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ERE138- Bowel Cancer

2011-06-11-Bowel Cancer
Erethea #138


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Bowel Cancer
o 1.2 Group: ERETHEA
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vince
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Dialogue
o 3.2 Message
o 3.3 Dialogue
o 3.4 Closing

Topic: Bowel Cancer
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vince


MONJORONSON: I’ve heard any number of people say that you must keep healthy, eat the right food and drink the right beverages, be a vegan and tune into the source of all that is during this life, because if you don’t, you can’t fully participate in being a member of the team of one or more members of the Spiritual Hierarchy.

Well, Earth is an evolutionary planet and everyone is there to evolve in a variety of ways and nobody is perfect. However high and mighty; however low and humble a person appears to be, you all have problems to deal with because nobody is perfect. These issues can cover a wide spectrum and include health and financial, learning and relationship issues, and just about every other problem you can think of from major to minor. Everybody is under a Divine monitoring scheme, so that even those who do not believe any other dimensions exist, or are Dark, or say there is no God, are watched 24/7 & 365/366. There are no exceptions, everyone is monitored, period.

However much some people try and do what is perceived to be the right thing, what is sometimes called Sod’s Law comes into place and upsets the individual’s regime and they find themselves beset with problems at some point in their lives. There are no exceptions, and even with people who have been very badly treated in past incarnations and are compensated with a greatly beneficial incarnation this time round, still have some adverse conditions to navigate, however minor; because the opportunities for experiential learning are too good to be missed.

You should aim for perfection, but know that you are not going to achieve it in your current life. You may get close to that goal, but there are other tests waiting for you elsewhere, long before you reach a state of perfection; and when you are very close to perfection, you will then understand that you still have a long way to go before you reach a state of perfection, for the perfection test results are continually being refined and made more difficult, such is the nature of the beings seeking perfection, that they always find ways which have yet to be thought of, for improving the standards of perfection. What is considered as being perfect at one point will be superseded by a greater standard of perfection at another point, as it is an ongoing process.

At this point I am going to explain that Vince as he is known, and Erethea as I often call him, has had some major health problems and these are all part of his learning curve. I’ll let him introduce them to you, and I shall be joining in the discussion as we proceed. The purpose for doing this is to bring knowledge to you, so that you will perhaps understand more about your own series of learning experiences as they affect you.

Vince: I had not intended to write about myself and publish it on Erethea, but Monjoronson decided that I should and has encouraged me to do so, on the basis that my story may help somebody else who is navigating a rocky coast on their journey towards perfection. Seventeen years ago after viral pneumonia and shingles (herpes zoster) I developed a chronic condition variously known as M.E./ Post Viral Fatigue Syndrome/ Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Myalgic encephalomyelitis (ME) is characterised by a range of neurological symptoms and signs, muscle pain with intense physical or mental exhaustion, relapses, and specific cognitive disabilities. I’m not going to go into great detail as to how it affects me, but it was life changing. One of my Spirit Guides told me that it was a magical experience, and I laughed at him for that. I could no longer live what I regarded as a ‘normal’ life, but as a result of the changes there has been much spiritual progression within me, so it turned out to be a very magical experience, but a difficult one to live through.

MONJORONSON: This was planned to happen at the time it did, and Vince’s DNA was coded accordingly. There is no cure for M.E. at present, and research into the condition at the DNA level has hardly even started yet.

Vince: As MoJo says, this was built in from the beginning of this incarnation as an experiential learning tool, but that doesn’t mean I like it; and every time I’ve tried to get better through one method or another, I’ve only got worse I’ve tried so hard to get better, but to no avail. A couple of months ago I had what I thought was a cold or virus, and an upset stomach with it. It was unpleasant to eat and there was much gurgling and rushing liquid in my guts; it was horrible. I took to my bed as I felt dreadful, and stopped eating as I just couldn’t manage any food. After a week of this, I had to see a doctor but as it was rather advanced, I had to be taken to hospital by emergency ambulance. To cut a long story short, I had a perforated tumour in my colon; or put another way, I’d got Bowel Cancer. On the Saturday morning I had emergency surgery which lasted five hours and the middle part of my colon was removed, and the two ends were joined together, giving me a usable colon, but very much shorter. Other material was also cut away to stop the cancer spreading.

MONJORONSON:At this point I’ll jump in and say that this was also pre-ordained and programmed into the DNA for experiential learning purposes and this is quite a normal procedure when an incarnation is at the planning stage.

Vince: After the operation, I developed what the surgical team described as ‘post operative dementia from a normal base’. My body and brain were experiencing all manner of nightmare scenarios for a few weeks, and in the end I was just two breaths from passing over, when a team member put a line in my arm after I’d pulled them all out, and the liquids which were given started the road to recovery. I had not eaten for four weeks and was weak and my hands and feet were all puffy and swollen; but I was still alive in this incarnation. It was not long before I was watching the Royal Wedding on TV and sitting up and eating curry. I was able to go home and start to build up my strength for a while, before the question of chemotherapy was addressed. I realized that for some reason I hadn’t ‘died’ or passed over, and I was thinking about this, when Diana handed me a message channeled from MoJo, which put me in the picture.

Here is that message, exactly as received:


My Dear one Erethea,

My son I am addressing you today by your given soul name of Erethea as a mark of respect for the journey you have recently embarked upon and come through with flying colours. We have asked our daughter Diana to put a few words to paper for you as at present you are not well enough to do so yourself although when enough time has passed I look forward to resuming our discussions and work together and taking it to new heights. In answer to one of your questions it was not your time to come home to us you have much work to do of great importance to both us and others who can benefit from your multiple gifts of foresight and hindsight as well as the lessons you have recently learnt as you have travelled and fought to find your way home again to your loved ones.

