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GEO010912- Attacks on the US

2001-09-12. Attacks on the US

Attacks on the US.

Toormina, Australia, September 12, 2001

Machiventa Talks.

Received by Sandy Montee.

Sandy:  “Yes, Machiventa, I know you are here.  We are very concerned and apprehensive about what is going on in the United States.”

Machiventa:  “Greetings, Sandy and George.”

George:  “We greet you, Machiventa.”

Machiventa:  “I do have a statement to make.  We are with the people in the troubled areas of Urantia.  In and around New York City there have been struck such terrible blows.  Many, many of Michael’s troops are in and around the devastating fires where so many lives are still being lost.

“Many lives were taken before their time.  As mortals you are meant to live until Michael has decided your work is done.  However, many on this day were plucked from their useful lives, and handed unto the Almighty Father.

“The grief of the loved ones who are left behind is far greater than those who have been delivered unto the care of our beloved Michael.  And Michael asks that the prayers and transmissions of today be a message of peace for all of our brothers and sisters, and for to ease the suffering of many families that are affected.  I ask that the…”

[Long pause – urgent interruption]

“I ask that the members of… (unclear)  I ask that each of you do what you can, and in many cases this will be your prayer to Our Father.”

[long pause – TR in distress]

“We know the tragedy has affected many mortals in the United States, and a great fear has been placed upon them — the fear of what is going to happen next – and the fear of this touching the life of someone they love.”

“Many of the victims have seen death before their time.  What can we do at this point?  We need your prayers to go to the Father, Michael, and Nebadonia.  They are ever present within the hearts of the troubled people in the United States.

“I have ordered ‘ALL HANDS ON DECK’ surrounding New York City, and onto Washington DC, and Pennsylvania.

“Our Midwayer Friends are able to go inside these buildings, look for survivors, and help give the energy boosts to those who are working on the rescue efforts.  The 11.11 Platoon has called in all Reserves.  We are on alert, and on the lookout for further catastrophes.

“Do not underestimate the power of these Midwayers, and though you may not see their help and efforts, they are, nevertheless, assisting.  There are thousands of Angels, Guardian Angels, and Celestials rallying to ‘this horrific pain’.

“We have Doctors who are at work, saving those who have not perished.  A vast number of human lives need to be taken care of, and our Specialists are on hand.”

Sandy:  “Someone, not Machiventa, is now clarifying that there are many unseen Celestial Physicians assisting the surgeons and health care workers in this emergency.”

Machiventa:  “I am going back to my troops now.  And, please, write out your message of comfort to all.  I ask that George do his part on behalf of the 11.11 Platoon.  You know the comforting that needs to be done, and my time is presently at a premium.”

George:  “I’ll pick myself up from the floor, my Friend.”

Machiventa:  “Your Friend, Bzutu, is indeed one of our Warriors in charge there, and we will not stop until the last of details are seen to.  I would ask that you be aware of my presence, and I will check back later.  I send my Love.

“I am Prince Machiventa.”


Note:  Bzutu (ABC-22) is one of the original 33 Loyal Midwayer Chiefs.  He heads this 11.11 Progress Platoon.

© 11:11 Progress Group.
Toujours au Service de Michael.

11:11 Angels

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