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ERE50- I AM your God

2010-08-13-I AM your God
Erethea #50


• 1 Heading
o 1.1 Topic: Good Evening, I AM your God
o 1.2 Group: ERETHEA
• 2 Facilitators
o 2.1 Teacher: Monjoronson
o 2.2 TR: Vince
• 3 Session
o 3.1 Opening
o 3.2 Lesson
o 3.3 Closing
Topic: Good Evening, I AM your God
Teacher: Monjoronson
TR: Vince



Vince: Good Morning dearest Monjoronson.

Monjoronson: Steady on, don’t get carried away with such beneficent greetings.

Vince: OK then, G’Day MoJo.

Monjoronson: That is more like what I have come to expect from you, and I truly appreciate either form of address.

Vince: Aw shucks!!!

Anyway, my reason for contacting you is both hilarious and sad at the same time, and refers to a piece I was reading earlier by Christ Michael through Kibo Dabi at Abundant Hope entitled “Just In from CM”, and here’s the link:



CM says: “Shall I just send thousands of ships to prove a point? Take over the airwaves and introduce Myself to the world that knows Me not? Good evening, I AM Your God?” I have to say that I rolled up laughing at this one, as I could see the funny side of it as a scene in a situation comedy on TV; and yet it is equally the saddest thing I’ve ever read. The world does not know their God, neither do they care. Within those world religions which speak of a “Second Coming” of their God; their Christ, how do they think He shall come; by what method do they think He shall arrive?

If we look at the Virgin Birth of 2,000 years ago, suppose that were repeated in the modern age and shown globally on TV, would anyone believe it; I doubt it? A child, born in an agricultural outbuilding, quick, call Social Services! Or He arrives at the TV studios in a spacecraft (Chariot of Fire), having been intercepted by two Tornado fighter aircraft. Then the Presenter asks his name as the show begins and He says “Good evening I AM your God.”

Oh sweet Michael of Nebadon, how they would laugh; and many wouldn’t laugh as they’d be watching the World Series, or the Olympic Games; or playing with their Nintendo DS. Then there would be the Scientific Tests required by many to prove who He is; and would that be a “fishes and loaves” event, or something more sinister, chained up in a sack in a Perspex tank of water; “Well if you really are God, then get out of that”, and when he does, there would be many others who would demand yet more testing, and I suspect that the Christians would have particular difficulty accepting Him as the real deal.

Which brings me to the exceptionally sad part; that the majority of Humanity on Earth does not know their God, does not care either, and is too busy with the day-to-day stuff and all the diversions, to even spare one second’s thought for the matter.

Monjoronson: Thank you for painting that picture for me, and in recent times we have come to accept that as the position in your dimension, and the more “entertained” you become, the less time you have for the important things. Being a Child of God means that surely the most important thing of all is to know God your Father?

But the world is obsessed with iPads and panty liners; stock options and barbecues; vodka and bake beans; not to mention 85 different varieties of hair shampoo!!! The majority of people don’t ask the big questions, of which the most crucial is “Why?” What’s it all about and why are you as you are? They are just not interested, and when a spark of enquiry is shown, that often becomes a matter for an operative in one of your world religions to extinguish it forever and replace it with a dead and artificial “faith”.

Make no mistake, your religions are packed to the brim with evil and used to control the unwary. What were once writings from the Celestials, and transcribed by Scribes, are now little more than fairy stories to fill the minds of the followers full of rubbish and untruths, so much have they been altered by humans.

Your world lacks a large enough organisation with the proper facilities; for bringing the reality of your true God to the people, and those without the familiarity with Him are at the mercy of those so-called “religions”, which are seats of power for Dark Ones engaged in certain aspects of your slavery. It may be surprising to some, but many of their Priests and Mullahs as well as their followers don’t actually realize their parts in the scheme of things, having been fully taken in by the cover stories too.

No man or woman is required by their God to wear any particular clothes or head dress; nor take off their shoes to go into a building; nor to eat meat of any particular type or killed in a particular way. You are also not required to kneel or genuflect, read prayers or sing hymns, prostrate or flagellate yourself, to know your true God; these are material things imposed by mankind to control mankind, not gifts from God to help you find the true God, which can be found within you. Just as the bankers and politicians have hold of your money, so the religions have hold of your souls and more of your money.

When the pollution is cleared away and the masses of humanity which are remaining on Earth have woken from their Stasis, then we can begin to lay the foundations for a new civilization and an organisation which will show the way to your true God, for to know Him is to love Him, as He knows and loves you; each and every single one of you. Then together you ones and us will have eradicated all false teachings, and the Divine Will shall prevail. This then will be the start of your Golden Age


Vince: Thank you, oh wise Monjoronson; I can hardly wait.

Monjoronson: Cheeky!!!

Vince: Thanks for that short piece.

Monjoronson: You are welcome.
I am Monjoronson of the Spiritual Hierarchy in conversation with my Scribe named Vince. 13th August 2010

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