When the time is right for you to journey home we will be there to welcome our beloved fellow home to where he belongs but for now you will get your wish to remain and recover to take again your place in the scheme of things.

It has at times appeared that you have been to hell and back and you have been alone in doing so please let me assure you that this is not the case you have been unwell in the physical body and whilst that part of you was recovering and the human mind was wandering along in its own journey we have taken your soul and spirit to one side and have been working with you in ways that only we can, to explain it to you now would be far beyond your limited human understanding although one day when you are home with your beloved ones and soul mates you will understand and realise it was an opportunity not to be missed.

At all times we have been with you, an appropriate being was with you for each part of your journey. You have travelled through many dimensions and spiritual levels, we have met in person and I am delighted that the opportunity was there to do so for you are a delightful being and we share much in common on many levels and I look forward to more times in the far future when we can spend a lot more quality time together again to work together and develop our learning and understand what needs to be understood.

As a result of the experiences you have had you are much more aware of issues that you would not have considered important before and in time you will investigate and read up on these matters. I will not go into this further here but let me say I will be pleased to discuss these issues with you in the future and help you to understand what has happened and the changes that have been wrought in you. I have decided to take you further under my teaching wing at a time in the future when you are in a better physical place to undertake the wondrous journey I have in mind for you. This is not to pressurize you but to let you know you are not forgotten in any way, you need to have the time to heal and when it is appropriate we will go forward again together my friend.

For the present you must concentrate upon getting well again please be sure we are still right there with you and will remain so, we do not let our beloved ones down when they need us – you know that deep down. You can still talk to us and we will find ways to answer and in time we look forward to our session of meditation at The Gathering being resumed but that is for when the time is right.

Your journey now is to learn from the experiences and lessons that will be placed in front of you it is an opportunity not to be missed from this you will understand more and see things from a perspective due to the fact of your already growing spirituality that few do, this can in time be translated into helping many others. Your recovery will be a fact it will take time and be at times an ordeal you will know what is the right course to take and the guidance will be given to you from trusted sources and from within yourself. You are well placed in that you have a great deal of love and understanding around you from those you have never even met who have prayed for you in their own way they too have learnt much as a result of this.

Both Sue and Diana are greatly relieved that your journey has brought you safely home but it has not just been your journey it has been theirs as well, as a group you have become much closer and have learned to put aside what is not important and concentrate on what really matters what a lesson to have learned.

You have all done so well my beloved ones I am a proud mentor and guardian to you all. I will now draw to a close and hope these words help you to find some peace and comfort, my closing guidance for you is to ask you to remember that it is not always possible to have all your questions answered as at the time you think you need an answer sometimes it is not necessary but I think you have discovered that on your recent journey but something for you to ponder upon my son.

My blessings are yours Erethea and I remain your friend and mentor as always Mojo


Vince: At present I am facing a lengthy course of chemotherapy, and several people have warned me that this is not good for me and will very probably be harmful. These are very well meaning people who wish me well, so naturally I listened to them, as well as listening to the Consultant Oncologist who explained the benefits as well as the options and negative effects, and this has brought me to a preferred method of treatment. I have had a series of questions which needed to be answered, none of which could be answered by any incarnate human so, as Mojo was close to us as Sue, Diana and I sat down for a Saturday morning coffee break, he chose Diana once again to answer me, and this session was both live and undocumented; sometimes these question and answer sessions are the best of all the various options available.

He said that although my chosen method of chemotherapy will be unpleasant, it is the best option and will lead to a full recovery from cancer. I was told to go with my gut feelings and this will see me successfully through the treatment. He said that my time here in this incarnation is nowhere near finished and so I have much time here with my friends and family to look forward to. At each point there is somebody discarnate to see me through safely, and the treatment is under Divine control.

I was asked to write up and publish the story so far, and then publish an account of the passage through the chemotherapy on a weekly basis, as it may help others to come to terms with “Cancer” and “Chemotherapy” which are two ‘C’ words containing much fear. This I will do and I’ll hand over to MoJo for the closing comments on this posting.

MONJORONSON: Thank you my dear chap. I AM Monjoronson and I fully authorise messages and comments from me to be published on Erethea blog and website. We can use the term “Monjoronson Authorised” to cover this work.

I am not intending to get back in the business of commenting upon the Earth changes which are progressing, nor the date when the Darkness on Earth will be finally eradicated. As I have said before it happens when it happens, and I don’t want to waste good channelling opportunities on that subject.

With Erethea at this stage, it is intended to let the work develop out of Vince’s bowel cancer treatment, for you all have big issues to face in life. I want to show you firstly that Vince (Erethea) can successfully get through this treatment for a very major illness, and then when you ask members of the Spiritual Hierarchy for help, you can all get through your own major issues in life if you will only follow the intuition which we will give to you.

That’s a very big thing to be going on with, as it gives the lie to all those who say that you must do this or do that in order to develop spiritually. I say to you that it is intended for you to do it YOUR way, and if you ask, we shall be more than happy to help you get through these challenging times and grow spiritually as a result. It maybe that you don’t know how to ask, so just ask inside yourself that God helps you, and it shall be given. Don’t look for flashing neon lights in the sky, for the answers will not come that way. Just listen to that quiet voice within you and follow your gut reaction, for that is how you shall know the way forward for you.


I AM Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy and I authorise this work to be published on my behalf, using my words and those given by Vince.

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