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FAQ2 – How much water to drink formula.

2021-06-09. HEALYONS. Water.

Topic: How much water to drink.

Q:  In a session with the HEALYONS, they indicated that we should drink a lot of water, as much as about half our body weight in ounces. For example, I weigh 68 kgs which equals 2398.629oz, about half would be 1100oz which when translated to liters would be approximately 31 liters. Would that be the amount of water to drink daily or am I misunderstanding the directions?

A: This is the Healyons. Your numerical calculation is correct however your system of measurement is incorrect. The formula uses ‘pounds’ and ‘fluid ounces’.  So for your weight of 68 kg X 2.20462 conversion factor to convert kg to pounds (lb). = 149.91416 lb.; then divide your weight of approximately 150 lb/2 = 74.95. This is the number of ounces of water. This equals approximately 2 quarts (64 fl oz) + 10 fl.oz. Alternatively you can divide your metric ounces of 1,100 by 14.681 which = 74.93 fl.oz. (rounded). Thank you for your question.

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