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ERE141- Values

Erethea #141


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Values
o 1.2 Group: ERETHEA
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vince
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing

Topic: Values
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vince


MONJORONSON: I want to address the matter of values in your world, and how they impact upon you all. For this purpose and to achieve simplicity I am using a single set of values which is quite common in your society, rather than multiple examples.


Isn’t it a strange set of values for a Marine soldier to discuss his preferred options for annihilating his ”enemy”, and the preferred ordnance and weapons? The military training he received is a way of brainwashing and brutalising the unwary and innocent victims.
Can you imagine what it means to stab, shoot, strangle, burn, explode another human being to death or inflict massive life changing injuries? Perhaps not, but for large numbers of people on your planet, this is their daily bread and butter. Maim or be maimed; kill or be killed. This is the height of your so-called “civilisation”.

When bombs are dropped, munitions fired; there are consequences. People get wounded and killed, and those who wound or kill suffer too, as many military personnel have recurring nightmares for the rest of their lives, as a result of the bloodbaths they have been involved in.
But surely, I hear you ask; we are entitled to defend the interests of our country and stop global terrorism and warmongering? Well, yes you are to a limited degree, but there has to be good reason, and by fighting you are doing what your government says, and can’t just refuse to serve your country without suffering the consequences. But all war is a moneymaking enterprise for one or more of the criminal elite who run the world. They usually have a financial interest in both sides of any armed conflict, as it’s quicker to get rich that way.

When the appropriate level of spirituality in the individual has been reached plus a commonly shared level for harmonious living on any given planet, then both armed and unarmed conflict is absent from the community. Where you have many people in a state of spiritual evolution, those at the bottom of the ladder and whose existence is primarily at the material level, then they tend to devote their time and energy to amassing large amounts of material assets and perceived power. This is very foolish because material wealth is only temporary for their current life span, and while they have seized power over the global population, the majority of Creation functions perfectly well abiding by Divine Law. Yes, the elite crime families have created dynasties to pass on their positions and assets, but from my perspective they have nothing, and have learned nothing. Thus they have wasted their pitiful lives.

If you have two strangers meet each other in a place where conflict is absent, then even if their likes and dislikes are at odds with each other, it is not normal behaviour to shoot or stab each other, for there is no motive. But if one of them is some kind of criminal or gang member, then stealing their money or smart-phone becomes a motive to injure or kill them, just to obtain the assets of another person.

If only you could see these sick criminals for what they really are, then you would get a very large surprise. A smart suit and a limousine aren’t enough to mask the rotten smell of corruption, theft and murder which keeps them in their controlling positions. Everyone is entitled to a life without brutality, but your global ruling elite have a set of values found floating in the lavatory pan, and it stinks to high-heaven.

When children in South Africa and India for example, have to drink water from open sewers, you have a right to ask why, but in reality you are probably so busy trying to keep your own head above the waters of life, that there is no time to consider others less fortunate than you are. But, everyone has a responsibility for the welfare of others, to some degree; and by turning one’s head in another direction away from the suffering of others, the individual is helping consign the less fortunate to the great underclass cess-pit in the material world.

Some of the wisest people on your planet are also the poorest and have the greatest struggle to get by each day. Many count themselves lucky if they have a bowl of rice to eat each day. And yet, what a wasted resource these wise ones are. At the top of your society, you have all those who have grasped and scraped their way up from the gutter, but alas; their minds are still connected to this base level. The band of ignored wise ones could have been tapped into to provide innovative ways forward based on shared spiritual philosophy, to relieve the suffering of the majority and make your lives altogether more equal than they are now. But no, those upon high exclude the majority from any decision making, and thus the embedded and modest wise ones are also disenfranchised.

Make no mistake, these wise ones are among you and when the time is appropriate they will come forward and work tirelessly without thoughts of financial reward to help you reconstruct your society on a fairer basis so that even the smallest and weakest of individuals are taken into account in the decision making process. Those of you who have developed spiritually should consider the poor, sick, weak, uneducated and similar, to be as equals to yourselves and do your utmost to further the interests of the whole of humanity, as to avoid them is to fail in implementing the Divine Plan in which we are all One.

There should be no thoughts of “them” and “us”, for we are all One, all pieces of the Creator, albeit at different levels of spiritual development. The strong should help the weak, for a wall constructed of both perfect and broken bricks will inevitably fall down. We seek nothing more than total perfection, even though when we think we have at last found it after a very long journey, we once again find there is yet much to learn and further distances to travel along the way to perfection.

We all have a duty of care for our fellow beings, and to come into your world and watch people kill and maim others, and many perpetrate many unspeakable acts besides is both bewildering and horrific. How did the perpetrators obtain their sets of values which seemingly allow them to do these things without a single concern for the victims and their families? In this area there is no tariff free allowance; those who go equipped to hurt others will have much explaining to do at a later date, even when they are protecting their country from others. Those who have then been found to have breached Divine Law will be awarded adverse karma which will have to be worked off in the future.

I am appealing to you to consider your values and see if you can press down on the brake pedal of any negative energy and values you may still have, and then push down hard on the gas pedal of positive energy and values, and thus be a soldier in God’s army, working to bring hope to those who have none. No weapon is required, only a stream of positive thought which will contribute to bringing about the changes for the better for the vast number of poor and disenfranchised people on your planet. These are the values which I seek to bring forward in you, if you will only let me.


I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy bringing you this message through Vince.

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