in a more clear and enlightened fashion. It is very challenging for the language of duality and ONENESS to be understood in this higher dimension without more of the encoding within your being to help your mind ascend to these higher levels of understanding.

Student: Is this encoding something that is being used to overcome the lack of the violet blood and patterning that we missed out on?

MONJORONSON: There were many evolutionary potentials that have not come to full blossoming. This language is indeed a part of that to help you grow into harmonization with one another, to become more tolerant and compassionate with one another. It is something that will be very subtle and very difficult for you to detect. You will only see this in the outworking of the quality of the thoughts you think towards your brethren and then in your actions by showing this through your daily lives of loving one another and accepting one another more. This is how you will know that the language of ONENESS is indeed doing its job within you.

Student: Thank you.

Student: Monjoronson, greetings! I have a specific question about this language of ONENESS. Is there a great example of the language of ONENESS or the language of duality with the word “war.” It’s been striking me powerfully recently that as soon as we labeled the war on terror, we were declaring the intention never to resolve the problem.

One thing that could be done is that the word “war” could be identified as part of our difficulties. If we had chosen, for example, to identify our struggles with terrorism as a campaign beyond terror or some other word that carries a sense of activity and cooperation and intense effort, the word “war” conveys an entire mindlessness and reaction that allows people to continue to sleep and pass responsibility to others. Would you think that renaming war could be a potential beginning to introducing the language of ONENESS?

MONJORONSON: This is a very interesting point that you bring to the table. So much of what you operate on is your language: the language within your being, your understanding of certain ideas. If you were to change the perception of what this language, of as you say, this campaign on terror is all about, it would perhaps alter the way in which people perceive this. But there is something much more insidious that is happening behind the scenes of this administration to keep war going.

War keeps people in a state of fear, does it not? Who wants to be in a place where their lives are endangered, where they will see the suffering and torture of other humans? This is a horrific state, and it is not a state in which you were designed to live. The idea of war as conserved in the evolutionary potentials has been twisted and used to keep people in a state of repression and fear.

For the culture to change the word to a “campaign of fighting terror,” it could produce some better ideas of looking towards more advantageous ways of dealing with cultural ideologies, but there is so much more to it than what you speak. You live on a planet where there are many diverse cultures, economic and social systems. This language of ONENESS is designed to help you instill the idea, to bring it to light that all humans share the same Creator Source, that you must all work together as a collective body to find ways to get along and cooperate with one another. Changing the language must occur at the spiritual level first in order for these ideas to filter down so humans can find a better way to communicate with one another.

Whether or not this would be a first step, is something that is not known at this time. For you to do your part and ask for this language to be encoded in you will help build this foundation of peace on the planet. You are not only encoding this for yourself, you are also creating an environment for more oneness and peace to be instilled within the minds of your brothers and sisters. Does this answer your question?

Student: Thank you, I like where you went with that. I was thinking of a statement by a general this past week who was speaking against the current emphasis on solution by war. He was saying that in his view (this was a top Middle Eastern official who no longer has the position he once had) roughly 20% of the energy of the US ought to into the war. The rest should go into the kind of problem solving—neighborhood by neighborhood in Iraq.

Some of the reports coming out of Baghdad about neighborhood problem solving, governmental and economic problem solving…my last question: is it true that we are seeing evidence on the ground already of the outmoded-ness of the concept of war, when generals are saying that this isn’t working and we need to be doing far more problem solving beyond the military? Is the language of ONENESS arising from our experience as well as from the Spirit?

MONJORONSON: There is much happening at the spiritual level to bring these new languages within you. You are beginning to see the outworking of this. It will show itself in many new ideas. This one individual is now sharing some of his ideas is a step in the right direction. It is a small step and there will need to be more attachment to these ideas as they are shared with one another. Truly, the time is right. The human heart is becoming ready to embrace these ideas and these new ways. You can add your efforts to help this be encoded within the planet by allowing this language to come into you and asking it to spread like wildfire throughout the planet. Ask your Father and Mother to take this language and build it into the hearts and minds of all who live here.

Student: Let us now join hands and hearts and let me lead you in a prayer for this language of ONENESS.

Michael and Nebadonia, your children are in need. They need you in their lives, in their hearts, in their minds, in their bodies. As I gather with my brethren here in this way, we ask for the language of ONENESS to be encoded into the hearts and minds of every man, woman and child on Urantia. We ask for your angels to build these new ideas within their being. May it spread through your grace, Nebadonia, throughout the world and bring this planet back home into the family of our Father. May His will be done.

MONJORONSON: My brethren, I have been delighted to be here and to address your concerns and questions. I will take my leave of you and ask you to enjoy yourselves thoroughly this afternoon, sharing and loving one another…appreciating one another, and ask you to find one more thing to appreciate in each one of you here today. May His will be done. Good afternoon

East Bay Teaching Mission Group held at Center for Christ Consciousness, Oakland, CA

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